An Aquarian Terrarium

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Aquarians have a very distinct eye for what they believe beauty to be. They’ve evolved out of needing to have praise for their own creative-expression and are more interested in the expression of innovation—pushing boundaries for the sake of humanity and elevating us in the process. What they see as beautiful are creations that make people ask questions. Whether their creations are considered traditionally beautiful is not of concern to them, they want advancement and experimentation.

This terrarium floral is out of my archives but it rings very true for what an Aquarian florist might create. It takes two elements that are not normally paired and raises some questions. Is it alright to uses beautiful and soft, organic garden flowers in such a structured and scientific container? Will delicate floral last longer in a terrarium type container? Well, we gave it a try and really enjoyed the outcome. This was absolutely and experiment (Aquarius rules scientific experiment), and has become a favorite. The contrast feels at once oddly elegant and original, and yes, the floral did last a bit longer in this environment.

The immediate response of this floral feeling unique is all the Aquarius would need to feel like their expression is validated. Read below for the recipe to make this original floral, and even further to the credits, for a link to a fun event where this floral, and many more like it, were in the spotlight. It was back from my days as an event designer and Executive Director at Scenemakers.

Floral & Words: Allie Kesler-Couch of Cosmo Muse

See More of this Floral at an Event: No Reason Needed




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