Monday Mantras: Go Slow To Go Fast

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Writer and creative, Ann Whittaker, joins us this Monday with some thoughtful inspiration to pull us through a retrograde filled, dark moon, slow paced Taurus Season week. April 24 – 30, 2017

I’ve been trying to keep up with my older brothers since my very first breath on this planet––they’re faster, smarter, stronger, and much more funny than I could ever be. And so I’ve been spending a lifetime burning myself out trying to get to mountaintops without making them wait too long for their little sister to catch up.

My oldest brother has adopted and is passing along a new mantra to me, his youngest sister:


He says this any time we hit a trail together and I start apologizing for my slower pace and expressing a desire to be much faster than I am.

TAURUS SEASON IS FOR SLOWING DOWN…especially if you want to go fast.

I’ve been feeling the quick pace of Aries Season, and I’m feeling as if I’m barely keeping up, if at all. I’m sitting in the Las Vegas airport returning from some days by the ocean with dear friends who show me how to live a good life. I’m having a bit of separation anxiety as I think of returning to a high desert pace of extremes––mostly a high desert life is non-stop exposure to every kind of element: physical, emotional, and mental.

As my friend drove me from Laguna Beach to the airport, she reminded me that my best tool at this moment in my life is the ability and willingness to say, “no.” Less is more. Go slower to go faster.

And so I try to find a balance: working in airports and on planes so that when I return home this evening I’ll be able to enjoy the company of friends and family, trusting that whatever doesn’t get done on my to-do list will get picked up tomorrow with no hick-ups.




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