Welcoming the Royal Baby: Lord Sussex

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On the New Royal Babe

By Allie Kesler

On May 6th, 2019 at 5:26am, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Harry and Meghan) welcomed a new baby boy into the world.

They’ve kept everyone guessing on the mystery due date and gender, but now the world can settle into a spring graced with new royal blood.

Spring is for the babes, so the timing is in line with all the wonder one might have about a fresh bundle as we’re each birthing fresh things into our own sense of Self right now. Is some part of the fascination with spring babes a reflection of this? I’d say yes.

Below I’ll take a look at the birth chart of, yet to be named, baby boy Sussex.


A sunrise baby, his rising sign and sun will share close space making him someone who easily accepts the light and attention. In the sign of Taurus, there is a strong link to self-worth and finding pleasure in who he is: an earthy sensualist.

I love a little intrigue, and there is something hard to pin down with this boy, even with the strength of his ability to assert and center in self. The planetary ruler of his Taurus sun and rising sign, Venus, will be back in his shadows, in the 12th house. His sense of self and understanding of his identity may have some secrets—or a need to keep something about himself in the shadows. There may be something he can’t even pin down— a mystery unto himself in his core. This can also bring about an artistic or spiritual quality. With Aries ruling this place in his chart, there is a very personalized and clear link to things beyond, but one that he’ll likely keep to himself. A mystic in his most private of boundaries and a practical lover of life in how he dawns on those around him.

His moon in the first degree of Gemini makes his emotional quality one that is very eager to learn, absorb, connect, and feel belonging in life. In the new moon phase, there may be a guardedness though, a need to keep his reputation and reactions in-line and respectable: a want to feel more immersed in many intersections of life, but a willingness to stay in the lines of his position and duties. In his second house, he’ll deepen the thread he has around an easygoing need for comfort and sensuality.

An interesting link between his 12th house Mercury in Aries and a 1st house Uranus in Taurus makes him able to think in very freeing ways. He will likely have a friendliness and open-mindedness to him that not all stubborn Tuareans have.

Looking to his lunar nodes and career point, there is major Karma that he’s going to be working through in this lifetime. His south node and MC in Capricorn are both sitting at a major trigger spot in the current stars, nestled into Saturn, Pluto, and both of those planet’s south nodes. In the 9th house, his beliefs and visionary aim in life will be centered around his position in the world, and will be faced with an intense push and pull to be fair and willing to compromise/equalize/share. It could show him coming of age when the position of being a royal goes through some big shifts. He’ll carry some responsibility around helping to usher in greater balance in how royalty is considered in his time. He can push into fresh dharma through his Cancer north node, giving him passion and resilience through family and the belonging he’s able to find through his diverse lineage.

An out-of-bounds Mars in his 2nd house of self-worth is opposing optimistic (and powerfully in retrograde) Jupiter in his 8th house of shared resources. He can be someone who can get very outrageous in ways that could help balance original methods of connecting to income to help grow the storehouses of the royal assets.

I see his soul age as being in the Capricorn vein: a much older soul than both his fierce, fresh-faced mother and soulful, protective father. He will likely be great at taking on responsibility and position in the world: a very stable and capable person. I see his soul age being more able to relate to Harry than his mother as both of their ages are about a need to cultivate security in life, whereas Meghan’s age indicates intense self-focus, but also clarity and a brilliance in energy.

An Exercise in Metaphor

Below I’m going into play mode, using reference to my seasonal outlook with astrology to give shape to the unseen qualities of each of the 12 astrological sections of life.

His illumination, grounded and sensual, asserts embodiment into liminal spaces where pre-dawn mists dream in bold clarity.

His form, essential in its versatility, molds a witty voice, surrendering to the secrets of self in the shadows before dawn.

His mind, nurturing and protective, finds belonging through his ability to touch and smell fresh dew of a blossoming morning.

His roots feed from the light of the sun, pushing over the eastern horizon, illuminated with clear values.

His heart commands with the creativity of an ecologist, finding presence in the pioneering fluidity of time between days.

His rhythm refines a life, balanced and elegant, weaving secrets of self under twilight’s magical gaze.

His harmonizing strikes cords powerful and intense, balancing through midnight’s authoritative stars.

His Power, rising from the ashes of vision once traumatized, transforms in darkening dusk hours, revealing grandness in his story to share with the world.

His seeking spirit, envisioning position at the top of the world, aims for steady climbs to greatness where night reveals integrity’s strength.

His reach in the world, building with steady but electric originality, aspires for authority in the illuminated space that sunrise awakens in one.

His aged rebellion breaks with old ways of mysticism, finding progressive composition in twilight’s co-creative space.

His inspired surrender flows with dreams, pioneering and assertive, in the valuable bustle of morning’s pollinating brightness.




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