A Guide to the Solar Season of Taurus

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Settle in & move to a slower pace, Muses. The solar season of Taurus has arrived and astrologist Allie Couch is here with some guidance to help us get the most out of this four-week cycle.


Welcome to Taurus Season, Muses!

Taurus is our second sign of the zodiac, giving form to the new sparks of intent and passions that we identified at the astrological new year. Starting at the solar season of Aries, our first zodiac sign, we initiated into the yang half of the year as spring equinox brought equal day and equal night, ending a six-month period of long drawn out nights. Now, as our days grow in length, we shift to see the sun against the backdrop of Taurus.

This sign and season progress us along through our twelve-month journey of the solar seasons, this time, an emphasis is placed on our senses. Opening to a slower, more pleasure oriented pace, we will be asked to dig in and feel, taste, touch, hear, and speak our truths, our values, and that which shapes our self-worth. If you feel lost in your ability to own your self-worth, how can you own anything else? Ask this season to help you see your personal value—not just recognize it, but know it. From this place, you then see how the care you take of your possessions reflects the care you take of yourself. As a result, your possessions will grow as you care for yourself and that which you own, with more pleasure and tenderness.

We look to Taurus’s planetary ruler, Venus, for more clues to what may arise this season. She has just woken from a journey inward to view our personal relationship to loving ourselves. With new perspective and some work done in reflecting and seeing our inner beauty, she may have us more ready than ever to shout from the roof tops, that which makes us lovable and valuable.

In the sign of Aries this season, there is fire and initiative around Venus. Possibly a breaking free into new ways of loving ourselves. In this sign, Venus will have us eager to start fresh and find clarity around new and courageous paths around finding worth in life and ourselves. A new cycle is arising around our values, and the more work we do around understanding this and finding clarity with it, the better the next year will be for our sensuality, personal finances, and self-esteem. New cycles can be clumsy, so let’s be easy on ourselves, but do the work that arises in your life. Look for the opportunity to push your boundaries into new ways of building esteem and ownership.


Find a quiet place, either in your house, in nature, or another spot that brings you comfort and pleasure. Find a stone or piece of fabric – something that holds a texture that you feel drawn to. Create a light, easy snack of fruit or another item that you enjoy the taste and scent of. If your item has little to no scent, find an item that you enjoy smelling—a spray, incense, perfume, lotion, etc. Make yourself comfortable but alert in a seated position with your items within reach.

  1. Breathe in as you smell your surroundings, and out as you process and enjoy the scents that you took in.
  1. Breathe in as you witness your surroundings, and out as you relax into the comfort and pleasure that this visual brings you.
  1. Breathe in as you listen to the noises of the location that you picked, and out as you reflect on the context that these hold on your connection to this place.
  1. Breathe in as you pick up and hold your textured item, and out as you feel the pleasure that the texture brings up in you.
  1. Breathe in as you take a bite or sip of the snack that you choose, take a moment to enjoy, then breathe out as you swallow and feel gratitude for life.
  1. Take a few moments to jot down some notes around how this made you feel, and any other scents, noises, sights, tastes, and textures that came into focus and filled in your senses with pleasure and comfort.
  1. Repeat steps 1-5, but this time, take a moment after each to jot down any reflection around tensions, blocks, or resistances that arose.
  1. Repeat steps 1-5 again, and this time, before approaching the breath, say “I release any discomfort (or replace with a word of your choosing) to my higher self, and replace it with ease and pleasure.
  1. Repeat step 8 as many times as you feel is needed—or the specific steps that need extra attention.
This may not take away whatever discomfort comes up, but with the awareness, and the call on your higher self for help, you will more likely find answers this season to accept healing of and direction from your senses. This could result in being very in tune with your sense of self and your values, inspiring you to attend to your worth in healthier ways, thus attracting more of what you value, to you.


Earth Day (April 22nd): Founded in 1970 as a day of education about environmental issues, this day has become globally recognized and is recognized for a full week by many. With Taurus being the first earth sign and the one that creates form and the material, it’s a great day to educated yourself, get involved, and ask yourself how your need for possessions, or material objects, is helping or hurting our currently fragile earth.

May Day (May 1st): A spring festivity in the Northern Hemisphere, May Day brings life to the freshness of spring and the pleasure of waking up to longer and warmer days. Singing, dancing, and cake are often big players in this day’s celebrations as are the Maypole and flower crowns. On the other end of the spectrum, this day is also for workers. There’s a lot of history here, but to whittle it down, it was the day in 1886 when a mass of workers protested for the 8-hour workday. Sounds about right for Taurus Season – time is a major personal resource that we should all be more respectful and conscious of.

Cinco de Mayo (May 5th): What was a minor celebration in Mexico around the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla (during the Franco-Mexican war), has evolved into a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage in the US. I love the Taurus themes of good food, music, and pleasure that this celebration cultivates as well as helping America recognize and place more value on the traditions and richness of life and culture, of our southern neighbor.

Mother’s Day (US – May 12th): This holiday is all about celebrating mothers, the maternal bond, and motherhood. At CosmoMuse, we would also love to use this as a date to ask how a more matriarchal system (acknowledging the imbalance in our patriarchy/matriarchy society), could heal our warring world. We think more balance, collaboration, cooperation, and equality would prevail.




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