Dear Ash: Where to Focus This Year?

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Dear Ash,

I have gone through a lot of changes in the last year and would like to know where to be focusing my time & energy and how to get closer to my ideal life partner?

Dear Stefani,

Looking at your chart you’ve had some powerful transits that would explain all of these major life shifts! Right now Saturn, the planet of structure, discipline and responsibility is transiting your 4th house of home, family, and roots. He’s been transiting there since the end of 2014 and will finish up in December of 2017. If we look to your 4th house we find that Saturn is directly in contact with your natal Uranus. Where you have Uranus in your chart is where you need space & freedom to really be yourself. If that autonomy feels threatened then Uranus wants to rebel. Having Saturn’s stern gaze upon rebel Uranus could be quite frustrating. You may want to do something radical but may not know how to due to Saturn’s strong presence. These planets are opposing in nature but when they are in a conjunction they become blended together and have to try and get along. So if you are feeling the need to flee it will probably settle down in the next month when Saturn moves forward allowing you to make more clear headed decisions rather than out of reaction. Since Saturn moved into your 4th house of Sagittarius he has also made oppositions (which always require compromise) to your natal Chiron, so some deep emotional issues may have come up in the end of 2014 or early 2015, your natal Sun, requiring you to get

more serious in your identity especially regarding your career, your North Node, showing you hints of the future and coming up at the end of this year, your MC/Midheaven (the actual career point) which could really be an excellent time to make important decisions around your career. The key to dealing with any Saturn transit is to do the work. He wants and expects the best from you. So even when it feels like things are being taken away from you or you just feel hedged in, then you must find news ways of going about your goals.

To answer your question I would definitely focus on your career goals. That will be the focus for the next few years so it’s vital to get prepared and organized. Really think about where you want to be a year from now and even 5 years from now. Then build out from those desires. Working on your career goals will help shape and create more foundation at home which will make things feel more settled. When life feels really crazy and every aspect of it is just floating around us, it really helps to start by anchoring one thing. That one thing can help create a domino effect that begins to calm everything else down.

My advice for getting closer to your ideal mate would be to get closer to yourself. The more you understand you the better prepared you are for someone else to walk into the picture. If we peek at your emotional center, your moon, is in the sign of Aries. This a very direct and honest moon that expects everyone to be just as straightforward. Situations that are good for the Aries moon are ones that help them reach their softer side, give them more patience and allow them to release any pent up frustrations. You would need a partner who isn’t too sensitive, can handle emotional honesty but also knows how to make you feel safe enough to be vulnerable without fear. You have the sign of Pisces in your house of love/marriage/relationships which currently has its modern day ruler transiting through it, Neptune. Neptune is very strong here and can be a blessing and curse. This transit adds to your house of love a sense of surreal magic, romance and dreaminess. It can also add rose colored glasses, naivete and can cast a thick fog around your common sense. I think in your search for the ideal mate you should use your Aries moon to discern the truth during any upcoming relationships. If it feels too good to be true it might just be. Not that you can’t have love, bliss and harmony but make sure it’s coming from a really authentic and grounded place. You want to have your truth glasses on at all times to block the Neptunian glare from reaching your heart strings!

So get going on all of your career plans and the rest will eventually fall into place. One step at a time!

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