The Solar Seasons of January

Capricorn Season (ends January 19th): As we initiated into Capricorn Season on December 21st, we experienced Winter Solstice—the rebirth of the sun, and his new trajectory northbound. This cardinal season marks the highest station north that the earth tilts—seeing the sun at the furthest degree south that we do each year. As a result, this sign and season represent the highest climb we make each year, our personal Mt. Everest. It’s a season to think about what we’ve achieved over the course of the past year and what we newly wish to achieve in the New Year—which makes sense that this season does hold the marker for the New Year. It’s time to evaluate what goals and ideals of glory are outdated in our lives, to let these go, and newly connect with what we are maturing or growing into. How can this year’s goals support a more adult version of ourselves? This is our season to decide how we want to be seen and make a mark on the outer world—how we want to feel the support of the world through recognition and achievement. This doesn’t have to be grand career or financial success, although often it leans this way. Maybe this year, all you desire is to be seen as an amazing mother, a spiritual pioneer, or as someone who’s overcoming great burdens or trauma. The seeds we plant during this season are ones that we have to give a lot of dedication, focus, and devotion to in order to achieve, so being realistic is wise. This sign and season do not like us to bite off more than we can chew, especially as task-master and planet of authority, Saturn, has newly moved into this, his home sign. Challenge yourself with what you plant, but remember, whatever is planted holds a step vertical climb. Pace yourself.

On the night of January 1st, the Wolf Full Moon (Supermoon in Cancer), will inspire you to be resourceful, to participate in the traditions of your pack, and to know your place in the pack. Take a note and pay attention to your body language as wolves are very intuitive in what they communicate through a look, movement, or howl. Find your family, whether through blood or kin, and know you have a place in it. Look at options in a different light. The cool frosted winter days could have you rethinking past opportunities that you weren’t previously interested in. Find your instinct to thrive amidst slim pickings and do what’s needed to help you and yours get by.

It’s in the days surrounding this Full Moon that you’ll want to pay very close attention to how strong your roots are in home and family. These are the things that will provide the greatest base of support, protection, and nurturing for the new glory and aspirations you are giving fresh intention to right now. Reflect on how nurtured you feel around this date, and let this fuel you up for a long road ahead. New Year and Capricorn goals made now and at the New Moon on the 16th will blossom as you circle around to Cancer Season at Summer Solstice. At this time, all of the nourishment and support that your roots and homes gave during winter’s chill and spring’s growth cycles will be tapped as your branches reach up and out with impressive achievements, and you will plant fresh seeds to nurture self and family, strengthening your private protections to again have a solid base of support come next year’s Capricorn Season. It’s so important to understand this polarity that each sign finds balance and movement through.

On January 2nd, Uranus, planet of shock and rebellion, will return to direct motion after having been retrograde since August 3rd. Aquarius, you will really be ready for this but give it a few days to settle as you regain some forward trajectory in your life. Aries, if you were born in mid-April, you will also be ready for this shift as things have been haywire due to this planet in your sign (turning direct at 24 degrees). Sagittarius, with Aquarius ruling your 3rd house of communication, transportation, community, and connecting, a slow subtle trend of things struggling to move forward in your will also finally start to pick up. Whew.

Aquarius Season (starts January 19th): Our 11th of 12 zodiac seasons. As you near the end of the zodiac year, this is a season when you loosen your grip on finding your own acclaim and glory and turn toward what can be done to help humanity’s progress. It’s a season to observe, detach, and join in as part of a pack or group to give movement and collaborative, innovate energy to things that you see as being pertinent to the collective heartbeat. Friendships, industries, society, and movements feel more important, and although there can be an aloofness in personal relations, you can experience a surge of profound heart at being part of things bigger than one voice. This is a tipping point when groups connect with groups and big energy swells up to push dramatic change into being.

In the current tidal wave of group action, we’ve been seeing the Women’s March being a big example of Aquarian activism from last year—and potentially this year with the Vegas march. It seems to be a time in which the takeover of 2 for the 2000’s (ruled by the moon, the yin principle, equality, balance, and diplomacy) is giving women and the feminine a boost in collective voice. We also look to the planet the rules Aquarius, Uranus, and see that he is in his final stretch of transiting the sign of Aries. This will be our last Aquarius Season since 2011 that we’ll have a fire-y, assertive agenda with our group messaging. To get the most from this, identify what you personally feel passionate about and want revolution and greater opportunity in, and stand with the groups that are already pushing boundaries for those things—or be the pioneer that starts a group movement. It’s okay right now to be a little self-serving in what you join groups and friendships for.

January 31st holds January’s second Full Moon, making it a Blue Moon, also a Supermoon, and last but definitely not least, a Lunar Eclipse. This time in Leo, you may see major endings and beginnings around how you emotionally connect to your heart, courage, and creativity. Women of the creative or leader variety may cycle in or out of your life right now and however this turns out, you are shedding one skin to show what’s newly surfaced. It’s a time to embrace more mystique and soulfulness in how you are present and expressive with others. A new Leo cycle could hold a lot of fresh potential. By tapping into your intuition, feel what’s needed more of around warmth and creativity. With several goddesses involved in this lunar event (Venus, Ceres, Juno—not to mention the Moon herself), women and many feminine archetypes that are starting to become better recognized could feel heavily entangled with any new cycles coming into focus. It’s also possible that things initiated at the Great American Eclipse this past August could come to some sort of head around this date.


March 21 - April 19

January Solar Seasons
Blossoming Safety, Potent Aspirations & Heart-full Expression.
As you take your first breath and step into 2018, January starts you off with the solar season of Capricorn ruling over the cosmic landscape. For you, this sign and season brings you full-circle around all things career, aspirations, reputation, title, and achievements. You may find that certain accomplishments are cycling out of your life right now as you prepare to initiate and make new goals for the big heights in your life. You start this year off with a brilliant moment. On January 6th, your ruler, Mars, meets up with Jupiter, planet of good fortune and opportunity. Where this happens in the cosmos makes you primed for finding investments or investors, connecting deeply with your own empowerment through daring to be vulnerable with the right people at the right time. This is a great business aspect, and in this season, gives a beautiful boost to the already sparkling fertility around you for growing career potential. January 9th is another extremely potent day for understanding the potential value and power to gain by buckling down and dedicating yourself to focused goals for the next 6-months.

On the 19th, we move into one of our last solar seasons of the astrological year. Aquarius Season typically storms in with powerful group energy that pushes the voice and needs of the collective forward and toward a tipping point. For you, this will be a season to feel how your personal agenda and that of any groups or friendships you are a part of must be very aligned or trust and passion will be zapped right out of you. It’s also possible that you could end up being seen as the bully who wants everyone to conform to your wants and needs—or, best bet, you could be the person that initiates group activity, making these kinds of experiences inherently aligned with your passions.

January Lunar Guide
January 1st: Cancer Full Moon. On the very first night of January, as you are busy making new intentions and goals around your greatest aspirations for 2018, the Cancer Super Moon, Full Moon will be ripe with beauty, pleasure, power, and expansion as many planets reach out with their gifts. Safety, cozy home scenarios, and family nurturing could feel very strong. Watch as things come to fullness in your most private life. Endings will provide rich soils for new things to be planted in the summer, and things blossoming from inside of you into the outer world will bring a feeling of powerful and pleasurable security in your home and family life.

January 16th: New Moon in Capricorn. Our Cancer Full Moon has created very cozy and fertile soils for our Capricorn New Moon goals to plant in, and we also have some stellar planetary support at this lunar event. Be sure that you allow yourself to find pleasure through intentions planted at this time, that you allow yourself to share what you value about your aspirations, and devote yourself wholeheartedly to aspirations that feel potent at this Moon. Some freedom needs and friendships may feel distracting to your intentions, but you can use the friction to find creative and energetic paths to all that you desire. Keep an open mind as wise, strategic paths are available to you if you look past the surface of things.

January 31st: Leo Lunar Eclipse. A new cycle is flowing into your life around how you emotionally connect to your heart, your ability to lead, and your creative presence. This is all connected to how you receive nourishment and emotional fulfillment through these things. Use your intuition to know how to deal with any endings or beginnings, especially around females, at this lunar event. Soulmate commitments, your connection to food, and beauty could all arise in connection to what happens in your life around this date. More balance is found in your life through being more vital, in the moment, and aware of your effect on your surroundings.


April 20 - May 20

January Solar Seasons
Soulful Connections, Impressive Aim & Heart-full Home.
A heavy emphasis will likely be felt during the first half of this month around sharing your life philosophies and pushing your comfort zones around responsibilities and how you use focus and dedication to build great platforms and expansion in your life. It’s in Capricorn’s Season that you can make the most impressive aim for your life’s vision. Think big and feel new energy surging inside of you around the potential for holding authority and glory in how you dare to take on responsibilities in things bigger than you’ve normally done, or that are unfamiliar to you. Say yes to opportunities and figure it out as you go—this is something you can tackle and succeed in more than any other sign. January 8th in particular holds some exciting energy for you this month. Power dynamics of all sorts could be popping up but these hold keys to empowering your life with new and bold experiences. It’s possible that a partner as well as some work related duties could collide with what comes up on this day. Be open, ready, and willing in case big things come knocking. It could also be a great day to book foreign travel plans.

On the 19th we move to a new solar season as Aquarius, our flower child and innovative movement creator, takes the cosmic reigns. For you, this sign rules over your career and highest aspirations. New vitality will start to be felt around what you want to achieve and reach high for over the next year, but a new cycle that will better connect you to your aspirations is still around the corner in the springtime. Don’t beat yourself up if career goals feel a bit fuzzy as you will hit the ground running over the summer—and then especially a year from now. The arts or things related to institutions might feel particularly attractive and easy for now. Relax into these as a certain amount of cosmic slowdown and protection that’s been in your life since 2011 will end quite soon. After May 15th, the next 7-years of career goals will be on your own shoulders to get going as a passionate career cycle lands for you.

January Lunar Guide
January 1st: Cancer Full Moon. An eagerness and excitement could be felt around this Full Moon. It seems you may feel very invested in how blossoming connections, intuitive ideas, and community belonging have you feeling nurtured and soulful. A dose of pushing your horizons and responsibilities may be the thing that allows you to experience how supported and cared for you are. It’s also quite likely that something around a spouse or partner of some kind has something big that adds to your feelings of community protection. If something is ending around community and family or females in your life, the things that will grow from this ending will be quite powerful and beautiful. You will feel the support of friends and partners.

January 16th: New Moon in Capricorn. Your Capricorn intentions should push your horizons. Think expansively, think about your life beliefs, think about how you share ideas with others, think about pushing into things foreign to you. The events of the January 1st Cancer Full Moon should provide the courage you need to ask for big responsibilities that feel outside of your wheelhouse—but that could open your life up to new and greater things. It’s in how nurtured and supported you feel in your community belonging that gives you the courage to aim for new horizons. This is why it’s so important to understand that each sign’s opposite will blossom during its solar season and be the thing that feeds that season’s New Moon intentions. Your Capricorn goals will blossom come Summer Solstice, with fresh horizons conquered, providing new soils to plant Cancer Season intentions in, reinitiating growth around a need to feel nurtured and safe in community—leading to a feeling of safety to push into new horizons, again, next Capricorn Season. It all comes full circle so we must know that each sign’s intentions, if tended to, will blossom and provide rich soils for its opposite sign’s next seeding cycle. There is something powerfully valuable about the intentions and seeds you form now but you may also have to contend with some unseen challengers, possibly a friend or group whose own intentions are threatened by new things sparking in you now. There is actually potential for great progress if you can figure out how to become flexible and active with any challenges thrown your way.

January 31st: Leo Lunar Eclipse. This is a really big event for you, my dear Taurus friends. A lunar eclipse can show where we are coming into a totally new cycle around females, intuitive capacity, and how we nurture ourselves. In the sign of Leo, this has to do with creativity, warmth, and being present, for all of us. For you specifically, this can point toward an update in how you are nurturing and loving at home and with family. Something around tending to and nurturing your roots, births secure foundations in your private life that are ready for a major update. What about home and family FEELS outdated? What do you intuit is ready for a new chapter? Are there females in your home that are cycling in or out for any reason—or females who are ready to play a different role in tending to roots and security of home. With Ceres, Venus, and Juno involved in this pivotal lunar event, female energy is hyper strong. If you are a female or identify as female, you might find that you are ready to step up into a more regal, abundant archetype of yourself. If you are male or identify as male, you may see women in your life tapping new, mysterious power.


May 21 - June 20

January Solar Seasons
Valuable Intuition, Potent Aspirations & Heart-full Belonging.
Tradition and structure are starting to reawaken in you as we head into the new year. With Capricorn Season at the helm, this time of thinking about big new goals and heights you want to scale may steer you toward the intimate aspects of your life. Sex, death, taxes—for you, this is a domain that Capricorn awkwardly oversees in your chart. This sign likes things to be focused, structured, and successful. It’s not to say that you are rigid when it comes to the bedroom or sharing value with others, but it’s quite possible that you want there to be some structure and expertise in how you allow your vulnerability to be seen. Scheduling, focus, and authority could enter the bedroom with you; you may only trust the most reputable of psychologists with your inner mysteries; older, wiser investors, elite credit cards, or well-regarded investments are your forte. Slow and steady wins the race in your mind and by middle age, it’s likely that you will finally reach a level of expertise in all things wealth, sharing, and sexuality that allows you to loosen the reigns and enjoy this aspect of your life a little more. All of these things will embody a mystical seduction once you feel you are regarded as one of the top tier power players. Honestly, there’s a bit of a politician in this configuration, and although that’s not the archetype of your career sector, wherever Capricorn rules shows some subtle potentials in career. You have access to power players through your roles and responsibilities. Until the 11th, you may have some personal focus on relationships in your life, wanting to know all you can about partners, spouses, and rivals. Come the 12th, an alignment in the skies will emphasize just how much you want to be respected for your mercurial ways.

On the 19th we enter into the solar season of Aquarius. This is a season that will bring fresh stirrings and budding energy around how you want to push your boundaries, tackle understanding outside of your wheelhouse, and find hope for your future through exploration and a seeking spirit. Groups, collaboration, and friendships hold some of the keys you are seeking, keys to bigger platforms and greater worlds. Lean into a co-creative spirit, let go of ego, and embrace the progressive. Do this with originality and watch as great stories surround your personal life story and vision. The days surrounding the 24th could hold some particularly intense energy. It will depend on your personal chart on whether this holds elevated empowerment or if it will bring some endings into your life. Either way, alchemy is at play. Work colleagues can be a great source of support if needed at this time

January Lunar Guide
January 1st: Cancer Full Moon. This year a really gorgeous Full Moon blossoms on our first night of the year. For you, this will bring something up and out of you around how you feel secure and valued. It’s likely that women, your family, home, or self-nurturing have ripened and are filling the cozy corners of your life with much tenderness and safety. A willingness to be a touch more vulnerable and sharing of your hidden authority will be an ingredient that makes life full right now. You may feel like work, partnerships, and career trajectory are all on your side. If things come to an ending at this lunar event, know that the fertility they are providing will make for soils that can house some very powerful and beautiful seeds come summer.

January 16th: New Moon in Capricorn. Potent is the word I would chose for this New Moon. What seeds and intent forms around this lunar phase will hold potential to find much value, financial backing, and empowerment in your life come summer. Ask yourself what it is that will better connect you to your authority, aspirations, and how sharing of resources and your personal vulnerability might help you step into a more solid and structured version of you. It’s possible that a group or some friends could create a bit of friction in connection to intentions set now. If you flip this and look more closely at any challenges that present themselves, you will see that they are pushing you to be more active and creative.

January 31st: Leo Lunar Eclipse. How do you FEEL about your community, the women you see on a daily basis, and the creativity you summon when communicating? The cosmos has decided you are in need of an update in all of these things. It can be hard to let go but it’s likely that if you haven’t already identified some endings to old chapters, that they may be forced upon you. In your new chapter, expect to be surrounded by creative communities that support who you are newly becoming, expect to find a deeper sense of belonging as a star of your tribe, and to find a new warmth for the words and language of love and fun. With this eclipse centering around the Moon all changes will skew feminine, mystical, and intuitive.


June 21 - June 20

January Solar Seasons
Luminous Self-Trust, Vulnerable Trust & Heart-full Values.
January is a big month for you Cancer, just as new stirrings are waking up inside of you, refreshing desires and wants around structured, steady, impressive relationships and partnerships, your season of blossoming also arrives as this month holds your personal Full Moon on our first night of the month and year. As duality insists in your life right now, it may take you standing tall and shouldering responsibilities in how give and take flow in your relational life to understand just how precious and needed self-care is. Your lens is to nurture all that you touch, but you need to feel nurtured first in order to give that out as freely as you do. Make extra time to strengthen your soul, your personal safety, and the sense of home you carry at your very core. This is what you will need in order to find the foundational sense of security you’ll need at the January 16th Capricorn New Moon, to form fresh seeds of intent around reaching for title and position in your relationships. January 8th could bring some trigger points up for you as your cardinal energies will all be ignited – self, home, family, and reputation. These may seem like they are all working against each other but this is the energy that dynamic progress and creative solutions are made of so push into one issue at a time and create some really productive stability in your life through tensions in play.

As we come to the 19th, Aquarius Season will have you detaching a bit more than you are used to. This season will revitalize the way you share and the vulnerability that you are capable of. With a bit of aloofness in this realm, you could be very progressive, open, and collaborative around what’s more hidden and mysterious inside of you. Intimacy may feel experimental and you likely have strong feelings around wanting humanity to hold more power than a 1% grouping of people. It’s also likely that you attract powerful friendships and groups into your life who can help empower you if you allow yourself to be vulnerable with them. In fact, it’s possible that you are better at being vulnerable with friends and groups than anyone else. Tap into this as the witnessing and healing balm that happens here is what will feed your ability to transform and own your power.

January Lunar Guide
January 1st: Cancer Full Moon. The night of January 1st, a beautiful Cancer Full Moon graces your life. Full Moons hold just as much potential for loss as they do for the blossoming of exciting things —it just depends on how your personal chart is being affected. Either way, loss or manifestations at this specific lunar event hold energy of things that are or were very impressive on a personal level and will provide the soils needed in summer to plant new dreams and wishes all about your personal desires. Find spiritual and artistic inspiration through pushing your boundaries around surrendering and seeking a oneness with all. Fortunate opportunity and new passions around mysterious, powerful creativity could feed all that’s going on at this moon. It’s likely that A LOT is happening between you and a partner right now and the above things will help create balance and direction in the harmony you desire.

January 16th: New Moon in Capricorn. This New Moon is one where you will get a chance to reboot all things relationship. There is some powerful energy around this lunar seeding time with Pluto and Venus sitting in cahoots with the sun and moon. This will insist that you and any partner in your life dive very deep to explore all regions of each other and find your power as a couple. There is potency here and you could go through some intense transformations together over the course of the next 6-months that will either tear you apart or rebirth your connection in a stronger more authentic union. Venus will insist on this being done with fairness and grace. Be sure to look at all sides of issues to be sure balance is being dealt with in a harmonious way. Powerful intensity meets divine graciousness here. A square from Uranus and Pallas could bring friction in relationships due to career desires—potentially through out of the blue happenings. Pallas will ensure that you have wisdom and intuitive intelligence to find interesting and unique solutions.

January 31st: Leo Lunar Eclipse. A big moment on the last day of the month will see you shedding layers to realign with updates that have been trying to form inside of you for the past year or two. How do you feel your authentic voice, sense of value, and connection to the material realm of your life is shifting? Females, nurturing instincts, and your emotional wiring are all starting to vibrate differently and so changes in your outer world will gradually or immediately start to reflect this. How you feel about creativity and leadership in relation to income and possessions will bring up a lot of energy around how you use food and nurturing in your life—and possibly how your mother used it in relation to your self-esteem. Shedding her story may help you feed yourself and nurture others more authentically. A light may also get shone on how you or another is silencing your true feelings or fears in your commitments. There could be some power dynamics that feel more realized and you see more clearly the value and originality you possess in your position as a partner. If things are coming up around this pattern, ask yourself if you are using jealousy or revenge to cover up true feelings toward a partner.


July 23 - August 22

January Solar Seasons
Nurtured Artistry, Authoritative Rhythms & Heart-full Agenda.
A new year and likely a very new you, Leo. You are one of the two sign’s currently going through major shifts in your life due to the eclipses hitting your sign last year and this coming year. As you move into 2018, Capricorn Season will have you rediscovering the daily rhythms, processes, and responsibilities that make you feel like a whole, sane person. Slow and steady does the trick for you in how you accomplish your to-do task list. You’ll start to feel new energy until the 19th around dedicating as the thorough, responsible human that you know you are capable of being. The days surrounding the 8th and 9th could be really interesting as your ruler, the sun, has a very potent meeting with Venus and Pluto as the moon squares off to all three of you. Something around communication, belonging, and community could spark a lot of energy in work projects and new responsibilities coming your way. The wealth of potential and connection to deep authenticity that can be found by looking very deeply at events during this time could hold mini transformations—possibly some big ah-ha moments around feeling purposeful and useful in your life.

On the 19th, we move into the second to last zodiac season of the year, with Aquarius taking the reins. For you, this is a season that will bring some things into full view around big new beginnings that started in August. It’s likely that next month will hold the most profound blossoming moments, but you will start to feel the energy of this in the last days of January. Things that began in the summer around personal passions, new clarity of self, or general updates in life direction may feel more real and spring from inside of you into the outer world. Meanwhile, new energy will start to bubble around your relationships and you may sense that this is also an area of your life about to go through some big shifts and new chapters. With the ruler of this sign in his last degrees of Aries and conjunct Pallas and Eris, it’s possible that you will be pushing the boundaries of your relational identities, doing a lot of seeking and exploring of philosophies that might help you find clarity and understand what you want in your close one-on-one relationships.

January Lunar Guide
January 1st: Cancer Full Moon. Near Summer Solstice, you may have felt a need to surrender and find more compassion and spirituality in your life. New seeds likely formed that are now ready to blossom around the first night of this month. Great healing, inspiration, and compassion are likely coming to the surface and you could feel very secure and safe in a cosmic blanket of oneness with all. Standing sturdy and strong in your daily duties will balance these needs out and give you the freedom you seek to escape into the family of cosmic, mystical space. Extra healing is available by purging any hidden shame, guilt, or secrets in the home and this will bring much clarity and opportunity to feel greater empowerment and a more solid and powerful foundation underfoot.

January 16th: New Moon in Capricorn. This is your chance in the year to spark new life awake in how you want to feel more whole, healthy, and productive in your life. With Capricorn energy ruling this part of your chart, you likely find that having a title, an impressive reputation, and lots of responsibility in the world are what make you feel like a complete, sustainable human, able to belong to yourself. With Venus and Pluto closely aligned to this year’s Cappy New Moon, the cosmos are signaling that you have a lot of inner reserves to uncover and is motioning for you to dig deep, stay very authentic to who you are, and bring to light any blocks that may be tripping up your ability to accept the duties that you crave. A square from Uranus in Aries may have you joining groups or friends to seek greater wisdom and push your boundaries around finding an expanded sense of self and more clarity about your passions.

January 31st: Leo Lunar Eclipse. Just as you may have experienced big new cycles arising in your life over the summer, some subtle and more emotionally centered endings and beginnings are likely arriving for you at the Leo Lunar Eclipse. Females, an intuitive understanding of self and your deepest passions, and the roots that support your emotional well-being could see shifts with things cycling in and out of your life as the universe says it’s time for updates. Although lunar eclipses rarely produce very visible changes in life, they do hit your feelings of security and safety much stronger. Allow mystery, the secrets of the unseen, and your honed intuition guide you to what you newly need and don’t need in orientation to self. Let yourself freely release emotions, tear, fears, and ask for the support you need. It can be a scary process to shake things up in your emotional orientation. Just know that whatever is being felt or events rocking your life, the universe is leading you toward the updates that you need to move forward in your life. In the end, clarity of emotion will come through but it may be your next birthday before it’s all calm and understood. Relax into the process and know that better things are coming for you.


August 23 - September 22

January Solar Seasons
Protected Collaboration, Pursuing Presence & Heart-full Healing.
Welcome to 2018, Virgo. As you take your first analytical peek at this new year, you will find a lot more earthy resonance and sustainable energy that will suit you better than energies of 2017. Currently in the ever diligent season of Capricorn, you start your year off in the spotlight with new found leadership and creativity introducing itself into your life. Fresh stirrings are coming on strong, but it’s hard to see with clarity at this early point into what it all means. A new 3-year cycle of Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, in this part of your chart assures that you will be front and center needing to show up with integrity and devotion to something exciting in your life. Until the 10th, you might have a need to find extra doses of safety and nurturing in your life. Tend to lots of self-care and nurture yourself by finding avenues to expand and broaden your horizons around home and family. Look for opportunities to give your roots room to grow, even in international soils. Once we get to the 11th, that leadership calling I mentioned above could come on-line in a clearer way. Use until the end of the month to really explore how you want to use your authority and responsible nature to take the lead and feel expressive. More and more eyes will start to shift your way this month.

As we enter Aquarius Season on the 19th, work and daily rhythms will call out for a refresh in your life. Find new vital connections to what you are working on in your day-to-day and push yourself to find updates that are more in-line with what you enjoy. A hint, with Aquarius ruling the work sector of your chart, duties involving think-tank scenarios, progressive collaborating, or originality suit your needs and are where you can feel a great sense of usefulness and wholeness in your life. Astrology may be something that you dip your toes into, collaborative works, working with friends, areas of technology, or non-profits that work for the good of humanity are all good place to start exploring and uncovering who you are newly becoming. Next month may see you shooting into a dramatically different direction in your work life and the spring holds even greater changes as some subtle shifts have you less self-centered around needing lone-wolf roles and power in your work duties to wanting more value and expansion in your daily processes.

A longer transit may show you finding great balance and symbolism in your life through nurturing things mystical, spiritual, or artistic in your life. Food could be a very healing and creative component in your life if you take the time to understand it and how it affects you on a daily basis. This is a trend that will continue until June.

January Lunar Guide
January 1st: Cancer Full Moon. As you find new, and maybe slightly awkward footing in leadership or creative responsibilities, this budding perspective helps you to more fully understand a need to embrace an opposite energy—the cozy nurturing you need in your life to feel safe and protected. At the Cancer Full Moon, new realizations help push fullness into your life around embracing and caring for the groups and friendships that you belong to. Friends may feel like your family and you hold the mothering energy that helps groups to gestate, strengthen, and birth new movements and collaborations. Tap into this and allow your intuitive abilities to feed and be valued by all those who recognize the powerful yet veiled energy you bring to your circles. Partners may hold very mystical and spiritual compassion in your life right now and are available to pump you full of inspired harmony. Community and communications could be intense and pushing things to your surface that have been hiding in your darker corners. What comes up and into the light will help you feel a lot of clarity and opportunity around alignment within and with others that you connect with on the regular. Purging of shame, guilt, and trauma in your mental patterns is possible right now. This is a very powerful Full Moon and you currently have the natural nourishment, precision, and authentic voice to be the root system that holds and grows your packs together with strength and protection.

January 16th: New Moon in Capricorn. Intentions forming now are incredibly potent and have the potential to make you a very powerful, authentic leader and authority in something that fills you with value and brings great resources to your doorstep. Very hard work is in store, but for those Virgo's willing to dig deep, investigate, and purge things blocking essential energies through vulnerability, true greatness and presence could solidify your role as a leader this summer. Commit to your path and do what it takes to step into your light, Virgo. There could be a challenge in all of this from a group, friendship, or work project that wants to hoard your power or challenges you to own your personal clarity and power, but this friction will ultimately see you making original paths forward that allow you to be who you are and know how to assert your differing roles to different areas of your life with wisdom.

January 31st: Leo Lunar Eclipse. Great new alignment and life balance could show up in the form of endings and beginnings with females or in your emotional sphere and in relations to how you surrender to being creative, playful, and vital in all things mystical, artistic, and spiritual. You may find that updates have to be made to support who you are starting to become. A very creative, star role in the arts and mysticism may be thrust upon you. With lots of female cosmic bodies involved in this eclipse, expect to be blown away by the powers of more unseen forces. There may be some big updates made in your connection to food and how it can be used to heal and restore your life force; big life commitments could place you in unique work roles that fill you with value and regal purpose, balancing out the more undefined cosmic territory that you are newly exploring in your life.


September 23 - October 22

January Solar Seasons
Nourishing Achievements, Ambitious Roots & Heart-full Friendships.
Your chart ruler, Venus, is heavily involved in things this month so expect to be on point and ready for a lot of potent energy to imbue your life. The dates surrounding the 8th-9th are particularly interesting. You might find that digging and purging old ancestral narratives in your views of home and family could show authority and power dynamics that need some healing. If you dare to do work to investigate this, potent and authentic energy could bring more empowerment than you’ve ever had around your security in life. As we head into this new year, Capricorn Season is afoot, and for you, this connects you squarely with new energy and revitalized interest in creating solid, impressive foundations in your life. The nurtured security you seek comes from you taking on positions of responsibility as your roots are entangled with holding responsibility and title. You are likely very successful at solidifying all things that make you and yours feel safe in life. No building on sand for you, rather hammering out and putting foundations in solid rock is what makes you feel that your home and family have foundations that will hold up to time, wear, tear, trends. Allow yourself to explore what makes you feel nurtured and safe until the 19th and know that a new 3-year trend will have you ambitious and working very hard to structure and bring integrity to the roots of your life.

As we arrive at the 19th, Aquarius Season takes over. This is a sign that revitalizes your connection to creativity, kids, recreation, and leadership. For you, it’s in being unique, progressive, and a bit rebellious that you find your star power and desire to lead. Collaboration is something that you bring a lot of warmth and originality to, knowing how to direct group energy in a solid direction. Allow yourself to be playful and connect with lots of friends and groups this season to re-spark your vital interest in your creative energy. Big changes are coming your way in all of this next month as the cosmos has decided you are ready to update how you connect to this part of yourself. Start preparing to accept endings and beginnings around group energy, kids, and your place as an aloof yet progressive leader.

January Lunar Guide
January 1st: Cancer Full Moon. Big moments in career and aspirations could be blossoming right now with feelings of safety, nurturing, and intuitive authority. Something around women or family and achievements are showing you how deep and nourished you really are. Clarity and opportunity around powerful value is adding further support to things coming up for you right now. Special and meaningful work situations could be providing restorative rhythm that helps you sustain what is solidifying in your life at this lunar event.

January 16th: New Moon in Capricorn. This is your chance in the year to form new intentions around dedicating yourself to creating success in your home and family. Nothing pedestrian in your living environment will do and you likely require a very structured ecosystem in how your domestic and nurturing affairs are dealt with. Having authority in your home and family could feel important and this is the time to reinstate efforts toward making your home and family life the way you really want them. It may take you more work than most to cultivate the roots you desire but you enjoy the challenge. By summer, with focus and devotion, new blossoming will shoot up and into your life with solid position. This particular New Moon has the potential to transform you by uprooting hidden guilt, shame, or wounds festering in your home life. Your own chart ruler is embedded with this lunar seeding so you are likely feeling very invested and wanting to feel more authority and harmony in your private life.

January 31st: Leo Lunar Eclipse. A new cycle is showing through in your life at this lunar eclipse. Your emotional needs around creativity and groups or friendships is ready for an update. It’s likely that females in particular may be cycling in and out of your life as these updates take place. Know that any emotional endings that happen are making room for who you are becoming to attract more aligned people or situations. Embrace your ability to be the heart and warmth of groups, and the center of vitality for collaborative activity—watch as this draws what you want out of friendships, to you.


October 23 - November 21

January Solar Seasons
Secure Aim, Authoritative Belonging & Heart-full Aspirations.
As we set out into a new year, January starts us out in the high reaching sign of Capricorn. For you, this is a sign and solar season that will start to reawaken curiosity, connection, community, and how you communicate. It’s been a year since a focus was placed here, and summer brought some blossoming in your alignment but now it’s time to reevaluate and make updates. How do you want to feel connected and a sense of belonging in your life? What are you newly feeling interested in and want information about? With Capricorn ruling here, it’s likely that you want to feel belonging in groups that hold much authority, respect, and expertise. You have the mental orientation to think and connect very methodically, with structure and impressive dedication, BUT, you may feel unworthy of certain alignments until you you hold some kind of authority in your community. It’s likely that you place a lot of pressure on yourself to fit in and secure respect but this can bring inferiority complexes. Ease up, know that you are already impressive and have a linear way of making everything clear and concise, and people already respect this about you.

As we come to the 19th of the month, Aquarius rules our solar stirrings and this will connect you with new energy and purpose around your home and family life. You likely prefer friends, groups, and a collaborative spirit to nourish the soils that your roots feed from. It’s likely that an aloof, yet friendly demeanor is how you relate to those in your private life and security is felt most when there is a bit of freedom and invention in your home life. The end of January will be a time to reconnect with how you can make your home and family more alive in your life. Your progressive approach may feel shocking or unpredictable to those who share your space so be sure to communicate your needs around experimentation, friendship, and excitement. This will help your family give you the space you need, resulting in healthier roots and feelings of safety in your life.

January Lunar Guide
January 1st: Cancer Full Moon. A gorgeous Full Moon will have your life blossoming with expanded beliefs and potentials around home and family. Whether opportunities are flourishing around being able to explore the world in comforting ways or your boundaries are being pushed to embrace bigger thinking around finding security and safety in your life, personal passions are being stirred. Right now you are getting in touch with clarity of self and desires and this Moon could allow you to express your needs in powerful ways.

January 16th: New Moon in Capricorn. This is your moment in the year to form new seeds and intentions around how you want to reach high and solidify how you belong, what you want to learn and align with, and how you can hold more authority in your community over the next year. What you plant right now will likely come to a blossoming point near the Summer Solstice. Again, personal passions and a clarity of self are showing through very strongly in connection to this lunar event and intentions that you form. A partner could also play a helpful role in connecting you to the right people, places, and information you desire.

January 31st: Leo Lunar Eclipse. If big shifts happened for you around career aim and interest this past summer, this lunar eclipse will progress the issue with your emotions now shedding and finding new alignment and updates in relation to how your vitality and purpose shifted months ago. It can be hard to let go of the past, but know that any endings are moving you toward status and reputation more in line with who you are becoming. This will eventually bring emotional fulfillment but it may feel turbulent around the end of the month until the dust settles. There are some interesting nurturing energies present with this eclipse, all in the realm of the powerful feminine archetypes. How food is used to nurture in relation to your ability to be responsible yet creative could be an issue that comes up. A commitment in the home and with family might feel restrictive, but if you look closely, this is showing you that you need to tend to your roots in order to sustain any worldly position. Both bring stability and security in your life. Value, softness, and originality are in your roots and will help fed the sense of leadership and creativity that you want to shine for.


November 22 - December 21

January Solar Seasons
Strengthened Resources, Sensational Integrity & Heart-full Expansion.
January has you leaning into a lot of responsibility and dedication to valuing yourself, or at least attempting to. With Capricorn ruling over your house of the material and self-worth, you can have a lot of inferiority complexes in these things. You’ll find that the more focus and dedication you give to being who you authentically are, and working hard to show up with integrity, the more you will solidify a sense of self-worth. It seems a tall order for you Sagittarians for some reason, and where Saturn sits in your birth chart may tell you more about this. Just know that being willing to shoulder responsibility, titles, and building success through the material world or business ownership, is where you can start building your connection to self-worth. A slow, steady pace is best here so that you can use the pressure needed to solidify each step of the process. Nothing goes fast with this sign’s territory but in the long run, you may win the race on feeling value and worth. Near retirement age is when you will likely blossom and surpass peers in this realm, but that also means you are hopefully already working hard to understand and value your authentic voice and the worth of that, and dedicating to doing so, with consistency. A big moment comes on January 6th when Mars conjuncts your chart ruler, Jupiter. Where this is happening in the cosmic landscape will bring a lot of desire to uproot hidden passions in things artistic, mystical, or spiritual. Much clarity and healing could come from witnessing your deepest urges, as ugly or beautiful as they are. Empowerment will come to those of you willing to face your control needs around the cosmic collective.

Aquarius Season will come into focus on the 19th, shifting your gaze toward community, ideas, connections, and a sense of belonging. It’s been a while since you’ve put vitality into this part of your life, since August to be exact, but this is your window during the year to revitalize your mentality, what you are curious about, and how you want to connect and feel like part of your local community. With this sign ruling how you think and make connection, you are likely quite erratic, aloof, yet friendly and original. This placement can indicate potential in genius, progressive, and innovative ideas. You are likely uninterested in the mundane and more interested in what’s Avant-guard in our world. A sense of belonging for you may involve feeling like part of movements, collaborations, and groups of friends—or groups in general. Astrology is ruled by this sign so Sagittarians have a natural mental affinity with this subject.

January Lunar Guide
January 1st: Cancer Full Moon. As we take our first breaths of the year, our first night brings us a beautiful illumination from the sign of Cancer. This brings something to fullness in your life around how you share, your intimacy, your psychological digging, or wealth/debt management. There is likely a connection to family or females in this regard, making you very private and guarded when it comes to what you share with anyone. Somehow your safety feels dependent on having deep roots and much nourishment in relation to the power and control that your family holds or that you have with women. Some family inheritances or secrets may come about at this time that could illuminate new ways to feel empowered. At the same time, potency in your personal finances could be helping to illuminate what family resources and security mean to you. You may also feel a personal sense of compassion and healing at this moon that feeds your ability to feel safe and nurtured.

January 16th: New Moon in Capricorn. This is your moment in the coming year to make new intentions around how you want to feel valued, how you can revitalize desired income, and how you can connect to your senses. By accepting responsibility that leads you toward expertise and authority, your worth will solidify. Planets sitting at the base of this New Moon will make these goals especially valuable and could bring a new sense of empowerment into your life through your connection to money and material things. Creative projects and leadership positions may bring some challenge in this regard, potentially through friends or other group involvement, but this will push you to generate more energy and find unique ways to fuse issues around money and creative outlets.

January 31st: Leo Lunar Eclipse. This is a time when things you initiated and new phases that entered your life at the Great American Eclipse in August could ripen and feel more clear. It’s likely that these have to do with foreign travel, publishing, higher education, or general life beliefs. Leadership positions, romance, or a bit of limelight could be involved. At the same time, this is also a lunar eclipse so you will go through the process of shedding old emotional programing. Pay attention to emotional shifts in your sense of warmth, generosity, and presence. Updates are pushing your boundaries as an intuitive leader or star of things foreign to you. There is also a strong connection to seasons and cycles at this lunar event and you may reboot your connection to how you use food on an emotional level.


December 22 - January 19

January Solar Seasons
Deep Trust, Passionate Authority & Heart-full Vulnerability.
Happy solar return or Ascendant return, Cappy. As mentioned last month, you have just stepped into a brand new cycle in your life. And although this isn’t technically what we call a Saturn return, in a way it is with your ruling planet returning to his home sign. Take a good stretch, do a few pushups, and get your coffee dripping as the morning energy of new beginnings and finding pace for a new day is what this 3-year transit is about, waking you out of a restful slumber. With the sun also in your sign and season until the 19th, use this time to connect to what is most trigger happy inside of you. What do you newly feel a desire to take action on? Are there any issues of anger or jealousy coming up for you? This is good if so. It’s there to connect you to what’s upgrading and newly forming as passion and desire at your very core, helping to set your agenda for the coming 29 years. As Saturn moves through your first house of self, this isn’t what I’d call a time of huge successes and big payouts, rather it’s a time for you to awaken what it is you want out of life. Neither the energy of Saturn or your zodiac sign are quick to pull the trigger on anything, being uber cautious, but this is a time to indulge in being first, taking action around what you want, and being a bit rash in trying new things to see what sticks. Give yourself extra doses of permission to mess up, experiment, be impulsive, and make mistakes. Although not everything will turn out well, what will happen is you will find your care-full target after a few care-full misaims. January 12th could bring a lot of ideas and connections to your doorstep. The days surrounding the New Moon on the 16th could bring female connections or other emotional support for the new things bubbling up in your life.

Once the 19th arrives, we head into the solar season of Aquarius, and what you newly began earlier in January will feel ready to give ownership to. With this sign ruling how you value yourself, it’s through friendships, groups, collaboration, and innovation that you find your connection to income, self-worth, and the material side of life. Use your senses at the end of January to give form and tangibility to the things you do creatively with others. Your voice is strong inside of groups and you can use it to give value to movements that you are a part of.

January Lunar Guide
January 1st: Cancer Full Moon. In the first days of the month and year, relationships will likely be the thing in your life that are either blossoming or passing out of your life. You may want a lot more control and independence than your partner/s are willing to give you, creating some power struggles, but a bit of compromise will help all parties calm down and realize that all anyone wants is trust. Friends and community may be saving graces helping you to see how supported and nurtured you are.

January 16th: New Moon in Capricorn. What do YOU desire right now? There are so many cosmic bodies on your side, saying ‘we're here for you, what do you want?’, so tell them. Say it out loud for the universe and all to here: I want______! Be decisive and proclaim your heart’s desires. This is one of the more fertile New Moon’s I’ve seen in the past year so really make big intentions on this day. You may have a little bit of erratic energy to contend with on the home front or your sense of security may be a little peculiar, but it shouldn’t stop you. With some action and optimism, all challenges will turn into unique opportunities.

January 31st: Leo Lunar Eclipse. What are the power dynamics in your life right now? How do you share? How’s your sex life? Do you feel good about your management of wealth/debt? These are areas of your life getting some major realignment. In August at the Great American Eclipse, there may have been endings and beginnings around how you hold presence, creativity, and excitement in your entanglements. Now at this lunar eclipse of the same sign, your emotions will push you to be more vulnerable about any blocks in how your heart feels warmth and graciousness. Things feminine, emotional, or mysterious may shed from your life so that you can move forward into needed updates for intimate, generous entanglements.


January 20 - February 18

January Solar Seasons
Nourished Lifestyle, Potent Aspirations & Heart-full Trust.
How’s your energy level, my dear Aquarians? A lot of trends could have you feeling more tired than usual—and potentially sick if you’ve been overdoing it. As we enter this new year, Capricorn is the sign and solar season in the spotlight, and as we all have every sign ruling over a part of our chart, this season pushes you into a retiring area of life where you need to sleep, dream, listen to music, watch movies, go to a retreat, compose art, be more compassionate toward yourself and others, and connect into the energies of the universe where inspiration awaits with symbols and meaning. Capricorn is also a slow, cautious, steady sign, so this amplifies your need to slow down through the 19th. On the other hand, Capricorn also points to where our greatest aspirations lie, and where we have to reach and work very hard to accomplish and find authority. For you, this is in things artistic, mystical, or spiritual. As you rest, you are also likely using, or trying to use, sound logic to build something impressive out of your connection to cosmic inspiration. Know that through surrendering, you will have divine access to what you need to succeed, so relax into your methods of hard work and allow cosmic guides to pick up any slack needed, they will if you let them.

As we hit the 19th, your personal solar season of the year arrives and this will have you stretching out the kinks, and yawns, with a good cup of coffee and possibly a morning jog. These last days of January are meant for you to reconnect to what your agenda and desires are. Likely things involving groups, friendships, and collaboration always strike a chord with you, and especially so during your seasonal refresh. Since 2011, you may have become more of a lone-wolf, but also wanting to be plugged into community in your own detached, unique way. This will be the last Aquarius Season with this trend as a new cycle will emerge this spring until the spring of 2026. Home, family, and tending to sensuous and luxurious roots will newly come into focus and a more assertive wit that’s been with you may diminish. That being said, this is your last of 7-years to be a bit more self-centered in the fresh intentions bubbling up in you. Be grand and indulge in what you want as the tides are soon changing.

January Lunar Guide
January 1st: Cancer Full Moon. At this lunar event, it’s likely that things around work, daily duties, and your overall lifestyle are coming to light and blossoming with fulfillment and big moments. Just as likely is the potential for endings, a different take on something having reached fullness. Whether things coming up feel exciting or difficult, this time of fullness is what will create soils of growth for your big Capricorn intentions at the New Moon on the 16th. Some blessed elements around personal finances, as well as exciting opportunities through friends or groups, could feel very supportive to work projects in your life right now. It’s very possible that females, family, or things that feel very nourishing are on your side in helping you to feel secure in your life.

January 16th: New Moon in Capricorn. Ambitions in the artistic and spiritual planes are ripe for planting new intentions at this time. What do you want to achieve over the next 6-months, leading up to Summer Solstice, and how can those achievements tap into inspiration, arts, and mystical elements? There are some potent energies at play making intentions forming now very valuable and powerful. Due to this all happening in your 12th house of shadow, a lot of faith will be needed to trust that you have opportunities as they are difficult for you to see clearly. Some personal triggers through communication and interesting community connections could feel challenging to you around what you are hoping to achieve with new career intentions. Be assertive and active to find creative ways of easing any tensions. You have access to a lot of wisdom and ability to see the unseen for strategic thinking at the moment.

January 31st: Leo Lunar Eclipse. There is likely a lot getting realigned in your relationships right now. If you've experienced endings and beginnings with close, trusted people in your life since August, it’s likely that you will feel more clear around why and what it’s all been about. The cosmos has decided it’s your time for an update in how you find harmony, love, and heart-full trust. At this lunar eclipse, needed relational updates will be pushed forward even further as you are now in line to have emotions and things more feminine in nature revamped to support who you are becoming. Know that if anything ends or big shifts happen, it’s because you are ready for relationships that are more warm and generous. There is potent feminine energy around this eclipse, even past it being a lunar event. Some things to think about: How does food or seasons and cycles play a creative role in your relationships? Are you over valuing your originality as an individual? Are any feelings of revenge or jealousy feeling too personal and intense—or do commitments feel a bit stagnant? The point at this event is to focus on your relationships and your personal creative-expression, generosity, and warmth within them, while focusing a little less on yourself and your personal agenda. Plan something really romantic for a partner. I promise this will go a long way in helping some balance feel restored.


February 19 - March 20

January Solar Seasons
Luminous Presence, Group Authority & Heart-full Work.
A beautiful New Year rings in with a Full Moon that you will love. More on that later. As you dream your way into 2018, the Sun is being seen against the sign of Capricorn, the Water Goat. This is the time of year when we have summited our tilt north and now start a trek back toward the south where the sun will shine on seeds of intent formed during this season. How do friendships, groups, collaboration, and being part of movements or innovations feel important in your success and how you find authority in your life? This is going to be an important question in your life over the next 3-years with Saturn, the planet of structure, time, reality, and integrity newly prodding at these things for you. Spend time thinking about dedication and focus you’d like to give to groups in your life.

The 19th breezes in with our always original Aquarius Season. For you, this marks your time to retire, sleep more, dream, and melt into the cosmic seas of the collective that you so love and have a natural attunement with. As the world and humanity find a collective voice for progress and rebellion against things feeling repressive, you are able to sink into deep waters of meaning and symbolism to compose and offer messages about how it all leads back to love and compassion for all. The kinds of cosmic guides and collective messaging that you have access to are quite original and possibly a bit irreverent and anarchist. It’s probably good fun whatever happens for you in psychic places. This is a season to revitalize your connection to meaning, art, and universal flow. Enjoy the ride but do plan to give yourself lots of rest or you run the risk of illness and a weakened immune system.

January Lunar Guide
January 1st: Cancer Full Moon. Your creativity and intuitive self-expression could really blossom at this lunar event. Let your nurturing side out to play and get creative with food, family, mothering, and all of the females you adore in your life. A link to your personal planet and 1st house could have you feeling really passionate and alive at this time of emotional blossoming. If you are on the other end of the spectrum and experiencing some endings, know that these have a lot of powerful energy that are offering their energy back into the soils for fertile new beginnings to form. This is also a moon that could make you feel creatively safe and supported enough to venture into territories unknown to you and broaden your horizons through exciting opportunities and doors opening to you.

January 16th: New Moon in Capricorn. What a potent New Moon this one is! What do you desire to accomplish with groups and co-creating this year? What kind of world do you want to be a part of creating and take an active role in making a better place? What duties and responsibilities are you willing to take on to move our world forward with hope? Just some food for thought. You could find yourself desiring to be surrounded by more professional people, those serious about implementing change and with a know-how for making things happen. Use the power available at this seeding moon-time to identify the kinds of groups you want to have responsibility to, and the authority you wish to hold inside of those groups. You likely have access to powerful and valuable organizations that can help you find your own source of empowerment and value so do use intentions wisely right now, they could have very far reaching potential. Some erratic irregularities in personal finances may trip you up at this New Moon, but taking action will bring creative and original paths forward.

January 31st: Leo Lunar Eclipse. An update is in store for you at this Moon-y event. Think back to the August Great American Eclipse, and if any endings and beginnings happened for you around work, lifestyle, or health? It’s a funny thing these eclipses, but they know when we are getting too out of balance and come along to update things in our lives, peeling away skins to show us that we’ve become something entirely new underneath it all. At this lunar eclipse, you may simultaneously find more clarity about what’s happened since August, while also going through another series of endings and beginnings, more in the emotional rather than obvious realm. The cosmos wants you to find more fun, joy, and star power in your work life or wellness and lifestyle. It wants you to focus a little less emotion in the collaborative and mystical realm of your life and buckle down to lead and weave a vibrant, exciting daily rhythm. As your emotions and things feminine go through shifts around this moon, know that a host of other goddess planets and asteroids are rallying around you to make sure many elements of the feminine get updated. Wahoo. It may be tough for some and welcome for others. Food and nourishment through paying attention to seasons and cycles is a big trend that may come up in relation to aligning with a healthier life. Ceres wants you to have more fun and more creativity around your food. Learn how it can be used as medicine, and how seasonal awareness can be the balm you’ve needed to feel warm and happy. By doing this, you’ll have more access to compassionate self-worth and inspired commitments in your spiritually eccentric life.