Ash Bonelli: The Pisces Renaissance Woman

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I’m very excited to introduce you all to Ash Bonelli, our newest monthly features contributor, which will start with the sign of Taurus. Ash also writes an amazing column for The Numinous Magazine digging deep into each of the moon signs, using her beautifully intuitive insights. I know all too much about my Libra Moon, but her thoughts inspired lots of new associations that connected straight to my heart.

Living in the misty city of Seattle with her two Persian cats and Husband, Ash has carved out a path for herself that is so in tune with her Pisces Sun, making the perfect interview candidate for this spotlight post. With a college education in photography, a license in Massage Therapy, certification in yoga instruction and a passion for astrology since her teenage years, she has a combined powerhouse of skills all ruled by this mystical and intuitive healing sign. Be sure to visit her website for more information on services in all of these fields.

In Ash’s own words “I think with Neptune currently transiting Pisces we fish are having a renaissance!”. Neptune changes signs only every 14 years, so the ruling planet of Pisces is gifting this sign with a double dose of it’s ‘Patron on the Arts and Mysticism’ qualities. I can’t wait to see what Ash’s beautiful Piscean ways adds to our growing Cosmo Muse family! (All images were taken by Ash – Interview by Allie Couch)

Q) Over the course of your life, how has your Pisces Sun shaped who you are now?

A) It’s interesting because I felt my Pisces nature very strongly as a child but as I’ve aged it’s become more of my personal backdrop. I still really love being lost in my daydreams, experiencing my heightened intuition and being automatically empathetic. It has always felt like this really sweet superpower that has allowed me to connect energetically with other people. It’s almost like knowing another language that is so subtle yet so profound. Even though the other dynamics of my chart have come forth throughout my life, my Pisces sun has very strong roots that help shape how I see and engage with the world. That side of me is one of the driving forces for all of my career choices. It’s where my natural desire to be of service to others in a holistic way comes from. I love being a watery Pisces even if most of the rest of my chart is all in fire signs. I’ve learned how to balance all of that energy quite well.

Q) I’d love to know how you discovered astrology and why it captured your heart?

A) I first came across astrology when I was around 12 years old. I found some astrology books and was so fascinated with the idea that these little shapes on a chart represent the planets and symbolically have insights about me. I was in total awe. It seemed so magical and surreal. Being a Pisces I was all for connecting to a more esoteric world any chance I could get. I continued reading astrology books throughout my teens and twenties. I would curl up with a stack at the book store and just pore over them. It wasn’t until I got into my thirties that I thought I could actually make a career out of this obsession. It’s still a thrill for me because I’m a person who gets bored easily and with astrology you never stop learning. It’s perfect.

Q) With a background in massage therapy and yoga instruction, you are clearly connected to the Piscean healing arts. What fulfillment do these professions bring to your life?

A) Both of these careers have been so gratifying because there really is immense joy in helping people feel good. People come to me in pain, totally stressed out and even in times of great sadness so I’ve had the privilege of engaging with the human experience on a very intimate level. It has provided an outlet for my natural empathetic side to really shine and has also taught me to be a great listener. I gained a strong ability to just be present and hold space for another person which helps me in all areas of my life.

Q) Tell us a little about how your education in photography has refined your artistic talents and what inspires your style.

A) All of my photography classes taught me the technical side of taking great pictures but they also taught me the importance of finding my own voice. Photography is a visual language that ideally reaches its viewer on a mental or emotional level. You need to know what you are trying to say with your work and how you would like people to feel when they experience it. I always want to create a mood or a feeling when I take photos that I hope resonates with others. As for my style, I’m a devout minimalist. I love austere, clean lines. Class and elegance. I gravitate towards Japanese, Swedish and German aesthetics. I like balance and perfecting the art of negative space. I’m very inspired by beautiful landscapes or objects that have a slight bit of darkness or edginess to them. Masculine and feminine combinations. I love the colors gold & black, vintage 1920’s style, old Hollywood, Depeche Mode and Persian cats (especially my two babies). My Pinterest page is my ultimate dream space.

Q) With no tasks to attend to, what would your ideal free day look like?

A) Breakfast in bed, a few hours of being pampered at the spa, snuggling with my cats, cooking a fabulous dinner with my husband and spending our evening lounging about with laughter.




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