Mystically in Season, Soul Horoscopes

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Moon Leading Sun to Soulfulness

Since starting CosmoMuse, I’ve honed my own unique lens with astrology in relation to seasons and soulful living.

In a normal horoscope, astrologers, myself included, will look at the charts for the day/week/month and distill what we think is going to be felt and possible ways that may manifest.

In a technique I’ve been slowly leaning into and developing, I’ve noticed patterns around how the sun and moon work very interdependently, and how their specific rhythm together is more unseen, more hidden, and one that reveals underlying soul curriculum.

This is a system I have yet to see be used by another astrologer. I have some work to do in documenting my techniques in writing, but I still feel the urge to share these patterns with the world in a subtle way.

Xo, Allie Kesler




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