Aries New Moon: Victorious Seeds

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Happy Aries new moon, Muses. The seeds planted with this auspicious lunar phase hold a victorious and winning influence as the sign of Aries is our ultimate competitor. Seasonal Astrologist Allie Couch guides us through this fertile time for forming new seeds of intent.

The New Moon & the New Astrological Year
When the sun and the moon meet up in the scents of early spring rains and newly forming buds, we find ourselves standing beneath the Aries constellation with the new moon of new moons holding court overhead. This is the first new moon of the astrological year, signifying importance around what it is we want our next twelve months to be based on. It’s likely that all new moon goals made after this, through our last sign of Pisces, will be a progression of these Aries goals (no matter where Aries falls in your chart). Be sure that these goals are the result of deep and burning passions that you feel very clear about.

New Beginnings of Aries Season
There is a heavy relationship between the new moon and Aries as this magically fertile lunar phase holds a similar connotation to the sign of Aries – new beginnings. It’s highly likely that seeds forming in your life right now are ones that will set you off into territory, untrodden, where you’ll have to be brave and bold, go through some harsh learning curves, and summon the confidence of a warrior or pioneer.

The rewards for those who travel this unexplored road and entrepreneurial path with fire-y will-power, could see their most personal desires and passions come to life. Strength, singular focus, and a fierce determination are the ingredients for success on any new decisions identified or made in the coming week. Watch as progress will likely bubble up with passion around these new desires at each monthly pass of the Aries moon, until next Aries Season (in a years time). Over the course of the next twelve months, these seeds of passion will evolve, taking more shape, a blossoming phase at the Aries full moon in October, a peak of public recognition around January, and then wind down as we head back toward March and April of 2018.

The Secondary Subtleties
Let’s take a look at the planets that are involved with this new moon, providing unique background context for some of the juicy details; things that may be entangled with any newly formed desires.

Venus in retrograde is closely aligned to this new moon, blending in a dose of beauty and the material to passions developing in or lives. This planet of value has been taking a beat to get some reflective downloading done while she helps us gain clarity around what it is that wakes us up to our true sense of worth. If you’re anything like me, a lot of internal flux has set in as we review, tweak, test, and reevaluate what it is that fills us with grace and pleasure. New definitions are being sought around what we really deem worthy of our time. Our values create our value and this is no easy to task sort out and re-evaluate. This goddess planet in retrograde is giving us lots of perspectives as she loops around in every direction, causing whiplash.

The point being: we may have to deal with things over the next year that are constantly giving us new definitions and perspectives on how we feel of worth and what it is we find pleasure in, in connection to our Aries new moon goals. As we forge bold, and brave paths over the next year with our Aries goals, we need to stay positive as these initiatives will push our sense of comfort, adding a consistent need to reevaluate how this path leads us to fiercer worth.

There is a weak trine from the taskmaster planet Saturn to this new moon. We may have a touch of a lifeline to something that brings structure and dependability to these goals. With Saturn in the sign of expansive Sagittarius, this may be in the form of a wise mentor, a foreigner, or someone (or something) that provides responsible perspective.

The Ruling Decisions
Aside from looking at the planets that connect to the new moon, we also look at the planetary ruler of the new moon to see where the goals get channeled and where any final deciding powers come in. In Aries, the ruler of this new moon is Mars, this year, in the sign of Taurus. There are some similar themes to our Venus connection as Taurus is ruled by Venus, but this expression is different. In Taurus, our warrior planet wants and needs financial stability, value, and worth. He will fight tooth and nail for us this year to make sure we know what we are worth, as well as to make sure we are receiving that worth. He’ll use our senses and all forms of pleasure and comfort to help us get our way. With this value theme doubled up, yet a retrograde thrown in with the Venus side of the coin, assert strongly to make sure your Mars side is being valued, but still allow your definition of self-worth to take in new perspectives as Venus helps you to define and redefine this. A few loops will be thrown here and your reflective powers can help you sort this out when they do show up.

New Moon Goals
It’s time to get your CosmoMuse 2017 Seasonal Astrology Guide out, read up on our Aries New Moon page, and write out your Aries goals in the space provided. If you don’t have our guide yet, it’s newly been put on sale for 20% off and we’ve also made a PDF version of this guide FREE (although the printed version is ideal). Check our shop (HERE) for both options.

Where Aries Plays Out in Your Chart

Aries rules a different area of each sign’s chart. See below for a little extra insight into where Aries’ bold new seeds of intention might show up in your life.

Aries: Your sign rules your 1st house so your own agenda is in line to get these bright new beginnings. With Mars in your 2st house, your sense of worth may affect these new moon goals.

Taurus: Aries rules your 12th house of spirituality, art, inspiration, healing, addiction, and shadow. With Mars in your 1st house, your assertion and personal agenda may affect these new moon goals.

Gemini: Aries rules your 11th house of groups, friendships, networks, humanity, and future hopes and dreams. With Mars in your 12th house, your spiritual connectedness may affect these new moon goals.

Cancer: Aries rules your 10th house of aspirations, achievements, career, status, and authority. With Mars in your 11th house, your friendships may affect these new moon goals.

Leo: Aries rules your 9th house of foreign travel, expansion, beliefs, higher education, and philosophy. With Mars in your 10th house, your aspirations may affect these new moon goals.

Virgo: Aries rules your 8th house of shared resources, sex, death, transformation, and psychology. With Mars in your 9th house, your seeking spirit may affect these new moon goals.

Libra: Aries rules your 7th house of relationships, partners, balance, aesthetics, harmonizing, and equality. With Mars in your 8th house, your detective instinct may affect these new moon goals.

Scorpio: Aries rules your 6th house of day-to-day duties, processes, work projects, health, and lifestyle. With Mars in your 7th house, your relationships may affect these new moon goals.

Sagittarius: Aries rules your 5th house of creative-expression, leadership, kids, and how you hold the limelight. With Mars in your 6th house, your work may affect these new moon goals.

Aries rules your 4th house of roots, home, family, nurturing, and security. With Mars in your 5th house, your creative projects may affect these new moon goals.

Aquarius: Aries rules your 3rd house of communication, siblings, transportation, community, and information. With Mars in your 2th house, your finances may affect these new moon goals.

Pisces: Aries rules your 2nd house of value, your senses, form, personal finances, self-worth, and pleasure. With Mars in your 3th house, your communication may affect these new moon goals.




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