Seasonal Blossoming: From Leo to Virgo

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Happy Virgo Season, friends! With the sign of the Virgin now ruling over our cosmic landscape, it’s time for us to analyze and purify our lifestyles, delve into the contexts and details that we are regularly surrounded by, but ignore, and refine our processes – helping us to find more purpose for every single thing that we do. It’s time for pruning, weeding and watering the things we mean to have grow. With this being the season of the harvest, our lives and gardens are ready to blossom with healthy foods and results – all things useful, efficient and that serve a higher purpose will shine during this season.

As we leave Leo Season behind us, there are lessons and gifts that we’ve engaged with that will lead the way for us to get more growth out of our yearly Virgo cycle: During the lion’s reign, we were blessed by the touch of the Sun in it’s home sign, receiving heightened vitality, star power and better access to our unique creative outlets. For each sign, this would have shown up in different ways. Once we’ve looked back to process our Leo Season lessons we can better dig into our present Virgo cycle, efficiently reaping the bounty that this harvest season wants to provide. Here’s a quick reflection on how you may have gotten in touch with your Leo side over the past four weeks and how you can use this as a stepping stone to find a fresh and healthy bounty during Virgo Season:

Aries :: Aries Rising
Leo Season brought out your star leadership potential, your unique self-expression and your vital creative powers. In Virgo Season, you will be asked to take advantage of those creative juices that have been bubbling and make step by step goals (or processes) to produce something, through hard work and a healthy lifestyle that plays off of your ability to lead and be creative.

Taurus :: Taurus Rising
Leo Season brought out the warmth of your home, your fun style of raising and engaging with kids and your family leadership skills. With the security that this instilled in you, Virgo Season is when you can muster the courage to step into the spotlight to show the world your craftsmanship style of creating and your efficient, no-nonsense style of leading.

Gemini :: Gemini Rising
Leo Season brought out your creative communication and writing skills, your star powered ideas & ability to connect to your community and your vitality on the go. Use this foundation of knowing that you consistently create warm connections to take a breather as you retreat from the world at large to build healthy roots. Virgo Season is your time to analyze your home and family situation and to purposefully build a foundation that allows you to feel organized and productive.

Cancer :: Cancer Rising
Leo Season brought out your sense of pleasure around recreation and engaging with kids, as well as your earning power through leadership and your creative style. Now in Virgo Season, use the bold value and self-worth that the Lioness brought into your life to start making healthy connections in your community and promoting your contextually rich ideas. In Virgo Season, your detailed way of thinking is ripe for absorbing new information and sharing your ideas.

Leo :: Leo Rising
Leo Season brought your warmly assertive ways, the attention that you natural command and your ability act as a leader, to the surface. As we journey into Virgo Season, use the fresh starts, renewed agendas and boost in ego that the Lioness brought, to create purposeful value in your life. It’s been an exciting 4 weeks of initiations and Virgo Season will now show you that being thoughtful, healthy and productive will enhance your sense of worth and pleasure.

Virgo :: Virgo Rising
Leo Season is your shadow season, bringing you a vital connection to the cosmos, inspiration and your ability to be a leader in spiritual endeavors. Your creativity in the arts and composition are parallel to none with Leo in this part of your chart. As we move into your birthday season, use the four weeks of restoring and inspiration that Leo brought into your life to form new seeds of intention and bring forward your intricate craftsmanship. You are a thoughtful and purposeful creature, and although uncomfortable with the spotlight, it’s on you and your agenda- utilize this!

Libra :: Libra Rising
Leo Season brought your ability to shine within groups and through progressive thought to the surface. Your creativity and leadership skills may have been enhanced through collaboration. Use the connection to humanity and hopes for your future that Leo Season brought to your plate, to safely dive into uncharted territory as the Virgin takes you on a tour of the cosmos and a sea of chaotic detail. Virgo Season is your time to take five and find your spiritual center. Health practices such as yoga and meditation will help with your need to bring order to disorder.

Scorpio :: Scorpio Rising
Leo Season brought your career and aspirations into focus, giving you several weeks to act as a leader and creative on the world stage. As we shift into Virgo Season, use the knowledge gained around how you achieve to find the right tribe, industry and network to share your star power with. Groups who have strong purpose and adhere to efficient processes will attract your attention. Future hopes will enter your intellect and progressive ideas around productivity and organization are possible.

Sagittarius :: Sagittarius Rising
Leo Season brought your beliefs and life philosophies into focus, possibly pushing you to explore in the great outdoors or travel abroad. Virgo Season will help give structure and organization to your newly broadened horizons and enterprising ideas. With this season putting you on display for the world, your career and aspirations will see purposeful activity over the next few weeks.

Capricorn :: Capricorn Rising
Leo Season brought a lot of depth and psychological insight to your world, lighting up creativity in your 8th house of intimacy, shared resources and a detective instinct. As you adventurously move through Virgo Season, you can use the empowerment and courage that you gained during the lion’s reign to seek bigger and broader perspectives on life. Virgo will push you to dive into the details of your beliefs and refine your ideals.

Aquarius :: Aquarius Rising

Leo Season brought relationships into focus for you with romantic and grand gestures. Use your newly honed sense of creative harmonizing and your diplomatic leaderships skills to help you feel balanced as Virgo Season will push you to critique your psychological health and all of the contexts within your intimate involvements. You will find empowerment by creating more purpose and productivity in how you manage wealth and debt.

Pisces :: Pisces Rising
With Leo Season making sure that warmth and creativity became a big part of your day-to-day life, you can use your vital and warm lifestyle to help you feel already whole as Virgo Season pushes to relate to partners with purpose and efficiency. Virgo, being the critic, can add a bit of nit-picking to your relationship style. Be sure to voice your intentions and any insightful context to partners when you feel the need to ‘help’ them become healthier and more productive. At heart this is an invaluable gift to a spouse, coming from a thoughtful place.




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