Chakra Yoga Tip: Opening our Hearts to Winter

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YogaToday’s Neesha Zollinger is back this week with another chakra balancing tip through their ‘Energy Series’. Join us as we open our hearts with a focus on our anahata, the middle point of the seven chakras. A perfect practice as we approach winter solstice and a turning point when the days start to grow in length and we start to come out of our autumn shells of inner work. Try the full YogaToday Energy Balancing Series here. All classes are open to anyone at any time between now and the New Year.
Images/video by Rich Goodwin for YogaToday

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Fourth Chakra: Heart
Open this energy center to foster more love and connection.

The Dalai Lama XIV said that “an open heart is an open mind.” Use a strap or even a belt or towel to do this short exercise that will allow you to stretch the shoulders, broaden through the chest, and ultimately, open your heart space.

If you would like more than a pose, try the full length class for the fourth chakra or even our entire Energy Balancing Series – feel balanced, energized, and centered.

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