Leo Season Fete: Sunset Desert Cocktails

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Vitality, playfulness and outdoor summer fun are in the air as we’ve now entered the season of the sun, Leo Season. In celebration of our warmhearted Leo loved ones, as well as the Leo in us all, embrace generosity, creativity and a love of life. You can go all out this season with dramatic and grand parties, filled with creative flair, OR, keep it simple and spontaneous, like we did (it’s the Year of the wily Monkey after all) and jump in the car with a troop of close friends, the makings for a festive cocktail and enjoy a ruckus overnight-er under the stars, toasting the sun as it sets, in honor of it’s life-giving force.

Our laughter-filled outing landed us in beautiful Southern Utah, a locale know for the heat and sun loving crowds as well as world class desert landscapes and beauty.

A small cocktail table, an awe inspiring backdrop and the unpredictability of nature’s weather patterns were the makings for this Leo inspired fete. As the sun started to set, the wind picked up, adding a sense of excitement to our celebration. It was easy to sense the ancient stories that the heat baked red rock and sand underfoot had developed with our seasonal god, the sun; the warmth as well as the harshness when little relief from this ruler is felt. Reptiles scurrying, desert plants hording water and exposed formations showed the evidence of a life carved out from the spotlight always on – one of dramatic beauty and dramatic exposure. It’s this reminder that our month under the sun’s eye may leave us a bit fried. It’s a season to fill your days with passion and creating while reserving your evenings for cooling off and letting loose.



16 oz of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice
16 oz of club soda
8 oz tequila
2 oz agave
2 oz lime juice
1 tsp of salt
6 wheels of grilled grapefruit
10 fresh sage leaves
whole sprigs of fresh sage for garnish


Cut a grapefruit into 1/2-inch wheels and place directly onto grill over high heat. Cook until the citrus is lightly charred (a few minutes), then flip and repeat on the opposite side. Remove from the grill and let cool.

Lightly muddle the sage and grapefruit wheels and add to pitcher.
Add tequila, lime juice, agave and salt.
Add ice and stir thoroughly for 10 seconds.
Double strain over new ice into 4 tumbler glasses.

Garnish with a full sprig of fresh sage and serve.


Art Direction & Words: Allie Couch of Cosmo Muse

Photography: Britt Chudleigh of Britt Chudleigh Photography

Prop Stylist: Lauren Brady of Saucy & Kitsch

Troop: Lauren Brady, Ann Whittaker & Allie Couch

Location: Southern Utah




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