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Today we start the pre-sale of our new Season Astrology Guide. This print publication is laid out in a modern book-azine style, with lovely imagery to enhance an aesthetic experience. Dive in and follow as we journey into spring’s first breaths in Aries Season 2018, through to the ending winter mists of Pisces Season 2019—our last astrological sign and solar season of the astrological year. As you experience the sun through all twelve zodiac seasons, there is a beautiful progression that can bring you into rhythm with nature and the stars. This guide helps you to see how each zodiac season can be used monthly and daily in addition to it’s yearly structure. This lures you into an experience of astrological, seasonal living rather than depending on this science’s more traditional fortune telling image. You take your life into your own hands, shaping and molding it with a bit of magical stardust.

DEVOTION TO THE UNSEEN is rich and deep. Along with guidance through the 12 zodiac solar seasons, we also help you tap into the bigger arcs in play for the year, giving us our overall theme.

Packed with full moon and new moon insights, seasonal guidance, articles by guest contributors to enhance the theme of each season’s unseen quality, and a story/journal section to keep track of your intentions and manifestations.

Purchase it for pre-sale here: Seasonal Astrology Guide

Download one of its journaling pages to keep your stories and intentions up to date until you get it into your hands: Aries New Moon & Scorpio Full Moon Story journal page

Keep reading below for a mini peek into this guide, through two of our spring seasons already in play.

March 20th – April 19th

“You must first clearly see a thing in your mind before you can do it.” – Alex Morrison

As we enter the new astrological year, Aries, the first sign that our vital energies merge with, holds a bit of residue magic, born out of our previous years’ final zodiac season: Pisces’ connection to deep cool seas of cosmic unity. Like waking, there may still be memories of dreams, rapidly slipping away, but still inspiring the DNA of freshly-forming seeds inside of us.

Rebirth, beginnings, naivety. It’s during Aries’ reign that we are surrounded by undetectable electric pulses. These pulses are what spark impulse to life within us, motivating us with inspired clarity to take positive action. It’s a time when seeds are forming and cracking open, nests are being woven together with scrappy assertiveness, and baby birds are hatching out of eggs. Bring awareness to these patterns in nature to help you tap into your own newly stirring sparks and currents.

ARTWORK: Lisa Ostapinski of @honecombdaughter

Through the magic of clarity, impulse rises up allowing an ability to form intentions that will connect you to your most authentic self––an authenticity that will lay a foundation to that will take you through a new astrological year. This season is a time to declutter and throw out all of the baggage accumulated over the past year—body included. Exercise and sweat more, use the sauna and cleanse to eliminate stored up toxins in your body, breathe deeply to get blood coursing through your veins, rehydrate like you’ve just woken from sleep, and use scrubs to do away with dry winter skin.

A deep spring cleaning of your home will make room for centering and calmness. Heightened tempers and jalousies can show you where true seeds of passion lay. It’s in this season that you can tap into pure, simple moments, bringing understanding of your most basic motivations. This season is about you, a bridged time between an afterlife and new birth, to revitalize clear direction. Absorb inspiration from winter’s slumber to initiate things that support your trust in self.

April 20th – May 20th

“Most people struggle with life balance simply because they haven’t paid the price to decide what is really important to them.” – Stephen Covey

The clarity of self and fresh starts that became seeds during last season pushed us to take impulsive action, sparking new flow of life-force. It connected us to passions and paths that will hold the DNA for all else that follows this year. And although this time of action filled us with impressive assertion, much of what we start never takes shape. Aries Season was a time to make mistakes, fail, and eventually create the correct seeds.

This is where Taurus Season picks up––helping us to slow down and identify the right seeds, through touch, taste, smell, and sound, after some impetuous creating. This is our season of giving form to our seeds, of planting them and working the land to own where these seeds will sprout. It’s the season where we start to understand our essence, or nature––how we connect to the material pleasures of living. It’s the time of year when our senses come to life in solid, stubborn ways.

PHOTOGRAPH: Mirjan van der Meer

What unseen qualities lie behind the possessions, the form, and the ownership in your life? What do you base your self-worth on and measure it by? How do you decide what to value? The stubborn sign of the Bull will push you to dig your heels in in order to hold up a tangible and sensual life. This season can show you the essence of your inner Devil––how your senses draw and give form to the material and nature of how you experience value.

Let’s cut open and hold the heart of Taurus this season.

Take twenty minutes to inventory your values and possessions––the things that you’ve, time and again, been drawn to possessing, purchasing, budgeting for, and taking excellent care of. This will tell you a lot about your essence as the things you own and give form to are a mirror into your internal values—the things that you honor and that bring you great pleasure.

As you become potently concentrated on this and ignoring outside distractions of what relationships, friendships, family, society, and culture tell you to value and own, you can live a much calmer, easier, and more pleasurable life. The chains to other people’s devils can unshackle and you can focus on forming your own cultivated and purer appetites.




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