A Celebratory Summer Solstice Full Moon

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What a festive whirlwind of a day! First off, we have a blue moon (the second of two full moon’s in the same sign). This happens once a year, and this year we have it in the effervescent and exuberant sign of Sagittarius, giving us a second round of completions, manifestations and graduations around things that are visionary, grand in scale, enterprising or have to do with your life beliefs and philosophies. With this full moon happening in the last degree of Sagittarius, the 29th degree, there is an added element of finishing something up and a hugely celebratory mood. The 29th degree signifies letting go of the old, graduations and completions and full moons bring illumination to it’s greatest fullness for matters relating to the sign it’s in, so you can see that the effects of today’s lunar event are exponentially compounded. As if that wasn’t enough, the Sun will move from the 29th degree of Gemini today, into 0 degrees of Cancer – one of our four cardinal points in the zodiac, signifying the start of summer a.k.a. Summer Solstice as well as a very initiative point in the zodiac.

So, excitingly, today not only signifies some major celebratory graduations but also some immediate initiations of new summer-y energy, ready to sweep through our lives. As an example, in my own daily routine, I’ve already run into a bustle of festive energy: I’ve had a storm of communication around an event that I’ve needed released from my schedule due to a visit from a dear out of town guest; a good realization that I need to wrap up any events not related to CosmoMuse; a random call about a great opportunity for making some easy and passive income through a family member (which will allow CosmoMuse to have much more focus and attention from me!!); a few more contributors ready to meet about things they’d be excited to share as

part of the growing muse family; my husband took out a home line of credit this morning to finally finish our home renovations and landscaping (YAY – a key step for us to move forward with smaller CosmoMuse events!!!) and an impromptu Summer Solstice cocktail party lined up for this evening. I do have some positive connections in my own chart to the cosmic events today, so this is an extreme example, but as you can see, the potential is there for new doors to open just as fast as old ones close, all with a mood of fresh summer vibes.

The releases felt today will have to do with our full moon energy of the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity; the polarity of learning and knowledge. With the Sun in Gemini there is illumination brought to our grand Sagittarius visions and areas of foreign exploration over the past six months helping us to see the details, information gathering, alignments and communication that will allow our big Sadge dreams to take flight. Take the next day or two to push through any manifestations that at your fingertips. Or if the endings have been hard ones, know that this illumination in a final degree of a sign is disguised as something that needed to be lifted off of your shoulders.

Initiations and new doors opening, that we will start to see with the shift to Cancer Season, will connect to our sense of security, home, family, nurturing and the females in our life.

Read below for a little added conext around where these grand graduations and security related beginnings may find footing for your sign (read for your Sun and rising sign):

Grand Graduations: life beliefs, enterprising ventures, foreign travel || New Starts Around Security: home, family, private life

Grand Graduations: sexuality, wealth, control || New Starts around Security: communication, alignment, community

Grand Graduations: relationships, aesthetics, harmony || New Starts around Security: personal resources, income, earthy pleasures

Grand Graduations: health, work duties, lifestyle || New Starts around Security: assertion, appearance, personal desires

Grand Graduations: creative expression, kids, leadership || New Starts around Security: retreat, healing, art, inspiration

Grand Graduations: home, family, security || New Starts around Security: industries, progressive ideas, friends

Grand Graduations: communication, alignments, community || New Starts around Security: career, achievement, status

Grand Graduations: personal resources, income, form || New Starts around Security: enterprising ventures, foreign travel, life philosophies

Grand Graduations: something very personal, assertion, appearance || New Starts around Security: intimacy, wealth, power

Grand Graduations: healing, art, retreat || New Starts around Security: relationships, harmony, partnerships

Grand Graduations: progressive projects, collaborations, networks || New Starts around Security: lifestyle, health, work duties

Grand Graduations: career, achievements, attainment || New Starts around Security: Creative expression, kids, leadership


Art Direction & Words: Allie Couch of Cosmo Muse

Model: Emma Jones

Photography: Britt & Peter Anders Chudleigh

Wardrobe Provided by: Flight Boutique

Hair: Randi Hieb of Dexterity Salon

Makeup: Kristen Packard of Kristen Packard Artistry

On-Model & Prop Stylist: Lauren Brady of Saucy & Kitsch

Venue: Charcoal Loft




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