Myth & Archetype: The Empress

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We’ve long had our eyes peeled for a voice to fill a very specific and unique spot at CosmoMuse. When we Instagram-met Cherise Lily Nana, of Muse Bespoke, both of us having a connection to the word, work, and meaning of the Muse, it was a natural and immediate fit. We are thrilled to introduce you to Cherise’s creative writings on myth and archetype. Hailing from Australia, where the seasons are flipped, stay tuned for a link to a special horoscope message for our Southern Hemisphere friends. Images in order: Liam Warwick, Laura Berger, & Brandon Stanciell

The Wisdom of the Empress: Beauty, Value and Creative Reciprocity

Imagine sitting upon a throne of plush red velvet cushions with heavenly stars in your crown, and blossoming flowers and ripe pomegranates in your arms. Below you lies the fertile earth sprouting new shoots of wheatgrass and a flowing stream trickling at your feet. Next to you sits a heart-shaped emblem with the symbol of Venus on it, and you feel a deep contentment in your sense of worth, abundance, and creativity.

This scene paints the image of the Empress, a Major Arcana Tarot archetype that is evoked in the sensual femininity of this Taurus season. As the benevolent queen of all earthly delights, the Empress teaches us about cultivating sovereignty in our own lives, and in particular through fully inhabiting our bodies. She invites us to feel empowered through considering what we truly value in this life, and to explore this via our physical senses.

When we are receptive to our surroundings, we see that there is so much beauty in the simple things and that this grace is a reflection of our own selves. The Empress embodies her material environment, illustrating that we are made up of the same elements: earth, air, fire, water and ether, and that this intrinsic beauty is part of our inherent worth. There is an abundance to be found in the cyclical nature of earth’s rhythms, and this reminds us that there is always enough, both within and without. The replenishing of our inner resources is what feeds our bounty of self-worth.

As above, so below.

An important aspect of this process is the ability to give. Every day we have the power to create abundance by diving into the fertile pools of our imagination and gifting the world with what we find. The Empress symbolizes the Mother and therefore represents creativity and the birth of ideas into the material realm. She knows that while our worth is inherent, it’s also something we create by giving something of value. What are your own values? How do they connect with what wants to be made manifest through you? This is a cycle of reciprocity, of listening and voicing, of being supported by our community and the earth itself, and in return contributing to the greater good.

For an Empress needs to care for both her own needs and those of her people. We cannot give from an empty cup (this is when the mother dimension transforms into a martyr), and yet, if we don’t share at all, our resources will stagnate in self-indulgence. This unfolding is part of our great responsibility as caretakers of this land: such is the dance between our personal experience and our shared existence with all other living things.

With seasons driving how we at CosmoMuse connect to the cosmic, we prescribe to a six-sign theory where opposing zodiac signs are both in play, at once, depending on where you live. In the Southern Hemisphere, your signs would be flipped as your seasons are to the Northern Hemisphere, and those of you close to the equator, have less polarity embodied as the energies of the opposite signs are quite centered. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere or near the equator, link HERE for a different take on your seasonal horoscope.



  1. Beautifully written by a wise and wonderful woman, helping us to find our creativity and beauty and express hem with love in the world. looking forward to more…

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