A Guide to the Solar Season of Gemini

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By Allie Couch


Gemini Season welcomes in the end of spring and is a time when we begin to talk about what new paths are bubbling up in our lives since the spring equinox (or Aries Season). Words, communication, and movement feel more important as the energy of the season sweeps us up into its need for pollinating and figuring out where we belong. It took me years to realize the importance that this season places on finding our alignments and comfort zones: where we feel connection and interest in the communities that we are a part of. This should feel natural so be very aware this season of the places, ideas, information, and people who feel supportive and intriguing to you. These are where you should focus your mental powers over the next year. Create alignments, cultivate curiosity, refine your language, and learn new things.


Gemini and the current season it rules represents the ages of 14-21. If we take a look at this cycle in life, we can get a clue into why our behavior and that of others are playing out in youthful ways. This is a time in life when we are desperately trying to fit into social structures, constantly shifting our appearance, our interests, and our moral codes in order to figure out who we are and where we belong. It’s a time when we may start to challenge restrictions and structures in our lives. But, it’s also a phase when we soak up a lot of information and amazing learning opportunities.

These symbolically angst-y teenage years are ones that play out within all of society during this season. Try to find the fun in the flirtatious and vivacious tones of this solar cycle without getting swept away in needless gossip or playing chameleon just to fit in somewhere that’s not supportive of who you really are.


Gemini rules our parasympathetic nervous system, our lungs, and the part of our body where we break into two (our shoulders, arms, and hands), as well as is ruled by the fast paced planet, Mercury. A lot of agility and mercurial energy comes up this season as we deal with heightened nervous energy, duality, and paradox. This twin aspect of Gemini tends to gets a bad wrap. True, this season can make us more prone to mirroring and mimicking others, saying yes when we’re really unsure, and sending mixed or confused signals all over town. What doesn’t get enough credit is this sign and season’s ability to help us hold two ideas at once, to be multi-faceted, and to better understand dual thinking—or start to understand our opposing yin and yang qualities as they grow and evolve as a part of ourselves.

Use this season to experiment with your two sides: your assertive and sexy masculine energy and your mysterious and intriguing feminine energy. See if you can hold them both at the same time and surprise yourself with how much paradox can exist within you.


Our big holidays in the US during Gemini Season are Memorial Day and Father’s Day.

As you move through this vibrant and exciting season, celebrate diversity in your life, get out and learn more about your community and neighborhood, and find others who accept you and your ideas for their potential. Watch your words and speak kindly to, and of, others. This will bring better and higher quality communication into your life. Invite all of your friends over to celebrate this blossoming time of year with you and try experimenting with mixing different groups of people from your life. Say yes to parties that you get invited to and make sure to tell others what you are up to—and ask what they are up to. Gemini has a way of finding synergy. All that’s needed are the right questions and the right dispersing of information. It’s a season for gathering so do your part and organize a fun soiree.




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