July Mantra: Just Be

With the month number for July adding up to a 9 this year, the number of letting go and endings adds the frosting on top of the month number 7, escaping, spirituality, and introversion, that is always associated with July. These two numbers collide during the 2 year of reflection and seeing the Unseen (you can learn more about this yearly influence through our yearly astrology guide: Devotion to the Unseen, for purchase HERE).

In summary, this is a month of rolling with the tides, of really facing some deep internal work in order to purge and find renewed faith and hope. We are also entering an Eclipse Season; meanings lots of shakeups are scheduled to come down the pipeline. It’s a month to respond rather than initiate or be overly reactive. Dramas may actually be leading us to greener pastures, so don’t be overly shaken by what feels like endings. New starts are at the core of these shifts.

The Solar Seasons of July
Cancer Season (ends July 22nd): Our season of lunar and feminine wisdom.

Watching the moon and finding rhythm with her mysterious phases, cycles, and rhythms can help you find deeper intuition and trust in your sense of security. She rules over the ebbs and flows of life, intuition, and hormones. By paying attention to her, life becomes easier to steer and tend to. Use her illumination this season to reflect on the roots of your life, the things growing under your surface where all life is birthed in the darkness. It’s in this month’s long, hot days (in the Northern Hemisphere) that we seek refuge in our homes and with our families. Grow a deeper, more intuitive sense of life security, a strong support system, and ability to feel nurtured. Share this with those close to you. In this time of heavy migration and surges of refugees torn from homes that have been part of their roots for hundreds, sometimes even thousands of years, know that there is a lot insecurity to be tended to right now. The more nurtured and strong you grow your personal security and ability to use intuition for a deeply rooted life, the more you can share the sustenance of your soils with others as they face difficult uprooting.

The goal of this season is to grow strong and feel secure enough internally and in your private foundations, in order to move outward in later seasons when we are called to participate in cultivating balance and building systems of coexisting in a bigger world. If you aren’t tending to your roots now, making them strong, your intuition’s beautiful knowing of how to create a nurtured world, won’t be heard in your ability to reach others or the public.

A Cancer new moon eclipse on the 12th could bring up a lot of shifts in how we are nurturing. We may need to each deal with some weeding to clear new paths of growth in our lives over the next couple of years.

Leo Season (starts July 23rd): Our season of finding the limelight and being present with our hearts.

Welcome season of the sun. Once we’ve been through depth and nurturing of Cancer’s soulful rays, new courage is found to step into the light and into our ability to present, command, and lead. Be bold, be expressive, and mostly try to find your inner child that allows you to sing, dance, and play. Recreation and the outdoors are a forte of this season, as is luxury if that’s more your cup of tea. Not everyone shines in the same way, but we all shine in some way. Use this time to notice it in yourself and those around you. Access the warmth of the season to be warm toward life and love. Lead from your heart and find the backbone to stand tall and proud of your personal style and creative flair.

On July 27th, an Aquarius solar eclipse will push on us to be more engaged in the outer world, giving and receiving of the friendships, collaborations, and innovative energy that helps us to create new futures. Ending can take place if we need to redirect our unique creative gifts in order for them to be more engaged in this dance.


March 21 - April 19

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Me Time

July 1st, Cancer Season: July starts you out in the deep roots of Cancer Season’s watery and nurturing ways. Home and family will be on your mind, pushing and pulling on you to find greater security in your foundations and the fertile soils of your private life.

July 12th, a Cancer New Moon Eclipse: As the sun’s rays are blocked by the dark moon, a new phase of life may feel imminent. Is it time to find new soils? To grow new roots in your family tree? To start your own family? These are the things that could see you ending some avenues in your life in order to pivot for different phases of growth and security.

July 23rd, Leo Season: As we move into mid-summer, a more stable and fire-y phase will have you in high gear, initiating new ways of dialing your style and creative centering. Wake each morning by stretching your chest wide for your heart to open and warm up. Stand tall and reach as high overhead as you can. You’re finding new self-trust right now in your flair. There may be a lot of starts and stops pulsing through your life, and that’s okay. There is passion in your heart and you need to try new things to see what sticks and what works. This could be around children, a creative project that you’re taking the lead on, or simply drawing new love into your life.

July 27th, Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse: As we hit the second of three eclipses in this eclipse season, shifts are coming on strong and this one will bring shifts in the realm of groups, friendships, and collaborative innovation. What you envision for your future may be ready to lead you into greater world exposure. This could mean the originality that you possess needs to shift its sights in order to be properly used and engaged by the world. This has been an ongoing process for over a year and things you’ve already felt shifts in, could circle around in big swells right now. Everyone on some level is going through this. Try not to take offense to the shifts that happen in groups. It’s easy to take some of the cosmic energies pushing on us at big moments like this, personally. It’s not as personal you think in how others are coming or going right now, but it could take a few years to understand this. The important thing is that you find the resonant places that have similar collaborative energy.

Planetary Transitions
July (whole month): Mars, your personal planetary ruler, is retrograde in Aquarius until mid-August. This is a time for you to really review and reflect on how you can contribute to the world. It’s time for you to purge a few things that are no longer working, especially around group energy and anything that’s blocking you from seeing your future clearly. Ask yourself what you see for your future in 5 years. What is in the way of this vision? What do you need to weed out of your life? What inner work do you need to do to get on board with this vision?

July 10th: Venus moves to Virgo late on the night of the 9th. As you wake on the 10th, ask yourself how you’ve found pleasure and value in your love nature, your creative expression, and your command over the past month. Ask yourself how you can use that creative value to now cultivate purpose and rhythm that are pleasurable. How can you use the openness of your heart to feel valued in your day-to-day processes?

July 10th: Jupiter stations direct after a four month retrograde in Scorpio. The ways you’ve hoped to expand into your life may have needed to go through some under the surface excavation that’s halted your progress. The good news is by now you’ve found the source of some blocks to your visionary boundary pushing. What started back in early March that’s felt held up? There’s a bit of catchup and cleaning up of the excavations that have to happened, but you will start to feel these things come back to life. Once your ruler is also out of retrograde next month, it’ll finally feel like the progress you’ve felt sitting on the cusp of your life will find connections and trajectory. Things around wealth, debt, shared resource, psychological blocks, sexuality, and/or control have needed to go through some big purges.

July 26th: Mercury stations Retrograde in Leo until August 19th: More retrogrades to deal with. The cosmos as really going to be throwing us for a loop this month! It seems there are things you need to explore that are under your surface around exuberant joy, love, kids, openheartedness, or your creative juices. Reflect, review, and rethink things. It’s a great time to embrace a slowdown as the north node in this sign is having you acting on impulse around your heart. Take a beat, look at things from new perspective, and keep your heart and warmth open to tweaking the paths you’ve chosen.


April 20 - May 20

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Soar

July 1st, Cancer Season: Deep in the heart of this atmospheric season you can see the ebb and flow of your community, the depth, nurturing, and soulful roots that you’ve had a rich role in growing. Some things may be coming to a spiritual and complex place for you around females and your sense of belonging in the world. Compose and open to the flow of the universe rather than blocking what’s supposed to take place. A new phase is right around the corner, and this means that one cycle is coming to an end. Surrender to the tides of community and belonging that are phasing in and out of your life.

July 12th, Cancer New Moon Eclipse: This is the first of a series of Cancer and Capricorn eclipses that will take place over the next 18-ish months. The universe is wanting you to find a fresh start in the kinds of communities you are newly going to start to resonate with. You’ve likely built some deep and soulful roots where you are now, but the time is coming to do it all over again in a new cycle of growth. Possibly with a new community. Family, home, females, and intuitive trust are likely stirring with activity that is pushing you to see new paths and new clarity of passion.

July 23rd, Leo Season: It’s all about finding warmth and love in the walls of your private life when Leo Season is in play. Dreams of a glamorous home, kids running and laughing through your yard, love woven into the foundations of your security. You are likely the star in your family, as well as born from a line of loveable, star-quality stock. Where Leo falls in your chart is undergoing some dramatic shifts right now with the north node travelling through this sign. Brand new cycles and fresh passions could be felt under the surface of your private life. What big long-term shift are you pushing into. Have they been riddled with starts and stops? This is okay. In this phase, it’s a time of experimenting allowing for mistakes. You need to put your passions to the test to see which ones stick.

July 27th, Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse: Bigger things are coming your way in regard to your career. With the south node travelling this part of your chart for the past 18 months bringing eclipse, as well as Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius newly in your own sign for the next seven years, things around your reputation and aspirations are getting a big shakeup. You are ready to share more of your collaborative genius with the greater world. Projects in technology, around movements, humanitarian aims, or collaborative skills are pushing you to see things with new eyes. Pivots are being made in order for you to see with greater vision, causing passions to well up around what you have to share with the world. You are coming into a place where you are being give a view from high above the ground, able to see where you’ve been and where you are going. There’s a new detached friendliness that may be settling into your POV, making your sense of value a rare and sought after commodity. Choose wisely as it’s likely that this broad point of view will have many clamoring for your time and talents.

Planetary Transitions
July (whole month): Mars retrograde in Aquarius until the middle of August will ask that you direct your passions and drive inward to look at what you really want career or aspiration-wise. It may be time to clear out some cobwebs and reengage your intuition and instinct to find new paths that are more subtle and that hold more depth around changing the world, or at least your industry.

July 10th: Venus moves to Virgo late on the 9th. As you wake on the 10th, ask yourself what value and pleasure have been found in your home and family life, and how those nurturing energies can now give you the strength and courage to find greater love and value in your style and presentation, your ability to lead and shine?

July 10th: Jupiter stations direct after a four month retrograde. For your sign, this has been affecting and expansively uprooting really deep gunk around relationships and partnerships. There are likely some power dynamics that have needed to be faced. On the upside, a partner may be going through some big moments of growth as well, gifting you with grand new perspectives as well.

July 26th: Mercury stations Retrograde until August 19th in the sign of Leo. It’s time to rethink, revisit, and redo some things around your home and family life. A move is not out of the question here, but don’t make any big moves until this retrograde settles later in August. Do allow your reflections to help you see where you may be stuck and where you are willing to shift and alter how you’ve viewed information pertaining to home and roots. Keep your heart warm, Taurus. Any little hiccups are likely purposely delaying you so that you can get to the information you are missing.


May 21 - June 20

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Sunshine

July 1st, Cancer Season: It’s your season to press reset on how you decide to value yourself and what you want to value in the world. Under the rays of moon-y Cancer, turn your senses inward. How do your emotions, your family, or your home feel to your touch, taste, sight, smell, and hearing? How do your senses contribute to your intuitive capacity? Do you need these tangible things to trust in your intuition? If so, how can you more consciously tune into them when you feel that inner knowing stirring? Move out of your mind and into your feelings when it comes to how you find worth in the physical world. If anything, slow down and find a lot of pleasure in your days through to the 23rd.

July 12th, Cancer New Moon Eclipse: In your 2nd house of value and worth, the yearly Cancer New Moon is your reset for the year around what you find worth in. This year as the eclipses newly set into the Cancer/Capricorn axis, there are some longer term resets ready to take place. Over the next 18 or so months, expect a lot of endings and beginnings around your value system. It’s time for you to start a new phase, finding different passions and paths that will update how you create income and how you relax into the simple pleasures of life.

July 23rd, Leo Season: The season of the Sun lights up a favorite part of your chart, your 3rd house of community, connecting, and communication. This area of your life has been going through a major renovation over the past 18 months. Review how your mind and mentality have found new bright focuses and wants around belonging. Your daily movements and circles have likely shifted a great deal. This can also bring some feelings of loss, but shiny new things have likely been distracting you from dwelling too much on what has shifted out of your life. Overall, use this season to renew the fresh drive that’s been bubbling up. Find joy, creativity, and a piece of the sun’s spotlight around the exciting new community and interests sprouting up from your vital force.

July 27th, Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse: A lot about your collaborative or innovative capabilities in philosophy, foreign things, publishing, or enterprising have matured and ripened. The greater world is seeing this and wants a piece. This is an area that has been shifting out of the nurtured, watchful eye of being under the radar and free to develop in ways up to you, to being pushed outside of you for others to be in relationship with and exchanging with. This means more compromise has had to be found, but in that, elegance is also surrounding your group-oriented expansions. This is a final push by the cosmos to help you find the partnership and compromises you need in order to find greater power in how you share your open-minded, progressive views with the world. As you are working on shifting your ability to be a friend and collaborator in bigger things, you are also dealing with the loss of certain group dynamics in your life. This is the cosmos realigning group energies so that collaborative and innovative skills can be used where they are most needed. Soon this will move into a new phase of finding shared resources to boost your sense of empowerment through the above things.

Planetary Transitions
July (whole month): Mars retrograde in Aquarius is telling you to halt and dive under your surface to see where you are blocked. Look for things hiding under your surface that may need purging or new clarity in how you share your progressive views and philosophies in the world. Be brave and bold in the darker recesses of your unique seeking spirit, your innovative visionary aims, and construct breaking wisdoms. Do this inner work and come the end of August, you’ll be energized in your ability to push forward in the expansive ways you are craving.

July 10th: Venus moves to Virgo late on the night of the 9th. As you wake on the 10th, ask yourself how you’ve found greater, more pleasurable ideas and community over the past month? How has that fed your sense of belonging to feel more loved and valued for your ideas and connections? Once you’ve connected to how Venus has been working in your life, visualize how you can build on that through slowing down with self-care and nurturing. How can you now strengthen your roots and home through your senses and cultivation of value? How can you systemize your home for enhanced beauty and love in your private foundations?

July 10th: As Jupiter stations direct, some big excavations you’ve been doing around your purpose and maturity in life will have found the source of some blocks and will begin to move forward with precision and control. Work, wellness, and your daily processes and rhythms have been a place that you’ve been trying to expand and find opportunity in over the past 9 months, but since early March, you were directed to focus that energy inward rather than forward. Release and allow things to be purged from your psyche around bad habits or narratives you’ve been harboring. Now is the time to find some of your greatest empowerment in years around how you can produce and sustain things in your life.

July 26th: The sun is really shining on you this month with your planetary ruler, Mercury, in the sign of Leo and your 3rd house of communication. Enjoy the fun, the busy vital playfulness, and the love you feel. As we head into the end of the month, a retrograde will have you slowing down until August 19th to review, rethink, and reconnect to your inner sense of belonging so that you can be more discerning around what you really want to express and connect with in your life.


June 21 - June 20

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Back to Nature

July 1st, Cancer Season: Dear Cancer friends, do you feel tired? Good, this is exactly how you should feel and this exhaustion is trying to tell you something. It’s telling you that you’re ending a VERY long-term cycle in your life. Approximately 19 years to be more concise. The good news is, starting at your coming yearly new moon, the tides will begin to shift for some of you. Over the next 18 months or so, each of you will move into new beginnings and fresh passions. If you are born near the end of the season (or have a rising sign in the later degrees), your turn will be first to get this new burst of impulse. As the north node, which naturally moves in backward motion, progresses to the middle degrees, more of you will feel reborn, and then late in 2019 the early degrees of Cancer will wake up. For now, you are going through what I like to call a Pisces phase, an endings phase, a disintegration phases. Similar the hours of 5-6am, end of winter, or the ages of 77 through death, you are in a place between realms right now, finding meaning and inspiration around what the last nodal cycle was about for you, pulling everything out of your closets and looking at all of the chaos and baggage that you’ve accumulated. Recall back (if you can) to 2000 and 2001. At some point in those years, did you engage in a new path and life direction? This is the kind of energy about to cycle up for you again, but you must get some extra sleep, and surrender to the tired mind, body, and soul that you feel. It’s likely that a lot of complexity is starting to be felt and you may want to just crumple to the ground to escape from it all. The good news is usually the universe arranges things so that you have a little extra time to melt into cosmic space and daydream a bit more. This is healthy, it’s part of the process, and you are currently closer to cosmic powers than the others signs, so unseen help is available if you ask for it. Decompression, healing, retreats, and the arts are great avenues to indulge in. Tell your friends and family that your astrologer has prescribed extra sleep and disappearing acts, but that you’ll be back soon enough. Accept the weary feelings as natural and don’t get so mood-y about it all. With the sun, our seasonal spotlight, moving through your domain, you will be feeling all of this in amplified ways.

July 12th, Cancer New Moon Eclipse: As stated above, this eclipse begins the progression of some of you into a new long-term cycle. For most, you will still be feeling a certain cusp of endings and beginnings around you. This eclipse will push the issue. It will make you recognize that cycle of life that you are supposed to be engaged with and create events that put you face-to-face with that, making sure that you are going through the cycles of life, just as nature does, properly. Get out and watch nature, see how even during the summer, some things are dying off. Feel the power of that and how nature can help lead you more naturally to the cycle you need to be attending to in yourself.

July 23rd, Leo Season: Welcome season of leisure and love. Ruling over your second house of personal value and material pleasures, this is an area for you that has been receiving new and fresh busts of energy. It’s likely that you could be shifting how you make money right now, or in general finding that your senses are open and absorbing information that’s rearranging what and how you value the simple pleasures of life. Dive into the warmth of your heart, the call of joy and command surfacing through how you touch, taste, smell, hear, and see. Revitalize and find clarity around how simple it is to live with warmth in your senses.

July 27th, Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse: Over the past 18 months you’ve been asked to step into a dance in the outer world, to compromise more, and exchange more on how you are intimately involved with others. Your ability to be detached in entanglements and see from a broad view, the psychology and power dynamics of the groups you share closely with, is being recognized more. Due to this, shifts have had to happen as the ripened energy you have to offer here, needs to find its routes and areas of harmony. New group dynamics may be re-patterning so that you can tango in bigger dances around your open-mind and intimacy, friendships and investments, collaboration and money. The thing is, compromise can be hard when you’ve gotten used to having a lot of personal control over collaboration and sharing, but as you figure out your partnering rhythms, a new elegance will make your powerful style of collaborating and innovating, irresistible. This eclipse is here to push these issues in your life. Some things may need to come to an end in order to for your bounty to be directed to the right tables.

Planetary Transitions
July (whole month): Mars retrograde in Aquarius is going to make the Aquarius eclipse a little more complex. Mars is our planet of assertion, passion, and clarity. As he directs your focus inward rather than forward around the Aquarius part of your chart, it may be that you are asked to do a lot of internal work around how you want to share and collaborate with others. On the other hand, groups or friends you’re intimately involved with may get rare access to your deep recesses, able to help you purge blocks to your vitality and clarity around friendships and power dynamics.

July 10th: Venus moves to Virgo late on the night of the 9th. As you wake on the 10th, go over these questions: How have I found warmth and love for the physical world, for my value, and the simple pleasures of life? How can I now use that to create loving connections and refined community around me?

July 10th: In Scorpio since October, Jupiter has been expanding things for you around creative-expression, leadership, and love. There is intensity, a need for deep sharing, and power attached for you here. In retrograde since March, you’ve been asked to excavate any truths you’ve hidden from yourself or others around this. This grand purging is coming to an end and you will now be able to move your creative projects forward in the expansive and powerful ways you’ve been wanting for them.

July 26th: Mercury stations Retrograde until August 19th in the sign of Leo. For you, this will tug you into the inner recesses of your heart to rethink, reconnect, and revisit what your senses want to value in you and be a part of. Slow down your movement, your mind, and your vital energies in order to create calm inner waters to see to the bottom of your inner seas.


July 23 - August 22

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Healing Powers

July 1st, Cancer Season: As you swim through the reflective light of Cancer Season, a spotlight gazes upon your chart’s 12th and final house. This is a rare time of year for you when you get to see your shadows a little more clearly. It’s a time to pull all of your baggage out of closets and really have a good look at what you’ve been neglecting, seeing with rose-colored glasses, or harboring secrets around—or to see where secrets have been kept from you. And actually, even though this cycle comes around each year, this year in particular could be one that’s especially in need of you to surrender your boundaries and face your demons. You see, you are ending a 19-year cycle in this part of your chart so your closets are extra full right now. The chaos that you might face this season could be quite exhausting and overwhelming, which is part of the process and needed in order to finally let go of some of that baggage. This may all revolve around your emotional life, your family, home, or women. Things may feel too big and complex for you, but you see, that’s where the magic in life comes in: when we recognize we need something bigger than us to guide us. Whatever that is for you—the stars, god, nature, a guide—call on them. There is extra help waiting in the wings ready and willing to swoop in and dissolve some of your messes, ready to do some major healing. It’s a beautiful season for escaping reality in order to commune with cosmic things, to compose, and find meaning and symbolism in the cool tides of the moon’s glow.

July 12th, Cancer New Moon Eclipse: This is the first eclipse in a series of Cancer/Capricorn eclipses that will take place over the next 18 or so months. Just as you are releasing some emotional or family baggage mentioned above, a new cycle is waiting in the wings with this eclipse to push new long-term cycles into your life. These could be around how you find spirituality in the feminine, around how you create enchanting art, or find roots and security through arts and mysticism.

July 23rd, Leo Season: Ah, your personal season of love, warmth and joy finally arrives to revitalize your energy stores. This is like your personal spring and awakening. It brings clarity, a boost in energy, and a need to toss out the accumulated messes fogging any of your impulses and desires. With the north node closing out its tour of your sign, if you didn’t get huge new initiations and fresh paths to trail-blaze last summer, they are coming around for you now. Most Leo’s will have already had an eclipse pass over their degree, but the early born ones, or those with early degree Leo risings, are just coming out of their fog now and by mid-August will have those fresh moments of passion finally feeling clear. Lots of starts and stops are associated with the cycle you are currently in. It takes forming lots of seeds, hatching lots of eggs, and being courageous to get through this time. Like baby critters, it’s a fragile time in nature and not all will make it. Not all could be supported long-term, so only what is meant to carry on in tangible development will. And that’s exactly the next step coming, giving form and finding the pleasures of ownership in what it sprouting. The healing you felt in Cancer Season could feel more real in this, your own season, as you feel these beginning steps of renewal infiltrating your life.

July 27th, Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse: Over the past year or so, you’ve had a lot of collaborative energy that’s ripened and is being pushed out into the greater world to be consumed. Partnerships are the focus here. Marriages and separations are running high in you Leo’s right now (whether personal or in business). Others are seeing your elegant ways of being able to dance in collaboration and originality. This eclipse will push and steer you to exchange with the right others, and will also force the issue that you need to start compromising more in your exchanges. By compromising, you also receive more from others—the upside to attracting bigger stages to play on. There is something irresistible to your aloof, friendly relating that will attract more than your fair share of suitors. Make sure you honor your commitments and not dally around or over promise yourself. By the end of this cycle (right around the corner) the point is to be in commitments that are harmonious for long-term growth. It’s easy to be seduced by all of the options right now, and end up with none due to a fickle touch.

Planetary Transitions
July (whole month): With Mars retrograde in Aquarius, the Aquarius eclipse could be one that’s more about internal work. Lots of clarity may need to be found around how you want to move forward with partnerships, collaborations, and innovation in your life. Instead of moving in forward motion with your relational paths, move inward and explore what kinds of passions still need to come out of you in these things.

July 10th: Venus moves to Virgo late on the 9th. As you wake on the morning of the 10th, ask yourself these questions: How have I found new value and love for myself and my passions over the past month? How can I use that to refine personal value and pleasure in the coming weeks?

July 10th: Since October, Jupiter has been expanding truths in your life around your family, roots, and security. In early March, that slowed a bit as he decided to do a much deeper excavation into the power dynamics of your family. He’s been working in stealth but intense ways to uproot anything that’s created blocks for you in expanding into home and family. Now as he returns to direct motion, the momentum you felt earlier in the year will reboot and an even greater force of empowerment will be felt in your ability to expand and be precise in growing your sense of security in life.

July 26th: Mercury stations retrograde in your own sign of Leo until August 19th. This end of the month cosmic slowdown wants us, but especially you, to direct your mind inward. Slow your motion, you thinking, and your passions so that you can create clear, calm energy. Sit in meditation daily and through what you are able to clearly see internally, redefine who you are externally.


August 23 - September 22

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Plenty

July 1st, Cancer Season: For quite awhile, you’ve been in a cycle of releasing things, endings, and breaking down a several years long cycle of growth. It’s possible that you’ve been extra tired and groggy the past year, in a bit of a haze, but also having random busts of inspired dreams. What’s hard in this, especially since October, is these moments of inspired guidance can make you eager and thinking it’s time to initiate the things bubbling under your surface, but it hasn’t been, at least not until the end of this past month of June. A brand new cycle of growth is here for you, Virgo. Close your eyes and feel into the dark rich soils that have now been prepared for new life to spring from you. Feel the subtle vibrations coursing through your blood, bringing new clarity around the inspired moments you’ve been waiting to act on. The time has come as the energy of the seed cracking open is in your life. What do you feel passionate and eager about right now? What new big plans are starting to organize in the darkness of a new beginning, the cracking dawn of a new day. Meditate on a sunrise, dew on fresh green blades of grass, and baby birds chirping for plump worms to be fed to them. Let this fill you with the courage you need to walk down new paths.

As the sun traverses Cancer’s terrain, there’s a secondary layer of endings that you need to pass before you can fully enjoy a new season of beginnings. Cancer wants you to break some rules and ask questions that will get you thinking about your future. There may be women, family members, or things around your home that you are breaking away from or seeing with a more detached lens. There may be groups, women, or collaborative works that are phasing out of your life right now. It’s a beautiful time to do healing with groups or group retreats. Art collaborations that are filled with symbolism and meaning could also be healing and decompressing.

July 12th, Cancer New Moon Eclipse: As the north node moves toward Cancer, a new phase is on the cusp of renewing how you find security and nurturing through groups and women. You may cultivate friendships that feel like family and right now that could feel complex. This eclipse is here to shake that up. It’s time to start releasing old security needs around groups and welcome in new ones.

July 23rd, Leo Season: Season of the sun. Ruling over the last, 12th house of your chart, this season highlights how you connect to spirituality, art, and collective consciousness. For over a year, this part of your chart has been getting a reboot. It’s very possible that you’ve been finding new passions and paths in how you find inspiration and flow toward cosmic information. It’s through the warmth of your heart and the acceptance of a piece of the sun’s spotlight that you shine in ways most glamorous and otherworldly. Stand tall and show the world the kind of favoritism and star power the universe feeds you when it comes to art, spirit, and healing energies. Find courage and forge new paths that are being shown to you by unseen things surrounding your life. There is joy to be found in how you see with symbolic meaning and create fantasy realms.

July 27th, Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse: There is a lot of collaborative energy that is ripe and looking to find exchanges in the greater world. Work, wellness, and lifestyle partnerships could be in a dance for you at the moment, needing to find greater compromise in order to find relationships in the world. As you find rhythms with collaborative work and processes, more people will see your ability to harmonize, and feel attracted to being part of your innovative purpose. This eclipse will push the issue. It will create endings or beginnings if you are still needing to find the right work projects, group work, and innovations to bring into harmony with others.

Planetary Transitions
July (whole month): Mars is retrograde in Aquarius for all of July. This will affect the Aquarius Eclipse in that you may be needing to do more internal work than external work to find your harmonies and rhythms around processes and collaboration, around your purpose in working through or with groups and progressive things. Contemplate what clarity you need to find in order to see the future of your work more clearly. Be bold in clearing out things no longer serving your purpose.

July 10th: Venus moves to Virgo late at night on the 9th. As you wake on the 10th, ask yourself these questions: What kind of joy and love did I find from the universe and in healing and art over the past month? How can I now use that to refine my personal passions and agendas?

July 10th: Jupiter has been traveling through the sign of Scorpio since October, expanding the truths you hold around community, connection, and mentality. In March he stationed retrograde, set on excavating any and all blocks that have kept you from finding the expansive sense of belonging that you’ve been craving. As he finishes this job, a hyper empowered ability will come online, now able to push into the mental expansions you’ve been seeking, through to mid-autumn.

July 26th: Mercury stations retrograde in Leo until August 19th. This will turn your mental focus inward to see the universes in side of you. To rethink, revisit, and revise how you think about art and spirit, about how you find joy through sacred and divine channels, and through how you generate warmth through the unseen magic in the universe. Calm your movement, mind, and vitality in order to see to the bottom of your fluid depths. In order to see that the universe contains access to your warmth and will always have your back and provide plenty, when you ask for it. Your attraction powers through cosmic heart spaces are unparalleled.


September 23 - October 22

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Be Still

July 1st, Cancer Season: With Cancer Season upon us, it’s the time of year for you to revitalize your career passions and paths. What’s working for you? What’s seeming to phase out of your life? There are some bigger cycles on the table that are pinning you into some endings and beginnings when it comes to career and aspirations. You may be having moments of glamorous and beautiful inspiration peeking through, but just as fast the fogs will set in. It’s time to release and surrender what’s no longer meaningful to you in what you are building around position and title. As the north node shifts into Cancer later this summer, the inspired moments you’ve been eager to act on will start to find clarity and trajectory. Next year’s Cancer Season will be one to really press into exciting new paths and movement, but for this one, focus on honoring all that you’ve done over the past 19-years and open your heart to healing any wounds you’ve accumulated around reputation and achievement.

July 12th, Cancer New Moon Eclipse: For me this feels like a tricky eclipse. These cosmic events occur based on where the degree of the nodes are in relations to new and full moons. Technically the north node is near enough this Cancer new moon to make it an eclipse, but it’s still in the sign of Leo. Unless you have a planet or MC in the very ending degrees of Cancer, I feel like the greatest effects of this eclipse will have a delayed reaction, playing out near the front end of Leo Season and the Leo part of your chart. Look for new beginnings around the movements, groups, industries, and friendships that you are becoming passionate about. Let these feed and inspire how you will soon be identifying new mountains to climb around achievements.

July 23rd, Leo Season: Our most stable and relaxed summer season arrives with the sun moving to Leo. This sign is going through a major reboot in all of our charts, and for you, this is bringing lots of new passion around groups and collaborations or innovation. How are you using a warm heart and joyful pulse to engage with groups or your future? For a bit over a year, you’ve likely been experimenting and finding lots of starts and stops as you push into new ways of being part of, and maybe leading, the larger world. Soon this will move into a new phase of finding value and pleasure in what is whittling down and sticking around collaborative experiments. Take some time to center and be clear about what you want your future to look like, and how new groups, collaborations and industries can play a part in pushing your thinking.

July 27th, Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse: Ruling over how you aloofly and uniquely lead, shine, and play, this eclipse is here to push things that are very ripe and developed in you toward the outer world. Some endings and beginnings may crop up to push the issue. More compromise is called for, but in that, you find that you also receive more back from others. If you can trust and let go into this time of exchange, it will bring elegance to your life. If endings occur, these are things that did not have the strength to go on in the kinds of outer world pressures that they would have needed to meet with. Honor the cycles of nature and let these things do as they must. As the universe is pushing you to be brave and engage your creative presence with the world, you may find others wanting to partner with your ability to be detached and innovative in your style. It’s an emotional process and a lot of trust issues can arise. Trust yourself first and then trust that you will attract the right exchanges for your original expression.

Planetary Transitions
July (whole month): With Mars retrograde in Aquarius until mid-August, there is a lot of energy around the Aquarius Eclipse that needs to be directed inward. Be still, calm, and open to seeing what’s really passionate inside of you. It’s likely that you’ve overlooked personal boundary issues, personal agendas, or what you want for you. You are a sign of compromise, but if you go overboard and detach from your personal passions, everyone loses.

July 10th: Venus moves to Virgo late on the night of the 9th. As you wake on the 10th, ask yourself these questions: How have I felt pleasure and love within groups and friendships over the past month? How have those helped me see future possibilities for my life? How can I use that to let go of my boundaries in order to release old love patterns that need to go? What beauty can be distilled for healing around my life’s journey over the past year?

Venus is your planetary ruler, so a good tracking of where she is will help you know what phase your soul is in. For you, most of July will be about surrendering and letting go of old baggage. Again, tap into stillness in order to see all of the complexity that you need to sort through, and how that can all be organized to bring meaning and purpose to your life.

July 10th: Jupiter has been traveling through Scorpio since October. In your 2nd house of income and self-worth, there have likely been boosts to your income and feelings of potential around how to enjoy life and feel valuable. As we hit early March, Jupiter decided something was blocking him so he decided to up and excavate into the depth of your soul’s truths around power and control. He found some things blocking your self-worth and has been creating some vulnerability as he’s uprooted a lot of psychological baggage. As we come to the 10th, he will decide he’s done what he can for now. This psychological work will have been worth it as he will newly move forward with extra empowerment, helping you regain trajectory and opportunity in how you feel of worth and value thorugh the resources of others.

July 26th: Mercury stations retrograde in Leo until August 19th. This is another theme of slow down. In your 11th house of groups, quite your mind, movements, and vitality. Create calm inner thoughts and let Mercury revisit, rethink, and reinvestigate why you are interested in the friendships, groups, and collaborations that you are. Allow things to go through some rewiring so that you can really connect to your heart and presence later in August, making sure that this part of your life has the information it needs to be joyful and courageous.


October 23 - November 21

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Neutral

July 1st, Cancer Season: Before diving into the nuances of the season, a major thread needs to be understood for you. That is that both of your planetary rulers, Pluto and Mars, will be in retrograde all month. This means that no matter what new, old, or mundane things occur, you need to keep a step back from it all, observe, and watch your internal wiring. There are things deep inside of you that you are needing to revisit and reflect on. There are missing pieces that you need to find within, some aspect of self that’s been hiding or hidden that needs to be unearthed and identified. Given this, parts of you will want to engage in the releases and new trajectories of eclipse season, but try to give yourself the gift of time and distance before you make any definite plans. Stay neutral for the time being. Your moment to act on all of the shifts will come. Partially as Mars moves direct at the end of August, and partially after Pluto returns to direct after the end of September. Later in the autumn will be your moment to pull the trigger on things stacking up on the sidelines.

Do you feel the presence of a darkest hour? Of the hope and faith that arises from bright stars that you can see in that darkness? For you, Cancer Season illuminates that part of your chart that is about looking to the stars, seeing life from a 10,000ft view, and pointing your compass toward the adventures and exploration that will push your boundaries and your growth. It wants you to charge into things and places unknown to you. For you, this all relates back to the themes of Cancer: home, family, roots, security, nurturing. It’s likely that you’ve been through a lot over the past 19-years in this realm. It’s time to slow down, reflect, look through all of the baggage that you’ve accumulated, and distill some essence and meaning from it all. How can you decompress and heal some wounds that’ve been hard to tend to over the years? This summer is primed for doing this kind of work before the north node returns to Cancer and resets new paths and trajectories for you to bravely explore. Surrender and release are the way to transcend what feels exhausting, big, and difficult. Put some relaxing music on, dive into a beautiful movie, or walk in nature. The cosmos are close by right now and want to whisper inspired messages to you.

July 12th, Cancer New Moon Eclipse: This is the first eclipse in the Cancer/Capricorn axis that will take place over the next 18 months. And although this will bring fresh notes your way in how you expand and explore through your roots and family, it may not be until late autumn when the north node actually moves into Cancer, that you understand where or why this eclipse is reorienting some things in your life. For now, embrace the new starts with the things fading. A new 19-year cycle is trying to get your attention.

July 23rd, Leo Season: A season of sun, of love, of play. Leo currently holds our seed energy in life. The north node gracing this sign has created a reset for each sign in the part of their chart that is holds. For you, this is your 10th house of career and achievement. If you haven’t felt a reset over the past year, this will be the summer that you will feel it. A new 19-year cycle is upon you and that can be exciting, passionate, and selfish all wrapped up into one bundle. The thing is with new starts is you have to try new things and be brave in the face of a lot of failure until you find the right trajectory. Find your resilience and utilize that extra boost of passion you have to keep getting up until you figure out what you are wanting career-wise in your life. Tap into Leo’s connection to a warm heart and a creative-prenuer to motivate and inspire the directions you identify.

July 27th, Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse: Just as the Leo part of your chart is going through fresh bursts of seed energy, the Aquarius part of your chart is coming into ripe fullness. Something related to your home and/or family are in a fruitful place and there are things you can now engage with in the greater world around the roots you’ve been tending to over the past 9 or 10 years. This can push moves, renovations, family moving out of the nest, etc. These shift can bring elegance to your life but you need to learn how to trust others in this area a little more and allow for greater exchange and giving and receiving in the dance of life. If something you’ve been tending to didn’t ripen properly, it may be time to let it go.

Planetary Transitions
July (whole month): Mars is retrograde in Aquarius, as mentioned at the start of you horoscope, and will create some pauses in your life. More specifically, this will affect how you are able to engage with the shifts coming on from the Aquarius lunar eclipse. Look inside of yourself, reflect, process. Don’t act or react quite yet when it comes to shifts in home and family. There’s somethings you won’t know until the end of August or early in September.

July 10th: Venus moves to Virgo late on the 9th. As you wake on the 10th, ask yourself how you’ve found more value, pleasure, and playfulness in your career life over the past 3-weeks? How can you now use that to find greater value and purpose within groups, friendships, or industries that you are a part of?

July 10th: Jupiter stations direct. There have likely been some big plans at the tip of your agendas since October. You probably felt some traction as well as truths about yourself surfacing through early March, but since then, something has halted, some deep work and excavation has been taking place around your identity, your passions, and what you want in life. It’s not easy to go through this. It’s psychologically tough work, but what’s been revealed has likely shown you just how assertive you can be in terms of power and control needs, around blocks to your ability to feel empowered, and forced you to come face to face with it all. As Jupiter returns to direct, these things are going to take more clear root in your conscious mind. This will help you process as well as start moving forward again with potential grand agendas and passions.

July 26th: Mercury stations Retrograde until August 19th. Oh Mercury, right in the thick of eclipse season and other planets in and out of retrograde. You couldn’t have timed it better. This WILL throw a wrench in things. It’s not a time to take action, initiate anything new, or make big purchases. Once again, stay neutral in the midst of all of the chaos swirling about. See just how calm, centered, and strong you can remain as the rest of the world goes a bit nuts. You’ve got this Scorpio. You have the secret weapon of precision and grace that’s not so natural to many signs. But you can also get quite nasty when pushed, so don’t put yourself in positions where pushing needs to happen. Neutral, remember that word.


November 22 - December 21

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: The Messenger

July 1st, Cancer Season: Let the cosmos lead you to great releases and healing around your sense of security, family, and roots through intimacy, sex, wealth/debt, physiological work, or other shared areas of value. Cancer is going through the ending phase of a 19-year cycle, a dissolving place of healing and mystical surrender. It’s likely that a lot of baggage has accumulated—it’s time to pull out all of the secrets and wounds stuffed in your closets. It’s time to look at it all and distill some meaning in order to find new inspiration that will allow you to let go of things and move on to a new phase bubbling up. Look for messages and synchronicity to help you know how to do this. Find new inspiration around how you want to feel secure and rooted in your life.

July 12th, Cancer New Moon Eclipse: This is the first of several eclipses on the Cancer/Capricorn axis that will take place over the next 18 or so months. A new start is on offer around things you are consciously looking for passion in, especially as relates to security, home, and shared resources. A new way to find empowerment through your roots is going to bubble up after a disintegration phase. So what do you want? Connect your mind to your heart and send out your grand and passionate wishes to the universe. Feel it deeply and positively, and then let the beat of your heart push it out to energetic fields to make manifest. If you don’t feel these right away, hang tight. The next Cancer eclipses will push the desires forward, and once the north node moves from Leo to Cancer in the autumn, you’ll see more traction. It’s a grand time of endings and beginnings in this part of your life so go through the steps, wherever they take you, in order to tap into the magic of life’s cycles.

July 23rd, Leo Season: Welcome season of the sun. Did you feel some new, warm energy around how you want to expand into your life last summer? The eclipses over the past year to 18 months have been rebooting your heart, your vitality, your ability to shine, and your playfulness all around foreign interests, philosophical beliefs, enterprising ventures, and publishing or higher education. The north node is still in this sign through the summer so more starts and fresh, impulsive beginnings will be felt during this season. Pay attention to where they lead you. Be more conscious of the doors opening, and make clear intentions. Feel them in your heart and let them out into the universe.

July 27th, Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse: Just as we are having new starts in the area that Leo rules in our charts, Aquarius, Leo’s opposing sign, is ripe and ready to share in the greater world. For you, the Aquarius energy of groups, friendships, collaborations, movements, and innovation has to do with community, connection, and belonging in your chart. With the moon in an eclipse, there may be things in a more subconscious or yin place in your life that need to start exchanging in the world with more compromise and elegance. It can be hard to push into this after many years of having more personal control around your collaborative community, but you are ready for bigger stages, which means your communities will need you to loosen the reigns more in order to enter into a dance of give and take with them. The good news is compromise and exchange bring receiving energy as well. Find a healthy balance. Trust yourself, get clear about how you trust, and then attract the right scenarios to trust through that inner centering.

Planetary Transitions
July (whole month): Mars is retrograde in Aquarius. This will affect how the Aquarius eclipse plays out for you. Something around your leadership and creative expression is buried inside of you and needs to be reconnected. Take a beat before reacting to any collaborative community projects until the end of August. It’s okay to start thinking about and playing with these things, but don’t give any big commitment until late summer when some missing puzzle pieces will be found.

July 10th: Venus moves to Virgo late on the night of the 9th. As you wake on the 10th, ask yourself these questions: How have I found more value and love around my beliefs and visionary aims over the past 3-weeks? How can I use this to cultivate more value and purpose in my career and aspirations?

July 10th: Jupiter stations direct. The day that you didn’t know you were waiting for!! Have you been exhausted since the autumn? Especially since March? Jupiter is your chart ruler, the planet that rules your sign, Sagittarius. It takes him 12 years to take a full tour of the zodiac, spending approximately 1 year in each sign. He’s currently in his last stop before returning to his home sign, your sign. As he rests his weary travelling feet in your 12th house of Scorpio, you are reviewing the past 12 years of soul work. He is pulling all of the accumulated clutter out of your closets and assessing the wounds and baggage that need releasing. It can feel big, complex, too hard to face. You may have no choice but to surrender to something bigger. In Scorpio, this all has to do with shadow work around power, control, sex, psychological work, and shared resources. In retrograde since early March, he’s been digging deep tunnels into your unconscious to do this work, and as he starts to move forward on this day, the following days will likely flood you with insights from this work he’s been doing. He’s expanding the truth of anything blocking you, conscious and not. It’s freeing as well as disintegrating. It’s pushing you to let go in order to transcend as a new cycle needs a fresh slate in order to arrive. Artistic outlets, spirituality, comic messages, and inspired moments will bubble up, but you won’t be ready to walk out of the mists of this time until Jupiter moves to your sign in early November. For now, listen to the messages the universe has to offer. It’s energy into other realms is very close to you right now. You may have sudden insights, synchronicity, and messages to share or direct you. As you allow the cosmic spaces to tune into your energies, you will need more rest, but soon, a new 12-year reset at a cellular level will arrive on your doorstep.

July 26th: Mercury stations Retrograde until August 19th. It truly is a month of starts, stops, confusion, and chaos. In the sign of Leo, it’s time to revisit, rethink, and revise things in the part of your chart currently rebooting. You may have been too impulsive in a few things related to beliefs, expansions, and platforms. Take some time to look under the hood of your heart to make sure you are aligned with what you truly want and what you are acting on in these things. Don’t sign contract, make big purchases (especially anything with moving parts), or initiate new ideas—a puzzle piece is missing, even if you can’t see that it is.


December 22 - January 19

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Flow

July 1st, Cancer Season: Of all of the signs, you are really going through some epic shifts, dear Capricorn. Your ruler, Saturn, is in retrograde until September 6th. As you started the year you likely felt tectonic shifts coming on, but something was missed or lost. Your planet decided it needed to retrace some steps once he hit April in order to see the piece of the puzzle that was blocking him from helping you charge into the new territory you were starting to feel excited about. Keep going inward. Keep looking at yourself and your life with reflective and restructuring eyes. Clear out those internal blocks and clutter that are preventing you from feeing personal desire, passion, and centering. Once we hit Autumn equinox, the fresh trajectory, the grand new 29-year reset that Saturn's move to your home sign brought, will be cleared for take-off. Until then, try to loosen your need for so much structure. Find more flow and compassionate cosmic support.

This Cancer Season brings up a big dose of endings and beginnings. For you, this season rules over your relationships. There is a nurturing quality to how you relate with others, a need to protect and care for your relationships in tender ways. You may attract others who are moody, nurturing, or emotional as that is your own relational lens being reflected back to you through ‘other’. This is a hard part of yourself to see as it sits on your sunset/horizon line, but through the quality of relationships you hone, you can see how you are dealing with your emotional give and take, your emotional dance. The nurturing compromises you make and exchanges of security and protection are likely going through some disintegrating episodes. You see, Cancer is finishing out a 19-year cycle as the north node eclipses are readying to revive this part of your chart, but you have collected a lot of baggage here that needs to be released. It’s through surrender, loosening your grip, and plugging into the cosmic’s compassionate flow that you will figure out how to transcend the wounds and boundaries that've been created over the past 19-years in your relational life. It’s also possible that, for good or bad, your family has sucked a lot of your relational energy. It’s time to distill some meaning from all of this in order to find new inspiration for what’s to come.

July 12th, Cancer New Moon Eclipse: We come to a reset at this eclipse, a new initiation into a fresh 19-year cycle. It’s time to get really clear about what you want in terms of relationship, in terms of emotional quality in your exchanges, and how you can use your intuition and moods to find deep and rich security through your relationships. I’m not going to sugar coat this. It is very likely that your relationships are going to shift. Some will need to be eliminated and some will need to pivot with epic shifts in perspective in order to get your needs and passions met. If this doesn’t start to take place for you at this eclipse, more are stacked up over the next 18ish months and at some point will hit your DC (relationship point) and put this into motion. Technically the north node doesn’t move into Cancer until the autumn, so big shifts may also be felt after November 7th. If you find yourself in a position where you are newly dating or courting business partners, or other kinds of relationships, know that you will likely go through many starts and stops as you figure out what it is you want. It’s time to be more selfish in this dance of exchange and go through some impulsive courting to see what it is that speaks to your heart.

July 23rd, Leo Season: The season of love is upon us. This year (same as last) it will be riddled with lots of shifts and changes. With the north node in Leo, we are still going through some big refreshes around our creativity and style of shining. For you this will center around intimacy (how you are vulnerable with your body, secrets, resources, and soul), your psychological health, how you hold power and control, and your wealth/debt patterns. You’ve been doing some work to clarify these things in your life. Removing anything blocking your life-force is pertinent as you reboot your sense of heart, love, and joy. Try communicating with your heart each morning or night in meditation. Ask it what it wants, how it wants to be seen, what needs to be uprooted in order for it to feel empowered and in control of its destiny. Get to work clearing any clutter so that sparks of revived passion and brightness can be shared with intimate exuberance.

July 27th, Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse: This eclipse is a lunar one on the south node, a point that is pushing ripened energy out into the world for greater exchange. This part of your chart wants to dance with others right now but a lot of new trust must be found as you release some personal control and allow for greater compromise. The exciting part of learning to compromise with others is you open up to receiving the ripeness that others are now offering. An elegance surrounds you if you’re able to make the transition around the qualities of Aquarius and the part of your chart that it rules. For you, this holds your 2nd house of self-worth, value, and the simple pleasures of your earthy 5 senses. Aquarius has to do with groups, collaboration, friendship, and being aloof in order to be progressive and innovative. How does your sense of the material, of value and personal worth plug into what you creatively contribute to the world? How are these in unison in how you are currently feeling greater world presence? Sometimes things we’ve been developing on the personal level don’t ripen well and we have to release them back to the soils to fertilize new seeds. This means it can also bring loss and times of letting things go if they didn’t make the cut. The things that made the cut and are moving into the world also have to pivot, which can bring both panic and wonder. Whatever comes up with this eclipse, figure out the cycle that’s at play and help nature take its course.

Planetary Transitions
July (whole month): Mars is retrograde in Aquarius until late August. For you, this will bring up some internal work that needs tending to at the Aquarius eclipse. You may need to clear some clutter in your mind and body in order to push into the shifts with assertive clarity. Don’t let your temper push you to say or do things you’ll latter regret. Likely it’s time to check that your passions are truly in alignment with what outer world opportunities or pressures you choose to engage with. If they aren’t, this is likely the root of any anger that surfaces.

July 10th: Venus moves to Virgo late the night of the 9th. As you wake on the 10th ask yourself these questions: How have I found greater value and joy in my deep sharing over the past 3-weeks? How can I now use that to refine how I find pleasure and joy in my visionary aim?

July 10th: Jupiter stations direct after a 4-month retrograde in the excavating sign of Scorpio. For you, this has pushed you to do a lot of internal work to uproot truths hidden below your surface around how you use control or power in group dynamics, how you find empowerment in collaborations, and how you attract powerful friendships. What comes up to your surface after this date may surprise you, and more work is needed in order to expand into your psychological, powerful, or intimate entanglements with groups—but on a more conscious level than the past 4 months. This will continue until early November.

July 26th: Mercury stations Retrograde until August 19th. In Leo, this is indicating that you need to do some reviewing, rethinking, and rewiring around how you share your vital and joyous resources with others. A lot of heart work may come up as you see into the darkness of stuck mentalities around love entangled with power and control. Go deep, uproot, and transform those stuck mindsets that want to be set free. That want to love in a more empowered and deeply, but healthily vulnerable, way.


January 20 - February 18

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: New Chapter

July 1st, Cancer Season: Can you feel a new phase starting in your life, Aquarius? Since 2011 you’ve been a bit more independent and/or active, needing to forge new paths and find new clarity in your life. Especially around how you connect and communicate. Positive and assertive ideas have likely bubbled through your life for quite some time. But something is shifting and that’s because Uranus, your ruling planet, has moved into a new sign. In the earliest degrees of Taurus is hard to see where this is taking you other than feeling a need to slow it down and find greater pleasure and value in life, especially around your family, roots, and home. A need to own things may come on more strongly. As we turn the corner into autumn, you’ll likely start to see the picture of your new trajectory more clearly, but come November, Uranus will shift into retrograde until March. As we hit the end of winter in 2019, it seems there is something that you’ve left behind that you need to go back and see more clearly in Aries. Next spring and summer once Uranus moves for good into Taurus (until spring of 2026), you’ll really get your new bearings. For now, test a few things out, gather information, and clear away some old patterns, but don’t get too comfortable. Allow all of the shifts to tell you what you need to know in order to move forward more sure footedly down the line.

In Cancer Season until later in the month, your connection to nurturing, emotions, and roots will express itself through your work life and your daily processes or purposes. It seems something is coming to an end here. You’ve likely collected a lot of baggage and wounds in this part of your chart, in how you use your nurturing and intuitive capabilities in your process and rhythms. It’s time to loosen your grip, plug into cosmic flow, and find ways to recuperate, decompress, and surrender to whatever complexities you need to transcend. Through a little extra sleeping and dreaming, you can tap into comic energies that will help you disintegrate what needs to leave and form new and different boundaries for a new 19-year cycle around the corner.

July 12th, Cancer New Moon Eclipse: It’s time to start clearing out the clutter of any wellness or work debris. This eclipse resets the 6th house of your chart, but part of that is doing a bit of house cleaning. It may not be until the autumn, when the north node moves into Cancer, that the majority of shifts come on, but this eclipse is the first of many on the Cancer/Capricorn axis over the next 18 or so months. Each will push the new cycle into being a little more. Do some work to get clear about what you want, what you are passionate about, and how your work and daily rituals can honor your authenticity. With cancer ruling the work part of your chart, maybe more flexibility of working from home would be nice, especially with your chart ruler now in your 4th house of home. You might want to switch some things up to write, do art, cook, parent, tend to home, or do work that purposefully nurtures others (food, clothing, home related work/home products…). If you have the luxury, try a few things on for size and see what sticks.

July 23rd, Leo Season: The season of the sun currently hold our north node, hence the part of our chart actively in process of rebooting. This has been the case for almost 18 months so is nearing the end of its new 19-year cycle reset. Ruling over your 7th house of relationships, it’s possible that a partner has been the one that has more visibly gone through major shifts in their life. They may need extra space right now to test the waters of what their passions and authenticity holds. It’s possible that some of you have entered new territory in relationships whether that’s been to end them, get married, or form new partnerships in business. By mid-autumn, this impulsive time should slow down allowing you to find slower, more joyful pleasure in your relationships.

July 27th, Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse: A big moment in your month and year! Your sign has been going through a similar yet opposite process as Leo with eclipses. Where Leo has had north node eclipses, you have had south node eclipses. This means something about you has come into full ripeness. You’ve have 9 or 10 years of being allowed time to personally develop yourself into a mature, productive person, and the universe now says that it’s time to share yourself with the greater world. Although this brings bigger stages and more attention from the world, it also means you need to compromise a hell of a lot more. Your ideal of how you want to exchange will need to be tweaked and you’ll have to give in a little on a few points. With this ability to compromise, others will exchange more with you, and you will be on the receiving end of what others have to give. It’s a dance of give and take that the universe is teaching you about and how you engage with it will determine a new level of elegance that will surround your ability to find resonance and flowing steps in this dance. People will be taking more notice and more requests for partnering on things will come your way. On the other hand, sometimes things don’t ripen so well and we need to let them go, allowing them to fertilize our soils for new seeds to form. You may experience a bit of both: some letting thing pass away from your life and some greater world engagement. Those Aquarius’ in the early degrees will peak into these experiences at this eclipse where those with later birthdays or rising sign degrees have gone through the thick of these experiences last summer. This eclipse is a lunar one, so things more hidden, emotional, feminine, or subconscious will be the things shifting.

Planetary Transitions
July (whole month): Mars is retrograde in Aquarius. This will make your personal eclipse a little more complex. There is something deep inside of you that you need more clarity on—your authenticity, hidden passion, better centering. Allow yourself to find extra space and calming, centering meditation to get still and hear what is needing to be shed from your life in order to get back to your most original self.

July 10th: Venus moves to Virgo late on the night of the 9th. As you wake on the 10th, ask yourself these questions: How have you found greater pleasure and love in your relationships over the past 3-weeks? How can you now direct that to help you find more purpose in your intimacy and shared resources?

July 10th: Jupiter stations direct in Scorpio. Since March this planet of expansion and seeking truth has been doing dome deep inner excavations into any blocks around your career or aspirations. As he turns back to direct, you may see the results of this deep dive come up to your consciousness. Things around power and control, or psychological blocks may have been preventing you from being fully empowered. A lot of work is still needing to be done, but on a more conscious level. In this, great growth may occur if you can clear blocks through doing the tough psychological work that Scorpio demands.

July 26th: Mercury stations retrograde until August 19th. In Leo, there is likely something around relationships and your ability to think warmly that needs some rewiring. Review, rethink, and rewire some mentalities that are needing to be shaken free in order to find greater exuberance and love in your relationships.


February 19 - March 20

Solar Seasons & Lunar Phases: Let Loose

July 1st, Cancer Season: Last month your ruler, Neptune, turned retrograde in your own sign. He'll be in a bit of a slumber until late November, but you are the sign of sleep, of going into inner uncharted territory, of straddling other realms, and it seems with the new paths, passions, and assertive energy that you’ve been getting for a couple of years now, things have maybe gone too fast and you need a slowdown to absorb and reconnect with those things bigger than you. Some key piece may be missing that you will find by this sleepier time. Usually the universe will arrange things so that you get a bit of break when your chart ruler is in this state, but it will depend on your particular chart whether that will be the case for you. If so, take advantage of it and do a bit of decompression. Dive into some inner work and uncover those pieces of self that are still waiting to be picked up in the cosmic soup. Allow guides, messages, and synchronicity to lead you to where you need to go. Dance with confusion knowing this will lead you to clarity down the road. Until the 18th you have a beautiful grand water trine supporting your needs and desires. It’s as if all that you want is on offer—if you ask for it. A nice connection to Pluto all month gives you sway in your authority and with authorities so if you need something professionally, you have the ears you need. Schedule the meetings and ask for what you need in order to have a little extra space and energy.

Another boost of relaxed vibes are present for you as we move through the month. Cancer Season highlights your 5th house of leisure, recreation, playfulness, and the limelight. Parenting in nurturing ways, imagination, and reflection are likely areas in which you shine, and the light in on you this season. Settle into a leisurely pace and allow yourself to find more fun this month. The next months will bring more productivity. There is something coming to a close in this part of your life so the trend continues of needing to give yourself more time to decompress, surrender, and heal. It’s possible that over the past 19 years, you’ve accumulated creative wounds and baggage around your feminine side, your feminine parts, your family, your security, or your intuition. It’s time to let those go. It’s time to give into exhaustion around it and ask for the cosmic spaces to help you transcend your boundaries.

July 12th, Cancer New Moon Eclipse: As we reach the Cancer new moon of the year, this one ignites a new series of eclipses on the Cancer/Capricorn axis. This one being a solar eclipse on the north node (which is still technically in Leo), something more conscious and seen is due to start rebooting for a new 19-year cycle in terms of the feminine creative presence that you exude. There will be eclipses in these signs through the summer of 2020 so if you don’t feel this now, your time will come soon enough. Either way, it's a time of endings and beginnings in this area. Get clear about what you want in terms of respect, command, presence, and joy through your feminine side (males and females), of how you can grow deeper creative roots and a richer more soulful creative style and imagination. Toss out old programming a clutter and make room for new inspiration and paths to show up.

July 23rd, Leo Season: Mid-Summer. The season of warmth, sun, and leisure arrives with Leo’s shining ways. This sign is currently holding our north node and has been in active reboot for the past 18 or so months. The eclipse series on this axis of Leo/Aquarius is winding down but those who have yet to feel the refresh of this will definitely feel it as we move through this mid-summer season. For you, this has to do with your daily rhythms that create your purpose: your work, wellness, processes, habits, and routines. In Leo, leadership likely comes naturally to you, wanting to shine in the workplace and for the work you do. You are probably drawn to creative work, recreational or outdoor work, work with children, or work that utilizes your warmth joyous vitality. You may be fun to have in the workplace (or egotistical and cruel for those with harsh aspects to their sun). Since we know for the Pisces sun readers (not the rising sign folks) the ruler of this house is in Pisces (your sun), drawing you into work and purpose where you can share your compassionate or mystical talents.

July 27th, Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse: Another thread for you to let loose more this month. With the south node in Aquarius over the past 18 months, the cycles of life have been pulling on us to be more compromising with our Aquarian gifts, to loosen our grips on controlling how we collaborate, befriend, and contribute to groups. You see, this energy has ripened and if we don’t share it with others now, it goes to waste. It can be scary to put ourselves out into bigger places, especially when we’ve had 9-10 years of maturing an aspect of self. Aquarius rules over your natural 12th house of cosmic connection, collective consciousness, art, mysticism, and compassion. This sign in this house has to do with being a compassionate friend, holding complex spaces for groups, and having a detached perspective in art and spirit that gives you an innovative, experimental, and progressive connection to surrender, composition, and inspiration. As you exchange more on this quality, you need to compromise and ease up on stubborn views. As you do this, you will find yourself on the receiving end of others’ ripened gifts. This puts you into the dance of harmonizing and partnering. This gives you an elegance that others will want to tango with. It’s also possible that some things didn’t ripen well enough and have to be let go. Groups can shift as well as your gifts need to find the groups that need them. All of this can bring feelings of loss, grief, excitement, and also a lot of trust issues. This is a lunar eclipse which means the shifts taking place are more hidden, soulful, and yin in nature. Trust yourself to know what’s right and the rest will fall into place.

Planetary Transitions
July (whole month): Mars is retrograde in Aquarius. This adds some extra complexity to the Aquarius lunar eclipse. It seems you need to do some internal work to find clarity of meaning and compassion around whatever happens. Go inward, get still, clear some clutter that’s blocking your authenticity, and use this to know if the paths you are engaging with around the eclipse are aligned for your personal truth. Find your self-trust through finding your inner centering.

July 10th: Venus moves to Virgo late on the night of the 9th. As you wake on the 10th, ask yourself these questions: What kind of pleasure and love have I found in my work and daily routines over the past 3-weeks? How can I use that to now refine loving balance in my relationships and commitments?

July 10th: Jupiter stations direct after a 4 month retrograde in Scorpio. For you, this planet has been excavating and expanding into your hidden blocks and truths around your life beliefs, your willingness to be optimistic, and your ability to seek and explore opportunities outside of your comfort zone. It’s possible that you need to feel a sense of control and power when you expand into life or share your perspectives, but likely over the years you’ve collected some hidden baggage and secrets that started to block your life-force through this part of your chart. Jupiter was the brave conqueror who decided it was time to uproot these things. As Jupiter returns to direct in this sign and part of your chart until November, you will feel this deep dive start to come into a more conscious surfacing. You will have to now work on it in more conscious ways, but likely the excavations have helped you to find greater empowerment. That will continue to find more health as you share with intimate others and find vulnerable ways to share your wise philosophical resources with the world.

July 26th: Mercury stations Retrograde until August 19th in Leo. This month doesn’t give up, nor will next month. It’s a good thing you’ve got a lot in your chart that’s letting you relax a bit as that is not the case for most. For you, this retrograde needs you to halt forward motion in your work or daily rhythms. He wants you to revisit, rethink, and rewire your mentality in these things. He wants you to find more warmth, joy, and courage in how you are leading or shining at work and in your daily grind.