How to Channel Your Inner Bohemian Aquarian

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Aquarius is the queen of cool. There is an effortless originality about these bohemian, wild child mavericks that makes them stand out like lightning rods in a crowd. So, how can you channel this electric vibe for yourself? I’ve spent this season digging into ways that we can all incorporate a little Aquarian cool into our own styles. Join us as thick-as-thief friends, Sara Jane and Michelle, of Burn it Beauty help us out with the task!

First, a quick overview of this bohemian sign:
Aquarius hates being pigeonholed into any one category, loving to have an open mind through aloof observation. They are the progressive intellectuals of society: Scientists, astrologers, humanitarians, activists, anything tech related and conceptual artists.

There is a rebel inside all Aquarians, loving to question and act out against authority and tradition. These innovate souls need freedom but are the most important key to any group. It’s their ability to watch from the sidelines that gives them the power to recognize and synthesize the thoughts of each part of the group, creating a current that will zap everyone with their brilliant insights. They are one of the zodiac’s trend setters since they refuse to adhere to labels and conformity. They love to experiment and real thoroughbreds can be counted on to have lived in a commune for a year (or at least in a house with LOTS of roommates), tried a few mid-expanding drugs, been arrested in a protest, traveled the world on humanitarian missions and loved and left many broken hearts in their path.

Now to my three distilled ways to connect to your own inner Aquarian!

1) Your Environment & Mind

Eclectic, eclectic, eclectic! This is the quality that Aquarius surrounds them-self with. Incorporate a mix of modern, vintage, exotic, earthy, and airy items into your living space. These collected things don’t need to match, as long as they reflect something unique about you.

Slowly adding a few science books and astrological games that help you with the art of observation and interpretation, is a great way to challenge yourself to grow in Aquarian ways. I don’t know too much about tarot or other mystical cards, but it’s a fun practice that gets the juices flowing in this regard—taking a card’s meaning and observing yours or another’s life for how it relates.

2) Your Fashion Sense

Layering is a huge theme with Aquarius, whether through stacked rings and multiple necklaces or by tiered clothing with a tank, cardigan and jacket. There seems to be two speeds here—either solid and neutral colors with lots of layering OR mixing all sorts of prints and/or graphics into one outfit.

When it comes to makeup, the Aquarius lady loves bold colors so a bright red lip or a hint of electric blue on the eyes is a great start. Always have a unique accessory; something that has a conversation starting quality about it—or a unique flair. Of course a suede bag or shoe with a bit of fringe never hurts the Aquarian bohemian vibe.

3) Your Friendships

If there’s one sign that needs their buddies on a regular basis, it’s Aquarius. This is the sign of community and brotherhood. They need to be around banter, ideas and groups (even if they are erratic in communication, popping in and out of your life with no notice). This is a very loyal sign and will always have your back if you find yourself in their inner circle.

Plan a regular friend’s night with a book club or dinner club and be the person in the room that notices each person’s point of view during lively discussion, somehow incorporating each into your own, before interjecting. This shows true camaraderie as well as creates innovative interaction.


Words & Art Direction: Allie Couch of Cosmo Muse

Models: Sara Jane Warner & Michelle Bergeson of Burn it Beauty

Photography: Britt Chudleigh of Britt Chudleigh Photgraphy

Hair & MU: Gabby Gabbistas of Sequel Salon

Jewelry: 2 Vagabonds Imports

Venue: Charcoal Loft




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