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Lady Aquarius we acknowledge your uniqueness. We know you view the world through a technicolor lens and find ways to inject creativity into everything. This month, we stole a page from your book of originality and fashioned a practice with an Aquarius flare.

Throughout this practice you will be invited to break the traditional rules of alignment and experience core yoga postures in a new way. With toes left untucked in plank pose you will be forced to find balance on the tops of the feet instead of the metatarsals. With legs held in a figure 4 pose in tripod headstand you’ll be challenged to find stability while embracing asymmetry.

You aren’t new to a challenge and you certainly aren’t unfamiliar with the oddities in life, so we have no doubt you’ll welcome the bohemian-ness of this practice with open arms. If we were betting gals, we’d bet money we’d see you practicing this sequence on your lunch hour in the courtyard, in your front yard while blowing bubblegum bubbles, or even underwater…as impossible as that sounds. Your power truly lives with your ability to harness the unusual and make it your own.

With Uranus on your side freedom is an attribute we know you crave. We hope you’ll feel free with movements inspired by the essence of those who pave their own paths, commit to being themselves, and hearten others to do the same.

You are who you are, and who you are is Aquariusly awesome!

Thunderbolt pose :: (Virasana)

o Opens up the tops of the thighs and the hips

o Stretches the top of the foot

o Helps tone the core when focused on sitting with a straight spine

o When held for a long period of time can enhance concentration

Pendant pose with toes down and ankles uncrossed :: (Variation of Lolasana)

o Strengthens wrists and upper back

o Tones the arms and shoulders

o Engages lower abdominal muscles

Tripod headstand prep :: (Sirsasana II prep)

o Energizes the mind

o Strengthens the core, back, neck, shoulders and arms

o Eases pressure on lower back

o Can help to regulate metabolism

Tripod headstand with legs in a figure 4 pose :: (Sirsasana II with legs in figure 4)

o Relaxes and energizes the mind
o Strengthens your core, back, neck, shoulders and arms
o Lengthens your spine
o Eases pressure on your lower back.
o Strengthens your lungs
o Helps relieve colds, cough, sinusitis, sore throat and asthma.
o Alleviates stress, insomnia and depression
o Regulates your metabolism
o Improves memory and concentration

Pigeon :: (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)

o Releases tension in hip rotator muscles

o Lengthens hip flexors

o Stretches thighs and the piriformis

o Generally enhances hip flexibility

Plank with toes untucked :: (Variation of Phalakasana)

o Stretches the shins and the tops of the feet

o Builds upper body strength

o Helps to lengthen the spine

o Tones the core (both the abdomen, back and side body)

o Is a great preparatory pose for more challenging arm balances

Peacock with knees bent and ankles crossed :: (Variation of Mayurasana)

o Strengthens the wrists, tiny muscles in the hands, shoulders, and forearms

o Tones the core

o Strengthens the lower back and legs

o Opens the hips

o Helps build balance awareness

Child’s pose :: (Balasana)

o Opens the hips

o Stretches thighs and top of ankles

o Calms brain

o Can relieve lower back tightness



Yogi, Sequence Design & Words: Brooke Musat of CosmoMuse

Art Direction: Allie Couch of Cosmo Muse

Top: Stelari Rhythm Maker Top




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