Weekly Musescopes: June 27 – July 3

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COSMIC LANDSCAPE: June 27 – July 3
Themes: Dark Moon Intuition & Self Nurturing

We start this summer week off with raised temperatures. A frictional last quarter moon in Aries, early Monday morning, brings potential flares in temper or impatient attitudes. Realizations may come to light for better planning around your personal desires in conflict with the needs of your home, family or females in your life. Tuesday’s conjunction between the Aries moon and Uranus could bring a combustion of energy – take a few breaths and step back with situations that test your boiling point. As we move through the rest of the week, we enter the dark phase of the moon, the time between a last quarter moon and the new moon (happening next Monday). This dark phase takes us further and further into an introspective mood. With Cancer Season being the season of nurturing, this is a week to do as much self-nurturing as you can. Once the Cancer new moon arrives, our nurturing energy will take a turn toward the needs of others. We can care for others best when we have cared for ourselves first, something we need reminding of during Cancer Season. Sunday brings the darkest phase of the moon, during the season on the moon, so pay special attention to synchronicity as little clues will be making their way into your subconscious as to what’s been missing or needs adjusting in your emotional landscape – which we’ll have a chance to refresh, come Monday the 4th’s new moon.


Monday & Tuesday: A solo jog, walk or other physical assertion is just the thing to wriggle out any impatient energy.

Wednesday & Thursday: Slow paced days, filled with good food, gardening, cat naps in a hammock and bubble baths will fill you with pleasure and value.

Friday & Saturday: Find a quite place to read a new book or to journal.

Sunday: Breakfast in bed, a good cry and a comforting pot of tea might be just what’s needed today to clear pent up emotions.

Monday and Tuesday put our seasonal ruler, the moon, in your sign. This will bring your emotions and personal desires to the surface. Find some relaxation techniques to help you chill on these day as your emotions will feel more vulnerable than usual. On Tuesday, experiences with friends and family could have you feeling a bit irritable. Wednesday is your star day of the week! Your ruler, Mars, turns direct after several months in reverse motion. Life may have felt like it’s been on pause for some time but things will begin to pick up their pace, just in time for a great summer. Home and family will take on much importance this week.

Even though we have an irritable Aries moon on Monday, Your ruler, Venus will have a magical linkup with Neptune, bringing bubbly, artistic communication and glamorous experiences with groups and friends. Wednesday and Thursday bring your emotions to a heightened state with our seasonal ruler, the moon, in your sign. The last half of the week is filled with a complex cocktail of luck with resources, power struggles in friendships and lots of movement and communication. Try gardening when you need to sort through moody feelings.

As the week starts, you may have a busy feeling, like you’re are wrapping up some lose ends. Come Wednesday, you start a new three week chapter with your ruler, Mercury, moving into the sign of Cancer – the current ruling sign. Your focus will start to shift toward issues of self-worth and personal resources. It’s a good time to look at your income and seek a raise if you feel it’s deserved. On Sunday, the moon in Cancer will meet up with your ruler, adding heightened emotions. Take note of the things that come to the surface as these can be addressed at our Cancer New Moon next Monday.

Monday and Tuesday could bring a little bit of friction as well as some surprises around your career or things your are working on achieving. Thursday is filled with special energy ready to make you the belle of the ball. Friends, partners and your community will circle around you to support your individuality. Friday has a more serious tone as you actively seek structure and a sense of purpose. Retreat into your shell on Sunday as you prepare for Monday’s new moon.

This week holds lovely artistic and spiritually inspired moments for you. Music, dance, art, photography and movies may speak your language. Mediation and yoga are good for your soul during Cancer Season as is the company of family and females – but mostly the ability to retreat into your home as you recharge your energy stores. Saturday is especially cosmic as Neptune, planet of compassion and arts, makes a link to your ruler, further enhancing the above themes.

Progressive ideas, actions and groups are your domain this week. This is a time to dive in to future hopes and dreams and think up progressive ways of moving toward those goals. It’s also a great time to realize that you need others to help you get there. Family and females may be your biggest supporters so nurture your relationships in these areas. This becomes a more powerful theme in your life, starting Wednesday, when your ruler, Mercury, moves into the sign of Cancer.

Monday is a mixed bag with beauty and inspiration seeping into your aspirations and projects, all the while experiencing a push and pull sensation around your need for freedom versus a relationship or partnership. Focus on self trust before reacting to this conflicting vibe. Thursday holds extraordinary opportunity for career breakthroughs due to hidden resources and behind the scenes luck. Friday has some opposing forces that may create power struggles vying for you attention at home and at work – try to find an internal sense of security in order to respond to these demands in a balanced way.

If you’ve felt stifled or been dealing with issues from your past over the past few months, get ready to finally start moving forward, come Wednesday. Your co-ruler, Mars, is turning to direct motion and will pick up steam over the next week or two. Thursday is a stellar day to forge new alignments with powerful allies, possibly through the help of a partner or an important female in your life. Friday brings a need to integrate big picture thinking and attending to details and communications. There is magic to be found in keeping your integrity in tact on this day.

Thursday and Friday will be your big days this week. Thursday could be one of your greatest career days of the summer! Jupiter has been blessing your career sector this year but a kite formation on this day will help you catch wind and set sail with huge opportunities welcoming you into their harbors. Hidden resources, personal resources and female or family assistance are there for you so step into your light today. Friday may try to tip you off balance with choppy waters but what’s really happening are new stresses and growing pains entering your life that will ultimately bring you more respect and skill in sailing through a storm.

Home will be your focus on Monday and Tuesday, offering you sanctuary and active progress with projects around the house. Family might also provide extra support or security at this time. Friday brings some challenges with our current seasonal ruler, the moon, opposing your ruler, Saturn. Details and practicality might have your feeling emotionally overwhelmed while your ruler wants to pull your attention toward inspired big vision plans. Both of these sides are connected to higher purpose in your life. If you can identify what that is, you’ll have better luck integrating these two opposing forces and help them work together with sensitivity and context, blessing you with an astounding sense of healing.

Tuesday is filled with an explosion of energy! Our seasonal ruler, the emotional moon, conjuncts your ruler, progressive Uranus, in the pioneering sign of Aries. Depending on your chart this will either play out as finding support and huge forward progress with inventive ideas and connections, OR, this could be a tumultuous explosion, bring irrational and rash behavior to your surface. If the latter seems your fate, it could be a day, for everyone’s sake, to do something physical and solo, like a long hike. Thursday could be your best of the week with huge progress in work projects, spring cleaning, health and fitness goals and a general sense of feeling valued.

Monday brings creative and beautiful expression to your surface. You have a chance to create something wonderful or act as an inspired leader. Thursday should feel smooth and full of opportunity around creativity and holding the spotlight but Friday is a bit more difficult. Responsibility and focus is needed in connection to your career or aspirations on this day, while you’d like nothing more than to fly off into inspired dreams. On top of that, a bustle of communication and activity at home brings more distraction. Focus on what you’ve already accomplished in order to tap into a sense of patience and calm. Coming from this place, you’ll double your feeling of accomplishment by Saturday, having completed Herculean feats. Saturday brings sweet relief: Romance, recreation and star energy are yours on this day.




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