Dear Ash: Career Transits & Sign Connections

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Welcome to Dear Ash, a new feature by Seattle based intuitive astrologer, Ash Bonelli. I was thrilled when Ash approached me with the idea for this contribution to Cosmo Muse. It’s a great way for you, our readers, to get a peek into the kind of guidance that an astrology reading can provide.

Each month, Ash will pick 2 questions from our readers. If you’d like to have one of your pressing questions answered next month, please email your birth date, time, location and question to

For inquiries on full readings with Ash, you can find more information on her website.

Dear Ash: I am wondering mostly about my career path as lots of opportunity and changes have been presenting themselves. I’d love to know what the planets are saying about all of this. Your insights would be most valued.


Dearest Diana: You have some heavy hitting planets affecting your 10th house of career & reputation so I’m not surprised by your question. Saturn, our cosmic life coach who governs restrictions, limits and hard work has been in your 10th house since the beginning of 2015, yet, due to a retrograde he spent the summer in your 9th house. This shows us that during the Spring of 2015 you may have had a preview of what possibilities could crop up regarding the topic of career. Once Saturn turned direct, he moved back into your 10th house, starting in mid-September, 2015 and will stay there till the end of December 2017. You have a ways to go with this taskmaster focusing intensely on your career. Think of Saturn as the parent that believes in you but won’t take it easy on you. You must work really hard because when it comes to Saturn, whatever you put in you most definitely get back—and then some. He rewards dedicated efforts. There are always lessons to be learned in the areas of restriction and loss with this transit. He says no so you can learn what to say yes to. It can be quite frustrating at times as you may feel like you are running up against walls and are being forced to let go of the security you were comfortable with. These are all normal experiences and it helps to keep in mind that it’s all part of the process. As long as you know what your heart wants while keeping in alignment with your own authenticity and integrity, you will know which doors to walk through.

The other planet making a career focused appearance is Mars. He is currently taking his retrograde starting in your 10th house and moving back into your 9th house. Mars is our power source. He signifies our drive and strength. When he goes retrograde though, that energy becomes internal. His Yang goes Yin for a bit. It’s a great time to plot and plan any changes you want to make when he goes direct. So from now until June 29th stay introspective about these career options and really meditate on what your best likely outcome would look like. You are in simmer mode so you can create the perfect sauce! Once he goes direct he won’t arrive back into your 10th house until the first week of August. That is when things really come together. Any plans you’ve made this summer can really get off of the ground. You will have all that fiery Mars energy to amp up your career and move full steam ahead in the Fall.

To get more insight into how this planet shows up in your life, we look at your natal Mars. Your Mars was in Leo in the 6th house at the time of your birth and he archetypically asserts himself though the need to be creative everyday. The 6th house represents our daily routines, our health & well-being and acts of service. This would suggest that you require some play and heart-filled expressions to be sprinkled throughout your everyday life, otherwise it could actually affect your well-being. Threading this all together, the decisions that will be presented to you over the next few months will directly impact your daily life. Since you need that creative outlet everyday, this gives you a point of focus regarding the options that have already come up and the ones to come this summer. It looks like Leo the lion could be your summer icon!


Dear Ash: I have a crap ton of Virgo in my chart – so will I always battle my rebellious Aquarius with the need to be Virgo-organized?


Dearest Elle: What is interesting about the innovative sign Aquarius is that while it’s true that they are associated with having a more rebellious attitude and are definitely some of the most unique, original thinkers within the cosmic club, your Aqua Sun is traditionally ruled by stern Saturn. Saturn is our cosmic life coach, he governs restriction, limits and can be quite rigid. This actually lends a strictness to the Aquarian attitude. They are freedom lovers to the point of being sticklers for it! We find that your Sun’s ruler, Saturn, is in Virgo in the 5th house—which creates a link between these two areas of life that you are asking about. Your Sun, your identity, actually feeds off of embracing those Virgo qualities through 5th house realms. This particular house is associated with joy, creativity and the things we do for pleasure. You could bring balance to your Sun by allowing the Virgo qualities to have their say and when you start to feel restricted, back off. It’s ultimately about finding a compromise that satisfies both energies.

Now those Virgo planets are all ruled by Mercury. Your natal Mercury is found in Pisces in the 11th house. Pisces is dreamy, romantic, artistic, elusive and passive. The 11th house governs your tribe, the community at large, organizations, clubs, hopes & wishes. To maybe soften some of that Virgoan grip you could work on really embracing group settings where you are required to be vulnerable, soft, or creative. This house represents charity which is perfect for the compassionate Pisces. You could do volunteer work that would open your heart and help you let go of that need for everything to be perfect. Nothing is perfect and the striving for that (even if it is from an unconscious drive) is detrimental—not to mention suffocating for your Aquarius Sun. The 11th house is traditionally the house of Aquarius so your Sun would really connect with paths that help you while helping others. It could be a win-win! So to answer your question, yes it could always feel like a bit of a battle until you allow each energy to take up its proper space. Through awareness of your tendencies, you have free will to choose appropriately in ways that are more healthy and productive for your well-being.





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