August Mantra: My Heart’s Expression is Clear & Joyful

Hold tight! There’s a lot of shifts and twists and confusion plaguing this month.

Starting with the numerology of the month, August always holds the number 8 to its energy, being the 8th month of the Gregorian calendar. This is the number of power and authority that can harness abundance when used well. If you think about it, there’s typically a strength about those born in this month. This year, adding the 2 year to 8, it brings us more specifically the number 1 of fresh starts and new beginnings. This is emphasized with the north node having just been crossed by the sun, shining a light on fresh long-term seeds being planted in our lives (linked to us being smack in the middle of eclipse season). Feel into the positive and vibrational charge that is held in all of this. It’s a time to freely enjoy your creativity and expression, to not hold back, and to dive in when your heart tells you that the timing feels right. Music and laughter can help you to channel your creative energy in a fluid way.

The thing is, as with all new beginnings, some things must end. We need to do a lot of clearing away of old clutter (think of doing a late spring cleaning) and we need space to center into self to find clarity around the inner passions newly firing up. It’s interesting in all of this fresh life that Leo wants to feel and assert into, we find so many planets currently snoozing away. Especially between the 7th-19th, there will be 6 planets in retrograde as well as Chiron. There will be aspects of our lives that are foggy, that are focusing on inner work, reflection, and needing to revisit things we’ve been doing over the past several months. If you can compartmentalize this, know that the ruler of Leo Season (our ruler until the 23rd), the sun, never goes retrograde, so, what wants to move forward around creative pursuits, leadership, and warmhearted expressions, still can. Just wait until late in August to make any big plans, sign documents, or buy big things. Mercury retrograde, the retrograde that affects a lot of our day-to-day affairs, communications, commerce, and anything with moving parts, will end on the 19th (although it’s shadow will be around until September 2nd). Don’t let this stop you from experimenting in things you want to express and create.

The Solar Seasons of August
Leo Season (ends August 22nd): Our season of shining with creative command.
Heart. Warmth. Flair. We find ourselves securely in the middle of summer as we enter August’s portion of Leo Season. Having a fire season ruling this stubborn middle phase of the quarter, there is a fixed determination around all things passion and excitement. Leo rules over a section of everyone’s chart, so watch it ignite greater warmth and love in your heart, watch your heart ask you to shine a little more than usual, and watch how the warmth that you exude helps you to attract things. The season of the sun is the season that we can really connect into deep heart work. Strike up a conversation with your heart. Ask it what it wants. Ask it to give you signs when it wants your attention. Try finding your intentions through what your heart wants and then aligning your mind to match that—rather than the other ways around (which is my opinion on why so many attempts at manifesting things don’t work). Learn how to better lead with your heart this season and see how the results get you to places more aligned to what your truth wants, rather than what you think you want.

We will have a partial solar (new moon) eclipse on the 11th. This eclipse will hold lovely seed energy to help you take action around your heart’s desires. Be receptive, be giving, be big and bright. Channel the positive charge of this lunar event. Think back to last summer at the Great American Eclipse that was all the rage. What came up for you then? It’s possible that this eclipse will push that theme even further forward into your life.

Virgo Season (starts August 23rd): Our season of whole and ripened bounties.
Whole. Useful. Well. Welcome to our final third of summer. Virgo holds the energy of the end of our typical farming season as we prepare for the darker half of the year. Things are ripe and fully grown. They need to be gathered, prepared for storing, and we feel compelled to tie up loose ends before the season turns. It’s a busy time, but also the most fruitful time. Paying attention to how you value your daily rhythms, your routines, and mundane processes can help you to become more productive, but also closer to finding your superhero potential. Instead of feeling burdened by your day-to-day barrage of work, meetings, errands, shutting kids around, getting to classes or through homework, see if you can cultivate processes that you deeply honor. See if you can flush out anything unnecessary. The secret of Virgo energy, even though it may seem like an energy that can be burdensome and taxing, is it can help you truly hone your rhythms and cultivate a masterful lifestyle. This is the season that will test you in this. Don’t let it fool you into thinking you need to do everything. Drop into your body and your refined instincts and take some time to decide that maybe some of what you are trying to fit in is not sustainable. This is actually what Virgo Season is trying to tell you. Cut out anything you are able to that’s draining you rather than integrating the kind of wholeness you desire to feel in your life. By wholeness, I mean a rhythm that makes you feel useful and well rather than stressed and scattered. Do less to do more should be this sign and season’s motto. I believe the US is a great offender in this category. This Virgo says our society does it all wrong. By using this season’s insights on what’s fluff and what’s truly well and juicy for you, you can end up being able to get through all that’s on your plate in a productive way, but with plenty of time leftover for enjoying the fruits of your labors and the end of summer’s play time. Being a Virgo, I’ve learned this the hard way. This energy is about streamlining, not adding more to your plate. The purpose, the wholeness, the usefulness you seek through the rhythms and routines in your life will feel riper and juicier if you truly focus on sustainable, honored rhythms. So many of us are in survival mode. Why is this? Learn more about instincts and how those can help you with this in our Seasonal Astrology Guide: Devotion to the Unseen. PRINT VERSION | PDF VERSION.

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March 21 - April 19

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Inner Flame

It’s a month to pause, reflect, and turn the drive you have to move forward toward clearing inner clutter. What kinds of things have been piling up in your life that need to go in order for you to have the clarity you so like? Between your ruler, Mars, in retrograde, many other planets in retrograde, and eclipses, do your best to tend to what’s inside, to your inner centering and fire, rather than moving forward this month. See if you can tune-in a listen to your heart a little more closely before being your typically brave and impulsive self. In all, the patterns of the month are giving you permission to slow down and live more slowly and simply.

August 1st, Leo Season: The Season of love is waking all of us, but especially you, up to very fresh ways of feeling warmth, vitality, and creativity. It may not be the month to take major action, but check-in with yourself and your heart at some point every day to see what’s waking up in you in ways that you haven’t felt in a long time. New baby seeds are vibrating and cracking open right now. How are you feeling courageous? How are you feeling a new sense of leadership and command? How are you feeling romantic or playful, or finding new stirrings around raising children more joyfully? Take until the end of the month to observe and catalogue these things. Next month will be your time to get busy putting new vibrations into action.

August 11th, Leo New Moon, Solar Eclipse: Think back to last summer’s Great American Solar Eclipse. What themes came up for you then? It’s likely that those will be pushed to the front of your consciousness with more emphasis now. Fresh energies are rising up and into your life that could have long-lasting sway over your life trajectory. Take some time to feel into what comes up. Again, don’t make major moves quite yet. If big things happen, it’s okay to respond, but find some restraint around initiating new passions until September. Do indulge in play, laughter, and fun.

August 23rd, Virgo Season: Stepping into the final third of summer, a feeling comes on of needing to tie up loose ends and cultivate a sense of productivity that’s been slacked on over the summer. It’s time to nail down a rhythm and process to your daily life. We tend to pile a lot on our plates during this season with back-to-school, activities, lessons, and getting some final play time in before the cooler seasons come along. Instead of trying to do everything and see how much you can fit on your plate, take a beat each time you feel the need to add a new element to your life. Ask if this will make your lifestyle more well or more stressed. Check in with the inner flame that you are tasked with tending to and let it burn away anything that’s not useful and truly purposeful in your life. Challenge yourself to take a few things off of your plate in order to deeply honor the things about your daily life that sustain you. This is your chance in the year to weave your life into a pattern that makes you feel whole, useful, productive, organized, efficient, and self-sufficient. It’s still a summer season so make sure that all of that includes time scheduled for relaxation and play. A well balanced plate is the goal.

August 26th, Pisces Full Moon: Typically, this full moon is experienced as magical. Pisces is our last sign of the zodiac, and for you it rules that last stop in your chart, your 12th house. It’s time to push things about yourself into the world that are more mystical, artistic, and spiritual. Channel your inner bohemian, your fluid go-with-the-flow self that you rarely let out, and witness this moon illuminate that you are tapped into truly inspired energies. Loosen your boundaries and grip on things and just let life be. See how magical it can be to trust yourself to trust the universe. See the magic that can be so gracefully delivered when you do this. This sign lives in your shadows and can be hard for you to see, but now is the time that you can see what blindly lives right next to you. Witness the magic that you have—but don’t always realize is there.

Planetary Transitions
August 6th: Venus enters Libra. Ask yourself these questions: How have I found a more pleasurable and honored rhythm in my life over the past month? What value has that ripened in me? How can I build on that through elegantly sharing my value with close others?

August 7th: Uranus stations retrograde until January 7, 2019. From the spring of 2011 through to this past May, you had Uranus in your sign pushing you to break overly solidified molds and constructs in your life. It likely threw you for some loops and caused lots of unpredictable and erratic changes in your trajectory and passions. Now in your 2nd house of self-worth, there is much excitement and new prisms that you are likely seeing your worth and simple pleasures of life through. This retrograde is a note from Uranus that you missed something, that you need to slow down and review how you’ve felt a need to break out of old ways of making money, valuing property, or finding pleasure in life in exciting new ways. This is your chance to retrace some steps. Come January, you will be able to move forward again with a little more depth and insight as to why you are currently trying to break free from anything stifling your sense of value.

August 19th: Mercury stations direct in Leo. The past 3-weeks has likely challenged you to revisit and rethink how you are moving, connecting, and acting with warmth in your life. New information through some internal work has you ready to re-engage forward movement around your creative, fun, and romantic ideas. Give a day or two for Mercury to get going. As it changes directions there are some ripples in the cosmic currents that can obscure things even more than during the retrograde.

August 27th: Mars stations direct in Capricorn. Whew! With your personal ruler having been retrograde since the end of June, you’ve had to slow down, look inward, and revisit some of your passions and assertions. Until October 8th, you’ll be reasserting and redoing some of what you initiated between May 12th and June 26th. These are what we call the shadow dates and are the dates or degrees that need to be seen in different light in order to view them clearly.


April 20 - May 20

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Focused Wisdom

You are a creature of the senses, Taurus. Your stubborn yet pleasurably relaxed ways allow you to move through your life with a knowing that not many are connected to. You have an internal compass that can steer you toward all of life’s material comforts and away from anything unpleasant. This is why few see your bullish side. This month, aspects of you will need some internal focus and revisions, but for the most part, with your ruler, Venus, being one of the few planets in forward motion, you can use your wise determination to make headway while others are sleeping. With so many not paying attention, you have fewer obstacles in your way of zeroing in on the simple and valuable pleasures in life. Embody your senses and move through this month using the wisdom that they hold. Hone in on finding balance and elegance in work, wellness, and being productive—especially after the 7th.

August 1st, Leo Season: A time of sun, fun, and love. There’s something about this season that brings you greater security in life. It’s in feeling vital and alive that you grow deeply nourished roots and rich security. Warmth and creativity in your home and family will help you to feel this and absorb the nutrients that your soul craves. Tap into your focus and sensual wisdom and look at your home with new eyes. How can you infuse it with more light, more love, and more color? How can you literally and figuratively create more enjoyment and playfulness in the roots of your life? Do you live somewhere warm enough or exciting enough for your heart? This could be a big question for you right now.

August 11th, Leo New Moon, Solar Eclipse: There has been a lot of fresh energy in the roots of your life over the past 18 months and this eclipse is swooping in to push it along even further. It may be a time that you make some big decisions that affect the trajectory of your life through where you live or how you are experiencing security and family. Fresh seeds in your home and family are cracking open as past baggage is starting to disappear. Use your senses to help you make decisions and focus your intentions and heart’s desires. What needs a fresh slate right now? How can you find clear paths forward to assert into these new passions? What needs to be release in order to see it all with clarity? These are some things this eclipse could push you to face.

August 23rd, Virgo Season: This is a season that ignites your creative side and your leadership style. Systemizing, perfecting, and ripening are how you shine courageously in the world. You have a lot of creativity in how you organize things and get efficient results. This is your season to feel into the value of this, of how you are the rare breed that can lead any project to success through your ability to sort and analyze with confidence. Stand tall and command a little more attention for this ability. Ask for a raise and respect to honor this quality that you possess. Be present to how amazing you are at warm and creative productivity. You have a refined, holistic, and organic style.

August 26th, Pisces Full Moon: Magic is in the air as this full moon, illuminating what you are ready to give to the world around your artistic collaborations or mystical innovations. You could feel a sense of progress that gives you new visions and inspiration for your future self, your inventive and original air. The future to you may feel glamorous and friends may feel extra special to you at this lunar event. They hold a key to your fluidly creative breakthroughs.

Planetary Transitions
August 6th: Venus enters Libra. Ask yourself these questions: How have I found a more pleasurable and honored creativity in my life over the past month? What value has that ripened in me? How can I build on that through cultivating more harmonious usefulness in my value?

August 7th: Uranus stations retrograde until January 7, 2019. A new lens entered your life in May of this year as the planet of rebellion, friendship, and freedom, entered your sign for the next seven years. He’s been chipping away at any overly solidified ways that need a little shaking up in your life. You may feel a greater need for freedom, questioning your passions, and valuing friendships. Things can happen fast, out of the blue, and erratically with Uranus, but this retrograde will give the needed time to step back and reflect on new eccentricities arising in you. There’s something that you need to see in a different light to wholly understand why you are needing more freedom, and you will get at this until the start of 2019.

August 19th: Mercury stations direct in Leo. While so much fresh energy is entering your life with the Leo solar eclipse, your mind and connections have been taking a stroll inward and backward through Leo’s terrain of heart connections and warm confidence. There’s something that you needed to understand differently about how you connect and communicate with truth and vitality in your home and with family. As Mercury returns to direct, you’ll start to have your ah-ha moments as he retraces his steps through September 2nd. The goal is to see many sides and inner workings around how you find security through leading with your heart and truth.

August 27th: Mars stations direct in Capricorn. Since the end of June, Mars has been doing some inner purging to get to the clarity of self, the authenticity of your uniqueness and authority. This may also be connected to how you expand your perspectives and hold authority in your life. As he returns to forward motion, you will gain even greater clarity of self and your aspirational agendas.


May 21 - June 20

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Staying Positive

A month of mental activity, lots of connecting, and community. With so much swirling about and your ruler in retrograde until the 19th, it can be easy for you, the sign that naturally rules these activities, to get swept up in gossip and constantly shifting mentalities. Warmth and love are what you need to consistently channel this month in order to attract the best possible energy to you. If you can catch and callout any of your negative thoughts or talk of others, your own energy will rise above the petty, making room for beautiful connections. This will make you the kind of star that others want to be near. Make others feel good about themselves, say kind things even if it’s a struggle, and know that through this, the access you will have to everyone’s six degrees of separation will be accessible in bright and bold ways. You never know where the right, star-powered connection will come from.

August 1st, Leo Season: Moving through most of August, you will have the power of the sun shining down on how you communicate and connect—your favorite things to do. Take advantage of this time to plant seeds that might grow into blossoming gardens of community and belonging. Know that even the smallest of exchanges with those in your circles of influence, can end up growing into fruitful connections. Connect with your heart. Ask it how it wants to shine through ideas, words, threads of interest, information, or community? Allow your heart to lead you in doing this with joy and star power. There are a lot of planets in retrograde, on top of this sign getting fresh a boost of passion as the north node and eclipse season rock it.

August 11th, Leo New Moon, Solar Eclipse: A fresh cycle of mental creativity and love could be igniting in your life near this eclipse. Last year’s Leo solar eclipse was the great American one. Themes that emerged then may resurface for even more prominence in your life. With your ruler retrograde, even though you may be feeling some impulse with the personal drive that arises, do find some restraint toward any big commitments, purchases, or signing documents. If you need to respond, this is fine, but don’t initiate things until later in the month. It’s fine to talk about your ideas, gather information, and dream. Just know that some portion of information in missing or needs a review and you will see things more clearly as Mercury retraces his step from August 19th – September 2nd. Let seeds form, but wait to plant them after the 20th.

August 23rd, Virgo Season: Our busy and final season of summer. This quarter of warm, long days can mean that we allow some of life to pile up as we goof off and play hooky on vacations and pool days. As we head into the season of Virgo, our maiden of systemizing and producing useful, ripe fruits, of the harvest and bountiful, holistic living, will start to crack the whip. Virgo Season wants you to create a well and sustainable life. A life that is ordered and functional so that all of the little steps you take throughout the days and months, lead to something ripe and of purpose. For you, this sign rules over how you nurture and protect yourself. Having a home that is efficient, clean, and holistic— that flows with rhythm—is a way to make yourself feel cared for and secure. You may get a little nitpicky about things around home and family, as Virgo holds the critic, perfectionist card, but at its roots, all it wants is to feel whole and purposeful. If you can hold that bigger viewpoint, it might be easier to let go of the negative criticism that you might normally lean into in these areas. Be gentle and kind if your bedroom or kitchen isn’t in the shape you require, or your mom or kids aren’t being class acts. It’s not the end of the world and you’ll likely enjoy the process of cultivating brand new processes to make sure all of the domestic things get attended to regularly. Take it slow to honor the foundations of your life and allow for a few errors—that’s where the character comes in.

August 26th, Pisces Full Moon: Glamour is what this moon conjures. As la luna beams with fullness this month, it’ll illuminate things around career and aspirations that have ripened and are ready to be received in a more public way. You may see greater elegance with new partnership opportunities or advocates that will have your back as you stretch into something bigger around your reputation. It’s also a time that we see if something didn’t ripen well, and needs to let go of. Either way, the cycle of life is exerting pressure to turn a corner, which can hold a lot of emotions. In Pisces, the arts, mysticism, film, healing work, or behind the scenes positions are highlighted.

Planetary Transitions
August 6th: Venus enters Libra. Ask yourself these questions: How have I found more pleasurable and honored nurturing in my life over the past month? What value has that ripened in me? How can I build on that through valuing my creative elegance?

August 7th: Uranus stations retrograde until January 7, 2019. Over the past several months, as Uranus has shifted into your 12th house of Taurus, it’s likely that you’ve been starting to feel urges for greater freedom to attend to your art or collaborate and push the innovative creation of your art and cosmic connectedness. As Uranus stations retrograde, this will give you a chance to retrace some of your steps and better recognize where this energy is coming from. Your perceptions and boundaries may be at the heart, wanting to expand and find growth opportunities and greater self-worth through your ability to co-create in the realms of inspiration. Sit back and observe these things over the next several months as you review this aspect of your life.

August 19th: Mercury stations direct in Leo. Your ruler will finally be free to move with swift forward trajectory in your favorite season of the year. It’s time that you can make greater commitments and make bigger plans around all of the ideas that you’ve been reviewing. Feel lighter and sunnier in the last days of Leo’s season of love.

August 27th: Mars stations direct in Capricorn. Things are starting to lighten up around a heavy retrograde and eclipse season. With Mars newly direct, your assertive energies may feel a boost in initiative. Just in time to get your life organized for the darker half of the year, right around the corner. In Capricorn, your impulse around responsibility may feel pronounced—especially through your sense of power and control.


June 21 - June 20

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Sensing New Prowess

Last month (and a tiny bit into this month), you’ve been experiencing some deep surrender as the sun and moon highlighted a phase that you Cancer’s are going through. That of releasing lots of old baggage and programming from a very long-term cycle of life. A new one is around the corner, but first, you must shed old skins. This month will lighten up for you as the Season of Leo, the sign currently going through a fresh phase of finding new passions, lights up the area of your life connected to your 5 earthy senses, your self-worth, and how you find simple pleasures in life. It’s an area of life that you may see breakthroughs and fresh warmth in.

August 1st, Leo Season: As the star season of Leo shines his light down on you, walk into nature, feel the pulse of your heart connect black into nature’s pulse. Smell the ripening fruit on trees, see how the sun casts dramatic shadows at noon, hear the birds rustling in the shade of trees and the crickets playing their cords at night, taste the juiciness of peaches, and feel the youthful, dewy sweat that the warm days infuse your skin with. There’s a quality of attraction that surrounds us when the sun claims his golden throne in his home sign of Leo. For you, this brings out your sensual way of connecting to life. Form and ownership, for you, must hold bright joy and stylish texture. Where you really shine in life is through your ability to tap the senses and create through their connection to your moods. How does the celadon green of an agave plant, it’s fibrous threads, and plump insides make you want to stalk it, care for it, and create things from it? How do you want to nurture its life before taking it apart? How do you want to honor all parts of its sacrifice in creating things of beauty? How do your heart and your ebbs and flows of creative energy want to touch, own, and create with plump, living things?

August 11th, Leo New Moon, Solar Eclipse: As the intersection of the moon’s orbit has been crossing the sun’s path in Leo over the past 18-months, this is the part of your chart set for a refresh. Something may have been shed in recent years around how you’ve made money. Your tastes in what you own and buy might also be shifting. A new coat of paint and passion for impulsively going after new ways of connecting to value, and your value, are being further pushed forward at this eclipse. As with all new beginnings, some things need to be cleared out. It’s a great month to get some space just for yourself to see what you are no longer honoring around possessions and your senses and to clear out some clutter, internally and externally. Use your senses to connect to what’s shifting and newly desired in your heart. Attached to the bold assertion of new cycles, not everything you go after works, but you must try some things on to know. Don’t beat yourself up if some moves around new ways of creating value in your life, flop. Maybe these are still great paths, but just need a little more time to ripen. Maybe you now see something wasn’t actually right for your heart. But maybe something catches. It’s a process, let it have room to breathe and feel all of its dimensions. Keep trying things, keep following your heart.

August 23rd, Virgo Season: A season of wrapping up loose ends, of creating more personal ripeness and maturity. How do you use your words, ideas, and mind to perfect and make yourself useful? This is what Virgo wants to help the Cancer breed with. The thing to remember is: in all of the maiden’s need for refinement and sophistication, an overly analytical bent can make things feel sterile. Allow yourself to misspell a word here and there, allow your mind to free-flow and not overwork things. In a need to master the realm of communication and connection, know that at the root, a wholeness is all that’s being sought. A rhythm and system that makes you useful and of purpose. But, oftentimes it’s the flaws that give us character and a distinguished use. Try to take a step back from all of the details and analyzing in your mentality, to see the bigger picture, to see that all of the little things you are doing are adding up to your wholeness—and that room for imperfection will help you stand out. A greater sense of belonging will be found if you can flow with a more organic mentality around wholeness than an overly stuffy one. An understanding of seasons and cycles, and all of the beautiful ways that holistic systems flow can be yours with just a touch more relaxed, big picture thinking.

August 26th, Pisces Full Moon: One of my favorite moons of the year. There is typically a spark of glamour and bubbly at this moon. Things coming into ripeness are cosmic, ethereal, magic, and filled with compassionately transcended boundaries. For you, Pisces fullness is wanting to dance in the area of your chart that rules how you believe, and how you broaden your horizons through higher education, travel, or philosophies. You may find others wanting to team up with you around enterprising or visionary ideas. At this fullness, you may also find that something you’ve been working on behind the scenes didn’t quite have enough juice to make it off of the ground, and needs to be set free. Whichever is the case, get out, have a little bubbly, and see where connecting with others might lead to helping you push things from inside of you, into the outer world.

Planetary Transitions
August 6th: Venus enters Libra. Ask yourself these questions: How have I found more pleasurable and honored connections in my life over the past month? What value has that ripened in me? How can I build on that through valuing balanced nurturing/self-nurturing?

August 7th: Uranus stations retrograde until January 7, 2019. A need for experimentation and greater freedom around how you value and are valued in friendships and collaborations, has likely been surfacing since May. This is due to a new 7-year transit of Uranus shaking things up in Taurus. Now heading into a slumber to retrace some steps and reflect on the new rebellion surfacing in you, it’s a great time to slow down and ask yourself some deep questions. What about friendship and value have become overly solidified and stifling? What about your future dreams through innovative notions and connection to groups movements is starting to wake something new inside of you? How have your values started to change, in general and how are movements in the world pushing on those? Observe and jot down thoughts and realizations that come up around this over the next several months. It will help you to move forward toward your future in a more confident way, come the new year.

August 19th: Mercury stations direct in Leo. Your mind is now free to commit more deeply to ideas around value and your bright senses. Dig into your lioness senses and use your words, hands, and community to help you find greater connection to your self-worth (through to the end of the month).

August 27th: Mars stations direct in Capricorn. Since the end of June, you may have needed to gain some deep inner clarity around your relationships. It’s possible that a bit of yourself, of your boundaries, got lost in your commitments to others. As Mars returns to direct, it will become more clear on how to draw balanced inner and outer boundaries, more easily. Some structure and realigning of needs, on both sides of partnering, will bring revived passions to the surface.


July 23 - August 22

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Take the Leap

LEO!!! You are the sign that's been going through a major renascence over the past 18 months. If you haven’t felt it yet, don’t worry, the earliest born of you are coming up on this at this eclipse. If you have felt this, and the majority of you should’ve by now, you know what I’m talking about. A new start. Something in you went through a phase of release and letting things go. By doing this, you leveled up to a new stage of life, you let go of baggage that was doing you no good. Passions in your heart are stirring and the cosmics are getting you deeply in touch with who you are becoming and what you desire in life. It’s a very personal phase that you are going through and a very impulsive one as well. You are treading territory uncharted and you need to have a bold heart that will allow you to take some big leaps in your life. Some of these won’t pan out, but if you procrastinate or fear initiative right now, you won’t learn the lessons that will help you identify what is right for you and what’s a misstep. And, I’ll be honest, you will have missteps. It’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up. The failures are helping you to see and clarify your limits and boundaries. It’s all a beautiful process that you should enjoy and take in stride. The great thing is that if you can make decisions and act on them, you are certain to connect to your heart in ways you haven’t felt in ages. This is your time, the cosmos are listening to you and giving you a sense of spirit and new sunrises to act on. Don’t miss out as this phase is soon coming to an end—especially the later born Leo’s.

August 1st, Leo Season: Feel the heat on your face and body, the sweat beading up on your chest, your heart beating a little more intensely than usual. This is a season to shine your brightest, Leo. And as mentioned above, it’s one that will get you very in-tune with yourself, if you let it in. Stretch tall every morning, opening your chest to the sky. Feel your heart beat and an inner joy spread infectiously to all who come near you. Others want to be near you, they crave your attention and praise. They long to understand the command and warmth that you exude. Realize this gift that you have as the golden child of the zodiac, the magnanimous royalty of the human race. Yours is the starlet, the leader, the creative, and the child. But, on the other end, we sometimes see the side of you that’s the cruel dictator, the controller, and the narcissist. Keep an eye out that some of these negative traits don’t fully take over as you are creating the DNA of what a new 19-year cycle is being built upon. Check your heart. Have conversations with it and let it lead you with warmth.

August 11th, Leo New Moon, Solar Eclipse: Your personal yearly reset comes at this eclipse, in alignment with a much longer-term reset taking place. Take advantage of this to clear out any old baggage and dusty passions taking up space in your chest cavity. Meditate to center yourself and talk with your inner self. Be still, a lot, in order to get clarity and make big decisions to act on. Step outside at midday just to feel the warmth of the sun, your ruler, wake your vital centers up with gusto. Find gumption and courage to stand tall amidst the unexplored territory that you are entering.

August 23rd, Virgo Season: Slowing down is the goal of this season, which should feel good after the fire felt during your personal season of Leo. It’s a season to honor your daily rhythms and find a speed to how you get through your days and processes that allows you to use touch, taste, sight, sound, and smells. Your five earthy senses are here to help you cultivate a life that feels well and useful. You may love to feel needed for your sense of value, for your ability to use your voice and your esteem. As most are ramping up in speed during this season, you are able to dig your heels in and know when too much is on your plate, to know that often times, less in more in how you are productive and purposeful. Use this season to give slow, deep, sense-centric attention to a few things that make you feel whole and well. See if this can bring you a boost in feeling value in your life, and that will possibly lead to greater inflow of value.

August 26th, Pisces Full Moon: A little, or even a lot, of magic is in the air at the Pisces Full Moon. This is the moon of ripening our artistic, compassionate, and healing energies. For you, this moon will illuminate what is ready to dance in your life around greater boundary-less intimacy, empowerment, and fluid control. You may need to uproot a block to your psychological well-being in order to channel this. And although this can be hard and vulnerable, ultimately, it will free up some blocked energy that is ready to be seen.

Planetary Transitions
August 6th: Venus enters Libra. Ask yourself these questions: How have I found more pleasurable and honored rhythms in my life over the past month? What value has that ripened in me? How can I build on that through valuing harmonious connections and community?

August 7th: Uranus stations retrograde until January 7, 2019. How have you felt a need to find greater freedom around your career and aspirations since May? Ever since Uranus made his big 7-year move into Taurus, he’s been trying to breakdown and shake up things overly solidified in what you’ve been reaching for. He wants you to think differently, to collaborate with others or build things with groups in order to create innovative progress and a hopeful vision for your position and responsibilities in the world. It’s likely that this is shaking things up for you—either professionally or in how you view your place in the greater world. As he stations retrograde, you can use this retracing of steps that is so useful, to get a better understanding of why you’ve felt stifled in and ready for a change in what you’re achieving. Take a little step back from these aims to take notes and observe what you start to see in new light. This will help you to be more stable and confident as Uranus returns to direct, just after the new year.

August 19th: Mercury stations direct in Leo. Just as you’ve been feeling huge jolts of fresh energy and new passions rising to your surface, Mercury has been throwing a wet blanket on your parade. Our messenger planet has wanted us all to revisit, review, and rethink how our minds and hearts have been in communication. It’s likely that these two somehow got out of synch and some of the things your mind has told you that you want, creatively and passionately, have not been what you heart has wanted. Go within and work on aligning this partnership. I know earlier I said to take action, but don’t sign contracts, buy things with moving parts, or make major purchases until after the 19th. There is something you need to see with a different perspective before you have the correct information. It’s fine to still form and talk about your ideas and dream up your big bold moves, just be wary of major commitments.

August 27th: Mars stations direct in Capricorn. Our planet of assertion and clarity has wanted you to look inside at baggage taking up space in how you are working, processing, and cultivating responsible rhythms in your life. As he’s focused on some inner work, purging all the debris that’s slowing you down, once back to direct, you’ll feel charged and ready to get to work building great purpose in your life.


August 23 - September 22

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Divine Prowess

Dream and flow with the tides in deep ways this month, dear Virgo. The work of releasing to greater things, to inspiration and the surrender of baggage, is taking place for the majority of this month. With your ruler, Mercury, in retrograde (until the 19th) in your final house of your yearly progression, along with the sun also shining a light down on what you need to let go of, the buildup of complexity can feel great and overwhelming. But, the magic of overwhelm is that you start to let go and releases of stored toxicity can start to happen. The cosmos are filled with genius solutions and healing energies, but so often we are too busy with our daily lives to feel that, to reach out and know that they are closer at hand than we know, ready to help should our hearts call out. This month, the veil between you and the great void is very thin. Sleeping and dreaming provide access, as does music and art. Go into your dreamtime space, go into your soul, your connection to flow. If you don’t carve out time to do this for yourself, your body may decide to make you sick and do it for you. As the sun moves into your sign a little later this month, things will start to clarify a bit with new passion building, but your ruler will still be in Leo until next month. A part of you will continue to need the healing of escape. If you are like us, believing that the goddess asteroid Ceres is your co-ruler, a part of you is feeling into your purpose and new passions around what to ripen in your life over the next year, and what to prepare to compromise in. A holistic connection to the system of producing and offering that completes cycles of life and a deep connection to sacrifice and divine use.

August 1st, Leo Season: With Leo being the sign that rules your last, 12th house, where the sun and Mercury are posting up for most of August, the energy you have around divine and cosmic inspiration is quite commanding, warm, true, and courageous. You can use your warm heart, that for the rest of the year may be hard for you to see, to truly heal others and yourself, to tap into a joyful sense of art and creative fantasy realms. What does your heart want to express? How does it want to guide and find compassion? What in your heart needs healing and more respect? Talk to your heart and ask it to reach out to your guides and the great inspired space beyond you. Ask it to be a channel of communication to help you heal things. Ask it to give you the command needed to be a spiritual priestess/priest, royal in cosmic lineage.

August 11th, Leo New Moon, Solar Eclipse: Something big and new is being felt in how you want to creatively express through your connection to fantasy, cosmic places, and inspired spirit. You are the golden child, the favorite of the cosmic and artistic communities. You don’t always see this as this part of you lives right behind you in your shadow, but this season a light is shone on it and you can see just how loved you are by the realms beyond. At the same time, due to this shadow placement, you can also collect a lot of debris and complex baggage in this part of your life. Because it is hard for you to see your ego, you may learn some tough lessons now around how it has been tripping you up. This is the perfect year to truly rid yourself of ego shadows, to find clarity around what your ego is and what is healthy and unhealthy around its expression.

August 23rd, Virgo Season: A sense of clarity will start to come through as we move into your birthday month (or rising sign’s domain)—new vitality around your will, your identity, your boundaries, and your personal passions and desires in life. You are our sign of systemizing, analyzing, refining, and producing. At the heart of this energy is a need to feel whole and of purpose, a mature adult who is self-sufficient and knows its use in this thing we call life. This can get overlooked as your urge to do is always on. Step back, center yourself this season, and see that the truth of this is about creating daily life rhythms and processes that create wellness and purpose to be needed as we move into the darker, transpersonal portion of the year. Part of systems and wellness are scheduling in and honoring that well cycles need decompression, relaxation, fun, love, and leisure. You can easily overlook this, but due to where your sign is currently sitting in relation to the lunar nodes, you may start to get it this year, that less can be a lot more. That things of value needs time and space to be done well, and that a sense of pleasure makes you value what you do, hence how others value what you do, in much deeper ways. Challenge yourself to cultivate daily rhythms that honor the full spectrum: assertion, connection, intuition, joy, relaxtion, productivity, giving, receiving, processing, solidifying, and releasing. With every new item you add into your day, ask if this will make you more well or more frazzled. Challenge yourself to do less, but do what you do with slow, organic, beautiful care.

August 26th, Pisces Full Moon: Your opposing sign of Pisces illuminates with fullness this month. For you, it ignites so much about where you are balanced or out of balance in your life. You must integrate Pisces energy in order to use your Virgo attention to detail and refinement in healthy ways. Pisces is the sign of disintegration, of spiritual trust, and composition. You are oppositely the sign of integration, wholeness, and process to be productive. Allow this moon to show you how to balance your life with more fluidity, more trust in things greater than you, and more access to unwinding and inspired trust in yourself. Something around your partnerships and ability to harmonize with others will feel ripe or challenged at this moon. It could be a beautifully romantic moon when you feel a sense of power and intimacy with your nearest others. You may need to dive below the surface to uproot some blocks, and although this can be a vulnerable thing, ultimately it will empower your ability to connect to your spiritual and fluid way of building trust with others.

Planetary Transitions
August 6th: Venus enters Libra. Ask yourself these questions: How have I found more pleasurable and honored passions and boundaries in my life over the past month? What value has that ripened in me? How can I build on that through valuing my worth and sense of harmony and design?

August 7th: Uranus stations retrograde until January 7, 2019. Since May, Uranus has been shaking up a need for more freedom in your need for adventure, wanting you to push your boundaries and comfort zones in wholly new ways. Something has become overly solidified and needs questioning, breaking apart, and innovation in how you hold perspective and life beliefs. You may be questioning a religion, a philosophy you’ve held dear, or looking for more innovative ways to travel abroad, expand business, or create opportunities in your life—possibly through unique kinds of higher education and mentors. Keep an open mind in all of this as Uranus will now turn retrograde to help you see missing pieces or things in new light as to why this is percolating for you. Something connected to your sense of value, worth, and simple pleasures in life is involved and you need to use this retrograde to reflect on this and what you are wanting to shake up in this regard. Groups and friendships can help you tap into this need for progress and a hopeful future and value and expansion.

August 19th: Mercury stations direct in Leo. Your ruler returns to direct motion, allowing you to find more lucid and clear thought around the ego needs and spiritual powers you have. A deep time for reflection has likely shown you some very dark shadow work that’s been needed, and now you can push forward with a deep ability to know your heart and its connection to art, fantasy, healing, and guiding others through heart spaces. As the shadows of your heart finds lightness, you will feel free to own your command and power without the ego subtly sabotaging things. You will likely be humbled in ways and know with more surety the authenticity of your warmth and joy and how you need greater access to those and expression of them.

August 27th: Mars stations direct in Capricorn. Something around your work and creative powers has needed to go deep inside to toss out some inner clutter. New clarity and passions may be felt as Mars returns to direct, in how you can lead with responsibility and structure, and how you work and create wellness for your life, in innovative, futuristic ways.


September 23 - October 22

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Self-Care

You are one of the few signs who’s ruling planet, Venus, is not in retrograde this month. But, that said, there is going to be a thread of going in and out of sleepy phases throughout August. You may start the month off feeling a little groggy—a continuation from a good chunk of last month’s energy. Use a the current of energy flowing through you to refine and reflect on what you’ve done since last autumn. Your ruler is ending her 7.5-month tour of the zodiac and it’s time to give in to a little extra surrender. Organize and purify all of the clutter that’s accumulated, internally and externally. For you, it’s pertinent that you feel like you are finding purpose and a certain wholeness in the shadows of your life where all of your clutter ends up. Create art and poetry out of your critiques, out of your ability to systemize, and channel some healing through surrendering your daily practices to rhythms that are divine and inspired. As alone time to center and care for yourself in order to find new passion for your love of harmonizing and balancing things. At the same time that your ruler is taking you through ending and beginning phases, the sun is highlighting and rejuvenating how you creatively collaborate and urging you to take the lead in some group scenarios. On the 23rd, it’ll move into Virgo and its last stop in your chart, the area of decompression, surrender, and shadow work—where your ruler was earlier in the month. Once again, it’s a time when you may feel themes of endings and beginnings as your vital energies are loosening into spiritual territory and your ruler is focusing your soul on creating new seeds of passion. The theme you can plug into that will help you to balance this duality, is to tend to self-care, to drop into your heart, asking it what it needs, and to take extra time to sort your baggage, find meaning in it, and then clear it out.

August 1st, Leo Season: It’s all about the heart in Leo Season, and more specifically for you, about groups and friendships. How are you showing your gratitude and warmth to those you cherish? How are you being generous with groups and standing tall to take command within them? Talk to your heart this season. Ask it how it wants to shine for groups. Ask it how it wants to play and find joy and love in groups. Ask it how a little romance could be found through friends connecting you to another heart (just a hint: you may find your greatest connection to romantic love through group involvement, technology, or a friend).

August 11th, Leo New Moon, Solar Eclipse: There is a very fresh energy around the sign of Leo with the north node of the moon having been working its way through this sign for about 15 months, with approximately 3 more months to go. Where the north node is transiting is where you find a similar energy to spring, to new passions, and new paths. But this one is a reboot to a much longer-term cycle than a yearly one. It’s a new 19-year cycle for the area that this sign rules. This eclipse may bring up themes that you saw at last August’s Leo Solar Eclipse, pushing the threads further along. Give yourself extra room to get clear and reboot how you connect with your heart, and your heart to a sense of creative collaboration or innovative love.

August 23rd, Virgo Season: Moving into Virgo Season, your shadows are lit up by the sun. This is a great time in each year to see and better understand how you analyze, organize, and produce. Your style in this may be loose and fluid with healing tones to it, a bit unstructured, but it’s hard for you to see during the rest of your year. This means debris can pile up in your ability to refine and cultivate well practices. Your humility and how you work, serve, and produce may have escapist tones, but, you are working through cosmic channels with a contract unlike many others. This may not be understood by the rest of the world unless directed toward mystical or artistic avenues. Daily tasks could feel overwhelming and complex to you for unexplainable reasons. You can ask for help in these things from the realms beyond you. They will help you find your personal rhythm as long as you make time for these cosmic spaces and so they can tune into you and work for you. As the sun beams down here, you might be able to spot a few areas around productivity that are tripping you up, that you can newly attend to in healthier ways.

August 26th, Pisces Full Moon: A ripened fullness in being reached through the sign of Pisces. For you, this will illuminate how you work and produce in artistic or healing ways. It will reflect to you that as you find passion to organize and systemize how you cultivate your daily rhythms, rhythms for you that are likely inspiration and art-based, you can find greater meaning and magical surrender in what and how you produce and systemize. For you, the realm of work and wellness vs. healing and surrender are a little bit blurred. The natural rulers of each of those areas rules it’s opposing area. How you work is fluid and spiritual. How you surrender to sprit and find inspiration is systemized and organized. Right now this polarity is playing out: finding new passions around working in spiritual ways, while finding greater compromise and exchange in how you surrender and release to produce something of use. At its heart, this polarity is about purpose. If you can center in that, you’ll more easily be able to see in the moment if that needs to be on the tangible use side or the healing and symbolic meaning side—or some blend.

Planetary Transitions
August 6th: Venus enters Libra. Ask yourself these questions: How have I found more pleasurable and honored healing in my life over the past month? What value has that ripened in me? How can I build on that through valuing self-trust in how I relate with others?

August 7th: Uranus stations retrograde until January 7, 2019. Since May, Uranus has likely be waking you up to a new need for freedom and construct breaking in how you value and find pleasure in intimacy and power. Something in you wants to discover new and innovative ways of grounding and honoring the material world, especially in shared resources. Areas of wealth and debt may be breaking down as overly solidified ways of connecting to them change and innovate what power and the material realm mean to you. As this planet moves into retrograde, it’s a great time to observe, see things in new light, and jot down notes as you retrace some of your steps. Your rewiring process may have missed something or moved too fast for you to deeply understand the shifts taking place. This retrograde will help. Once back to direct in the new year, you’ll have more solid footing and knowledge around why these shifts are needed in your life.

August 19th: Mercury stations direct in Leo. All month your mind may be focused on groups and fun with friends. But there has been something you’ve needed to see under the hood. A connection between mind and heart has needed some reviewing. As Mercury returns to direct, find greater clarity in the two organs working together. Lead from your heart and mentally shift as it directs. This will help you to change your attitude in friendships and group situations. This will help you to KNOW your truth in this realm collaboration rather than thinking you know.

August 27th: Mars stations direct in Capricorn. Since the end of June you’ve been doing some inner work to clarify and purge how you need to feel safe through structure and responsibility as well as in how you uniquely express yourself with command. As Mars returns to direct, you’ll be able to move forward with greater passion and assertive trust in what your personal energy wants and needs.


October 23 - November 21

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Wisdom

Inner work continues to be the theme of your life this summer. Both of your co-rulers, Mars and Pluto, are in a retrograde phase. One pointing you toward a need for greater clarity and freedom in home and family matters: What’s cluttered and blocking you around feeling nurtured and supported in the progressive needs of your private life? What kind of self-trust or boundaries do you need to find in order to create better patterns in your home? The other pointing toward uprooting blockages that are preventing you from feeling connected and holding authority in your community: How might you be holding too much power over those in your daily circles of connection or giving your power away to others in your community? How are you feeling pressures around communication and connection? What about authority are you either hiding from or hiding about yourself? These are some tough questions, but you are a tough sign, fully capable of doing the deep work that your sign asks of you. You hold very strong and very mysterious wisdom, with precision and control to help guide you. Use this wisdom. Call on it to help you uproot all of the things that need to be freed from inside of you. As you do this, huge and transforming outer changes will take place once these planets return to direct motion.

August 1st, Leo Season: Let’s turn to the sun for a little levity. In Leo, its favorite and most golden spot, this season shows you where and how you best shine. For you, this has to do with achieving things, career, and your worldly reputation. Commanding the pinnacle spot in the skies, directly overhead, Leo and this season show you that you are a true boss. You hold the command and creative flair to reach the top of any field you choose. If that field involves a little fun, sun, and creativity, all the better. And really, with such a serious sun sign, it may suit you to climb peaks in your life that are exciting, relaxed, and attractive. But, no matter the grand aims and peaks you choose to climb, you will do it with tenacity, stubborn endurance, and maybe even a touch of brutality. The ruler of Leo is the sun after all, and since we know that’s in Scorpio for half of you (not for the Scorpio rising’s), your intensity shines bright in all of this peak climbing talk. The dark side of Leo can be cruelty, ego-mania, and dictatorship. If combined with the darker aspects of your Scorpio sun, power-mania and over controlling, this combo does need to be regularly observed and kept in check. So although you could run the world, you can find yourself alone in the process if you’re not careful. But, honestly, you are the sign that can take charge, build, lead, and enjoy grand successes. Just meditate on being warm, kind, generous, and empowering of others. The rest of us poor souls could use a little of your juju in how to own and empower ourselves. Don’t worry we won’t steal any of yours. None of us could pull that trick off.

August 11th, Leo New Moon, Solar Eclipse: Leo is the part of your chart that is going through a major reboot. You may have started to notice big or little shifts in what you felt aspirational toward last summer. This summer, at the Leo solar eclipse, the theme will be pushed further forward. It’s time to clear away old baggage and debris in what you’ve been doing career or recognition-wise, and decide if new peaks and dreams have your name on them. There’s impulse in all of this, and you may take a few blows as you test the waters of a different kinds of aims. But, you’ll need to try a bunch of things on for size to see which new paths are a reality for you. If you don’t try you won’t know. Don’t beat yourself up if something fails. This is a very long-term reboot. We’re talking a 19-year cycle, so take the next several months, if you haven’t been courageous in trying new things, to do that.

August 23rd, Virgo Season: As the season moves the clock forward a notch, Virgo Season comes along ruling our last third of summer—as well as our last sign before the turn to the dark half of the year. A busy need surfaces to tie up all of the strings of your life, to pack your schedule and try to juggle all of the many things you want the wholeness of your life to consist of. The thing is, Virgo is currently in a phase of wanting to honor a slower more valuable rhythm. It would rather you take a few things off of your plate and honor the things you truly adore with ample time to feel, taste, touch, smell, and witness them. The great thing about this is that the more you value things, the more value you can find in your own life and worth. So, what can depart from your day-to-day rhythm? What’s no longer sustainable that you’ve been trying to do? For you, this sign and season light up your collaborative bent, your need to feel useful to groups and friendships, and your innovative spirit. You likely have quite the ability to systemize how you collaborate or get groups organized. Don’t feel like you need to help and be of service to all of those friends who know they can call on you, day or night. It’s not that they are purposely taking advantage of your assistance, but it’s there and people will prey on that. This year during Virgo Season, you are to plant new seeds that are about honoring your time, your worth, and your boundaries. People will figure their own shit out if you let them. It’s not your job to save every person who calls for a favor. Let them pay you or set up a system that lets your posse know when you are and aren’t available to them.

August 26th, Pisces Full Moon: Full moons bring beautiful illumination to what is ripened and ready to share into the world, or what no longer has the juices to make it out into the world for consumption. Pisces always produces one of the more magical full moons. This sign is compassion, art, escapism (ahem, a little over indulgence on the bubbly), and mystical genius. Let this moon bring illumination to you around how creative and courageous you are. This sign shows where you are a little softer and more gentle in your life. This sign is the artist and is in your creative sector. Create something glamourous, dance with others in a courageously compassionate way. Show compassion in how you lead and love. Your realm of magic is way above par in the creative and playful aspects of life. Movies, music, art, mystical entertainments, and shining for your sensitivity are all at your fingertips around this moon. Whatever is felt, the cosmos are informing you of what’s ready to be pushed from pre-production, in to production and the outer world.

Planetary Transitions
August 6th: Venus enters Libra. Ask yourself these questions: How have I found more pleasurable and honored friendship or collaboration in my life over the past month? What value has that ripened in me? How can I build on that through valuing compassion and elegant inspiration?

August 7th: Uranus stations retrograde until January 7, 2019. Since May, this planet has been shaking things up in how you relate with important others—whether with a spouse or partner of other sorts. Uranus is here to give you a little more freedom. It seems something has become overly solidified and stifled in this realm of your life and you need to see through kaleidoscopes of new colors to get you out of a rut. I’ll be honest, this may create some breaks in your spousal situation, or if you and a partner can weather it, it will change the way you function together as a team. But one thing is certain, your sense of trust, fairness, and balance will be put to the test and will likely need some dramatic shifts. What’s nice is these feelings or events that have just begun to poke their mischievous heads out, are going down for a nap to reflect and see with greater, depth as steps are retraced, exactly why this is all happening. Observe, take notes, ponder questions. It may not be the time to rattle the cage during this reflective time, but it will help you gain more understanding. Once Uranus returns to direct, just after the new year, then your time to push and question things will be able to stand on more sure footing.

August 19th: Mercury stations direct in Leo. Over the past three weeks, you’ve been tasked with looking under your hood to see how your mind and heart need to better connect. This journey may have shown you how often you make aims in life that you think your heart is after. But, the heart has ultimate say, it’s much stronger than our minds, and will sabotage if need be. This process will help you to get this balance a little better regulated with your heart at least being heard, even if it’s still not leading (this can be a hard thing to learn in how our society functions). The more you can shift into this, the greater your successes and mentality around achievement will be.

August 27th: Mars stations direct in Capricorn. With so many retrogrades going on this summer, on top of both of your rulers having been in this state, one of them coming up for air will feel very refreshing and nice. Think back since late June. What have you gained new clarity in around your boundaries and needs for freedom in your private life? What new passion and self-trust do you see more clearly around how you want to learn, communicate, and connect in responsible ways? Mars will start asserting you forward with a bit more energy and independence in the last few days of this month.


November 22 - December 21

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Pre-Blossoming

Have you been a little extra tired over the past 9 months? Don’t worry, this is for good reason—and there’s reason why you should allow yourself to be. Every sign has a planetary ruler, and for you this is the head honcho of the planetary gods, Jupiter (Zeus). He’s tired, he’s been on an epic 12-year tour of the zodiac, taking you along for the ride. It’s time for him and you to rest up, just as we sleep after a long day, in order to prepare for the dawn of a new 12-year cycle (that will arrive in November). This is a time to dream, to pull all of the stored up debris out of your closets that you’ve gathered over the past 12-years, and take a good look at it. It’s time to sit in the middle of all of the complexity that you’ve created, to feel totally overwhelmed and exhausted, allowing you to loosen your grip on the baggage and boundaries in your life. It’s a truly beautiful time for healing, for finding new inspiration for your next phase (although you won’t be ready to dive into initiations in those until November), to find meaning and symbolism in your life, to compose art or dive into mystical matters, and mostly, to slow way down. Touring the sign of Scorpio, you are likely purging a lot of blockages around how you feel empowered and able to be intimate or manage wealth and debt issues. It’s time to surrender to the reality of your patterns in these things in order to transcend them. It’s time to be a little more vulnerable in order to be witnessed in the power you have—and that you likely have a hard time seeing in yourself. You are closer to the cosmic powers beyond our world during this phase, seeing with depth, just how powerful you can be in the healing arts, a shaman of being able to guide others and yourself through major transformations. You have to go through and uproot your own darkness and mysteries first, but this experience will make you equipped to help others find magic and compassion in transforming and digging out deep blockages to their own life force. On the 19th, you have an especially beautiful connection to Neptune, emphasizing an ability to really release and find compassion for anything you're trying to overcome.

August 1st, Leo Season: The season of warmth and grand heart expression is lighting things up in you around wanting to push your boundaries and expand into new opportunities of growth. Your heart needs to be in charge of these things for you. Ask it what big visions it’s having? Ask it what it wants to create and take the lead in, in big aims? Being the sign that naturally rules big vision thinking, you are extra suited for being a star in all things enterprising, belief-based, publishing, storytelling, guru-ing, teaching, or directing. Your vision is filled with flair, with creative juice, with the power of shine, and this is the time of year when you get a reboot in vital energy around all of this, preparing you to push into new aims and growth over the next year.

August 11th, Leo New Moon, Solar Eclipse: Leo is the sign going through major refresh energy in long-term aims. Think back to last summer’s Great American Eclipse. What fresh paths or desires surfaced at that time? This eclipse will push the thread a little further forward. Take some time to center yourself, and again, check in with your heart. Is there anything cluttering it from feeling clear about what it wants in grand visions? Is it feeling eager, impulsive, bold, or speaking with impressive self-trust? If not, keep sitting in quiet and calm settings, get into nature to connect to your natural rhythm, and do some very late spring cleaning to find a centered place for your heart to hear itself. Once you find the passions in your heart, follow them, but know this phase is meant for you to experiment and try lots of things. Not everything will take and you need to stay kind around this possibility. You’ve got to try things on for size when entering totally new phases. You need the experiences of your desires to know if they are actually suitable for you. Do, try, and be okay with some failure. But, also be okay with some beginner’s luck and finding new passions that might lead you on a long journey through your creative visionary bent.

August 23rd, Virgo Season: The ending third of summer is encoded in Virgo’s energies. It wants to tie up loose ends. It wants you to feel bountiful, whole, and like a self-sufficient adult. It can also make you more critical and analytical, bringing greater efficiency and productivity to your life. It is the zodiac’s workhorse. This year, Virgo is asking to slow down a little more, it’s exploring the concept of less is more. It’s highly in touch with the 5 earthy senses in order to understand its value in your life. For you, this all plugs into your career, position in the world, or what you aspire to be or achieve. More career value can be tapped into through seeds you’ll plant next month, at the Virgo new moon.

August 26th, Pisces Full Moon: Sweet compassionate dreams could be ripe and coming to fruition around how you feel nurtured and rooted through home and family (although the term rooted to you may be an abstract concept). An elegance is yours to be had in how you dance with themes of security. Your roots grow into and through the cosmic spaces rather than into fertile earth soils. Art and/or mysticism may have deep roots in your ancestry. Around this moon, be open to soft illumination around what home means to you, around what you need to feel secure enough in life to share your roots and soul with others. Let things that are full in you, out into the world to share and exchange on. Let your artistic imagination tell you about dreams that are starting to come true. Dreams that may be finding expansion and great vision in how you can powerfully tend to your private life’s feeding grounds.

Planetary Transitions
August 6th: Venus enters Libra. Ask yourself these questions: How have I found more pleasurable and honored authority in my life over the past month? What value has that ripened in me? How can I build on that through valuing a fair and elegant collaborative spirit?

August 7th: Uranus stations retrograde until January 7, 2019. Things have been shaking up in how you want to feel greater self-worth and value in the work you do. You may be feeling more collaborative or experimental in how you create pleasurable rhythms in your daily life. Something around work or wellness has become too solidified and needs to be broken down and through. You may be feeling an urge to see things through the eyes of others, helping you to see with a prism of new originality. You are likely in the midst of revolutionizing your overall lifestyle and ability to enjoy it. Uranus, the planet responsible for all of this in your chart, is about to retrace some of his steps. This is actually a really great process. Some of the moves you’ve likely made in relations to your daily work and life have maybe felt shocking or unexpected. This process of review will help you to see it all in new light, better understanding what’s at the core of this need for shift. Observe, take notes, and absorb what insight arise from this reflection time. Come the new year, greater depth of understanding will have you able to step forward into the shifts you’ve been craving with a more sure-footed confidence.

August 19th: Mercury stations direct in Leo. Review your past three-weeks. What have you learned about how your heart and mind connect? How have new insights been gained in how your heart needs more time to be felt and listened to? How can you, going forward, check-in each day to make intentions through your heart rather than you mind, leading your life with greater truth and warmth? This may all be centered around how you aim for great and visionary things in your life through your heart’s voice. Have you allowed your heart the room for exploration and seeking that it craves, or has your mind created fears and justifications for not following your will?

August 27th:
Mars stations direct in Capricorn. New clarity may surface around how you need to be more responsibly assertive and passionate about your value and worth in life, as well as in how you think and connect with an aloof originality. Push forward in these things with this new centering and passion.


December 22 - January 19

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Allowing Joy

Oh, Cappy. You are truly the greatest worrier of the zodiac, but right now, the stars are telling you that you need to chill out, be more open-minded, and feed your sense of love, joy, and childlike excitement. With your ruler, Saturn, retrograde all month, in your own sign, it’s a great time to go inward to see what is cluttering your clarity, hence your outer world. As you do this, planet of surprise and change, Uranus, will be making a nice angle to you all month, also in retrograde (starting on the 7th). He’ll be busy reviewing what about your childhood, hence your connection to youthful silliness, was maybe not what you perceived. Look back with your more adult eyes to help you purge and change some of your patterns. This will help you to better connect with your authentic joy, your willingness to let your own kids have joy, and your courage to be creative. With Leo Season and Eclipse Season ruling the energies, this is further emphasized. It’s time for totally new eyes and passions. It’s time to clear out the clutter of past notions that held you back. It’s time for you to uncover some authenticity in your heart that got passed by or buried.

August 1st, Leo Season: The warming ways of Leo light up many of the greatest mysteries in your life. What about your heart and joy are you fiercely private and secretive about? How does your sense of love and command feel blocked? Leo is the midst of a major long-term reboot. It wants you to center and find new passion and assertion in how you express yourself. But for you, this may be a very vulnerable task. For you, there is power, control, and precision involved in how you navigate matters of the heart and creativity. The thing is, you may have a truly powerful presence, more so than most, but, this need to stay in control of your heart, or control the hearts of others, has created some things that are potentially toxic, and need to be uprooted. This is a difficult, vulnerable process. It takes courage. You will need to go under your surface into the darkest corners of your being, or your heart, to yank some poisons out. As you do this, and the more you deal with it, the greater the transformation you’ll connect to in your life. Leo’s looking for a fresh slate so this will likely be a big emphasis in order for it to get what it wants for you. Don’t be scared of the vulnerabilities coming your way. They will ultimately allow these blockages to be witness, processed, and released—connecting you to a refreshed portion of your life-force that you’ve been cut off from for some time. As you go through the process, you will see how empowering others is what empowers you. You will see that sometimes empowering others, hence yourself, means letting hearts, yours and others, be joyful and relaxed.

August 11th, Leo New Moon, Solar Eclipse: At the new moon/solar eclipse. I want you to start up a real and direct dialogue with your heart. Ask to speak to it. Ask it to appear. Ask it what it wants, what it’s been cut off from, and how you can help it regain some life. Wait for it to respond. Be patient and be clear in communication with it. There’s likely something new that it’s trying to reach but needs you to extract something that’s in its way. Themes that came up at last summer’s Great American Eclipse will be pushed forward even further now. Heart precision is your way, but is in a need of a new tune-up.

August 23rd, Virgo Season: The rhythms that you cultivate allow you to handle visionary things in your life. How do your tasks and processes enable growth opportunities that push your boundaries and give you great wisdom? How do you push through your day-to-day in a way that is both systemized and far-reaching? The work you do or the daily rhythms you cultivate are what make your wholeness. This is Virgo’s domain: making you more self-sufficient and of purpose. This year, it wants a slower rhythm in order to truly honor what it’s bringing to fruition in your life. It wants you to take things off of your plate rather than adding to it. It wants to connect to the 5 earthy senses to help it know that what it helps you with is valued and valuable. This is a year to real in some of your major projects and to analyze how those might actually be more sustainable and pleasurable in the long run by scaling back. Do less to do more. Focus on what it is in your days, work, and wellness efforts that give you pleasure, hence what you value, hence bringing greater value back to you.

August 26th, Pisces Full Moon: Magic is in the air at the Pisces illumination. This is the sign of glamour, or surrender, of art, and of cosmic connection. It’s a bubbly sign full of compassion and illusion. Whatever Pisces has been up to in your chart for the past 6-months, is coming into ripeness, ready to be put out into the world, or released if it didn’t ripen well enough. In your chart, it plugs you into community, communication, and realms of the mind: writing, speaking, connection. This is a beautiful moon to get out and mingle with others, helping you to talk about what’s just below your surface, trying to come up and out of you. Dance with others through words and wit. Weave some poetry and symbolism into your mind’s eye. See how this give your artistic or spiritual side an elegance that others want to be in a dance with.

Planetary Transitions
August 6th: Venus enters Libra. Ask yourself these questions: How have I found more pleasurable and honored perspective in my life over the past month? What value has that ripened in me? How can I build on that through valuing harmonious aspirations?

August 7th: Uranus stations retrograde until January 7, 2019. Since May, this slow planet has shaken some things up for you around how you’ve wanted to create through your senses (think fibers and earthy materials), feel sensual joy, and find pleasure in being youthfully expressive? These shakeups are here to help you see through new prisms of experiences in order to get you out of overly solidified ways. As Uranus stations retrograde, it will be time to halt forward movement around all of the shake-ups you’ve felt. It’s time to retrace some of your step to see things in new light, allowing you to better understand why they are needed. As you review Uranus’ new curriculum for the next seven-years, once her returns to direct in the new year, you’ll be more confident pushing forward in shaking up old attitudes around pleasure, your senses and how you creatively express.

August 19th: Mercury stations direct in Leo. It seems your mind and your heart have needed to explore their relationship over the past 3-weeks. There is likely an imbalance that needed addressing around your mind wanting to control your heart vs. your heart informing your mind of its truth. You need to switch the orientation a bit. Make time each morning to ask your heart questions. It knows why it is that it needs so much control and intimacy, but when you allow your mind to assume it knows without connecting, it will run away with notions that will put you in the middle of very intense heart issues. Heart first, then align your mind. ‘Trust your heart more’, would be the great message from this retrograde. Now put it into practice as Mercury retours this part of your chart in forward motion.

August 27th: Mars stations direct in Capricorn. CLARITY. Mars is the planet of assertion and drive. He knows what he wants, and that is zero baggage to get in the way of his agenda. As he turns direct after going through your unconscious to clear out clutter accumulated there, he may put you into a turbo mode of clearing the clutter of your outer life to match the inner clutter he’s cleared. He will help you better know what you want in your life right now. He’ll connect you to your deepest passions and give you the courage to take some steps toward those.


January 20 - February 18

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Grateful Receiving

So much is shifting for you right now, Aquarius. Thankfully, a little downtime is headed your way where you’ll have the ability to reflect and see in new light, why your life is changing as it is. The cornerstone for you this month is to allow yourself to receive. This can be tricky though, so let me give you a tip from personal experience. When we come into phases of life that are about receptivity, sometime we are exposed to unwelcome things as boundaries become a little looser. The way to minimize this is to keep your heart open and let it express through you, the gratitude it feels when the things being received are appreciated. The more you show and express what it is you adore; those are the things you’ll start receiving. Your sign has had a long run of being very assertive, bold, and impulsive as Uranus, your ruler, toured rash Aries from April 2011 – May 2018. Now, as he has moved into Taurus, a slower earth sign, a yin sign, and a sign about finding pleasure and value in life, it’s a big shift to adjust to. You are also going to need to shift from being a connector and community hub to being more home and security focused. Value and personal finances will come into focus, and you may even try the work for yourself, from home, thing. Here’s another big tip as you enter this new 7-year phase of life: tend to a lot more self-care. Long baths, facials, afternoon siestas… With Taurus and your domestic sector being the new focus in your lens, get in touch with your senses. Get out into nature, eat indulgent foods, and honor your changing rhythm rather than fighting it. On top of this shift, your sign has the south node ending its 18-month tour of your sign, the cosmic note to engage in more exchange, compromise, and giving and receiving; Mars is moving in retrograde through your sign for most of the month, wanting you to gain extra clarity about your unconscious needs and passions; Leo Season is highlighting the part of your chart related to receptivity; Uranus and Mercury, in and out of retrograde, will be insisting on a slowdown to see under the hood. To connect your heart and soul to what is shifting in you so that you can be more secure and excited about the changes. The thread that truly stands out is a need to settle and be open to more beauty around all of the corners that you’ve been too busy to notice.

August 1st, Leo Season: As Leo Season burst forth through your heart, your aspirations will come into focus. This is a part of your chart going through a huge reboot right now. If you didn’t feel it last summer, you will this summer. One way of being involved in career may be ending, but this is due to new passions forming that are in a seed stage, little baby vibrations, needing you to impulsive crack them open. You may have lots of drive for a new style of career, or a new way of interacting in the world through what you accomplish or build. Allow for mistakes and wrong turns as you approach this fresh slate. It takes trying things on for size to see if they look as good on as they do on the hanger. Not everything will fit the way you hoped, but don’t give up. You’ll find the paths that match the new passions surfacing.

August 11th, Leo New Moon, Solar Eclipse: This is the best moon to really get in touch with your heart. Treat it like a voice inside of you. Be still, be quiet, ask it some questions and hear it respond. I promise it will, and really, it holds your greatest truth so is the wisest voice to make intentions and goals through. For you, your heart holds truths and has lots of fun and courageous things to tell you about your relationships, about how you give and receive, about what you need to receive to feel loved, and what you need to give to show that you love. As you form new intentions at this moon, know that these are made on a fresh slate giving you a new long-term trajectory—the DNA of where you will take your relationships and partnerships over the next 9-years.

August 23rd, Virgo Season: Ah, our season of perfecting our life rhythms, hence the ultimate purpose we produce in our lives. This year Virgo is going through a phase of wanting to slow way down, which should match your own energy. It wants to take things off of its plate rather than add to—its default mode. There is a process happening in the Virgo part of everyone’s chart around needing to connect to the value and pleasure of our busy lives, of cultivating something more sustainable and more honored. For you, this plugs into needing processes, systems, and rhythms that refine your intimacy, your shared resources, and your power and control in life. It’s possible that you will need to uproot some blocked areas of your psyche around your value and self-worth. What about being whole and useful feels disempowered right now? What feels overly controlled around your lifestyle? Is your daily precision a touch too overbearing and intense? Do you need to slow down and ease up in order to enjoy and adore your daily work and wellness?

August 26th, Pisces Full Moon: Always one of my favorite moons of the year. Pisces rules compassion, glamour, and illusion. It weaves spells, it can pickpocket you while you’re under its spell, and it can show you your shadows in ways that feel mesmerizing. This moon wants to push things that have been going on inside of you for the past 6-months, out into the world. It can be a hard process to loosen your grip and dare for others to see what you’ve been dreaming up, but Pisces is a sign that can do this without you totally realizing it’s happened. For you, this will show you things about your worth, about how you create value and income in your life, about what you are shaping and giving form to. Some things spiritual, artistic, or mystical could find you through your senses and help you transcend your boundaries. Surrender you trust in the universe. Again, a continuation of the thread to slow down, receive, and allow more ease into your life. The cosmics want you cared for right now. Say yes to their offers of assistance and live more easily for the time being. This is a phase and it will pass someday. Take advantage of it while it lasts.

Planetary Transitions
August 6th: Venus enters Libra. Ask yourself these questions: How have I found more pleasurable and honored intimacy in my life over the past month? What value has that ripened in me? How can I build on that through finding pleasure in pushing my boundaries and generating a more elegant life perspective?

August 7th: Uranus stations retrograde until January 7, 2019. Your ruler. We talked about this at the start. Adding to what I said earlier, a retrograde is going to allow you to see through the realm of your unconscious, why you need the shifts taking place. Allow yourself a break from real life if it arises—a slower pace to sleep a little more and take a long look under your hood. There are things you need to see through your dreams and through retracing steps to help you understand and adjust to why your trajectory in life has been reorienting you. Bee open to your intuition, to more spiritual information whispering wise and gentle advice and reasons into your soul. It’s a journey and this shift takes you through a quarter turn in the zodiac, so one that’s especially sensitive to your sense of security in life.

August 19th: Mercury stations direct in Leo. As the planet of the mind has been in reverse for the past 3-weeks, it has had you in a bit of a hypnotic state. It has wanted you to see that it’s not been listening to your heart as it should. It’s been learning some lessons about the need to connect here and to collect more information at the heart before making assumptions about your inner truths and wants. As it returns to direct motion, practice talking to your heart each morning. Ask what it wants, especially around your relationships and love life. It’ll give you far better and far simpler answers than your mind.

August 27th: Mars stations direct in Capricorn. Some shadow work is taking place all month to help you gain greater clarity around what you are passionate about right now, especially since you are going through many reorienting moments. Once Mars turns direct, you’ll begin to feel a touch more clarity around who you are and what you want.


February 19 - March 20

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Infused Symbolism

A summer of shifts, reflection, endings, and beginnings is being laid out for your, Pisces. And although most are experiencing similar patterns, you know better than them, how to deal with the chaos, the unseen, and the surrender that is being asked. Permission is granted to dive into the space and cosmic places that you adore hanging out in. Be it art, spirituality, or mysticism, this is your time to feel all of the deep places that charge your oceans of inspiration. The unconscious, shadows, and the meaning of past lives are what are being stirred up, and you are tasked with taking it all in and composing some sort of symbolic insight that nobody else knows quite how to extract. Swim with the tide, downstream to the end of a line. Surrender that which is no longer serving you creatively and welcome the new spark that arrives as the solar eclipse resuscitates passion into your heart and your daily rhythms. Let your heart and the cosmic guides you keep near collaborate. See how magically they can infuse your life with purpose. All month as Jupiter, the head planetary god, reaches out to your ruler, Neptune, you have luck on your side amidst retrogrades and eclipses. It may not be the month to pull the trigger on signing papers or making major purchases (at least until after the 19th), but it is a month to create, to act on opportunities, and to let your heart lead you to all that it wants.

August 1st, Leo Season: You and your heart have a boundless connection and this season is one that may show just how profound of a connection it is. You are willing to sacrifice, give, and heal all of the wounds that hearts gather as they beat to the earth’s rhythms. It’s not an easy road and you are very aware of the hearts that are going through things. You will enable, save, and do all that you can for all that call on you. This Leo Season is about tending to your personal heart’s beat. Center in yourself, embody, feel your beat, and feel how it wants to lead you into greater daily processes and habits that love you, make you warm, and allow you to lead. Feel the passions surfacing that have your needs in mind rather than the seas of collective souls in mind. Breathe into self and do some work for you, on you, and that are solely for your personal passions.

August 11th, Leo New Moon, Solar Eclipse: Open up the lines of communication with your heart. Ask it to tell you all of the things it needs and wants. Ask it to show you what it is passionate about, what your truth is, and how that can fill your life’s purpose and symbolic truth. Ask if it needs to heal anything and how you can help it heal. Ask it if there is any clutter that needs to be cleared in order for it to hear itself beat. This eclipse will continue a series of eclipse that have been pushing you to work, process, and systemize your days in ways that make it joyful and happy. What’s interesting is that you are letting some creative energy go with the intuitive channels you possess while simultaneously opening to different creative energy that’s willing to shine and be productive where it needs to be productive.

August 23rd, Virgo Season: The last third of summer, the last sign and astrological season before the dark half of the year. Virgo wants us to ripen our lives and our personal maturity. To process and systemize our lives so that we are well and of use. It wants us to find out what we produce, hence how we serve. For you, this is a difficult sign and season to see in yourself. It’s through others, through your relationships, that you see it reflected back to you—how you are perfectionist and refined. You may find others who you deem picky, neurotic, and critical, but really you attracting this due to your own style of relating. If you can step back a bit, and know that the point of Virgo’s energy is to make you feel whole, the perfection piece can fade a bit as the imperfections are allowed to be part of the whole, making the whole more interesting. You may feel most of use and whole in relationships. You may feel that ‘other’ is polished and poised rather than seeing that your way of relating is. This year, Virgo is in a phase of wanting to slow down, enjoy life, and whittle things down to only what it truly values. For you, it’s a year to be less demanding or demanded of in your partnerships: To enjoy the simple pleasures and affections of the senses in your relationships. And this doesn’t have to be a spouse—a business partner or other kind of partner or relationship can be just as valuable. This is a year to truly understand what is valuable in your relational style and how that makes you feel more valued. Use your willingness to be sacred (of service) to allow some mistakes and flaws in your partnerships. Allow them to have some character flaws and glitches. This makes them all the more interesting.

August 26th, Pisces Full Moon: My personal favorite full moon of the year is your full moon! Pisces, you are magic (if I haven’t mentioned it yet). Your fully illuminated moon phase shows this in ways that others rarely get to see. You tend to live in the shadows, doing all of the compassionate and artistic things that others don’t quite know how to grasps. It’s not quantifiable. It’s not practical or realistic. It’s not quite a dream or real life. You straddle the realm of tangible and intangible, where bending reality lives. What have you held passion and assertion in over the past six months? What’s coming up to your surface, ready to share with the world in a push to be more exposed and elegantly involved? This moon will let you know what personal dreams are ready to become something in the greater world and which need to be let go of.

Planetary Transitions
August 6th: Venus enters Libra. Ask yourself these questions: How have I found more pleasurable and honored relating in my life over the past month? What value has that ripened in me? How can I build on that through finding pleasure in intimacy and value in sharing my soul and resources?

August 7th: Uranus stations retrograde until January 7, 2019. Since early spring, it’s likely that new stirrings have been rising around how you want to belong, communicate, and connect. Things more avant-garde may be swirling around you, with group or collaborative minded efforts in process. Technology or astrology could come to the forefront in how you learn and connect with new information, and progressive ideas are likely bubbling. This shift is one that may be surprising you or has shaken up overly solidified ways of thinking for you. As Uranus halts for a retrace of his steps, you will get a better look, through different light, as to why you’ve had these shifts in your ways of thinking. Observe, take notes, and reflect on what this retrograde period tells you. There is some spiritual information to be found in all of it, a connection to the collective mind that wants help with future progress and shaking up ways of talking and thinking about value. As this planet returns to direct just after the new year, you will have new depth of understanding around all of it.

August 19th: Mercury stations direct in Leo. It seems your heart and mind have needed to have a meeting about their connection. Has your mind been leading more than it should over your heart? Are they in a good relationship with each other? The heart holds our truth and is the one that has final say. If we don’t listen to it, our truth isn’t heard very well and we can end up sabotaging ourselves. For you, this may have something to do with your work and daily processes, hence purpose. Ask your heart what the truth of your rhythms and use are. It will have profound yet much simpler answers than your mind. It is wise and will lead you to your best destiny should you let it. As Mercury stations direct, you will get a beautiful chance to put this into action for the rest of the month.