A Festive & Macabre Ranch Dinner

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It’s the season of death and rebirth. When the Sun is in Scorpio, we are given an extra dose of scary transformative energy. Leaves have changed colors already, in the beauty loving sign of Libra, and are now fallen to the ground as all life has slipped away.

This is a time to turn inward and take a long look at our most secretive thoughts. Facing any demons we might have actually uncovers some of our deepest motivations and passions. Once you get past the intensity and fear of how these things might look, if expressed to someone trusted, you’ll see that this brings light and the ability to shed outmoded thoughts – leaving room for new ways of feeling power and passion. It’s the time to find unity with resources that can help you change for the better.

To match this mood in celebration of Scorpio season, we turn to deep colors and an almost spooky flair to the ambience. It’s no coincidence that Halloween is the most popular celebration during this time, with it’s themes of eerie and powerful forces.

Thanks to some lovely friends who opened their ranch up for a seasonal dinner, I was allowed to explore this theme of death and rebirth in a non-Halloweeen way, finding beauty and elegance in a slightly macabre tone. Ghostly victorian and old western vibes were channeled with fine crystal and brass items such as candlestick holders and compotes. Dark fruits, pumpkins and dead leaves were used instead of lush floral. Ragged cheese cloth was laid for a runner instead of a more traditional fabric. All the while a pig was smoking out front.

There was much to celebrate this night with a lovely chill in the air, the signs of death and birth all around us: the passing of foliage surrounding the property and new life, with a litter of puppies and other ranch animals, capturing the hearts of all, as we mingled and waited for the food to be served.

Toasts were made with intensity and flair, and our crew of co-planners brang to life a gorgeous spread of foods, drinks and desserts.

I do love these dinners where a community of my friends each contributes, allowing me to focus on my specialty while each of them focuses on theirs. It always gives a more special, resourceful and heartfelt memory in the end.


Styling and Art Direction: Allie Couch of CosmoMuse

Photography: Bus Couch of CosmoMuse

Hosts: Ashley Lane and Dave & Yvette Whitby of Red Cliff Ranch

Roasted Pig, Food and Planning: Koji & Holly Peck, Magaji Edwards and Annie Quan & Skye Emerson




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