Taurus Recipe: Peppermint Matcha Tea

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We’re very excited to introduce you all to our newest Muse contributor, The Wellness Gypsy (Linsay Lapaugh). With a background in nutrition and cooking, Lindsay will be sharing a seasonal recipe, each month, as we move through the solar year. First up, an amazing tea for Taurus Season and our throats. Images by The Wellness Gypsy

As Taurus Season enters, I’m excited to bring you a recipe that’s simple. Tea requires you to slow down and pause. This recipe isn’t meant to be rushed. Enjoy making it and take time to sit in silence while you nurture it. It might be the only five quiet minutes of your day so savor each sip, and relish the calm. You’ll not only enjoy connecting to yourself while making and drinking this tea but you’ll also get some medicinal benefits from it.

Anyone in my life knows I don’t have trouble speaking my mind. In fact, if you’re around me you probably know exactly how I’m feeling. I have never been one to hold back. I do however struggle with properly communicating my anxiety, which can lead to frustration, anger, as well as miscommunication. This tea can help you connect with your voice and helps you clearly express your feelings. Cheers to being true, authentic, and to being surrounded by those that appreciate and value that.

As you enjoy this tea, notice the texture on your taste buds, notice how it smells, and notice how your tea cup feels in your hand. Sit back and enjoy each sip as you connect within.


2 tsp Matcha Green Tea
8 ounces unsweetened almond milk
1/8 tsp vanilla
Raw honey to taste
5 fresh mint leaves


Heat almond milk in a saucepan over medium heat. As milk begins to warm, whisk in matcha green tea, vanilla, and honey. Once the almond milk is warm, turn heat off. Add mint leaves and steep for 5 minutes. Remove leaves and enjoy immediately.

Matcha Tea: Matcha provides us with a boost of antioxidants called epigallocatechin gallate(EGCG), which have anti-cancer properties, and helps boost our immune system. An active detox ingredient, chlorophyll is in matcha which helps our bodies remove heavy metals and toxins. Matcha has also been shown to increase metabolism and help improve the appearance of skin.

Peppermint has a variety of medicinal benefits during Taurus Season. It can help us connect to the Throat Chakra, in turn, helping us to find our voice and communicate our feelings. Engaging with the Throat Chakra allows us to connect with our authentic self, expressing and presenting authentically to ourselves and to the world around us.




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