Piscean Fluidity of the Masculine & Feminine

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Swimming in deep seas, issues of dualism is a Piscean gift, burden or specialty—depending on how evolved you are at holding this complex sign’s qualities. We all have Pisces and it’s ruler, Neptune, somewhere in our chart, bringing the presence of this sign’s traits to at least two areas of our lives.

For those with a strong Piscean chart (Sun, Moon, chart ruler or rising sign in Pisces) a trending Piscean topic these days, gender fluidity, will most likely strike an emotional chord, bringing to light the human experience of being able to hold the masculine and feminine at the same time, unafraid to support both sides.

I find this to be a beautiful demonstration of Pisces mysterious capabilities.

Pisces contains all previous eleven signs. Pisces is the two fish, connected by a silvery cord. One fish is the personality, the other the Soul. They represent the duality all of humanity experiences. Being both animal and divine, we experience simultaneously feelings of attraction and separation, passion and despair, suffering and bliss.
– Risa D’Angeles

The above description of Pisces is one that sheds epistemic clarity around the compassionate ability of this sign; the ability to hold life’s polarities with grace and fluidity. This is not an easy thing, and I would imagine that most young Pisces show signs of a duplicitous nature until they are mature enough to swim a little deeper in order to come to terms with the all-encompassing path they are on.

Everyone has aspects of yin and yang or masculine and feminine that are, for the most part, easy to come to terms with. Maybe you have a Cancer Sun bringing a feminine sign to a masculine planet or an Aries Moon adding a masculine approach to your yin emotional side. But these are things that you can compartmentalize, and over time strategically maneuver, knowing when your yin tendencies could be triggered or areas that bring your paternal side to the table. There is a way of balancing these signs and planets that allows you to switch into different aspects of yourself.

This is not the kind of fluidity that I’m talking about with Pisces. Their fluidity isn’t something that switchs from one side of a pendulum to the other, depending on what aspect of self is at play. Piscean fluidity is one that holds all sides of a spectrum, and everything in between. They are the masters of being able to witness a polarity from a height and understand that every issue is hitting somewhere on a dulaistic path, and respond with, what appears to others, as eerily intuitive accuracy.

Yes, technically Pisces is a yin sign, but being the last sign of the zodiac (supporting all other signs), a liquid water sign and a flexible mutable sign, this gives Pisces the ethereal approach it needs to sink to the bottom of the deepest ocean floor and reach to the heavens, touching everything in between, all at once. Their glyph, the two fish swimming in opposite directions, symbolically communicates this inborn ability.

It’s been my own experience that the Pisces I’ve known throughout my life have displayed traits of gender fluidity, the males having a strong feminine presence and the females often assertive and powerful. Depending on where Pisces is in your own chart, you can tap into this sign’s boundry-less ways. A Virgo might experience this through a partner, Gemini through their career and Sagittarius in their home environment.

Just as a young or immature Pisces might behave with duplicitous actions, those who can’t comprehend the genius and complexity of an evolved Pisces, might view even selfless and compassionate actions on this sign’s behalf as duplicitous. This is their own internal struggle and should not be a reflection on someone who’s embraced a Piscean polarized truth of compassionately loving all—good and bad, self and other, material and spiritual…

On this last day of Pisces Season, give into the healing vibes of this inspired sign and embrace all of your personal dualities. Show love and kindness to your weaknesses as well as your strengths, your feminine nature and masculine assertiveness. Find inspiration through being kind to others, no matter their standing in life, embracing the rich with the poor and the kind with the mean-spirited. By doing this, you can better see and transcend your current constructs.

Just as Pisces preceding sign, Aquarius, might admirably say ‘everyone deserves equal opportunity’, Pisces will take it a step further and proclaim that ‘everyone deserves equal respect’.


Art Direction & Words: Allie Couch of Cosmo Muse

Photography: Britt & Peter Anders Chudleigh of Britt Chudleigh Photography and Peter Chudleigh Photography

Model: Dane Joseph Horton

Venue: Charcoal Loft




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