Dear Ash: Leo Lunar Eclipse Guidance

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We’ve newly aligned Astrologist, Ash Bonelli’s, Dear Ash feature with our monthly full moon. Now, not only will she be giving a mini lunar guidance reading to one follower each month, but she will finish up her column with a full moon forecast, for all of us. Get ready as Ash reveals how this evening’s epic Leo lunar eclipse brings a shake-up of creative energy. Click here to submit a question for next month’s Virgo full moon.

Dear Ash,

Can you give me some insight into how this upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will be playing out in my chart?


Dear Elle,

So this is the first of many eclipses occurring from now until January of 2019 in your 4th and 10th house. The 4th house symbolizes your home and family while your 10th house governs over your career. Your natal Sun falls in the 10th so not only is the 10th symbolic of your career path but it also links your entire life path with it. Everyone has a 10th house of careers but not everyone also have their solar path there too!

This suggests that your life’s work is an integral part of your identity. Considering this is all occurring in the sign of Aquarius it suggests that the need to help people evolve, teach them how to be autonomous and assist them with their issues is very important. Your north node however is down in the 4th house of Leo. The north node is your future path and it symbolizes the attributes that you are to attain in this lifetime to be most successful on your path. The Sun rules Leo so when we look to where your Sun is at we are immediately pulled back up to that Aquarius 10th house! In order for you to best express your solar path is through, compassion, joy, creativity and play. The Leo qualities must be integrated into your career/life path for better success. If we look to the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus (modern ruler) & Saturn (traditional ruler) we look to your 5th house of Virgo and your 7th house of Scorpio. This suggests that you also need to thread in creativity via organization/attention to detail/craftsmanship as well the benefits of proper health/wellness. There could also be a potential business partner in your future. One that doesn’t go about sticking to the status quo yet displays great discipline and dedication.

Now that we’ve discussed a little bit about these houses we can come back to the eclipses. There will be a story arc that begins on February 10th that will highlight the subjects I’ve just laid out. There will be a push/pull between how you show up at home and at work. You may see where an imbalance has been building or begins to start as time goes on. This could definitely be a time where your focus is mainly on your career to better secure your foundations at home. With the link to the 7th house you may be supporting the family or vice versa in that you could be receiving extra support as you make transitions. Whatever comes about with this eclipse it will be very potent and will be really felt come the next round of eclipses in August. As the August eclipse will be right next to your north node and opposite your Sun. I would expect some exciting shifts in how you express who you are from the heart with your chosen and blood family as well as who you’ve become on a public platform. Even if that platform isn’t necessarily large it still counts the people you engage with from clients to co-workers! This is a very exciting year for you. Be open to the call of your own heart as certain doors may close they will definitely reopen to something even better!

With Cosmic Love,

Dear Collective,

Think of eclipse season as super charged versions of the new and full moons. Depending on where they fall in your own personal birth chart can help to decipher the areas of life this amplified energy will play out. That said if the actual degree of the eclipse happens to fall closely to one of your planets or important points it will be even more direct. For example if an eclipse happens to fall on or close to your natal Sun then you will see a major shift in your life path and how it correlates to your ego. Eclipses are pretty magical because they usually bring about swift change in some capacity. One door closes and another one opens up. If you like change or are simply ready for a change then eclipses can be quite inviting but if you don’t dig the shifts so much then it’s at least good to have an idea of what to expect. Cue astrology to the rescue. Our birth chart is a handy map that gives clues and context regarding the evolving ups and downs we experience in our lifetime. It’s an excellent way to be prepared and frankly it’s our only option. If change is going to happen to us we can only control our reaction to it. So if we can at least be prepared by having some general idea of what to expect all the better!

For the last two-ish years we have been experiencing the the Pisces/Virgo axis regarding our eclipses so there has been a huge focus on getting serious about our dreams and letting go of that which we can’t control. Many of us will be finishing up those themes over the next few months as we also begin a new eclipse chapter.

On Friday, February 10th we will experience the first glimpse at the story that will unfold over the following two years with a full moon eclipse in the sign of Leo. Between this first eclipse and January 21st. 2019 we will experience multiple eclipses occurring in the Leo/Aquarius axis. Also to note, this is a full moon which suggests that something is coming to fruition and with this being in Leo we are focused on the north node. The north node represents the future and attitudes/qualities/traits/tools we need to build in order to embody it. So this particular eclipse is the beginning of a momentum or wave that is just getting started. You may need to let go of something within this full moon period that will allow for the growth and evolution of this newest eclipse cycle to really get started. Take note of anything that could be released so you can move down your path with more grace and ease.

For easy reference here are all of the dates for the upcoming Leo/Aquarius eclipses. If you know your birth chart or have a copy of it then definitely look at the degrees of each eclipse to see if it this cosmic action is occurring next to one of your planets or most important points such as your AC (Ascendant), DC (Descendant), MC (Midheaven) or IC (Imum Coeli).

o Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on February 10th, 2017 at 22 degrees Leo.
o Partial Lunar Eclipse on August 7th, 2017 at 15 degrees Aquarius
o Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, 2017 at 28 degrees Leo
o Total Lunar Eclipse on January 31st, 2018 at 11 degrees Leo
o Partial Solar Eclipse on February 15th, 2018 at 27 degrees Aquarius
o Total Lunar Eclipse on July 27th, 2018 at 4 degrees Aquarius
o Partial Solar Eclipse on August 11th, 2018 at 18 degrees Leo
o Total Lunar Eclipse on January 21st, 2019 at 0 degree Leo

So a little context into each of the signs.

Leo, ruled by the Sun symbolizes our heart, our creative expression, our joy and how one chooses to shine in the world. Leo the lion, cares for its fellow members and wishes to share it riches with the group. In return the Queen/King of the jungle wants to be revered for its many gifts. They can be a bit self-focused yet they want everybody else to experience the joy of great confidence and success as well. Love me, love me, love me, while I also love you all could be their mantra. Unless that love goes to their heads and they just end up acting like a narcissistic bully. That is lower level Leo though so let’s shoot for more compassion and kindness in the world. Leo has the ability to bring people together in a charismatic and inspiring way showing us the power of positivity. That’s one of their superpowers.

Aquarius being the opposite of Leo, cares differently for the collective and isn’t so interested in being the center of attention. Their focus is in supporting the collective with the notion that the group is fortified by the individual autonomy of its members. They strongly believe in personal freedom and independence. Being ruled by Uranus in modern thought, and Saturn in the traditional framework, gives this sign an eclectic, unique, and somewhat chilly feeling energy. They wish to support the group through their belief system, their lifestyle actions and their amazing ability to engage with all walks of life without making them feel judged. They are an interesting mix of being a fully present person that you can’t actually touch.

The common thread (if operating from the higher initiative) between these two signs is that they wish to help their fellow neighbor. They just go about it in very different ways. They are in opposition to learn from one another so these eclipses will be touching on the archetypal themes associated with these two signs. The area of life they show up in will be different for each of you. Below is a breakdown to help you get a taste of what could be on your eclipse horizon.

1st house (Leo) // 7th house (Aquarius) –

If you are a Leo or Aquarius rising then the 1st and 7th house will soon be feeling the lunar presence. The 1st house represents you. Your very own personal house of ‘Me’. It describes how we engage with the world, our bodies and definitely showcases elements of our personality. The 7th house represents the ‘other’. It’s our relationships, romantic especially but platonically as well as business can fall into this house’s domain. With the eclipses occurring here you may experience a new way of expressing yourself in your relationships. This could amplify your already outgoing nature or it could give you the push you need to overcome any insecurities that have previously been holding you back. If you are single you may meet someone significant or if you are already paired there could be changes regarding the needs of you or your partner. Since we are talking about Leo/Aquarius here there is a theme of head vs. heart. Only you can know which one is best to use in any given situation. Be mindful of all of your relationships and stay open to any possibilities that arrive at your door.

2nd house (Cancer) // 8th house (Capricorn) –

The 2nd house represents our value system, sensuality, our relationship to money and our tangible reality. The 8th house governs over sexuality, other people’s money, the unconscious reality, personal power and death. This eclipse storyline could showcase changes regarding your attitude towards the things in your life that you think are important. You may question why you keep certain possessions and start to think about whether these material things give you real power. Do they add value to your life? If the answer is yes, you may get a new opportunity to figure out why. If the answer is no, should you let them go? Changes regarding your money and the ideas you hold about your monetary situation could be up for review. Also, how you derive pleasure in your life via the joys of having physical senses could crop up. Food, self- care, and bumping bellies with someone may be on your mind more than ever. Are you too indulgent or do you restrict yourself? Allow these eclipses to help you better navigate the human experience.

3rd house (Gemini) // 9th house (Sagittarius) –

The 3rd house represents all forms of communication from spoken words to print. As well as our minds and our mental capabilities especially as they pertain to engaging with our immediate circles. Also, local travels and even siblings fall under this houses watch. The 9th house governs philosophy, spirituality, the law and foreign travel/other cultures. These eclipses could really showcase a new understanding of how we see the world. Our belief systems may get a reboot. We may encounter experiences that allow us to open our minds to new ways of operating in society. How you articulate your personal worldview may stay the same but how others receive it may be the piece that shifts. Your own personal tribe may expand because you feel so deeply passionate about a new cause that you start networking with other like minds giving you a new glimpse at your community. Both of these houses represent education, from learning a new trade (3rd house) to getting a master’s degree (9th house). Therefore you may feel the call to share your creativity but to do so you may find yourself needing some extra training to fulfill your latest passion. Embrace the messages of these eclipses so you can experience all that they have to offer.

4th house (Taurus) // 10th house (Scorpio) –

The 4th house represents our home, family, security, foundation and roots. The 10th house oversees our fame, our public reputation and our career. These eclipses will touch on how you show up for your family and your career. One of those areas may be receiving more attention though which could result in you experiencing pressure via imbalance. You may need to be at home more or this could be a time where you are really career focused. You may notice themes around what makes you feel safe and what really makes your foundation feel solid. You could start a new career, you could move to a new location or there could even be a new addition to your family. If you have a career where you are in the public eye on some level you want to be mindful of your reputation. Eclipses work swiftly so be mindful of how you are showing up in the collective as well as with your own dearest tribe.

5th house (Aries) // 11th house (Libra) –

The 5th house represents creativity, romance, joy and children. The 11th house represents groups, organizations, hopes and wishes. These eclipses may play out in how you express yourself creatively either privately or professionally. A call to be more engaged with friends or charities that pull at your heartstrings could be in the mix as well. You could go into full blown social butterfly mode or you may take some time to yourself to really focus on your personal passions. Art could be a source of solace or an empowering new voice for you within society. We are living in interesting times so creativity could take on a new meaning over the next two years. There is a link to children with these house placements so if you have children this could feature an evolution in your parent/child dynamic. You may also experience some new version of romance either with your existing mate or if single a new love could spark. Be open to any new possibilities to create a deeper connection to your inner creator and any new people that come into your life that help enliven that part of your spirit.

Amazing image by Colleen Pinski. She scouted a ridge line in perfect alignment with an eclipse and planted a figure 1.5 miles away from her photo vantage. Driving 370 miles away from her Denver home to Albuquerque, New Mexico for the perfect location for this shot.

6th house (Pisces) // 12th house (Virgo) –

The 6th house rules over our health, our daily routines, and acts of service. The 12th house is our subconscious, dreams, inner workings and the areas of ourselves that can make us come undone if we don’t honestly acknowledge them. This is an interesting house axis because they really need each other. The 6th house is where our daily habits add up to create the long term results which is usually found in the 12th house. Some of our more negative traits can live in the 12th house which can injure us in our daily lives. Transparency is key with these two. Once you know your weaknesses you can strengthen yourself around them. These eclipses may show you where you are strong as well as where you are weak. We are human and we are all flawed but with clear understanding and authentic expectations we can overcome them. We can be strong alongside them. We can even embrace them to then move through them. You may see a focus on your health or lack of over the next two years. If you have issues bubbling under the surface this could be a great time to address them. You may start a new workout routine to keep that Leo heart proudly pumping or you may learn a new language to please your inner intellectual Aquarius. These changes will most likely occur in your simple everyday habits or somehow show up in your work life. Keep notice of how you physically feel, how you move through the world, the thoughts you tell yourself everyday and the mantras that show up in your speech.





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