Your Cosmic Connection: Scorpio

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To the left is what an astrology chart wheel looks like. The sign that the Sun was in on your birthday will rule the areas of the first house. Each subsequent sign will then rule your “houses” (or categories of your life) in order of 1-12. For example, I am a Virgo, so my second house would be ruled by Libra, my third by Scorpio and so on.

Your Sun sign is the one you connect with and relate to the most, but everyone is affected and ruled in some area of their life by each sign. As the Sun travels through the signs, it brings vitality, energy and potential learning to the area of your life ruled by that sign.

The ‘house’ Scorpio rules for you, will experience issues of power, control, shared resources, transformation, sex, death and the occult. It’s a very intense sign and is often strongly felt. With so much happening globally around these issues (and in the Sheep year, most will be feeling this in terms of home and security), I hope this guide will help you understand where to hone in and be able to reflect on this part of your life.

Find your sign below (as well as your rising sign, if you know it) to see where the Sun in Scorpio is currently shinning it’s light on you!


Aries, Scorpio rules your 8th house. This is an amplified energy as this is Scorpios natural house. You know exactly how to be a catalyst for transformation, investigation, power, and seduction. Watch that you do this for well thought out and farsighted reasons, rather than for the fun of it – just because you are good at it! You like a bit of rash and bold behavior, so get a hold of this as the consequences of risky behavior in this area of your life can be devastating. When strategically refined and carefully thought through (for the good of all), you have more capability than the other signs to hold power, seduce and grow wealth, with the ability to lift others up with you.
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Taurus, with Scorpio ruling your house of partnerships, you might deal with intense emotions here. Jealousy, power struggles and secrecy could plague your one-on-one connections. BUT you attract very sexy and powerful partners, and wealth might come through this avenue. You deeply understand and probably have gone through, trans-formative experiences with partners, shedding old skins and coming out the other side with enviable closeness and intimacy. Be sure to recognize boundaries with your nearest and dearest and loosen up the control and power you subconsciously try to wield over them – OR recognize if you are being susceptible to that on the receiving end.
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Gemini, your daily lifestyle, tasks, duties and the way you care for your health are ruled by Scorpio energy. You are the most likely to run marathons, involve yourself in tasks that include operations, investigative and research skills. The way you organize your life is precise and intense. You are the sign that probably needs sexual activity on a daily, routine basis, fueling your day and week ahead. Transformations in matters of health might be something that you deal with more than once in your life. When faced with issues of death, power and control, you probably respond by needing to bring order to the world around you: a great quality during a crisis!
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Cancer, you find empowerment through creative mediums, kids and leadership. Your creative expression may have powerful and sexual undercurrents to it. As a leader, you are precise, commanding and capable of understanding how unity brings strength beyond the sum of it’s parts. You are magnetic as a leader and most people will recognize your natural power, following your lead without question. You can bring control as a clear leader during trans-formative circumstances. Just watch that you don’t get dictatorial. Being a good leader means listing to the counsel of trusted experts and those you are leading.
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Leo, Home and family are where you feel the most powerful and in control, although there could be power struggles in this vein too. You may be attracted to home restoration as well as go through major trans-formative processes within your own family. Although this can be intense and difficult, you typically come out the other side with either greater closeness to your home and family or an the ability to cut out what’s not working, like a surgeon, and not look back. You might have family inheritances as well as plenty of family skeletons in the closet that you’d prefer to keep there.
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Virgo, words and communication can bring you more power than you probably care for (being the humble figure that you are). You are probably the most trustworthy of holding Scorpio energy without falling into the trap of needing power and control for it’s own sake. Use your words and communication to give your purpose filled life more meaning as well as depth to the lives of others. You could amass great fortunes through writing or using your mind in genres of research, investigative journalism, detective or occult works. You can transform and be very precise with your mind and words.
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Libra, with Scorpio ruling your second house of self-value you are pretty amazing at using your powerful sense of worth to demand great salaries as well as saving your personal resources to invest in shared resources (a.k.a. stocks, bonds and other funds). With this sign ruling how you relate to valuing yourself, you might find this through sexuality, holding powerful positions as well as through connections to wealth or occult groups. This is a very fortunate position for amassing fortunes, just watch that you find ways of feeling valued other than through financial means. At the heart of this placement, know that your worth lies in developing an ability to share and be intimate.
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Scorpio, you embody the energy of your personal sign in the way you assert yourself, your personality – or the way you present yourself to the world. You exude power, sexiness and are masters at controlling anything and everything in your environment. The natural tendency of your sign is to be mysterious, playing your cards close to your chest, but you are at your best when you behave in an intimate manner, with the capability of bringing unity to anything you come across. You are a passionate soul – use that energy toward creating powerful shared experiences everywhere you go, bringing more power and control not only to yourself but to everyone and everything you come across.
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Sagittarius, you have a very powerful connection to the cosmos: the world of inspiration and composition. The twelfth house is said to be the house of self undoing, but what this really means in losing yourself to higher inspiration. The twelfth house is where we get our artistic, musical and spiritual connection. With Scorpio here, you could be a very powerful artist, musician, mystic or anything that uses integral comprehension – healing, institutions, sciences that are proving the mystical connections to our universe (such as quantum physics and entanglement). Empowerment and wealth come from finding resources and unity through the intangible energies in your life.
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Capricorn, you are the one who abides by the rules in pursuit of recognition and achievement, but your eleventh house of groups, networks and co-creation is where you will find more power than your singular successes could possibly bring. You can be a terriffic force for humanity as well, brave enough to speak up in pursuit of a humane society and capable of bringing greater power to the groups you join. Think carefully about the industries you get involved in as the passion you develop in this area of life could end up consuming a lot of your energy. When aligned well, the groups joined could bring you much wealth as well as bring out a very sexy confidence.


Aquarius, the achievements you push for in life might be tinged with issues of power, control and wealth. With Scorpio ruling your house of career, you want to feel support and respect from the world through bringing depth and control to society. Psychology, running a fund, or investigative fields will bring you the recognition you crave. You’d probably enjoy being the power behind the throne in your career and running things on your terms. Be careful not to be a bully in your pursuits as your real career success will come from finding common ground, sharing resources and knowing that through these things, more empowerment will be found in your pursuit of respect.
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Pisces, the world is a big place and you might feel passionate about understanding the power that other countries, religions and cultures hold in our world. You have the ability to be powerful on a global scale and find unity with resources that are not from your culture. I would imagine a lot of CIA operative, diplomats, State Department employees, and religious leaders have this sign as there is a connection here to uncovering secrets abroad, holding power abroad and controlling through dogma and preaching. I’ve always thought that Pisces are our geniuses, with an ability to integrally understand life, so you more than the other signs have a responsibility to use the power you find on this global platform, in unifying, transforming and sharing – empowering the world as a whole rather than perpetuating secrets, and shadows that keep humanity apart.
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