Monday Mantras: Seeing What Is & What Isn’t

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Mantra: I see & understand with clarity.
By Allie Couch
Artwork by Sophie Lecuyer

As we move into a week building up to a full moon (on Friday), our emotional state will become more prominent. With Neptune making a square to this moon and Jupiter (ruling our expansive Sagittarius illumination) stationing direct on the same day, it will be important to see with more clarity and to be realistic, as both of these things will ripple with distortions.

We will also experience many planetary transitions this week, leading up to the full moon, with Mars, Mercury, and Venus all switching into new signs. This many transitions can drum up a lot of uncertainty as we fall into a space between holding what was and what is to come. With a full moon unfolding in the midst of this, irrational fears and/or excitement are likely to be strongly felt.

Take some extra calming breaths when needed, each day, and sort through what is real and what is projected. Gemini Season brings to the forefront, the art of learning. Use your mind to better cultivate an understanding of what is and what is not.

“Besides learning to see, there is another art to be learned – not to see what is not.”
– Maria Mitchell




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