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PISCES FULL MOON MINGLE: Host Your Own Moon Mingle (and get our downloads in this post).

Words & Design: Allie Couch | Photography: Britt Chudleigh | Prop Styling: Lauren Brady of Saucy & Kitsch | Guests: Cameo Winn, Rachel Smith, & Nikki & Natalie McKeon

Have you always wanted to celebrate and groove with the Moon? The Full Moon is our most social phase and one where we need others in order to bounce our feelings and thoughts off one another, just as the Sun is doing with the Moon at this phase.

CosmoMuse wants to help you get your Moon party going with an approachable, easy template—and we want to share and help others connect about the parties they hosted or attended. It’s easy. Host a simple gathering or pot luck (or go to town with a big shindig). You can make this a ladies party or include your lunar loving fellas as well. That’s up to you. Don’t feel pressured to make the ceremonial part of our Moon Mingle a structured part of the night. It certainly can be, but it will depend on the vibe you are after.

We’ve made some downloads to help you with your party. One is a full page printout that gives instruction around what to do for the ceremonial lunar manifesting and releasing. The other is a notecard sized printout (we’ve given you an option of a double sided or one sided version). This is a card that your guests can use to help them better manifest at the Full Moon.

Supplies Needed:
Pieces of paper to burn

Matches or lighter

A bowl to burn paper in

Prints of our downloads

Pisces Full Moon Mingle

Full Moon Mingle Takeaway – Double Sided

Moon Mingle Takeaway – One Sided

If you want to create a seasonal theme, check the CosmoMuse 2017 Seasonal Astrology Guide for ideas around each Full Moon (or download it free, here).

You can make this a structured, intimate gathering like the one pictured. At this party, we had a beautiful sit down dinner to open up channels of sharing in a more relaxed, easy way. We then Smudged each other as we entered a Moon circle where we shared what we were releasing, trying to manifest, read poetry, and enjoyed music. After this sharing portion, we let loose with libations and dancing.

At this coming Full Moon, we are hosting a cocktail party with both sexes. We will have a table out for guests to indulge in the ceremonial Moon rituals as they please but this particular gathering will be more of a social party than an intimate get together. This is where our downloads come in handy. For those unfamiliar, all they need to do is read the instructions left out on the Moon alter and choose to participate, or not.

We suggest hosting your party 3-5 days before the actual Full Moon. We tend to get less sleep as the Full Moon approaches. By the time the actual Full Moon arrives, many of us are quite exhausted. We will be hosting our Pisces Full Moon Mingle on September 3rd, just before the September 6th Full Moon, and will post pics with our hashtag.

Tag us in your gathering or party pics on Instagram #CosmoMuseMoonMingle.
We’ll gather all tagged images from your Moon Mingles and post them in a blog gallery just after the Full Moon where we can all use the comment section to chat about the the themes we saw and what seemed to be big threads in manifesting and releasing—or the overall mood of the Full Moon. We think this will be a fun way to connect and sort of attend each other’s gatherings & parties from wherever we are.




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