The CosmoMuse Full Moon Mingle

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What to do when you want to spend the Full Moon with all the Muses but they’re scattered all over the place? This is how we came up with the CosmoMuse Full Moon Mingle.

The point of this gathering is to give dimension to reflecting at the Full Moon—something we are supposed to be doing if we take a que from the Moon herself. Full Moons are a time when we are being challenged to push things we’ve been working on into the outer world (from pre-production to production) or to realize the unfeasibility and let go. By reflecting and bouncing our worlds off of one another we can help give illumination to each other during this “Emotional High Tide” phase (as I call it). Host your own La Luna shindig and then lets all connect with our photos and stories on CosmoMuse to push the reflecting even further. See below for the details on how to join our Mingle.

Cheers, Muses! Let’s meet back here, on the CosmoMuse blog, with our lunar stories just after the September 6th Full Moon. We’ll be reminding ya’ll along the way, as well as notifying you via Instagram when our downloads are available for your Mingles and when the post-Mingle blog and gallery is up.

We can’t wait to see how this project shapes up and to hear all of your stories after the coming Pisces Full Moon. It’s a very artistic sign and lunar phase that brings epic inspiration, compassion, healing, and loves to get us melting into the collective (so partying can sometimes get out of hand with this sign’s love of escapism).

On that note. These mingles can just as well be mocktail parties as cocktail parties. No judgement here. Add a little bubbly spark or keep it clean and healthy – we like to mix it up when it comes to that. Moderation in all things, yes?


Allie Couch

Photographs: Jens Johnsson (top image), Rhianon Lassila (bottom image)




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