Sagittarius Full Moon: Aiming for Greatness

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Tonight is the first of two consecutive Full Moons in Sagittarius (a Blue Moon). As the Moon cycles into it’s fully illuminated position, in this sign of truth and wisdom, some will see endings and some will see manifestations come to fruition. On either side, there will be lessons of grandeur, wisdom, perspective and finding your True North.

The enlightened expression of Sagittarius energy is to take aim at great feats and push yourself beyond your current bubble into new territory, expanding your breadth of wisdom, perspective and sensitivity in the process. Through this, you become a shinning example to the world and one that others will model when seeking their True North. When functioning from this place, you may see new big picture opportunities present themselves or come to light. In negative expression, this sign can push you to feel dogmatic and bluntly truth-telling, creating situations that are off-putting and hurtful to those you feel the need to ‘preach’ to. Watch for these traits to surface over the next ten days and refer to your inner voice of judgement, restraint and sensitivity before speaking what you think is THE truth. Often, when we sit with that truth for some time, we begin to see it’s flaws. This voice can be hard to tame as being the one to put it right or have better and more informed ideals can make you feel like you’ve freed the world and yourself of ignorance. In the least, take pause to ask yourself if you are about to say anything unsolicited or hurtful, granting you the title of self-righteous in the process.

At a Full Moon, not only do we get pulled into the emotional fullness of the Moon’s illumination, but we also have the challenge and opportunity of trying to integrate the polar opposite sign’s energy through the Sun’s warming rays. When the Sun is in Gemini, the sign of alignment, we often miss the big picture but are great at putting all the little pieces and connections together, in our familiar environment. What Gemini lacks in vision, Sagittarius holds in spades – and what Sadge lacks in attending to details, Gemini is masterful at. We have an opportunity to join these forces and manifest alignment to our True North with gratitude and inclusiveness. Use this time as an opportunity to merge the hotbed of bubbling communications and connections, ripe for the picking, as a foundation to feel more secure in venturing out into the unknown as you seek expansion and opportunities in unfamiliar territory. Full Moons hold magic and this one holds the key to our personal truths. This sentiment is further exalted with Mars, the warrior planet and planet of personal agenda, sitting conjunct to this lunar event. The manifestations or ending that come up this week will certainly take on a vibration filled with energy and passion, sure to help plans take flight or difficult emotions burn off some negative energy. The goal here is to keep Mars’ temper at bay. If you feel yourself starting to see red, take a step back and look at the bigger picture that Sadge offers, the other perspectives involved and focus on Gemini’s spirit of connectedness.

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Words: Allie Couch of CosmoMuse

Image: ‘Diana’ Atelier von Behr 1935




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