Center & Rebalance with Victorious Breath

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As Pisces Season urges us to decompress, this breath practice from YogaToday helps us channel calmness, bringing feelings of renewal.

You will need a blanket and a bolster (or a firm pillow) for this breathing exercise. The goal is to open the chest but make sure it’s comfortable for you! Become familiar with the breath and bring some sound through the back of the throat. As you start your Ujjayi Pranayama, “Victorious Breath,” try to take in one more sip of air at the top of each inhale. Can you push one more gust of air out at the bottom of each exhale? Follow Adi’s breathing technique to rebalance the nervous system – emerge feeling calm, revitalized, and renewed.

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This piece was originally posted on Yoga Today.
Photo courtesy of Rich Goodwin.

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