Get the Look: Taurus Comfort & Sensuality

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Break out your softest and most comfortable digs, it’s time to connect to our current Season of the Bull through what we put on our bodies. Taurus Season will always connect us to our senses in a stronger way than typical. It’s an important time to be sensitive to this through clothing and fashion that makes you feel sensual and connected to things of worth and value. With the spurts and stops of warm and cold spring weather, layer up with uber soft fabrics, such as a velvet cami and a light wool knit top. Textures are a big part to feeling comfortable in clothing so play around with the types of fabrics that work for your sense of touch. Drape is another apect to feeling comfortable during Taurus season. It’s all a matter of personal taste, but note how loose or tight you like your clothing to feel. Maybe you like some textures to feel form fitting and others to feel drape-y and loose. Taurus is ruled by luxury loving Venus so quality fabrics and construction are the name of the game this month. New purchases during Taurus Season should have a lot of consideration for these things.

For our model, we played around with luxurious fabrics, layering and drape for a Taurus aesthetic. With the senses heightened during this time of year and Venus activated, sensuality comes into play in a big way. An earthy seductiveness with a low, drape-y V and tight jeans were the perfect blend to portray this sign’s feminine and subtly sensuous ways. There is also a stubbornness that appears in Taurus Season, stemming from an unbreakable contentedness to self-worth and value. Groom and dress to feel comfortable, not only through your personal senses, but also with the contexts of your day in mind. Imagine the pinnacle activities of your day and ask yourself how your wardrobe and grooming can help you stay in touch with your sense of value and ease.

Hair and makeup are the next step in tapping into a sensuous Taurus mood. A loosely pulled up bun with fullness and body is a great way to feel easy but sensual at the same time.

For makeup, should you choose to wear any during this earthy and natural season, try deep, earthy colors, whether light or heavy – again that’s personal preference but be sure to stick to the intensity that makes you feel at ease. Scents with earthy notes are great now, as well. Try floral and spice mixtures.

Taurus loves form and shape, so accessories should have some weight to them. Earthy materials such as wood or metals with organic molding and interesting textures will complete the look.


Art Direction & Words: Allie Couch of Cosmo Muse

Model: Emma Jones

Photography: Britt & Peter Anders Chudleigh

Wardrobe Provided by: Flight Boutique

Hair: Randi Hieb of Dexterity Salon

Makeup: Kristen Packard of Kristen Packard Artistry

On-Model & Prop Stylist: Lauren Brady of Saucy & Kitsch

Venue: Charcoal Loft




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