Yoga Chakra Tip: Third Eye Source & Visualization

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Our third eye chakra is calling our names as we move into new vibrations of a new year. Neesha Zollinger of YogaToday joins us with their ‘Energy Balance Series’ and a tip on how to exercise our Ajna, the sixth chakra, located right between the eyebrows, and associated to the pineal or pituitary gland—depending on the tradition. As we’ve newly entered 2017, Mercury is in retrograde so many of us are struggling to set or yearly intentions. This is a great way to slow it down, check in with our inner source and ask what it wants us to reflect on before we move on to next week’s crown chakra tip, and a time when we will finally have more clarity around our aims for the year. With an annual membership to YogaToday, you can try this whole streaming yoga class and hundreds more. sign up here.
Images/video by Rich Goodwin for YogaToday

Sixth Chakra: Third Eye
For this class, Neesha invites us to focus on the pituitary gland through visualization, intention, and of course, practice. Begin to tune into this region and bring attention to your body’s highest intelligence.

The sixth and seventh chakras are associated with higher level thinking, inspiration, spirituality, and the divine. Use this quick tip to illuminate the third eye center and start to hone your inherent wisdom and vision. When we interviewed Neesha recently, she explained that she gets inspired when she “taps into source.” Take this meditative moment to tap into your own personal source. The “Ajna” chakra is right between the eyebrows and is associated to the pineal or pituitary gland (depending on the tradition). Close your eyes and take a couple of breaths here, seeing if you can connect with this region. Try ​the full-length class to connect more deeply with your third eye and the pituitary gland, the master regulator in the body. Through visualization, intention, and of course, practice, you will bring attention to your body’s highest intelligence.

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