Wedding Styles Through the Signs

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By Astrologist Allie Couch

Libra season is upon us and that means we are chalk full of wedding talk with mass amounts of couples either getting married, planning proposals, or getting engaged. It’s a month filled with love and relationship swooning. Seeing as I used to be in the wedding industry, I couldn’t help but put together a styling mood board for each sign (with little tidbits about their relationship styles).

Be sure to read these even if you’re not on the marriage boat. Insight abound for each sign that are sure to help you understand a current spouse, friend, or family member a little better.

On top of reading for your Sun sign, if you know your moon sign, rising sing and chart ruler, be sure to read for all of them. This will give you a more comprehensive understanding about your unique personal style!

Aries, are the first sign of the zodiac and fittingly, they are brave, fierce, and assertive. Since their outlook is one of self-assertion, they aren’t the easiest to wrangle into a relationship, let alone marriage. Because of this, their wedding style is the least feminine or flowery and has a bit of an industrial tone to it (their ruler, Mars, rules metals).

Most Aries I know are drawn to red and clean, simplistic styling (ahem, my husband…). Although these fire-y individuals can be very independent, they are some of the most passionate individuals and will be your warriors, having your back in any battle.

The Recipe: Little pops of red, a minimum of floral, simple and casual elements, a bold lip with a clean cut dress, and of course, a really fasts get away car—adding the excitement this sign craves.

Taurus is the earth goddess and ultimate country dweller. They enjoy a slower pace, good food & drink, and to be surrounded by nature. This sign understands the value of everything that passes through their lives.

In my opinion, Taurus is capable of bringing incredible stability and pleasure to relationships. They can be very easy going and pleasant to be around, but their partners will quickly learn about their unexpected stubborn streak. They can dig in their heel and be impossible to move.

The Recipe: A beautiful country setting (wine county is always great as they resonate with the earthy and sensual value), a fresh and savory menu, a slow paced and easy timeline – with at least two cocktail hours, and a comfortable but elegant dress with natural hair and makeup.

Gemini is the one who seems to know everybody. They are always on the go, will charm your pants off with their wit, and know just how to liven things up so that everyone has a good time. These hard to pin down flit wits are sure to throw a wedding that will be talked about as the most exciting event of the decade.

This youthful creature brings tons of fun and banter to a marriage but be prepared for them to double book their schedule, forgetting half of their commitments. They can’t help themselves but you are sure to have a very exciting life with them.

The Recipe: A lively venue with a great dance floor and DJ, lots of champagne, colorful styling, a large guest list, quirky props, and a very late night—they’ll party till the the next morning if allowed.

Cancer is the mother of the zodiac, nurturing everyone and everything in their path. This ultimate female sign comes packaged with love, care, fluidity and protection. They create the most cozy of homes and safety that knows no bounds. Nighttime, imagination and the moon call to them—as do all female comrades.

Be prepared for their moody nature as they can switch gears in the blink of an eye. One minute social and exciting, the next needing to be left alone for some privacy. Then, before you know it, they be bustling around the house taking care of every family member’s needs.

The Recipe: A moody setting, a dusky start time, a guest list filled with family, a female packed wedding party (flower girls, bridesmaids, mothers, grandmother…) and whimsical, feminine styling.

Leo, the dramatic and theatrical stars of our universe. This is your ultimate leader, creative, and sometimes egocentric mover and shaker. These glamorous beings know exactly how to capture the spotlight and warm your hearts with adoration.

Only a wedding fit for royalty will do. Leos thrive on attention, luxury, and pampering. Be sure you’re ready to let someone else shine as you may take a backseat in the marriage, but also know you’re in for oodles of generosity and feeling totally loved.

The Recipe: A statement venue and entrance (arrive by boat to a grand Lake Como ceremony), lots of getting ready time, luxurious jewels, and dramatic statements throughout the event (tall centerpieces, a champagne tower, an orchestra, why not throw in a red carpet—you get the idea).

Virgo is all about refinement and earthy sophistication. They love to be productive and work long hours. Virgo can be a bit aloof and analytical, but all of your practical daily needs will be efficiently organized and life will run like a well-oiled machine.

Virgo will class up any shindig with their skilled eye. Expect their wedding style to have a slightly snobbish tone. Everything has its correct place and is purposefully considered. They can curate with the best of them. It’s not all cold with Virgo though, they are possibly the most thoughtful sign and can anticipate what and when you need something, even before you do.

The Recipe: An immaculately groomed outdoor estate, heavily detailed styling, harvest-y floral, an intricately beaded dress, natural makeup, and tidy hair.

Libra is the sign of marriage, weddings and relationships, with a very romantic outlook on life—translating to an airy and elegant style. If you are marrying a Libra, expect easy compromise and equal give-and-take, keeping everyone happy and at peace.

This graceful and charming sign is a great conversationalists that really gets the art of dialogue—not monologue. Because of this, they are massively diplomatic, giving weight to what is fair in all situations. This can also mean that they have a tendency to be fence-sitters, needing time to consider every angle and side to an issue, and can find themselves stuck in ruts if they’re unwilling to tip the scales every once in a while.

The Recipe: Lots of flowers, soft candlelight, romantic draping, light colors, an elegant flow-y dress, and romantic hair and makeup.

Scorpio is a very private and intense sign. They ooze sexuality and power, and are fearless in life—not backing away from the taboo or dark corners. They can be possessive and controlling on one hand and totally mesmerizing on the other.

This sign has a style that is sleek and sexy. They are magnetic and captivating to watch but are not always the most approachable of people. They have a very mysterious, secretive side so may opt for an elopement or very small wedding. This signs understanding of shared resources (a.k.a.—the stuff that creates wealth) means that they attract the power players in life.

The Recipe: Dark colors, minimalist yet dramatic ambiance, a small guest list with heads of state and powerful billionaires—and a honeymoon you’ll never forget.

Sagittarius is the stuff adventure is made of: the Peter Pans in life. These explorers can tell the greatest stories as well as create the greatest stories. They think big and act big with risk-taking being second nature to these brazen mavericks.

Or course, their style is a bit exotic and flooded with multicultural tones. They are the globe trotters of the world and probably have very interesting and exciting jobs. A destination wedding is really the only choice with one of these wandering souls—if you can catch one. They will NEED freedom and space so don’t try to domesticate this spouse.

The Recipe: An overseas destination, an element of adventure, some kind of rugged excursion, and a host of like minded wildlings ready to party the night away.

Capricorn is our rock in life. They are timeless souls who out achieve and out last everyone. These are the hosts of the zodiac and the class act success story. They love feeling supported by the world and will work around the clock to make sure they produce amazing things that keep us wanting more of them.

Often, these chic characters will choose partners based on status or fame. They can be a bit cold romantically but are sure to take you along for an amazing ride of celebrity and hobnobbing at the biggest to-do’s in town. They’ve earned every dollar they’ve made with hard and dedicated work so give them a break.

The Recipe: Black Tie, a status reflecting venue, classy styling, a couture dress, a wink and a smile

Aquarius is our bohemian and scientific genius. These original souls love humanity, friends, and rebel against tradition. They are the anarchists that ask why? and why not?, and have the hardest time of any sign settling down in a committed relationship.

To them it’s about the collective. They are great collaborators, hellbent on humanitarian issues and creating (or co-creating) equal opportunities. They don’t see borders in schools, cities, states, or countries. Because of this approach to life, they can sometimes be a bit aloof in relationships as they belong to the world, not to one other person—or even themselves.

The Recipe: A bohemian vibe, a community multi-day event, a feeling of freedom and acceptance, eclectic styling, and an originality to everything about it.

Pisces are the hardest to understand in a relationship as they are a mystery even to themselves. They are cosmically ethereal mystics who receive constant inspiration stemming from a lack of boundaries.

These are very glamorous and misunderstood people who often struggle with addictions, delusions, or escapism in differing forms. They keep many secrets and are the greatest composers of music, poetry, art, and science. Some of our greatest artists and healers are Pisces as they somehow create integral comprehension out of chaos.

The Recipe: Ethereal styling, a poetic location by the sea that stimulates all the senses (the smell of salt air, the sound of waves crashing, sand in your shoes, seafood on the pallet, and a gorgeous sunset backdrop).




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