Season of the Shining Sun

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Season of the Shining Sun

The heat has settled in, fixed in its presence and graciously warm in its offerings.

Leo Season has much to offer: the mid-summer time of relaxed maturity in the Norther Hemisphere. The hard work of planting seeds and tending the gardens of spring has happened, the longest hottest days of Summer Solstice are waning, but it’s not quite time to harvest the bulk of the fruitfulness that summer’s maturing develops. It’s a season to kick back, soak in the sun, play a little, relax a lot, and feel your creative pulse seeking new peaks of interest.

This season highlights the sun, which means we all feel our sun’s star qualities, no matter its sign. What do you crave to shine for? What is your creative flair? Your style of command? Your recreational or leisure preferences? Do you know how to accept the spotlight? Can you generously witness the light of others?

Take a trip into the spirit of your sun and connect to the things you are willing to be seen for and see in others. Take time this Leo Season to find adoration for your particular light.


In many ways you are a beginner in this lifetime. This is not to say that you are a young soul, just that you’ve chosen a new cycle of lifetimes that holds a new theme. You are pushing into something that’s totally new to your soul. The initiation of anything brings with it an impressive courage, clarity of desire, impulse, and passion. This my Ram friends, is what you are here to push into in this lifetime. You are the pioneer of the zodiac, willing to invent, cross thresholds, be totally independent, and bravely take the path unknown. To be sure, this all comes with a fair bit of beginner’s luck, but also a lot of naiveté that can get you in hot water. But, you have the bravado to stick in there with ample resilience and a willingness to get back up and try again, and again, and again. Passion is your friend and a lack of foresight is the Achilles heel you need to keep an eye on. Make time for being alone and for silence. Your need for centering and a sense of oneness with life will thank you.


It often gets overlooked that your sun’s path is quite connected to an animalistic need to burst into life. Your senses ache to be used and although you are willing to take your time, plod along at your own pace, and get lost in your material adoration of being human, there is something quite raw about your Bullish life-force. Consumed by a need to find and bring pleasure to life through molding, touching, viewing, smelling, listening, and tasting all that the earth and your own body have to offer. You have chosen, in this life, to be on a path of deciding what is valuable and why. You shine when appreciated and know how to appreciate with heart. The exchange of this cultivates a life of beauty that’s simple yet exquisite in its shape and function. Bringing pleasure to life is your star quality, whereas that stubborn streak is the thing that can get you into ruts.


The motor of the zodiac. You have chosen a lifetime of pollination, shinning for how you both gather and disperse information—creating threads, weaving threads, and keep things threaded together. Your light is in search of a sense of belonging, intelligence, and community. You shine as a connector as well as give your own light to others through how you make them feel understood. Being the first air sign of the zodiac, the relational energy of this element is focused on self. How do you relate to yourself? Who are you and where do you belong? It’s through movement and connection outside of yourself that you create pathways internally for your dual self to merge and relate—the inner yin and yang seeking to find their unified wholeness. Your curiosity is a gift that will keep you young your whole life with witty and flirtatious wonder. Your fear of missing out is what will give you anxiety through over extending yourself and your time. Learn to say no (sometimes) and you’ll find that the tool of discernment gives you a light grounding as your airy nature finds its warmth in movement.


A sun position that shines for nurturing both yourself and that which is nearest and dearest to you. With the depth that your soul has chosen for this lifetime, it’s hard to be seen sometimes, but what can be seen is your intuitive command. Imagination and an instinct for cultivating security are your superpowers. Writing fiction, tapping the unconscious for premonition, and standing guard at the boarders of your home or nation are areas of command for you. Although it’s hard to see under your surface, it is evident that you have a life-force that knows how to find sustenance, giving you an attractive, fertile glow. Are you a revolutionary in bringing light to global nurturing, a patriot proud of country and state, or a protector of your own plot of land? Wherever you fall on the spectrum, security is top priority. Challenge yourself to think about the long-term view. The roots and depth you crave can get brittle and stuck if you are too closed off to variety, but allowing anything to grow in your soils also needs some containment in order to balance the delicate ecosystem of stability. Just as your imagination needs challenge and an openness to experiences that push your mind into exploring the awesome unfathomable, security also gets stagnant if not challenged and pushed to evolve in its growth. Move with the ebbs and flows of your life to find your overarching security—amidst what may appear as constant fluctuations that helps you develop a keen intuitive sense.


You are the star, Lion/Lioness. Leo is naturally ruled by the sun, making you the center of attention and the most focal spotlight possible. Presence is your ace in the hole, always aware and outgoing, always warm and magnanimous, people are naturally drawn to watch and admire you. Where this can go askew is when you begin to know all too well, the power you have at your fingertips, growing an ego that makes your warmth one-sided and fixed on a narcissistic glare. When your creative fire gets too self-involved, you lose the crowd and cruelty can be the result as you still hold court—whether in grace or disgrace. When you understand that creativity always needs to be in the service of the creative force that belongs to all, magic happens for you. By being as heartfelt with your attentions on others as you are when shining in the light fixed upon you, you create a flow that brings love, attention, and leadership. Because you stay more constant in forward focus out of any sign, be an example rather than a theatric piece of gossip. Show the way forward to all. Use your inner light that flows outward in an act of responsible care. Give others a good reason to trust your natural command.


Where the sun wants to allow us the spotlight and a bit of playful ego gratification, Virgo does not care for anything that’s not useful, thoughtful, and holistic. It all seems a bit garish and absurd to you, Virgo, to take your cut of stardom. You are not a sun that is comfortable taking center stage for no reason—you’re just fine in your own rhythm of purposeful self-sufficiency. You need near nothing from others, accept to be found indispensable due to skill and cleverness. Powers of systemizing and refining, which make you useful, are your star traits and the things you will let shine about yourself. Your wholeness is what you will give awareness to: an all or nothing presence. If the spotlight does not pick up on your nuanced perfection that makes you the most holistic self of any sign, you will shun it. Your spotlight and leadership style must be just so. Focused exactly right, brightness at the perfect level, timed just so, with fade in and fade out on target. If anything is out of place the intricacy that is your masterpiece is lost. This is your creative madness and genius, Virgo. It will drive everyone, including yourself, to the limits. Critical and nit-picky. But that’s the point with you. The sign of end of summer when the harvests are full and ready to be gathered with the work of separating wheat from chaff and cultivating rhythms of productivity. There’s a fruitfulness here, full ripeness of self, but which leaves no room for error or dallying about. Work, lifestyle, rhythm, wellness, and the day-to-day that is actually the cornerstone of life. You hold a purposeful path and you sense it deep down. Things have a rhythmic place and time to shine, and you WILL time it with the reserved restraint you have, allowing your seasons of ripeness to be shown—but not before or after their moments, and not for superficial reasons. There is a mature naturalness in what you shine for.


Balance reigns on your path, Libra, making you ready to shine for your elegance of simplifying life by sharing it. The light that gazes upon you does have some karmic undertones though. You have chosen a life of constant weighing and measuring of fairness. By being very aware of the offers that come your way, you can navigate and find your way forward around harmonizing, gaining better and better understanding of what is fair to you and from you. Exchange is your glamorized word. You have a lot to give which makes you attractive, but you can use that as a charm to manipulate or con others if you’re not paying attention. And karma will swing back around on you so try to use that offering you have as a way of cultivating a flow of equal, simple, and elegant exchange. It really doesn’t have to be complicated. You know this but the light of your charm can sometimes tempt you and lead toward insincerity. The more you value the life and cooperation of ‘other’, cultivating trust in relationship, the more creative light will upgrade the exchanges coming your way.


The dark sun. You like your secrets and to hide in the shadows. The sun during your season gives you a long night, growing in length, making the sun less important to you than what’s underneath. But, as it still shows for a cool but good chunk of day in your season, its job is to help you find the hidden things within that are blocking you. It’s likely that in your previous past lives, and continued into this one, there are some traumas that you are needing to unpack, whether you remember or realize it. Uprooting, walking into your hidden depth to face demons, and digesting those stuck spots that are frozen inside of you are what you are here to do. Power is what the spotlight of this sun brings your way. How do you share your resources and how do you lure the resources of others to be shared with you? Resources can of course mean money, but not always. Your resource may be knowledge, body, information, your heart, your family, your spouse. Entanglement and intimacy is highlighted making your shine intoxicating and seductive. Possibly dangerous. Do you try to control others with your resources and power? Do you show just enough vulnerability to get others to share with you in a strategic move to flip and control them? Do you let your power leak, giving away your resource, leaving you depleted? Sometimes these go hand in hand. When there are leaks in our power, sometimes the only way you know how to get more life-force flowing through you is to suck it from others. On the other hand, do you value the resources of others, treating entanglement and intimacy with respect and grace? Do you magnetize resources because you show the cards of your own resources at the right time and appropriate place to draw sharing in—to help all who are entangled in higher-good ways? Do you share power appropriately? Do you crave power because something inside of you needs to be unfrozen to reconnect you to your own inner well of abundance? It’s a dark path that beckons you in to look at your own relationships to power and resources, to transform darkness within into freed life and to find your ultimate spotlight. Rise like a phoenix from the ashes of mysteries faced, slayed, and alchemically transmuted into gold for your ferry ride back to lightness where you can become an eagle, soaring with the ability to empower all, knowing what it means to be empowered and wanting to share the ecstasy it brings.  


Born into the darkest, longest nights, you are on a path of needing to navigate life through looking up to the stars. Vision, aim, and a compass are what move you forward, even when you may not be able to see the details on the ground below you. You are living a life that requires trust in the big picture that you seek. On your path you will constantly step into the unknown, seeking guidance and deeper understanding of truth and knowledge. Higher education, philosophy, foreign anything, and an overall expansive outlook grace your disposition, even through the dark nights that hit now and again. Because you keep your head up, you always find your way, even if it takes twice as long as others, and even though you may trip a lot due to the details that are hard to see. The thing is, your path takes longer because you are willing to place yourself in the darkness of unknowns, and this is what expands your life, broadens your perspectives, and cultivates many a story in your adventures (that one day you’ll write a novel about). By mid to old age, your youthful journeys will instill in you the heart of a sage, willing to be the guide or mentor you once wished you had—maybe a professor. This will likely not stop you from continuing to push your limits and looking up and out to the beyond that beckons you. A deep craving to understand more and more about this thing we call life. It’s your seeking and conquering mind that places you as part of the soul group that creates civilization, enlightening others to civil order.


You sit atop the peak of the zodiac, Cappy. And although you have the greatest view from the top, it can definitely be lonely up where the executives sit. Responsibility, focus, and complete integrity are called for in your shoes. Sitting at such a height, one misstep or crocked angle and alignments will wobble with absolute karmic force. This is why you must bear the burden of strictness in this lifetime. What you do win is a seat at any impressive table. Your authority is your shining light and nobody will turn down your interesting company. You hold the weight of position in the world, with heavy expectations of all who are holding you up in esteem. Use your view that gives you the gift of foresight and hindsight to plan accordingly in the now. And although strict is a word you could tattoo on your hand, it doesn’t need to be cruel. Strict can come from the most loving of places. Strict can help inspire others to better themselves and aspire toward their own greatness. Strict can be helpful and kind when you’re able to give guidance from a vision of what you expect in the long term vs a narrow moment-by-moment wrist slapping. Use your sight for good. Use your sight as the foundation to all that you do. As you reach high in your life, watch the security underfoot. Remember it’s the roots of your life that allow you to reach with stability. So although it’s not your focus to tend to home, family, and nurturing tenderness, know that your reach only equals your depth, otherwise a toppling may occur. It’s also a good note to take that not all are meant to reach high in this life. Not all are meant to move through lessons of authority and reputational glory. Let others walk their path and use your foresight to see them for who they are, allowing you to give your gift of sight for what they are meant to walk through. It’s also safe to say that yours is a sign that can suffer some depression, another reason to consciously give some focus to tenderness in your life. Too rigid of constructs will darken anyone’s outlook, weak or strong.


Detachment is part of your path in this lifetime. But it’s due to your coolness that others adore you. There is a non-judgment about you that makes you the best friend in the whole world. You are the sort that can take a step back and recognize that under pressure, anyone or anything can crack. This makes you good in a crisis. This may also give you your own fair share of crisis in this life. A winter sign, you’ve come through a long cycle of lifetimes that have held a certain theme. You’ve peaked in this theme, making it time to question things and envision something different and better for a next cycle of lifetimes. This makes you the rebel rouser against constructs, the leader of movements against anything that’s gotten too rigid or stale. You are a revolutionary as the future is what you dream of. Like a seed deep underground that’s beginning to crack due to weathering and pressure, you are also breaking free from old restrictions. It can be a painful process, but also a very gratifying and electric experience in your shoes. This is what you shine for, your electric, freeing vibration. Although you are on a path that holds some fight inside of it, you are also on a path that knows how to work with others, contribute, and put humanity in front of Self. The ultimate creator, tapping into creative force for a willingness to be part of something instead of the star of something. It gives your creative juices ever flowing access, as this is what creative energy adores.


Boundaries be damned. You have reached to outermost limit of your soul’s current cycle of lives, on the cusp of transcending to expand to a new level of lifetimes. It’s here that you must let go of the last dregs of dissolving a whole cycle of being. As boundaries loosen and porousness allows extra chaos into your life, your most hidden closets are sprung free to torment you. You must look demons in the eye in this lifetime. You must surrender to things you couldn’t possibly handle on your own. You must throw your hands up in utter release and let go of what’s making you exhausted. On the other hand, it’s in these porous boundaries, thinned and translucent, that angelic hands are constantly next to you. You may not be able to see them, but all you have to do is ask for their help. These are the forces that will gobble up remaining torments, if only you ask. But sometimes we don’t even realize that we are the only thing holding onto our baggage. This has to be seen. But once you hit that limit with the pieces of baggage you’re meant to release, which you will, over and over again in this life, it’s quite simple. Ask for it to leave and the otherworldly realms will swoop in. In the spaces left by what dissolves, new bubbles of inspiration seep in, momentary flow states of composition and mystical, magic envelops, giving insight into the DNA of your next cycle of lifetimes. There’s a glamour to this though, as this is a highly intoxicating experience. You can take the steps and go through the appropriate cycles of release followed by euphoria and inspiration, or you can falsely grasp for these things in ways that just create more daemons to deal with: escapism, addiction, drugs, trickery, deception, lies. This is a slippery sun to live under, but one that holds the most spiritually, cosmically brilliant tone. It’s in the outer reaches of boundaries that we must embrace both our light and dark sides, the wholeness of being in a human experience as a spiritual being. A path that will only let you transcend once you accept and surrender to all of yourself: bad, good, dark, light, happy, sad, kind, mean, nurturing, strict… There is a wholeness that must be accepted in this path. Until you can accept your flaws with your perfections, you are not whole. But little by little as you are pressed toward this acceptance, you shine like a star in the dark, whole and glamourous, transcending toward a new system of being.




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