Seasonal Blossoming: From Cancer to Leo

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As well as each season (or zodiac sign) having certain qualities that they rule and energies that they bring out, there is also a more organized overview that incorporates stages of maturing – whether that be in how you, as a person, function or the blossoming of a project put into motion. Every sign contains an inherent design, important to the growing process and follows in order from Aries being the initiator through to Pisces, the cosmic composer – this is not to say that if you are the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, that you are in the least mature group. Everyone has every sign in their chart, and every sign has a mature and immature expression. The key is to work hard during each season to help that sign’s expression in yourself and in your goals and projects bloom in beautiful ways.

We are currently in the sweet spot of gathering pollen from one season to give life to another, allowing us a window to take a look back at how we grew during our past season, Cancer Season, and how that can be used as fertilizer for us to better engage with the emerging season, Leo Season.

Cancer is the first sign that starts to form bonds with others, and for most, this happens through nurturing in the home and with family members. Often the mother is the first one we truly bond with, but having a safe home and support system is the thing that helps us let down our guard to be able to form family-like bonds. This sign is exceptionally private as it holds the things we care most about and fiercely protects them. It represents the night, the moon, cycles and illumination. As we become adults, we can re-evaluate what home, family, nurturing, safety

and security mean to us. Not everyone is fortunate during childhood in this area, but as each Cancer Season comes around, we have an opportunity to prune how this looks in our life by creating these things in our own vision. Not all family-like bonds happen with blood relatives, the point is to find a sense of security and roots that allow you to feel safe to form deep seeded connections. Take a look back on the past four weeks and reflect on what was initiated in this regard. Any one thing here will give you a leg up when entering our next season. Did your home, family or nurturing supporters come into focus? How do you feel more safe and secure than you felt this spring? Some atrocious things have happened this summer that may have rattled us, but look to your closest bonds and feel secure in the nurturing you give and receive there.

Through our growth during Cancer Season, we are able to take feelings of being nurtured and protected in order to muster the courage for what Leo Season will ask of us. The next step in our blossoming process, through the sign of Leo, is to start playing with our sense of uniqueness in relation to others. The stronger your sense of safety through Cancer, the more you’ll feel brave enough to express yourself to the people outside of your home.

This is a time to work on your self-expression and sense of importance that allows you the courage to hold the spotlight as you share your creative visions. Being warm, generous and vivacious attracts back to us the adoring attention that Leo Season wants us all to have and helps us grow a healthy ego.


Art Direction & Words: Allie Couch of Cosmo Muse

Model: Emma Jones

Photography: Britt & Peter Chudleigh

Wardrobe Provided by: Flight Boutique

Hair: Randi Hieb of Dexterity Salon

Makeup: Kristen Packard of Kristen Packard Artistry

On-Model & Prop Stylist: Lauren Brady of Saucy & Kitsch

Venue: Charcoal Loft




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    1. Hi Melvin. Thank you. I dove in and hired a designer and developer so my site is quite custom. Previously I had done a square space blog. I liked their templates and options. It’s been a while so I’m not sure what the current status of all of the blog platforms is.

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