Ask Ash: Scorpio Full Flower Moon

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Astrologist Ash Bonelli brings her intuitive connection to the stars as she helps to illuminate May’s Flower Moon in mysterious Scorpio. One lucky reader, Melia, also gets some personal advice from Ash at the end.

Dear Muses,

On Wednesday, May 10th at 2:42 PM (PDT) the skies will light up with a powerful full moon in Scorpio. This will cast a bit of an eerie edge to the week. Concurrently we find ourselves in the latter half of Spring in the northern hemisphere where the light lingers more each day and the earth is birthing bits of beauty for us to enjoy. We are in that rapturous phase where the smell of change is ripe on the tails of each breeze. All of these sensual delights play a part in the lunar exchange between the sun in the earth loving sign of Taurus and the moon in the soul aching sign of Scorpio.

Full moons bring about information. They have a tendency to illuminate the unseen. She does that by channeling the innate intuition that resides within all of us. Some of us have direct access to that side of ourselves while others run around wondering if the sky is falling. That contrast in our collective awareness results in kooky energy that we can either vibe with or freak out about. Astrological awareness gives us the gift of knowing where to focus within the endless cosmic conversations.

This particular luminary dialogue is asking us to investigate where we have leaked our power by not paying attention to our physical needs. Where have you short changed yourself emotionally by not tending to this fragile outfit we call a human body? Where in your daily life are you feeling disempowered? What can you let go of in your inner psyche that would help you navigate the outer path with more ease?

We have multiple relationships happening in the heavens this week that tie into the full moon that we need to consider. Mercury, our winged messenger, is getting up close and personal with rebel planet Uranus in the fiery sign of Aries. This conjunction brings in revelations and surprises to our lunar experience. Information may come up quickly and out of the blue. People from the past or feelings of nostalgia are all possible symptoms of the week. The nodes of fate are making their official transition into new territory when they move from the Virgo/Pisces axis to the Leo/Aquarius axis for the next 18 months. The north and south node represent our dharmic path and our karmic past. They are mathematical points that showcase where the collective is going and what it needs to release. They represent the cosmic evolution of the future answering to the past’s actions. For the last year and a half we’ve been in the cycle of service. Pisces represents our dreams and Virgo represents the work it takes to make those dreams happen. A balance between the two is most ideal but that is not always the case because Pisces can be content to stay in fantasy land while Virgo gets lost in the details. Without a nice blend of both energies your dreams are either inert or a total drag. The north node (future) has been in Virgo so there has been a really big push to do the hard work required to reach our goals. The south node (past) has been in Pisces allowing us to feel deeply about our dreams as well as let go of things that just weren’t meant to be. What we let go of has allowed us the opportunity to build new flowerbeds of goals. With this new shift we get to move from a yin-filled water/earth combo to a yang fire/air energy. This will feel very different and will move at a much faster pace. The north node will be in Leo giving us a boost to be more creative and passionate. The south node will be in Aquarius allowing us to let go of any rigid intellectual ideas we had around our life’s purpose. These nodal shifts begin right before the full moon so be mindful of how this changing of guards can play out in how you feel empowered.

Lastly, Mars in Gemini will make a square (90 degrees) to Neptune in Pisces the day after the full moon. Squares are intense. They want different things and they are not really interested in compromising so we have to work much harder with this type of energy. Mars in Gemini is all about swift intellectual actions while Neptune in Pisces is floating blindly through the hazy waters of a murky lagoon. Basically they move about in opposing styles so any revelations that come about from this full moon could go through a momentary period of frustrating confusion with others. The best advice is to tread slowly and mindfully. Any new ideas, thoughts or feelings need a little time to cook so wait until the weekend before taking action!

Have a brilliant full moon, Muses!


Dear Ash,

How will this upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio play out in my birth chart?

Dear Melia,

The sun in Taurus is gazing upon the moon in Scorpio in the 4th and 10th houses of your chart. The 4th house represents your home, family, security and roots. The 10th is your career, public reputation and your outermost expression. This dynamic shows that something could be coming to fruition regarding your home life that ties into your career. Having the moon illuminate such a private area of your chart may not feel so comfortable. This space is your sanctuary and having your natal Mercury threaded into this mix could mean that you may need to have some uncomfortable conversations that lead to more happiness later on. It could also mean that your ideas around what home and security mean for you may be up for review. Really think about what you need in life to make you feel safe, secure, and nurtured. Is there a stark difference between who you project yourself to be in the public realm versus who you are behind closed doors? Many people are like that. It’s part of the game we play in life sometimes. If this is the case for you, is it something that you really want to continue? Does it make you feel empowered or inauthentic? There isn’t a wrong answer here because at the end of the day the truth only requires your approval. These are just some thinking points to process under this week’s lunar landscape.

If we look to the rulers of these two signs we look to Venus and Mars. Your natal Venus resides in Sagittarius in the 5th house right next to Mr. bossy, Saturn and in exact conjunction to rebel planet, Uranus. Your natal Mars is in Scorpio in the 4th house. With your Mars residing in his rulership he is very strong and capable here. This could signify that you are very protective of those you love and hold dear. It could also amplify the need for privacy at home and within your intimate relationships. Again, shining a flashlight (aka the sun) on this area of the chart could feel really vulnerable so honor any extra time you need for solitude.

Venus over in Sagittarius is a fiery, independent expression that has a voracious appetite for learning about the beauty of the world. Also having Venus exactly conjoined with Uranus adds quite a zing to her attitude. Uranus is the progressive, eccentric, freedom-loving planet that shows up in our chart where we naturally think outside of the box. This electric energy is well placed by being in your 5th house of creativity. This dynamic fuels your 10th house of public expression. However, when we add in Saturn this changes things a bit. His presence adds a gravity, a discipline, and probably, in some cases, a dampening to your venusian/uranian output. On the plus side, it makes you more serious about what you want creatively out of life. The negative is he could act as a barrier to that natural Sagittarius fire. You may have to work harder to achieve what you want, and it could be downright unfair at times. That’s Saturn though. Where he lives is where we work! So during this full moon these themes of privacy, creative expression, boundaries, and the work it takes to overcome your personal hurdles are all on the table this week.

Take your time and breathe a little deeper. Give yourself extra, extra space. Don’t judge, just notice. Take note. If anything comes up that feels sharp, honor that but don’t react immediately because this is a good week to step back so you can respond later. Wishing you an illuminating and beneficial lunar experience!


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