Celebrating the Harvest: A Farm-to-Table Dinner

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Here’s to the sign of Virgo and the harvest that she represents. It’s the time of year when we have the most abundance of fruits, vegetables, young farm animals coming into their own and the general reaping of benefits from the land.

What better way to pay homage to the Virgo season (August 23 – September 22) than with a community of friends and a beautiful backyard farm-to-table dinner. Lucky for me, this dream came to life, with a slew of amazing comrades indulging in the slow living lifestyle and willingness to host, cook, plan and execute with passion. Holly and Koji Peck of Wool and Whiskey and Hey Aubergine (coming soon) were the generous hosts of this fete, and are the most giving of people you will ever meet. We started out with a small list of friends, which instantly grew into a head count of 25! It was a magical evening and these beautiful hosts, having never cooked for this many people at once, tackled the catering like seasoned pros.

We wanted to include as many friends in the production of this celebration as possible, in order to generate a community vibe (a Virgo passion), and were generously met with more helping hands than we knew what to do with. It’s time like these that I’m able to take a beat and realize how much love and gratitude I have for these people that I’m most often surrounded by. Evin baked all day making the most delicious peach gelettes, Annie juiced boxes of peaches for her custom cocktails, Josh and Lauren designed fun menus and signage, Brooke and Sean came early to help set up, Britt was slinging her camera ready to capture the mood, Magaji, Dave and Ellen all brought fabulous appetizers and many jumped in to help serve and set the tables.

It all turned out exactly as the Goddess of Virgo would have hoped for (I always imagine there being a god or goddess of each sign – haha). Holly and I planned a morning at the Farmers Market to source the best local and organic produce – as well as filling in with a plethora of produce from her garden. Carrying armloads of bags, containing beautiful fruits and veggies, has to be one of the best summer feelings. The smells, the anticipation of the fresh tastes and knowing it’s all totally healthy and nourishing – moments of heaven.

The summer heat began to cool just as guests started arriving. With twinkle lights overhead and candlelight from the tables, there was an added enchantment. Bustling bodies immediately asserted themselves to help as they visited and laughed, while dogs and chickens entertained and cocktails were had. Then dinner, with fresh aromas, served up family style. The result of months of planning had paid off and a good time was had, with new connections made and old friends further bonded. If only we could replicate this night every weekend (but with a cleanup crew)!

It’s the last weekend of the Virgo season. My challenge to all, is to tap into a slow living lifestyle, even for a day. Invite your closest community over, make fresh foods, treat your body well and find balance and beauty in the way you live. Make this a priority over the weekend and thank Virgo for her bounty.


Words, Design & Art Direction: Allie Couch of Cosmo Muse

Hosts, Catering & Co-planners: Holly & Koji Peck of Wool & Whiskey and Hey Aubergine

Photography: Britt Chudleigh of Britt Chudleigh Photography

Menus & Drink Cards: Josh Wangrud

Fresh Peach Cocktail: Annie Quan

PA’s: Dustin Couch, Brooke Musat and Sean Leonard

Food Contributions: Evin & Kevin Catlett, Magaji Edwards, Ellen Yakish

And helping hand from soooo many more!!!




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