How to Connect To Your Inner Taurus

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The Yearly Taurus New Moon is right around the corner which makes this an ideal time to connect to the Taurus area and energy in your chart. The results of this connection will help you understand how the sign of Taurus shows up in your life, which will then help you better make your Taurus New Moon goals – I’ll do a separate post on Friday with instructions for that. Today, it’s all about recognizing your own Tauresean side and tapping into the energy that this sign is currently offering to all of us: More self-worth, luxury and pleasure.

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, moving from Aries assertive and self-centered perspective to one of awareness of our senses and the rhythms of nature; our values and self-worth; patience and grounding.

Taurus is our first earth sign, sharing the traits of dependability, stability and practicality with the other two earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn. Where it differs is in it’s fixed quality, adding stubbornness and extra doses of strength and determination. It’s ruler, Venus, adds charm, a love of luxury & the easy life and enjoyment of good food and drink. I always picture a vintner as having a Taurus personality – working with the land, loving earthy luxury, patience for long processes that add value and using their senses to cultivate soil that has the perfect blend of desired notes.

A great practice to get in touch with Taurus energy is to do a quick and easy ten minute meditation. Get relaxed, don’t worry so much about posture or correct breathing. Sit anywhere and in a way that makes you feel comfortable. Chose a favorite area of your home or a spot in nature that feels alive to you; somewhere that you enjoy being. After a few deep breaths, bring your focus to the sounds that grace this area, how they make you feel and why they might add to your enjoyment of this spot. After a couple of minutes of focusing on the noises in this place, switch to noticing how the temperature, any movement of air and the vibration through the room feel. Once you have made a connection to this, notice the smells. After a couple of minutes spent on each of those senses, try to allow your focus to encompass all and let them wash over you with their own rhythms.

This is a great practice to connect to your senses in the way a Taurus is typically aware of their senses. Now, take this still practice and put it into motion with a slow-paced nature walk. You will experience so much more stimulation through your surroundings and an awareness of yours and the earth’s natural rhythms; the feel of wind and moisture; smells of dew and wild flowers; the sounds of crickets, birds and critters rustling around in the bushes and trees. With this slowing down and attention to how your senses relate and connect with your environment, notice if this brings a greater sense of value and worth to your mood.

Now that we’ve gone through this practice and felt the energy of Taurus, it’s time to learn where in your chart Taurus rules and how to better cultivate this sign’s senses into that area of your life. A hint, wherever this sign falls, you will be very stubborn. Read for both your Sun sign and rising sign to get a more comprehensive idea of your connection to Taurus.

Aries) Because you are naturally the first sign of the zodiac, every sign rules their natural house, meaning the sign that rules each house in your chart has very similar themes to the area it rules. Taurus rules your second house of earned income, personal resources, your values and how you budget. With Taurus here, you are very stubborn about your personal finances and may find it hard to share. On the upside, you have a great work ethic and understnd the value of a dollar and the value of your skill sets. You tend to understand how to make and save money (although being a rash Aries could counter your desire to save at times).

Taurus) This is your sign, so Taurus rules your first house of assertion, how you interact with the world and your personal style/look. You may have an earthy, slow-paced way about you. You likely enjoy nature but also luxury – we’ll call you a glamping sort. Your senses are top notch and you can’t stand harsh sounds, smells or textures. Natural in your appearance, you emit a stable and enduring quality. When you decide on an agenda, there is no changing it. Something about you says: I’m worth every dollar I make and I know how to make AND save them.

Gemini) Taurus rules your 12th house of behind the scenes activity, how you retreat, heal and connect to spirituality, inspiration, art and music. Your senses and sense of value are at their height when you are connected to the cosmic plane. You probably prefer spiritual experiences that you can touch, smell and feel. Your artistic styling and healing methods probably have a slow-burn method that is thorough and patient—and may bring you a better sense of value and income. You can tap into a feeling of self-worth with a long massage, luxurious bath and a meal filled with wine, slow cooked foods and loving laughter.

Cancer) Your 11th house of friends, networks, the industries your gravitate toward, your progressive nature and sense of humanity is ruled by Taurus. You probalby believe that everyone has the right to feel valued and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. You may gravitate toward financial or earthy industries and groups. You feel a strong connection to your sense of value and worth when connected to groups and friends that are pleasure loving, earthy and stable.

Leo) Taurus rules your career and aspirations. You probably work hard to develop skills that provide a nice income. Feeling a sense of self-worth is an occupation for you and something that you stive to constantly improve upon. Living in a way that gives you a reputation for enjoying luxury, stability and the sensual side of life is important to you. Arts or finance might be your career calling in this life, depending on how Venus is placed in your chart.

Virgo) Foreign travel, publishing, academic acclaim and ideals (religion, life philosophies and seeking) are areas that will bring you a sense of value and worth. You may dream of – or actually – luxuriate in grand haciendas, estates and castles abroad. Traveling the world in search of the best materials and imports could be a fabulous way to tap into your senses and cultivate better self-worth. You might enjoy publications and studying for degrees that are earth-y, sensual, financially savvy or tap into the luxury-driven side of life.

Libra) In your chart, Taurus rules shared resources, intimacy, empowerment and sexuality. You may be possessive of resources, even when they aren’t solely your own resources. You are probably an incredibly sensual lover. Empowerment through a spouse’s or group’s resources or wealth is where you will feel a strong connection to value and worth. Luxury and sensuality in connection to the occult, secret societies and psychology are other Tauresean avenue for you. You could be amazing at fundraising and are stubbornly excellent at getting your needs met. Managing money for others is a way that you may generate more income.

Scorpio) You tend to attract partners who have a very stable sense of self-worth and understand value and the small pleasures in life. Partnerships and relationships help you develop your own sense of worth and pleasure in life. In your own style of relating to people, you may be easy going yet stubborn, a touch thrifty and love to make others feel comfortable and grounded around you. You might make a better income or find more self-worth through partnerships.

Sagittarius) Taurus rules your 6th house of lifestyle or how you go about your day—including work duties and the processes you use to tackle tasks and how you maintain your health, wellness and style of organization. You might need to go about your days with a very slow-and-steady-wins-the-race style. You need to be surrounded by luxury, nature as well as have firm daily routines. Morning hikes and trail running are great health and wellness suggestions here, as natures rhythms will feed your soul, helping you feel grounded throughout the day. You could find more value and income in your life through luxury lifestyle, health and wellness avenues.

Capricorn) Your creativity and leadership style are ruled by the sign of Taurus over your 5th house. You could have a strong sense of luxury, form and nature connected to your creative process as well as be a grounded and stubborn leader. Your style of fun and play is very sensual and natural. Creative avenues hold some keys to developing more self-worth and value in your life. Your creative style encompass the senses, needing lovely smells, tastes, sounds and textures to be involved in your creations.

Aquarius) Your 4th house of roots, family and abode are ruled by Taurus. You probably enjoy a home that is filled with nature, luxury, comfort and that is pleasing to all of your senses with soft fabrics, natural colors and great aromas coming from the kitchen. You might have had a parent or guardian that was very pleasure centered and stubborn. Having a pleasing home could make you feel more value and self-worth as could creating some income through working with homes, home goods or food and clothing.

Pisces) Communication, transportation, domestic travel, siblings, your neighborhood, writing and reading: These are the 3rd house things that Taurus rules in your chart. You could connect to more self-worth and a stronger sense of value through communicating and moving around your local community. You need to touch and feel your hood and know that you have a tactile and strong place with neighbors, community and siblings. Your words and style of communicating could be quite textured and stubborn. You find great pleasure in conversing and connecting.


Words: Allie Couch of Cosmo Muse

Photography: Britt of Britt Chudleigh Photography

Models: Madi Owens & Erin Walsh

Location: Moab Under Canvas