February Inhale Mantra: I shed old creative skins, embracing newness in my expressive presence.

February Exhale Mantra: I’m ready to be more sacrificing in friendships and co-creation.

The Seasons & Trends of February

Aquarius Season (ends February 17th): It’s Eclipse Season, Muses! This is a month filled with shifts, beginnings, endings, and a lot of things up in the air. The last day of January held the first of our two eclipses that will take place over the next couple of weeks—the second arriving on February 15th. Happening along the Axis of Leo/Aquarius, one side (Leo) aligned with seedling, self-focused energy, the other (Aquarius) with personal abundance and what’s ready to put into the world for others to consume (meaning less personal control and more other-focus). This eclipse series started with a Leo Lunar eclipse on February 10th 2017 and will last until January 20th, 2019. August held our most recent Eclipse Season (there is a pair of lunar and solar eclipse every 6 months), including our big Leo Solar Eclipse at the end of August. With this Eclipse Season, we will progress forward the things that already started shifting back in August and last February.

Leo is the sign going through a rebirth. Where it is in your chart will show where you are feeling new passion but also needing to shed old ways. This sign is all about owning your star presence, your creative style, and taking the lead with courage and diva-like flair. You may recognize that the ways you want to shine are due for updates. This can also come in how you love, court, play, connect with children, and find your backbone. New initiations are awkward, they are passionate, they are impulsive, and they come hand-in-hand with tossing out lots of old energy. What freshly forms into seeds starting at the January 31st Leo Lunar Eclipse will be a bit subjective, internal, emotional, mysterious, and intuitive. Things around females, family, and nurturing are especially prone to shifts.

Aquarius, on the other side of the eclipse axis, is due for recognition that we’ve given a lot of energy and emphasis toward groups, friendships, collaboration, humanity, and the progressive in our personal growth over the past 9-years. It’s now time to be more selfless in this and answer destined callings—things that are bigger than us. This Aquarius Season holds an Aquarius Solar Eclipse on the 15th. At this time, we may feel tension and loss around our creative control in group work and friendships. We are meant to grow in this realm in terms of sharing, putting others first, and co-creating for things beyond our understanding and direct control. It’s always tough transitioning our energies and we are going to be challenged to let go of many personal attachments in how we collaborate. Vibrations are and have been shifting which could change the dynamics in many friendships and conspirators. Allow sacrifice and the sacred to surface and unfold organically. Become less attached to outcomes and move with divine forces. They have a plan, and that plan is not up to us anymore. With Juno, Mercury, and Venus all pushing through the gate that opens to us at this solar eclipse, expect connection, charm, and devotion to special others to accompany us on our graduation into bigger networks and groups. Jupiter’s expansive ways may challenge us to look beneath the surface of our collaborations to be sure secrets or psychological blocks aren’t going to sabotage us down the road. Uranus and Eris are available to help us fight any battles, see with clarity, and give us great friendship should we ask for it.

Newly, I’m learning that just as important as the location of the Lunar Nodes (hence the eclipses), the high and low points of the moon’s orbit around the ecliptic show in which signs we are finding new support and personal blossoming as well as where we’re peaking with acclaim and success. Right now the lunar cardinal directions are aligned with the fixed signs; Leo being our new seeds (similar to spring energy: sun rise); Scorpio being our sign that’s getting fertile soils to sprout new roots and beginning to understand itself with personal blossoming (similar to Summer Solstice: noon sun); Aquarius who’s finished personal development and now challenged to harmonize in partnerships (similar to the harvest sharing time of Autumn Equinox: sunset); and Taurus in our charts is finding itself atop the ecliptic, summiting with public success (similar to Winter Solstice: midnight).

This month, as I further test this observation that fits very well in my own chart, I’m dedicating an exploration of this with each sign. Here is one of the articles that made this particular point of view take root in my philosophy: LINK

Pisces Season (starts February 18th): Moving further into the month we swim into the cool, ethereal Pisces Season waters. Some of the dramas that the eclipses drummed up will begin to settle during this fluid time. Pisces Season marks the final stop on our solar tour of the zodiac. Although the daylight is growing and hints of spring are alive with nature’s sounds and scents, this stirring is meant to be a time of dreams, art, and decompressing from the past year’s journey around the sun. This is akin to the time between 5am-7am. Some of us are up at these hours, enjoying the quiet before the storm with meditation, tea, or a workout. Others are getting their last cozy dreams in, releasing and finding meaning from the previous day. It’s a spiritual and mystical season to match this time of early morning. A period of feeling in-between worlds.

Don’t rush things in this last season of the astrological year. Watch for magic, compose, find compassion for yourself and others, open to the collective sea of consciousness, and find major symbolic moments in your life. Music, film, art, and sleep all contribute to our inspired visions at this time. Know that the time to get truly assertive with fresh paths is near, but not quite arrived.


March 21 - April 19

New Love & Compromise in Friendships.
As we enter the month, a Leo Lunar Eclipse took place just hours earlier on the last day of January. This energy will spill over as we get some reorienting vibes to deal with in the early days of this month. Being in the solar season of Aquarius, ruling friendships, groups, technology, and networks in your life, and the Leo Lunar Eclipse being opposed this solar framing, there are some elements of conflict at play.

Newly forming are emotional impulses and desires around your heart: What do you no longer need to love, and what’s newly feeling big to your heart? How do you want to experience playfulness and joy, and what are you realizing is outdated here? Is your creative presence feeling ready for an update? These questions are at the entrance of Leo’s new gateways, asking you to find fresh passion and toss out old ways no longer suiting you. If you are struggling to do this on your own, cosmic forces will create scenarios that do it for you.

On the other side of the eclipse polarity, cool Aquarius Season is forcing the issue of detachment and how that’s needed in order to be a true friend. This is an energy that has had a lot of time to develop in personal ways for you. As the February 15th Solar Eclipse in this sign arrives, a threshold is needing to be crossed, telling you that you are ready, you need to own your abilities in co-creation, friendship, and things progressive such as technological pursuits. You need to do this because the greater world now has plans for you and will be sweeping you into experiences over the next 5-6 years where you have to trust others more and sacrifice parts of your agenda, allowing for depth and mystery to engulf this part of your life. By compromising and giving to group-centric or progressive things, an elegance surrounds you and marks you as special—ready to be an adult who can handle bigger collaborations. As this happens, you will feel less and less control over your circles. Some groups of people may even shift out of your life. It’s something that can feel difficult and grief is part of that process, but trust that this is happening due to cosmic plans making their way to you. Deep commitment to another in this journey could be found, as could electric communication, community, and much graciousness. There could be moments when things that you are working to understand and transform in your life will challenge your progressive spirit over the next year, but friends are available to assist with clarity should you seek them out.

Taking a look at Taurus and Scorpio in your chart may show where you are experiencing the other two cardinal shifts in your life. In your 8th house of intimacy, psychology, and shared financial dealings, you could be finding new personal support and dark, rich soils as you experience vulnerability in sprouting roots that you hope grow into great investments, power, and control in your life. Give this time, nurture these things like you would a plant newly blossoming, and know that in several years this personal blossoming will move into an outer world, larger use. Taurus in your chart’s 2nd house is likely bringing you experiences where you are feeling valued and owning a strong voice that tells others you are worth a lot. Hard won success in using strong self-worth in the outer world could be landing you better paying clients, jobs, or other forms of income success.

There is one more year for all four of these directions in your chart to continue reorienting and this month holds many clues around what it’s all about. Have patience with the process and know that these shifts bring just as many exciting moments as they do losses.

Pisces Season sweeps you into deep and mystical waters on the 18th, and for you, this is not only the last season of our astrological year, but also rules the last sector of your chart—your 12th house. Expect this season to envelop you with much inspiration, decompression, fluidity, and connecting into the void of cosmic space and collective energy. Zeitgeist is your word for this time. The more you shed personal agenda and personal boundaries, the more you will be open to magical psychic flashes, meaningful symbolism, and healing compassion. Mercury enters this same sign and part of your chart on the same day making not only your vitality a pool of intriguing chemistry, but also your mind. There is a slippery brilliance to be found in Pisces and for you this can be expressed and caught through the arts and spirituality. Much reflection during the ending days of February could bring connection and vitality around meaning and holistic love in your life.

With your chart ruler, Mars, travelling through the sign of Sagittarius all month, expect part of your focus to be centered on trailblazing and gaining clarity in expansion, growth, and opportunities that push your boundaries. Much perspective can be found by exploring opportunities outside of your comfort zone. Wisdom infuses your philosophies on life the more you get outside of your bubble. Travelling a step ahead but hand-in-hand, asteroid Vesta may push you to find the warmth of home inside of yourself. Create a space to connect with what’s divine


April 20 - May 20

New Roots & Compromise in Career.
Change is in the air this month with some reorientation, exciting developments, as well as tensions to figure out. Every 18-months two signs along an axis fall in an eclipse cycle, and every 4 ½ years these will arrive in signs that dramatically shift things in the cardinal parts of your life (self/home/relationships/career). This has been happening for you since last February. Issues were further progressed during the August eclipses, and again, this month, more shifts move you further into changes.

The last day of January held a Leo Lunar Eclipse on the North Node. This brought much emotion up regarding family and your heart connection to the roots and foundations you are growing in your life. It’s possible that detached emphasis has been placed on career over many years and in the process, home may have been a touch overlooked. This is a time when changes will start laying out, potential moves, or at least ideas of what new home and fresh family circumstances could look like. It’s a time to sort out and find clarity around what’s outdated and what you are newly feeling passionate about. It’s entirely possible that some family roots may die off at this time. Losses could be experienced while new seeds are planted. Give yourself time to grieve things that are no longer progressing with you in terms of home and family, but also allow yourself to celebrate bold new paths being forged. A beginner’s phase is unfolding so allow yourself time to experiment, make mistakes, and connect to impulse. It’s a process. In 4 to 5 years, you’ll find some personal blossoming in these things.

On the other end of the eclipse spectrum, on the 15th, Leo’s opposite sign and our current seasonal ruler, Aquarius, will experience a solar eclipse. This sign rules your 10th house of career and for you, there has been a lot of personal development and growth through collaboration, things progressive such as technology or non-profits, and friendships in achievements. I wouldn’t say there have been huge successes but rather a lot of nurturing and finding out what you are capable of. As you are now filled to the brim with personal growth in aspirations, it’s time to give of your resources. More sacrifice, compromise, and partnering is called for as your career path is no longer going to be under your full control. By giving in to the agenda of others, you will find an element of graciousness and elegance surrounds you, signifying to the outside world that you are ready for bigger things and more mature responsibilities. It’s always tough to let go of old collaborators and control of your professional journey, but the cosmos has a bigger plan in store, and you are no longer the one calling the shots for many years to come. Much value, personal pleasure, and community is available to you by letting go of the reigns, although some challenges may be felt from partners who are expansively purging hidden mysteries. This can be helped through a compassionate attitude and love, bringing clarity in the complexity. By giving warm attention and personal passion to your family and foundations, this will provide the self-trust and love you need to stand confidently in more complex, electric, and mysterious public positions.

Relationships are likely finding some nourishment in very personal and enriching ways. New roots are finding deep and secure places to grow as blossoming empowerment and control help you feel like you are able to thrive in your trust of others. When it comes to self, your personal agenda, and life direction, you may feel like you’ve reached some sort of peak that’s taken lot of hard work and been a steep climb. It’s possible that you are now seeing the results of building your life with caring dedication. The world is watching you, dear Taurus, and over the next year, you are the one we will all think of as impressive and personally accomplished (not necessarily in a career sense, just in general). Depending on how you look at it, the climb is coming to a close, which could feel like a relief or frightening. What lay ahead after this year is a time of detachment, experimentation, and decompression.

As we shift around the sun, a new season gently envelops you as you stretch your arms and wake on the morning of the 18th. Pisces, home of The Fish, is the last stop on your yearly solar journey through the zodiac. This is a season of compassion, art, and collective oneness. The fluid ways of this sign and its deep seas place a spell on you, luring the release of boundaries in order to feel and see were the collective stream is heading. For you, there is a group element, a collaborative tint in how you connect to compassion, inspiration, and spirituality. You are likely progressive and innovative in how you decompress with a bit of an irreverent, detached attitude in things mystical and compassionate. On the other hand, you quickly and certainly dive in if something intangible and ethereal grabs your attention, un-phased by how others perceive your spiritual sensibilities. In groups, you likely take on the role of composer, able to see what the meaning and heart of any collaboration needs to encompass. At times, you may also be a bit escapist when it comes to the groups you belong to, or run with groups who are.

With Mercury moving into this sign at the same time as the sun, your mind and eagerness to connect and be part of groups could run high. Great inspiration and ideas will come the more you get out and engage with community.

The first ten days of February will have you focused on Career and the shifts taking place as your planetary ruler, Venus, transits through Aquarius (as well as takes part in Eclipse Season). You may feel detached yet friendly, navigating the complexity of any dramas with both grace and assertive energy. After the 10th, compassionate energies could swallow you whole into the cosmic landscape. Friends are there to enjoy the ride with you as Pisces takes hold of Venus. Technology and art may merge as could friendships and healing.


May 21 - June 20

New Community & Sacrifice in Expansion.
A new month is always an exciting prospect to you, Gemini. What connections and curiosities lie ahead? This is your always and everlasting desire. This month is a special one in this regard. An Eclipse Season creates many shifts that need your special gifts of contextual awareness in order for the rest of us to figure out our place in the midst of change. Be the person that asks how your friend is transitioning rather than how they’re doing and you’ll find a laundry list of confused people who will greatly benefit from your ability to see the pluralistic side of life. Step up and be there for the confused souls wandering around this month. Get them making the connections that you so easily see through your questioning and aligning spirit.

Now, onto the shifts that you will see arise in your own life this month. On the last day of January, a Leo lunar eclipse rocked the part of your chart ruling your stylish communication, your heart-full connecting, and your ability to be a leader in making alignments and connections. With the moon being the eclipsed body in this event, emotion and intuition could be felt deeply. A new door was pushed open for you in how you want to feel connected and loved by your neighbors, those in your daily path, in how you creatively present yourself in writing and word, and in how you feel a sense of adored belonging in your life. Any new beginnings also call for endings. Don’t be surprised if there are shifts and things that need to be left behind in terms of your neighborhood, community, or local environments. This is a trend that began in February 2017 and will last until next January. Each series of eclipses will push the issue a little more. Allow yourself to be a little green in all of this. Bold trailblazing means you find yourself feeling awkward at times, making impulsive wrong turns and assumptions, but also connecting to passion and new ways of trusting yourself with independence and grit. In a few years, what is in a seed phase now, will blossom with nurturing and warmth.

A second eclipse will highlight the opposite energy of Aquarius in your chart on February 15th. Being a solar eclipse, this one may bring more obvious shifts into your life. In your chart, friendly yet aloof Aquarius rules the way you push your boundaries, higher education, publishing, and foreign interests. There are four kinds of eclipses that can take place and this one being aligned with the south node and the sun, rather than the moon or the north node, there is an element of sacrifice involved here. You’ve likely had many years of feeding and developing your personal storehouse with much collaboration and friendship in travel, schooling, and horizon broadening things. Now that you are blossomed and fruitful in growing these things on a personal level, it’s time to trust in yourself enough know that what you have is ready for others to consume. It’s time to give back to others, to compromise what you desire for what another does, and to find that as you do this, grace and elegance embed themselves in you. This becomes noticeable and the outer world is recognizing that you are ready for greater and more mature collaborations and groups to enter this expansive and visionary part of your life. What’s difficult is that any of these important quarter turns, or gateways, don’t always let things from your current situation through. Not all friendship and co-creating will follow you onto new playing fields that the cosmos has in store for you. What is called for is to trust in divine forces and let go of control of your collaborative paths as this is no longer up to you. The better you become at this, the greater internal and sacred experiences will enrich your life. As you work on new forms of self-trust in your communications and communities, you’ll find it easier to trust others to hold and share your more philosophical and exploratory paths in their hands.

Just as the eclipses are presenting you with new beginnings in Leo’s domain and graduations to greater complexity in Aquarius’ domain, the high and low marks on the moon’s current orbital tilt show where personal blossoming and fertile soils are allowing you to sprout some roots, as well as where a pinnacle positon in the outer world is being reached after much hard work and focus. For you, the rich, dark soils that are providing nurturing conditions are taking place in your work life and lifestyle. With Scorpio ruing this part of your chart, and expansive Jupiter also lending some extra luck, this is an area of your life where you are starting to understand greater self-control, power, and precision. There’s still development to grow into, but you are likely feeling supported as well as calming a sense of vulnerability in this part of your life. As for where you are peaking over the next year, this is in Taurus’ pleasure-loving rulership of your 12th house of spirituality, healing, art, mysticism, and compassion. You could be feeling especially proud of the voice you’ve cultivated and value coming your way through these avenues. It may be hard to see this clearly as the 12th house lives in your shadows, but think about how you’re currently engaged in the illusions and zeitgeist of life for help in getting glimpses of the success that is surrounding you.

During Aquarius’ reign, your planetary ruler, Mercury, is also in this sign, allowing you some detachment, extra friendliness, a greater ability to think with originality, electric and random connections, and in very progressive ways.

On the 18th, both Mercury and the sun glide with swan-like fluidity into Pisces territory. This is the last stop on your solar tour of the zodiac and with that, a time of decompression, dreaming, composing, living with compassion, healing, and renewal. In your chart, this sign rules the peak of your chart, your 10th house of career. During this season, giving to others could mean giving to your own successes. What’s interesting for you is the sign related to sleeping and dreaming is in your house of focus, dedication, and hard work. It’s a complicated relationship but the more you can aspire to things fantastic, illusory, that have you composing, or that are mystical or spiritual, the less of a struggle this will be. New vitality will arrive in these ending days of February around how you want to build things of integrity and lasting legacy in your life. Listen closely to the solar center of your body to follow the best paths to success and glory.


June 21 - June 20

New Worth & Sacrifice in Entanglements.
Hello, my lunar goddesses and gods. With the phases and movements of our closest ruling body, the moon, presiding over how you experience this world of ours, you are a barometer intuiting the bigger patterns playing out around us. Anytime we face grand moon-y events, it hits you hard. This includes during Eclipse Season, like we have this month. Eclipse Season happens twice a year, six months apart, with a pair of solar and lunar eclipses each time. The lunar eclipses definitely strike you the most but both make waves at your core, rippling out to all who surround you like a rock hitting the surface of water.

Hours before we head into February, a lunar eclipse will have taken place in the sign of Leo. For you, this will eclipse out an old phase in how you want to feel valued and experience the tangible and material pleasures of life. Fresh things are forming, which can be hard to recognize. What may be more obvious is what is shedding from your material life right now. Know that this means space is being made for new cycles to form, although these new cycles are currently tiny pulses only starting to form seeds. If you do identify with new things in your material realm, that are also Leo in signature (warmth, presence, creative-expression, leadership, playfulness), they may feel both exciting and scary. This process likely started about a year ago as we’ve been having Leo eclipses since last February. My advice is to connect into passion, gain clarity through clearing away the old, and to allow for impulsive, rash moves. Not all of what you initiate will take root, but you won’t know what’s right for you without exploring a few paths. Give yourself permission to try new things and fail. In the next 4-5 years you’ll start to sprout roots so you want to be sure that by then, you’ve found the correct seeds and soils to plant in. It’s a process that takes time so be easy on yourself.

On the 15th, we’ll begin some reorienting around our Aquarius solar season themes of friendship, groups, movements, collaboration, and things scientific with a solar eclipse in this sign. Between 2008-2009, we began new phases of personal development in these things. By 2013-2014, roots began to form with others in shared soils, finding much style and finesse in the following years. Now as we experience eclipses in this sign on the south node side, we are being told that we’ve done all that we can for now in personal growth around co-creation and friendship, and that it’s time to give back, to share the fullness of our Aquarian expression that we’ve cultivated. The larger world will start to ask things of us and we will need to submit, compromise, and sacrifice what we have in order for this to be shared in larger ways. It’s both a grieving process as control is lost, but also a new phase of more sacred and divine experience in how we connect to collaboration.

For you, this will play out in intimacy, power, psychology, and shared resources. Your collaborative spirit has been growing in power and now you need to sacrifice and share that power selflessly. Loosen the reigns on having to have control of intimate others or resources and see how that will lead you to bigger things. As you find and develop new self-trust on the Leo end of cultivating personal resources and self-worth, this giving of your trust in others around shared resources will feel easier.

While the lunar nodes, hence eclipses, are falling along the Leo/Aquarius axis, this means that Taurus and Scorpio are falling on the high and low points of the current lunar orbital path. Scorpio is at the north bending point, which in a lunar seasonal perspective, would match Summer Solstice, or Cancer Season, when life is filled with color and personal, obvious blossoming. It’s where we find soils, and sprout our roots. For you, this phase is happening in your 5th house of creative-expression through the lens of Scorpio’s empowerment and psychological control or precision. You may be feeling protected and nourished in finding intimate connection with others as well as in how that can be used in creativity, with kids, or through leadership. On the other side, Taurus is at the south bend of the lunar orbital path, marking a similar theme to Winter Solstice and the peak of status, building, and public security through position in the outer world. This is where you have been giving and climbing steep routes. On one hand this will show where you are receiving recognition, but on the other hand, where you may feel a touch exhausted and ready for a break. Taurus is the sign of value, form, and the senses. In your chart, it rules over your 11th house of friendships, groups, and collaboration. You may feel like there have been summits made in relation to building your value in networks and industry position. It may be time that you take a bow and receive the honors that you deserve. In the years to come, you will be able to use your position in unique ways that truly provide progress for humanity or within your industry or friendships. Further on, you’ll be able to compose something special, tying meaning together around a long journey before you begin to release this Taurus cycle for a new one to form between 2021-2022.

On the 18th teh sun & Mercury enter Pisces. This is your season of exploration and pushing your boundaries in relation to art, mysticism, and glamour. Foreign travel may sound particularly enticing and higher education or exposing yourself to new philosophies will also create new sparks of vitality in you.


July 23 - August 22

New Life Direction & Sacrificing for Others.
As we move into February, we do it on the heels of your personal lunar eclipse, just one day earlier. You have been going through much shift and change since February of last year as the North Node of the moon moved into your sign—starting a personal eclipse series. The last one in this series to take place in your sign will be next January, so there’s more change to come. Diving specifically into this most recent lunar eclipse, if you were born near the first few days of August or have your rising sign (or other planets) near 11 degrees Leo, this will hit you the most. A lunar eclipse brings things more subjective, emotional, and feminine into the vortex of shift. For you, this all has to do with what you are passionate about, what your life direction is, and how you assert yourself. It’s likely that as you are cleansing after a 19-year cycle, much baggage is getting tossed out. This can have sentimental value and attachment in your life so it’s not always easy to see the beginnings that are also taking place. Know that whatever you let go of is really making space for new big cycles in your life. It can be hard to see exactly what new seeds are forming in you at the start of anything, but this phase is here for you to figure that out. Take it at the pace that works for you.

What I suggest is that you allow yourself to make impulsive decisions as well as make mistakes. In 4-5 years, some seeds formed now will find soil to grow roots—and some won’t. The more you forge paths and try fresh things, the more likely that you’ll find your best and most appropriate seeds. Connect to your heart as you do so well. Allow it to guide you to and through the experiences and paths surfacing before you. It’s your warmth, presence, and commanding style that will help you find your true north with time. Keep it up, don’t give into the frustration and awkwardness of new starts, and simply make a goal of being vital and outgoing in all of your bold moves over the next year or two. Failure will likely creep in for a few things. It’s all part of the process and happening in order to lead you to what’s best aligned to your energy.

On the 15th, an Aquarius Solar Eclipse will bring shift in different ways. With this one happening on the south node rather than the north node, it’s pointing out what you’ve given lots of time and energy in around personal development and growth. In Aquarius, this has to do with friendships, collaboration, and progressive movements. In your chart, this sign and event is taking place in your 7th house of serious commitments in partnerships and relationships. It also rules over your flow of give and take, creating harmonious balance in your life. What’s being told to you at this eclipse is that you are all filled up and personally developed in this realm, ready to sacrifice, give more of yourself to the outside world, and relinquish total control over this part of your life. It’s a transition that can feel scary. Much trust now needs to be placed in how you share your life with others. As you do this with grace, you'll begin to find that it brings beautiful spiritual experiences, sacred bonding, and divine guidance. The more you realign and find new personal trust through the Leo eclipses in your first house of self, the better you will deal with also trusting others, giving your resources over to them, to share in your bountiful co-creative Aquarian treasures.

On the 18th the sun & Mercury enter Pisces. This solar season is the last in our astrological year so brings an energy of decompression—whether that needs to be retreat and escaping, or blowing off steam in other escapist ways. It’s up to you to choose what will ultimately be the most healing and regenerating process in your life. In your 8th house of intimacy, psychology, power, and control, new vitality is kicking in for you to re-embody how sharing is playing out in your life. You may tend to either be very compassionate and a brilliant orchestrator in your shared value systems or you may be escapist and secretive. Again, this is up to you to decide how you want to be in the way you use power or allow power to be used toward you. This is the time to make those decisions and cultivate new practices that support what feels right to you. Just know that the more you root out things hidden inside of you, bringing light to them with the sun shining in this area, the more healing and EMpowerment will come.


August 23 - September 22

New Meaning & Compromise in Purpose.
Are you a little head-in-the-clouds right now, Virgo? This is fine and just where you should be. Don’t get all Virgo on yourself with internal negative speak about getting your act together. There is reason and purpose to why you are where you are at this time.

Straight as we jump into February, Eclipse Season is upon us. This happens every 6-months with a pair of signs that are polar opposite each other. Leo and Aquarius are and have been the two signs getting this event that reorients how they work in your life. Last February was the first of the eclipses in these signs and the trend will last until next January.

Now to the meat of how and where this will shake things up in your life. The last day of January held a Leo Lunar Eclipse and its energy will weave through your life for the first part of the month. A lunar eclipse brings changes that feel emotional and more internal. For you, Leo rules the part of your chart that gives you space and time for decompression, dreaming, and composing. It’s a mystical connection to Leo’s love of the limelight and presence. A new cycle is starting as a long one is ending in how you use creativity and warmth in your inspiration and connection to the collective consciousness. Fresh seeds are starting to form, but may still be hard to see, in how you will lead and shine for others in bringing light to the mysteries of the intangible. You are likely a very creative sign in spirituality and fluid in your recreational, playful style and right now this is getting reprogrammed for new possibilities to blossom within you. Give it time. Allow yourself to dream of what these may be and then act on them with a flexibility to test, experiment, and make mistakes. It can take time to connect to something new that’s sparking and know exactly how it should take form. You can only know this by trying things and deciding yes or no along the way. It may be years before something really clicks, and that’s okay. By 2021-2022, what you initiate in these early days of new beginnings will find fertile soils to blossom and find nurturing support on a personal level.

The next eclipse of the month will arrive on the 15th in the form of an Aquarius Solar Eclipse. Things that shift on solar eclipses are a bit more obvious and external. This is a different kind of eclipse from the last one in that it happens on the opposite side where things have been developing for some time, with much personal growth. You are now graduating that energy inside of you to the outer world. It means that you have to let go of control of how it’s used and trust others and the divine more in how things move forward with it. For you, this has to do with your work and daily rhythms that ultimately make up your lifestyle and wellness. It seems that you are now capable of and have a grasp on how you move through your days with finesse. Aquarius ruling here means that you likely enjoy collaboration and friendship in your processes, or at least the ability to have the freedom to think outside of the box and move as you please in your own unique way. Aquarius brings an erratic energy, making it difficult to create strict routines with this sign ruling here, but something about this moment is coming together for you around your processes. A maturity is settling in and it will become more recognized over the next year. You are going to be asked to utilize this in larger real world ways. There are things about your day-to-day that may need to be left behind or reoriented as you adjust to face the world with bigger purpose in your life.

On the 18th the sun & Mercury enter Pisces. This is the last stop on your solar journey around the sun as you prepare for new beginnings with spring’s fresh notes. In your chart, this sign of decompression and composition rules over your relationships and how you find balance and harmonious flow in your life. You are likely very sacrificing in your relationship, potentially either attracting very artistic and compassionate others or those with victim complexes. The more you dive into the arts, spirituality, mysticism, or retreat within your commitments to or with another, the deeper your bond and trust will grow with them. Pisces energy can be slippery and elusive, but also psychic. Due to this, you may have moments when it’s hard for you or the other to pin down exact agreements and expectations. You may be able to read between the lines with a certain eerie knowing in regard to your partners, but remember that things still need to be verbalized as assumptions can lead to vagueness and a lack of direction.


September 23 - October 22

New Friendships & Compromise in Creativity.
A big month lie ahead with Eclipse Season in full effect. We start the month out with a Leo Lunar Eclipse having just taken place on the last day of January. In your chart this is coming about to reorient and push you into a new long cycle around creative-expression, leadership, and love. Because this sign rules over friendships and groups in your personal life, expect shifts to take place, or continue to take place as this sign and part of your chart have been having eclipses since last February. The other sign that is currently experiencing eclipses is Aquarius whose essence is about friendships, so this is doubly emphasized in your life. With the Leo eclipse having been a lunar one, what newly ends and begins may feel emotional or confusing. What’s happening is a fresh book is starting to be written in your life by Leo, but you may still need to put other books down in order to be present with new stories meant for you. The cosmos will create circumstances that purge what’s not meant to move forward with you if you are struggling to do this yourself. Give yourself time to grieve any endings, but at the same time be aware of the space that is being made and starting to bring you clarity in new ways for shining in and for groups.

As the Aquarius Solar Eclipse arrives on the 15th, how you’ve played a role as an aloof yet progressive leader in group affairs may be coming to a place of personal fullness and ready to take on bigger roles. Your collaborative spirit in creative pursuits as well as in recreation and having fun is quite developed and the cosmic checks and balances want you to share what you’ve cultivated in your progressive expression. It’s time to trust others more in how you use your abilities to bring the spotlight to co-creation or things progressive, and you will likely be stepping into bigger roles in the outer world in doing this.

Where the two lunar nodes lay, hence the eclipses, show where we are starting new journeys on one side, and being asked to contribute more to the world on the other. What I’m newly discovering is they can also help you identify where you are starting to find fertile soils for new roots to sprout, as well as where you have summited in how you hold authority in something. For you, a process of freshly finding fertile soils in personal security and personal finances is likely giving you more empowerment. Summiting in your life is likely a sense of worth and an ability to add that worth to investing or being invested in.

On the 18th the sun & Mercury enter Pisces. This is the last stop of all of our journeys around the sun during the astrological year, and for you this rules your 6th house of routine, lifestyle, and wellness. Fluidity and composing likely need to follow you into all aspects of how you structure your days. A certain amount of detachment and shedding of boundaries helps you to make dreams real thorough cultivating processes that are filtered through a lens of magic and shifting light to match the zeitgeist. This is supposed to be a season of decompression, but for you it could paradoxically be a very productive season. It’s in your shadows and dreams that you produce, so what results gives a renewed purpose and meaning to your life just as we head into spring’s fresh births, next month.


October 23 - November 21

New Aspirations & Compromise with Home.
This second month of 2018 is a big one holding an Eclipse Season that will continue reorienting all of the cardinal points of your chart: self, relationships, home, career. This has likely been a trend since last February and the shifts will continue until next January.

On the last day of January, a Leo Lunar Eclipse brought things more subjective and emotional into a state of endings and beginnings. Ask yourself what has been changing in how you want to hold position, title, and authority in the outer world? Some aspects of status may be shedding from your life as a new, long-term cycle is getting underway. The eclipses in Leo between last year and next will push the issue forward and there will likely be some feelings of loss as well as feelings of new clarity and passion around fresh paths.

As we move along to the 15th, the second eclipse in this season’s pair of eclipses will cycle up. This time a solar eclipse in the opposite sign of Aquarius, you are being shown in more obvious ways, what you are graduating in. This is like getting a diploma of sorts and now being push out into the world to go use it. It can feel scary, and although this isn’t a totally new beginning the way the Leo eclipse are, there are elements of the unknown and you will need to compromise and be more giving of your resources. What this all means in layman terms for you, is that your home, family, or things related to personal security and nurturing are all grown up and ready to take bigger risks in the outer world. You are as nourished and as fully grown as you’re going to be in keeping things safe and friendly at home. It’s time to look for others to join forces with in how you grow bigger roots of support in your life. As you give of yourself in domestic matters and with a progressive spirit, this will create new food for your roots to feed on. Intuitive yet not, yes?

You are the sign during Eclipse Season that is getting nourishment and fertile soils in order to grow your personal agenda and passions. So ask yourself: What do YOU want, for YOU, right now? It’s likely that the universe is providing it to you in very obvious and supportive ways. On the others hand, the area where you’ve reach a peak of authority in your life and where you should accept praise and title as it comes, is in your relationships. Much value, pleasure, and worth is likely feeling present in how you are connecting with a partner or partners. It’s also likely been a long, tough road, but the hard climb is over and now you can enjoy what you’ve built in structured and integral ways for several years to come before a fresh new cycle start later in the 2020’s.

On the 18th the sun & Mercury enter Pisces, the last solar season of the astrological year. This is a time to decompress after a long year’s road, and really it has been an exhausting one for all of us, I believe. For you, this sign and season lends it’s ethereal and cool light to your 5th house of creative-expression. You will likely start to feel renewal and revitalized energy in your life around your sense of play and artistic, fluid style. Composition and creativity go hand-in-hand for your sign which is a huge strength when it comes to the arts. If you aren’t a person who's experimented much with art, do yourself a favor and dive in this season. Don’t worry about precision or being good, just test it out and see how things feel. Especially music or film could catch for you with the ruler of Pisces, Neptune, also currently in his own sign. Dream more, sleep more, and create something—anything. Romance and joy can feel special at this time so plan a few date nights if you have a special other to share with, otherwise,it's a fabulous time to be out on the town, meeting new, potential suitors.


November 22 - December 21

New Perspectives & Growing Community.
You are in uncharted waters this year, Sag. As eerie as it can feel, there is likely a wealth of healing and regenerating that’s causing intangible things about you, and your current life, to make a lot more sense. Lean into the powerful and mystical vibes surrounding you. They are composing great things.

As for the trends of this specific month, we are in the midst of an Eclipse Season with shifts making all of us a bit exhausted, stretched, and confused. It’s a process to accept the new directions we are being asked to go in. Of the pair of eclipses in this round, we had our first as a Leo Lunar Eclipse on the last day of January. The energy of this lunar event will spill over into the first half of February as we figure out what it all means. Let me help in this. Leo is all about love, creativity, playfulness, and courage; a lunar eclipse shifts things in the emotional realm of our lives—things subjective and related to feeling secure; this eclipse happened on the north node side of the moon's path making what happens here, where we are shedding very long term cycles and finding totally new directions. So, what does this all mean for you, specifically? A lot. This sign and new cycle is ruling over your natural 9th house, the part of your chart that is most Sagittarian in nature. You may be feeling a bit hazy right now around what your big vision is in life, what your perspectives and philosophies are, and what to explore and expand into. Since last February this eclipse series has been pushing you to let go of the way you look at the world and life-growth in order to find new directions to explore. The more you let go of old cycles (maybe thinking you need to use your college degree for a certain field or attachment to foreign places) the more you will make space for baby seeds to form and direct you to new passions and paths in exploring this global world of ours. Leo leads and your 9th house explores so these two have a lot of fun together. FEEL and explore your emotions and needs for security around ways of being creative and playful in travel, higher education, publishing, or new platforms to build empires on.

On the 15th, we reach our second eclipse of the pair. This time in the opposite sign of Aquarius, a solar eclipse, and on the south node side of the moon's orbit, this is more like a graduation from personal development in something into the outer world, like taking a diploma and now actually using it to be part of things bigger and more collaborative. You will have to sacrifice what you have, sometimes to things and people you wouldn’t have chosen on your own, but the key word now is compromise. Aquarius rules the part of your chart connected to community and communication, while Aquarius is about friendships and co-creation. This all feels quite exciting and you could see yourself finding partnerships and belonging in greater community affairs. A lot of connection and using what you’ve developed in terms of collaborative knowledge will start to take root in your life. With this being a solar eclipse, what shifts at this eclipse will likely be more obvious than the first one. As you find greater self-trust in how you push your boundaries and move out of your comfort zones for greater shimmering perspective, the easier it will be for you to give of yourself in your collaborative communities.

We can also use eclipse season to notice where we are currently finding deep, fertile soils for personal nurturing and support, as well as where we are reaching summits and acclaim in our lives. For you, the mystical and mysterious aspects of life are alive and VERY personally stirring. Your chart ruler, Jupiter, is right in line with this part of your chart so you are front and center in the class of composition in things transforming—healing, wealth/debt payoff, psychological breakthroughs, and alchemical concoctions that rebirth you into greater spiritual empowerment. The summits you are making are likely in your day-to-day processes. Much value is likely being found in how you are of use and the purpose of your days. Notice that circumstances are likely orienting to allow you the pleasure, pace, and exact ownership that you need to feel authoritative in your daily grind and lifestyle choices.

On the 18th the sun & Mercury enter Pisces. For you, this brings new and needed revitalizing to your home life. This will likely be a time that allows you to revamp things that make you feel secure, safe, and artistically or mystically rooted to your family and home. This is also the last season of the astrological year, so one where we are supposed to shed our boundaries and merge with the collective stream to decompress, find meaning, compassion, and healing. Do enjoy a little more sleeping, dreaming, and noticing symbols and coincidences that bring greater interpretation to your life and roots.


December 22 - January 19

New Intimacy & Graduating in Worth.
How are you holding up with so much shifting in your life right now, Capricorn? It’s been a little over a month now since your planetary ruler, Saturn, moved into your own sign for the first time in over 29 years. It was a very long trek as you explored the zodiac through Saturn’s transits. You are a sign that likes to take your time to do things right and with the utmost integrity. I imagine the new vibes starting to percolate in your life are likely ones that you are easing into understand and familiarizing yourself with. This is fine. You have nearly 3-years to build new passions and agendas that will drive your next 29-year cycle forward.

What is likely more obvious as we jump into February’s cool tones, is this Aquarius Season’s unfolding of an Eclipse Seasons that is reorienting all of our lives. For you, this will all be founded in how you value yourself as well as how you find empowerment by joining your value with that of others.

There are always two eclipses two weeks apart, one solar, one lunar. Our first one in this series arrived on the last day of January in the form of a Leo Lunar Eclipse. This will dominate with things shifting and trickling down all month. Leo rules our playful and creative natures as well as courage and leaderships ability. This commanding and present sign rules over how you find intimacy, intensity, and shared worth in your life, making you a very commanding, shining star in the psychological, transformative side of life. It seems, though, that you are in the process of ending one long cycle of your life, ready to write a whole new book (not to be confused with chapter – BOOK). The more you release old psychological baggage, unhealthy patterns in being vulnerable with others, and attachments to past entanglements, the more opening and clarity you’ll find in your life that will then spark new passions and paths in how you lovingly (and maybe a little egoically) share with others. This trend started last February and will last until next January. At this lunar event’s forward push of the dial, things that are a little more unseen, subjective, and emotional are likely going to be felt.

As we move on to the 15th, the second eclipse in the pair will take place as an Aquarius Solar Eclipse. Aquarius rules friendships, co-creation, and a detached innovative spirt. For you, this sign and season will shift your life in very different ways than the Leo Eclipse did. This eclipse lines up with the south node of the lunar path meaning rather than moving you out of one long term cycle into a totally new one, you are graduating from much personal growth and cultivation in Aquarian energy into sharing it in larger real world ways. You will be asked to sacrifice, compromise, and give of yourself in using your strongly cultivated voice, confidence, essence, and worth. It’s likely that it will come in how you co-create with groups, but the groups you are going to be led to will be bigger, bringing you a new aura of maturity and value in what you attract to your personal value. The more you develop fresh self-trust in finding warm intimacy or financial investment, the easier it will be to give of your own personal worth in detached collaboration.

During this Eclipse Season you can also get a glimpse into where you are finding fertile, nurturing soil to sprout new roots of personal stability, as well as where you are peaking with authority in your life. Ask yourself how you are doing in terms of friendships and finding your place with in groups, or connecting to the right industries that support who you are. It’s likely that you are closing the gap and finding the soils to plant and grow in, in these things. In terms of where you are peaking, your voice and senses are likely feeling highly full of worth right now in how you lead, and command the spotlight. Whether it’s through teaching, creative output, or things involving kids or performance, look for ways to use your authority for greater value in your life.

On the 18th the sun & Mercury enter Pisces and the last astrological season of the year. It brings a time of decompression, composition, and shedding boundaries to join in to the collective stream of consciousness and find greater meaning in what life is about for you. In your chart, this sign and season rule over how you find belonging or community, communicate, and think. Pisces is a very fluid sign, filled with complexity and an ability to read energy so it’s likely that your communication style may be a bit difficult for others to follow. You have a gift of being able to read minds and communicate in non-verbal ways, but not all possess this style. Actually, very few do. Make sure you use your words with clarity and some boundaries so that the rest of the world can see the brilliance that you are trying to get across. Art, spirituality, or mystical things may provide you the greatest avenue to communicate all that you have to say. Words can’t hold what you have to put down. During the last days of this month, reconnect to how you want to connect and belong in your life. Find ways to express your thoughts to those you love in ways that they can better comprehend and feel. Gravitate to communities that already use composition in expression to feel greater belonging in your life.


January 20 - February 18

New Balance & Giving of Self.
You are a sign that has been going through some of the greatest shifts over the past year, and the trend will continue for another year. This is due to the lunar nodes currently living in your sign and your opposite sign of Leo. Where these fall tells us where the eclipses will be. The two nodes are different in nature meaning that the eclipses you are going through vs the ones in Leo are also different in nature. For you, the south node is nodding to you, letting you know that you’ve had approximately 9 years of personal growth and cultivation. You are now bearing the fruits of the efforts you’ve given to who you are, what you’re passionate about, and how to best trust yourself. Now as you cross the south node threshold at the February 15th Aquarius Solar Eclipse, a graduation takes place and you are now to take your agenda and give from what it’s grown into the outer world, more focused on others and how you can compromise bending your wants with those of another to create bigger and more harmonious dances in your life. Things about yourself may need to be sacrificed but the results surround you with maturity, a sacred grace, and deeper, divine personal paths.

Backing up to the first two weeks of the month, a Leo Lunar Eclipse that took place on the last day of January will be spilling over and creating emotional shifts in how your relationships are present in your life. Leo is the sign going through a shedding of an old long-term cycle and beginning a fresh new book. In your chart this has to do with shifting into a new way of compromise and trusting yourself with new passions and desires for what you want in your relational world. Aspects of relationships, or relationships themselves, may need to leave your life as new ways of viewing your relational needs surface. Being direct and honest is the best way to do this with grace and transition. Partners that decide to stick in there as you reconnect to what you want will need to feel your warmth and generosity as you process this. On the other hand, you may be entering a whole new relationship or a taking the plunge with a bigger commitment to another (business or love) in your life. Whatever the circumstance, relationships are likely taking on a whole new meaning and cycle in your life. The more you find your personal voice in your relationships and what your style of give and take is, with warmth and fun, you will have a much easier time giving up your own desires in compromise for greater personal opportunity.

During Eclipse Season, we can also get a glimpse at where you are finding fertile soils to grow new roots and nourishing support in your personal life as well as where you are peaking with impressive stature. For you, the new soils will and are showing up in your career and aspirations. It’s likely that you have an element of protection and incubation to blossom and really find out who you are in your public position. Dig deep, purge blocks and mysteries, and transform your view of who you are in the world with greater empowerment. On the other hand, things around home and family are likely reaching some sort of reputable place in your life, solidly built with authority in your decisions. The roots that you are growing in your private life and security are likely solidifying into sturdy stepping stones.

On the 18th the sun & Mercury enter Pisces and our last season of the astrological year. This is a time for decompression, dreaming, and composing in the arts and spirituality—areas that allow you to tap into the collective zeitgeist and extract meaning and symbolism that’s hard to put into words. In your chart, this sign and season light up the area of you chart that shows how you connect to self-value, form, and pleasure. It’s through arts and things intangible that you can likely draw in material comfort and ownership in your life. It’s during this season that you can reconnect, revitalize, and begin new things in connection to this. Allow for rhythm that allows a bit more dreaming and sleeping in order to tap into the compassion and inspiration that the fluid Fish would like for you to have.


February 19 - March 20

New Processes & Greater Magic.
You are likely moving in a bit of a haze as you jump into February with the Sun shedding light on your shadow house and patterns. It takes a lot of energy to face up to things that, for the rest of the year, are difficult to see. This is an area of your chart where all of the debris gets swept into so when the sun shines on it, you have to face the chaos in your closets. On the other hand this is a part of your chart where you can shed boundaries and attachments to ego, bringing an ability to be inspired, see with meaning, and connect into compassion and brilliant, inspired composition (if this sounds all too familiar to you, this is because your sign naturally rules this 12th house type of energy).

Now onto the even bigger stuff. February welcomes us into an Eclipse Season with a lunar eclipse having taken place on the last day of January, but spilling over with lots of trickle down and shift through February. The second eclipse will be a solar one on the 15th in Aquarius.

In Leo, the lunar eclipse took place in the part of your chart having to do with work, daily processes, and the rhythms and routines that make up your wellness and lifestyle. This is a part of you chart due for a major update with totally fresh starts and new books ready to be written. Since last February, Leo eclipses have been pushing you to release a long-term cycle around your creative and leading style when it comes to daily life, while introducing you to new passions and fresh impulses around lifestyle and work conditions. This could all be affecting your health so have patience with the changes and just do your best to find some balance between work, self-care, domestic duties, and play. It’s going to take a minute to reorganize your how your life runs. The Leo part of the equation wants you to listen to your heart and find warmth and courage through all of the reorienting.

Moving onto the 15th, we come to the Aquarius Solar Eclipse. This is a wholly different kind of eclipse, not only because it has to do with the sun rather than the moon. With this one happening on the south node side of the moon’s current orbit, this eclipse is more about a graduation into the bigger world where you will need to let go of personal control and trust others as you give of what you’ve cultivated over the past 9-years. This is taking place in the 12th house of your chart having to do with art, spirituality, and renewal. In Aquarius, you may be the person in groups who can create meaning and composition around what the group is about. You may have a side to you that is passionate about art as a way to communicate dissonance or activism on behalf of causes and groups. In whatever way you connect to the Aquarian spirit of progress and groups through art and spirit, this has likely been nurtured and develop in you to its fullest extent. The universe is now saying, it’s time to put this to use in the outer world, to sacrifice and give of your bounty, and let go of control of how you grow in relations to this. A new chapter is pushing you to get vulnerable and share what you have with bigger opportunities recognizing your new maturity, finding attraction to what they can gain from association with you. As you find yourself in more and more situations of giving, there can be feelings of loss along with the larger platforms of exchange. The compromise and grace that it takes to release your resources in ways not wholly under your control, will bring a new glow and elegance along with greater sacred experiences that tell you that the universe has a plan and you need to let go and trust it. For you, this all has to do with how you bring symbolism and meaning to things progressive in nature: friendships, collaboration, humanity, groups, and innovative/futuristic projects.

The more you find new self-trust in the Leo shifts around fresh cycles of work and lifestyle, the more trust you'll be able to find in handing over your progressive and inspired Aquarian abilities to the greater world.

On the 18th the sun & Mercury enter your own sign and season of Pisces. This may feel similar to your personal spring, with new passion and budding energy rising up inside of you. What do you feel newly engaged in? What are the things motivating you to get up in the morning or take action during your days? It’s a great time to carve out lots of alone time and find places to self-center with meditation or exercise, clearing out all sorts of stuck and old energetic baggage. Get an early jump on spring cleaning to help clear away debris from your last tour around the zodiac so that space is available to invite new things into your life. As always, for you, Pisces, be compassionate and dream of a kinder world and you’ll reconnect to your fluid center in the last days of this month.