A Virgo Season Meditation: Finding Purpose

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We’re excited to introduce new contributor, John Kesler, of IPPI (Integral Polarity Practice Institute). John has a wealth of mindfulness wisdom and is here to help us gain more maturity by working with polarities that are inherent in all of us. Get cozy as he helps us feel more fulfillment through finding purpose.

As we pursue our life’s purpose – a primary quality of Virgo – we often end up needing to be our own leaders in order to find our true north. For instance, if you were to decide that you wanted to pursue art as a student, you would lead out in the process of designing a curriculum that speaks to you, distilling out the courses that don’t fit in your visions for your purpose as an art student. Or you may follow something or someone to pursue that purpose, such as training under a great artist. And others may end up being inspired and following our lead. Elements of leading and following are constantly at play as we pursue our life’s purposes. Leading and following seem like opposites at first, but as noted above they are complementary opposites, and even beyond that, they are essentially energetic and functional sides of the same coin. We can never learn how to lead fully without learning how to follow, and vice versa. There are endless courses on leadership. How often have you heard of a course on followership? And yet they are both equally important.

A more subtle expression of leading and following emphasizes the ‘process’ aspect (another Virgo quality) of pursuing one’s purpose. In a sense, process is inherent in purpose because ideally, one’s purpose is always evolving. Otherwise you get stuck in goals that you may have set years ago and that no longer reflect the reality of your life or your greater maturity. Maybe in your youth you make a goal of climbing a list of various mountains that call to you, which may not be realistic or even very meaningful to you as your life shifts with new purpose over the years. Yet how many of us get stuck in life goals that are tied to a world view or motivations that we have grown out of, perhaps without being fully aware of it? This ‘process’ of pursuing one’s purpose gives rise to the polarity of facilitation & inquiry. We are always inquiring how to achieve our purpose, and must facilitate the possibilities. Through this process, the identified purpose will be naturally emergent. In the dynamic of either polarity, leading & following or facilitation & inquiry, when we bring their energy to stillness, we experience a meditative place which brings with it, a sense of deep or Transcendent Fulfillment. This is a transcendent and timeless place that can be accessed meditatively, and eventually you can walk around with a stabilized sense of this inner stillness. This does not mean that we stop pursuing our purpose but that we come from a place of abundance rather than scarcity, of possibility rather than deficit.

An IPP Meditative Practice:
Accessing the Still Point of the above polarities and the virtues that flow from them.

o Get comfortable in a chair or seated floor position, somewhere without distraction.

o Breathing in a relaxed manner, settle into a state of relaxation, calm and tranquility.

o Allow the purposeful activity and polar energies of leading & following (or of facilitation & inquiry) to slow down and become still.

o In this place of stillness bring forth a sense of deep Fulfillment in this moment, a Transcendent Fulfillment, a place of stillness and fullness outside of place and time. Settle into this experience.

o Out of this stillness and experience of Fulfillment feel the opening to a deeper purpose, to a source of inspiration which arises out of the stillness.

o From this experience of Fulfillment and Inspiration, feel the quality of being Non-Judgmental as you sense with compassion that every person is pursuing their purpose as best they can – even if deeply flawed – in their own unique way.

Going forward, as you come from a place of Fulfillment, Inspiration and being Non-Judgmental, you experience pursuing your life’s purpose with a greater sense of abundance and generosity.




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