Weekly Musesocpes: August 8 – 14

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August 8 – 14
A Week of Enjoyment in the Great Outdoors

I love the mixture of playfulness and naturalness that we have in our cosmos this week. The Sun in Leo is blazing with warmth and pushing us all to be more creative, unique and take center stage. All the while, a host of planets have now moved into earthy and health conscious Virgo. While Leo loves recreation, Virgo loves feeling a connection to the rhythms of nature, so it’s a time to prioritize some fun under the sun while surrounded by the beauty of our natural world. If your access to nature is limited, pack a picnic, grab your bike and peddle your way to a nearby park, letting one lead to the other rather than having the two energies co-exist simultaneously (recreation and nature). Wednesday is a star day with Mercury, the information seeker, and Pluto, keeper of the hidden, in an open dialogue. It’s a rare day when we can uncover any hidden and powerful information that we’ve been seeking. Saturday is another big day with Saturn, our drill Sargent, turning direct after having been retrograde since the end of March. Our sense of structure and responsibilities may have felt a bit hazy for the past few moths but the end of the week brings better focus and more clarity around our path to achieving big things.

You are starting to get your footing in big picture thinking and global connected-ness with your ruler, Mars, inching his way into expansive Sagittarius. In this fellow fire sign and explorer, your spirits will be soaring into the ethers. Neither you or the sign of Sagittarius are look-before-you-leap citizens of the world, so do try to take the advice of your more grounded comrades. With a little forethought, this enterprising energy could launch you to new heights. With Saturn also in Sagittarius, turning direct on Saturday, your visions of grandeur will have a boost in responsibility that will train you, with a lot of hard work, to stay focused on your efforts.

Creative self-expression is in the air for you my pleasure loving friends. This is a week to indulge in the spotlight and open your heart to the warmth of all that summer brings. Kids and a sense of leadership could provide much fulfillment with your ruler, Venus, igniting your chart with an ego boost. Your home is also the source of much vitality and warmth this week as the Sun in Leo brings laughter and creativity to your family life. Wednesday’s communicative vibe could bring new information to light that will have you transforming your opinions around global and philosophical ideals.

With your ruler, Mercury, traveling through the sign of Virgo, efficiency is on your mind in a big way – especially in your home. This is your proverbial season of spring cleaning, so clear all the clutter away that is no longer needed to live a productive life. While your ruler keeps you busy refining and analyzing your home life, Leo Season will still be a big influence adding layers of fun and creative communication, feeding the soul of your connection loving sign. Busy schedules with family and outdoor activity is a big possibility with these two main influences. Wednesday is the big day of the week for you with our planetary detective, Pluto, opening the doors for you to gain hidden information. These things could affect your empowerment and openness to intimacy.

Starting Monday night, Scorpio will take over your scenic landscape. Creativity and leisure activities will fold into the first half of your week – with Scorpio ruling this part of your chart, puzzles, mystery books, research and intimacy are probably high on your list of fun things to fill your free time. The second half of the week, the moon move to Sagittarius, and you’ll be busy with lots of work and projects that have you thinking big and connecting to your philosophical notions. With the sun in Leo, your sense of value and self-worth have a lot of energy. Simple pleasures and sunny afternoons should be taken advantage of at this time.

With two more weeks of special attention toward your personal agendas, it’s time to use the powers that several planets, currently transiting Virgo, bring to the table by analyzing what it is you desire to initiate this year. This is your time to get your way by being purposeful in your intentions. For you, Virgo rules your sense of worth so an emphasis on enjoying and valuing productivity and wellness is highlighted. Wednesday could bring some transformations around your job and income. Information that’s been hidden will come to light and may affect your sense of security – hopefully in positive ways but that will depend on your chart.

You are in flux this week, Virgo. With Leo Season pushing you to retreat and restore, bringing creative inspiration and healing, there is an urge to seclude yourself from the world but your ruler, Mercury, has moved into your own sign and wants you to be assertive. It’s a balancing act that you’ll have to play with. Wednesday is an interesting day with your ruler, Mercury, receiving powerful energy from planet of depth, Pluto. This opens a door for transformations around your self-expression and brings empowerment to your leadership style. Saturn turns direct on Saturday giving an extra boost of structure and achievement around home and family issues.

It’s another week of social playfulness and vitality around the the groups you want connection with. Warmth and welcoming through your tribe has you feeling more love and positiveness in your life. On the other hand, your ruler, Venus, is now in the shadow area of your chart and needs you to retreat from the world on some level. The key will be to give yourself a couple of hours each day to restore and fuel your soul with uninterrupted inspiration. Wednesday’s link between Mercury and Pluto may bring transformations and hidden insights to the surface that change the way you feel security. Arts and inspiration are key in this development.

Leo Season is keeping you energized and finding more creativity in your aspirations. The more warmth and vitality you give to your career this week, the more you’ll see your powerful leadership capabilities strengthen. As a handful of planets are now at home in the sign of Virgo, groups and friends are becoming a source of much banter and enjoyment. The big day of the week for you is Wednesday, with your ruler, Pluto, allowing planet of communication, Mercury, to get a rare look behind the curtain. This brings up feelings of vulnerability but also connects you to groups and friends who will empower your direction in life.

I think you’ll like the week ahead, Sag. With your ruler, fortunate Jupiter, still floating near the top of your chart, career and achievement are front and center, and now, on Saturday, Saturn, planet of structure and aspirations, will turn direct in your sign. Your agenda around getting more respect and elevation in your career will get another boost with this. With the sun making it’s way through Leo, you will find vital creativity and leadership potential around your philosophical point of view and enterprising plots. It’s also a great time to learn, teach, preach and travel abroad. Anything that broadens your perspective will bring you more star power.

Capricorn, you win the week! Since the end of March, your ruler, responsible Saturn, has been taking a break and revisiting past work to double check all of it’s structural joint and foundations. He’s been given the green light and will now push forward, come Saturday. You are naturally a cautious sign so this period of double checking work was probably somewhat enjoyable, but you feel ready to soar ahead with grand peaks to climb as expansive Sagittarius is currently your home. Arts, composition, spirituality and covert work are all in your future dreams. Wednesday could bring big transformations with power planet, Pluto, activated in your sign.

As relationships of all sorts bring warmth and fun into your life, a part of you is starting to lean into research mode, analyzing what really makes you tick in order to build more empowerment in your life. Ideas around wealth and shared resources or intimacy could also be on the table. Come Wednesday, empowerment will be a bigger theme in your life with a link from information gatherer Mercury to Pluto, planet of transformation. This could bring insight to the surface that you’ve been seeking through cosmic inspiration and your psychological understanding of yourself.

You’ve been in workhorse mode the past week or two but a few planets have started to migrate to Virgo, highlighting a time of feeding your relationships. Your tendency might be to nit-pick partners (whether business or personal), as you need this part of your life to feel healthy and efficient. No doubt you better the people you’ve developed close relationships with in your life, and only want to be helpful and useful, just remember that a little praise and warmth will go a long way in easing the pressures of living up to your standards. Sunday brings your highlight of the week with Venus and your ruler, Neptune, playfully engaged in the give and take of compassion and pleasure. Trust in yourself and others will be key on this day.




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