May Horoscopes for the Southern Hemisphere

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Allie Couch | CosmoMuse Creative Director

With the season flipped to those of the Northern Hemisphere’s, we like to consider that your seasons are opposite to ours—and so might your signs be. Link HERE for more on this six sign theory that we at CosmoMuse prescribe to. The character of signs were crafted based on the qualities of the seasons, so it makes perfect sense to us that they should be flipped down south. Take a minute to reflect on the fact that the sign you were told you were, may actually be opposite. Each opposing set of signs have an axis theme that can make it seem as if you could be either sign, but there are differences. You can decide for yourself if you think your sun sign should better reflect the season that you were born during. The chart on the left can help you see your opposite sign and the theme of the polarity axis that it lives in.

We start May off in the middle autumn season for those of you ‘Down Under’. Scorpio is the sign associated with this time of year; a time when the nights are growing longer and we start to look at the darkness we hold within. Scary stories seem to prevail, and it’s a time when we may need to rely on each other a bit more to get us all through this very yin time of year. Secrets are shared and kept, intimacy grows, and issues around power and control surface.

On May 10th, the full moon gleams bright in the sign of Taurus. Things initiated around the end of April will start to either feel fruitful or present a dead end. We also reflect back to spring beginnings around November to see if things initiated then around self-worth, personal value, income, and material possessions are becoming actualized. It’s an earthy full moon for you and one that can bring your senses to much greater awareness and appreciation.

On the 20th, we leap into our last autumn season, Sagittarius Season. This is the darkest season of the year after an already darkening Scorpio phase. Because of this, we look to the stars for guiding light and hope. It’s when we reach the darkest phase that we build the strongest faith and hope. Visionary aims may set in as you set your sights on great things to come when the sun reaches the tropic of Cancer and we tilt to gain more light at Winter Solstice, in the following season.

The 25th brings a new moon in this sign and we are gifted a beautiful time to form new intentions and goal around our life philosophies, expanding our horizons, and finding new worlds and new opportunities in life.

Aries: Scorpio Season rules your 8th house of other people’s money, shared resources, sex, death, and psychology. Your vital powers can bring light and growth to these things if you know to meditate on this part of your life.

On the 10th, the Taurus full moon will bring insight and illumination to you around your possessions and your personal worth—possibly around issues of income or ownership. Tap into your senses to get the most from intuition on the days surrounding this.

We enter Sagittarius Season on the 20th, and for you, foreign trips, higher learning, things having to do with publishing or PR, or religious meanderings could feel of greater importance in your life. This is a time when you can plant seeds for more growth and expansion in your life. Focus on creating wisdom through out of your comfort zone opportunities. The new moon in this sign on the 25th is a great time to set intentions around all of the above that will take you through a full year of these kinds of openings.

Taurus: Starting May in Scorpio Season, your partnership house is lit up and you will be feeling your way through issues of balance and harmony with your special others. It’s possible that power and control issues are strong in your relationships with Scorpio ruling here. Try to empower and find others who reciprocate empowerment rather than wanting to own or control each other.

On the Taurus full moon, your sign’s full moon of the year surfaces. You may see very personal wishes actualizing, making you feel very valued and heard.

As we move on to the 20th, Sagittarius Season shines through, bringing your time of the year to think big and find grand opportunities around shared resources, investments, funding, or business expansion through other peoples interests. On the 25th, a new moon in this sign makes it a very fertile and fortuitous time to make intentions around the above for the year to come.

Gemini: May starts you off in the season of Scorpio, lighting up your 6th house of daily habit, wellness, productivity, and work duties. You are a thorough and powerful person when it comes to getting your to-do list checked off, possibly bordering on the OCD. New vitality and energy is sweeping through your life here and you can use this time to initiate transformations in this area of your life.

On the 10th, our Taurus full moon will bring heightened awareness to your spiritual life. Things may be manifesting that make you feel validated and heard when it comes to art, cosmic messages, or symbolic life meaning.

The 20th brings Sagittarius Season to our shores, and for you, this will start feeding new energy and life into your 7th house of partnerships and the harmony you feel in life. You like to think big and create lots of seeking opportunities through partnerships and design, always wanting what’s greener or pushing your boundaries through partnering and balance. On the 25th, at the new moon, the timing is fertile to make new intentions for the year around the above partnership and design themes. Think expansive.

Cancer: As May starts, you find yourself in Scorpio Season, ruling your 5th house of creative-expression, leadership and kids. It’s a time that you may find yourself more in the spotlight than usual, and for you, this is likely around your seductive powers or ability to magnetize the resources of others to your creative projects. New life is emerging here and the sun’s vital rays can help you get new creative seeds planted at this time, to last for the year to come.

On the 10th, our Taurus full moon will illuminate your 11th house of collaboration and future hopes and dreams. You may feel very heard and valued on this day around the groups you contribute to.

Later in the month, on the 20th, we enter into the solar season of Sagittarius. For you, this will re-energize your 6th house of daily habits, wellness, and work duties. You like to aim for the stars on a daily basis and are more of a generalist in your habits than a detail oriented sort. The new moon of this sign on the 25th will be fertile for making new intentions for the year around your lifestyle and daily habits.

Leo: May starts you out with Scorpio Season running the show from your 4th house of home and family. Roots, security, and nurturing may feel more important at this time as you hole up to find more protection and sanctuary from the world. It’s a time when you are deciding what to gestate into life as you connect to your soul and ancestral DNA.

The Taurus full moon on the 10th brings great illumination to you 10th house of Career and status. You may feel very heard and seen around this date for big achievements you’ve been working toward.

As we reach the 20th of May, Sagittarius Season arrives, a time when you will be receiving new vitality and energy around leadership and creative-expression. You aim for the stars in your creative pursuits, bringing great wisdom and perspective to the table. Ont he 25th, a new moon in this sign makes it a great time to make new intentions for the year around how and what you want to lead or stylize in your life.

Virgo: May starts off in Scorpio Season. For you, this is energizing your 3rd house of communication and learning. New life may be entering your life that has you seeking information and connection to move ideas forward and to feel a greater sense of belonging to a community. Your communicative style is very precise, has a strong detective instinct, and could give you a touch of mental OCD or a heightened sense of suspicion. Seeking information to uncovering truths, as well as fining others to connect with who are trained in the arts of psychology or finance could bring you much connectivity and grace into your life.

A full moon on the 10th will fall in the sign of Taurus and your 9th house of life philosophies, expansive desires and foreign travel. You may be feeling very heard and validated right now for the opportunities you’ve followed in your life to give yourself a bigger platform of understanding.

As we move to the 20th, Sagittarius Season pumps new energy and life into your 4th house of home and family. This is a time when you will want to plug back into your roots and DNA. Feel how expansive and adventurous you feel with your roots and in the way that you nurture and feel safe. You may feel safe anywhere in the world and maybe this came from adventurous ancestors. On the 25th, a new moon in this sign makes it a very fertile time to create new intentions and goals for how you want to expand and grow your roots and homes.

Libra: As May arrives, we are in the solar season of Scorpio in the Southern Hemisphere. For you, this adds a hit of vitality and re-energizes your 2nd house of self-worth, the material world, personal finances, and your possessions. With Scorpio ruling here, you may have a strong link to other people’s resources through handling other peoples money or property, or giving form to your own material life through joining forces with others.

As the full moon in Taurus arrives on the 10th, you may feel very heard and validated around empowering situations that bring transformations in your ability to share and be intimate with others. Your senses may heighten and can give you much information about what you are giving form to in the material world.

Later in the month, as we reach the 20th, Sagittarius Season sweeps in. This solar season will bring new life and energy to your 3rd house of communication and community. You likely think big and want to make the world at large your information source. A foreign community that pushes your boundaries may provide a greater sense of belonging than the one that you were born into. On the 25th, a new moon of this sign will provide fertile timing to create new intentions for the year around how and what you want to learn, gather, and feel a sense of belonging to over the next year.

Scorpio: May starts you off in Scorpio Season ruling your 1st house of self. It’s your birthday month and your personal reset for the year. In the first twenty days of this month, the cosmos want you to reconnect with your deepest passions which mean, clearing away any old flames no longer lit. Some quality alone time is called for to get in touch with yourself and your own needs and wants right now. Yes, have fun celebrating your solar return, but then carve out some important self-focused time to find your core.

As the Taurus full moon illuminates the skies on the 10th, you may need feel heard and validated through a partnership or through material comfort of possessions that bring an aesthetic harmony and balance to your life. Your senses will likely be heightened and you can use this to feel your way to better relational give and take in your life.

As we reach the 20th, Sagittarius Season arrives, ruling over your 2nd house of personal resources, self-worth, and possessions. New life and stirrings are arising in you and a refresh is in order for this part of your life. As a new moon of this same sign arrives on the 25th, the timing is ripe to form new intentions and goals for how you budget, earn, and reassess how you base your value system.

Sagittarius: May stars us out in the solar season of Scorpio, and for you, that highlights your 12th house of art, spirituality, cosmic inspiration, and shadow. It’s a difficult place to see in your chart so when the sun is here, it give you a rare peek into some things that may be working in the background to either help or undo you. With Scorpio here, our sign of power and control, joining forces with others may be something that empowers your spiritual life, but it’s also a hard thing to navigate. Intimacy and control are easier shared with the collective than with specific others.

As our monthly full moon arrives on the 10th, this time in Taurus, you may feel very heard and validated around your day-to-day efforts and your wellness or work duties. Material comfort may feel more acualized through your lifestyle at around this date.

As we move along to the 20th, Sagittarius Season takes over, your personal season of the year. IT may be birthday time with heightened vitality and and energy filling your body, but this is also a time when the cosmos are waking your up to your deepest personal passions. Things need to be eliminated from your life in order to see with more clarity, what it is that you want for you next turn around the sun. This takes much solo time to really connect to yourself and your needs. So, as you planyour celebrations, be sure to also carve out plenty of you time. A new moon in your sign on the 25th marks your greatest day of the year to form new intentions that are deeply personal and passionate for the year to come.

Capricorn: May starts us out nicely embedded in the solar season of Scorpio. For you, this sun placement lights up your 11th house of collaboration and friendships (or the groups you contribute to). With Scorpio here, associations having to do with research, psychology, or detective instincts are areas where you can contribute to greater works in the world and humanity at large. You are a solid, powerful force in group efforts, although you may keep your circles small and secretive, trusting only those you know are capable of great intimacy.

On the 10th, we reach the monthly full moon. In Taurus, you will find some manifesting powers around feelings of worth, validation, and material comfort through big doors that you walked through six or so months ago. It’s also a time when we can subtly see how realistic our last new moon goals were (April 26th).

Near the end of the month, on the 20th, we move into Sagittarius Season, and your 12th house of shadow, art, and cosmic connection. This is the hardest area of our chart to see, although others can see it much better. It literally sits in our shadow, right behind our rising sign. Each year, when the sun passes over this house for a month, we get the opportunity to see this part of ourselves with more clarity. A lot of baggage and debris gets swept into this last house and this is a time when we can sort through it all and see what meaning it all has. We can see if we’ve been storing unprocessed feeling, addictive behaviors, or any other number of pathology’s in this dark corner. Not always easy to face, but doing this opens doors to healing, spiritual guidance, and greater personal life symbolism. With Sagittarius here, you may sweep all of your unwanted baggage into a package that seeps out as exaggerated, grandiose, and always looking for greener pastures. Face these things and figure out how they can be directed for better spiritual inspiration over the next year, rather than repressed and channeled for self-undoing. The new moon on the 25th is the best time to form new intentions and ask for cosmic guidance to get the workings of this house right.

Aquarius: Scorpio Season has already settled in as we start the month of May, and this powerful little sign will be brewing up some intensity in your 10th house of career and status. New life is getting ready to plant seeds in this part of your chart so little stirrings may be felt around what you aspire to do or be. You may start identifying what it is you want to become an authority in, or of. Bosses and large figure heads may feel daunting but feelings around big figures can also help you identify that which your soul really aspires to achieve.

On the 10th, we have a bright full moon in the sign of Taurus. This will gently illuminate your 4th house of home, family, and ancestral roots. Feelings of self-worth and validation may arise that bring more comfort and material pleasures into your home and family.

Moving on to the 20th, we shift into Sagittarius Season and your 11th house of collaboration and group orientation. You likely seek to contribute to groups who are international, think big, or possibly even religious. Your greatest contributions to humanity come in the form of wise and broad perspective. A new moon in this sign/house make the 25th a very fertile time to form new intentions around groups and your co-creative efforts for the greater good.

Pisces: As we start the month of May, Scorpio Season is filling the air with deep and mysterious notes. For you, this connects to your 9th house of exploration, seeking, and broadening your horizons. This can come through foreign travel, higher learning, religious studies, philosophical studies, or pushing business into new markets and territories. With Scorpio ruling the roost in this part of your chart, by sharing with those unknown to you, you can bring transformations, wealth, or psychological insight to a broad audience.

On the 10th, we have our yearly Taurus full moon. This will illuminate your 3rd house of communication and community. Much validation and actualizing may come for you around your ability to give form and material comfort through your words and connections. The information you’ve needed to make something more tangible may arrive now.

As we hit the end of the month, the 20th shifts us into Sagittarius Season. The sun in this sign will light up your 10th house of career. You may have expansive aspirations rising to your surface now, that will push your to find more authority or expertise in foreign affairs or enterprising opportunities. A new moon in this area of your chart on the 25th makes the end of the month a great time to form new intentions and goals for the year in relations to this.




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