A Blended Season: Capricorn & Aquarius

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As we shift to a new winter season on this day of blended signs, astrologist, Allie Couch, sheds some reflective light on the cycles of our past Season of earthy Capricorn and gives us a look forward to the celebrations of the new eclectic Aquarius Season when the anticipation of spring has us feeling a bit more vibrant. Images borrowed via @ivymuse_melb instagram.


“Beginnings push us to look forward. Endings force us to look backward. We need both.” – Cec Murphy

On this transition day, which holds the important ending of Capricorn Season and initiation into Aquarius Season, two of the three zodiac chapters during our winter months are in focus.


This was the zodiac season that started the winter, and began on the solstice when the sun had reached the Tropic of Capricorn–bringing us our darkest day of the year–but starting its long journey toward summer solstice, the longest day of the year.

Capricorn represents the greatest height we have to climb in our lives–where and how we want to be recognized–and so it can bring up the most daunting climbs we face during the year. Intentions and initiations made during this season are the ones that require the most focus and dedication over the course of the year, more so than ones made at any other time of the year. The flip side is they are the ones that bring us acclaim, worldly support, and authority.

From now until summer is pre-production for any initiations made between December 21st and January 19th. Then, at the Capricorn full moon during summer solstice, things that we realistically tended to and had good planning around, will get the green light. It’s manifestation time and actual production can start. As we circle back around to the following Capricorn Season, accolades and recognition come for the expert efforts made, but we start all over again.

Take note of any intentions you made this season, write them down somewhere (if you have our yearly guide, this is a great place to keep them). Notice that any time the moon moves through Capricorn, these will see some movement and you can see how progress is moving along. There are two and a half days each month that will have this window.


It’s the festivity of each season; those celebratory gems that we all look forward to, that pull us through a season. In Aquarius, the season of humanity, friendship, and uniqueness, we take on a group orientation and a greater ability to collaborate and experiment. Our hopes for future generations and for humanity drive us to make progress through synthesis and working with systems, industries, and movements.

Eccentricity is welcomed with open arms during this season, and although we are in the yin half of the year, when the day is shorter than the night, the sign of Aquarius is yang. More energy and forward movement is felt as we put our brains together to see what can happen if we all use our most authoritative, expert, Capricorn abilities and blend them together–showing what we can do as a collective, rather than for our own acclaim. We need new hopes for the future before we start the zodiac year over again at the Spring Equinox, or Aries Season. Our next season of Pisces is our time to retreat, restore, and commune with the divine, so Aquarius Season is our time to be objective, work together, and see what brilliance can be identified as we pool our talents and uniquely creative skill-sets in with a melting pot of others.

Chinese New Year (4715): This year it falls on January 28th, and the actual Chinese Astrology takes effect on February 3rd. This is when the Yin Fire Rooster Year, that we speak of in our 2017 Astrology Guide, will come on. So, in reality, our synthesizing of the 2017 yearly theme ‘A Year of Great Expectations’ takes effect on this date. Speaking in very generalized terms, the Asian cultures are much more group-oriented and so it’s fitting that their New Year is in this season. Whereas, western cultures valuing of personal glory makes sense for our New Year to be in Capricorn Season. If you live in a city, tap into some of the festivity of this holiday. They know how to do it up, and there is rich mythology and traditions that make this a marked time of year.

Groundhog Day: Every February 2nd marks one of the most watched weather reports of the year as we wait to see if the groundhog (many cities have their own groundhog), will see its shadow, indicating six more weeks of winter. This is a fitting holiday for Aquarius Season as it’s a direct link to mid-winter and the anticipation of spring. In history, people watched for all sorts of hibernating animals to come out of their deep winter sleep near the start of February to know if there was going to be an early spring.

Valentine’s Day: I’ve always struggled with finding a valid relation to how Valentine’s Day became a thing during one of the most objective, scientific, aloof, and rebellious seasons, as our Aquarian sides that come out at this time are more concerned with the collective over a specific lover or mate. So, I challenged myself to take a deeper look this year to find a connection that made more sense. Looking at the history, this was started as a ruckus Roman festivity called Lupercalia, celebrating fertility and mating: possibly a reflection that birds start mating at this time. Note taken from the above and Groundhog day, the animals are stirring so we must be, as well. In the spirit of Aquarian synthesizing, I recognize now that we also have the numerological number 2 ruling February, the number of partnerships and harmony. Okay, two good points but I needed a third to pull me off the fence and able to accept this holiday. With Aquarius being a fixed sign, their stubbornness is also an indication of loyalty. So there we have it, a few reasons why this holiday of lovers is fitting for the Aquarian time of year. I still stick to my original opinion that it’s also a great time to celebrate the love you share with your friends (see here) but now I think I can hold both opinions as valid in their own right. This year, with Jupiter in lovely angle from Libra, the sign of partnerships, harmony, and beauty, I think this Valentine’s Day will be especially a flutter with expansive notes of excitement and love. I expect engagements will be record high!


Of course this had to be experimental, so we went on the hunt for an innovative bartender and found the perfect concoction for this Aquarius Season, complete with notes of darkness for winter, a rum and ginger island-y twist for the anticipation of spring, and some Chinese spice to match the New Year on the horizon.

Dark & Stormy with Chinese 5-Spice Rum

From Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s show The Morgenthaler Method on Small Screen Network


Source out some high quality, fine Chinese 5-spice

Add a tsp, with a funnel, to your favorite rum and shake
leave overnight

Strain the rum with a strainer and coffee filter


Add ice to a collins glass

2 oz of your newly brewed 5-spice rum

Brewed ginger beer to fill the glass

A slice of lime to top off and garnish




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