Archetypes of the planets in July 2019

In my below archetypes (reiterated from the above audio), I am using the sign placement of the planet, and more broadly, its larger place in it own orbital track and synodic cycle with earth.

Solar Season-Lunar Rhythm creates the environment: Early Summer

Cancer Season through 22nd with new moon eclipse on the 2nd and full moon eclipse on the 16th.

This season, every year, bring the beginning of summer when our generative energy deepens into the roots of our lives in preparation to mature things in our lives. It relates to a time of taking home, family, and security seriously as a more mature and fruitful phase is initiated. With a solar eclipse on the 2nd near the north node, pressures are asking that we make intentions to help us end a phase of our journey in things having to do with our rootedness over the next year—OR—begin a very new and very impulsive phase around security that will push us into a new 19-year journey in how we deepen into our lives and souls. It’ll depend on your individual charts, how this will feel to you.

The lunar eclipse on the 16th is showing that we are finding more depth and longing for greater security in how we reach in the world. How do you listen to your soul in the way you show up in position, career, and authority? Find the roots of what it is that pushes you to reach up and climb mountains with aspirational vigor. A concoction of strength and tenderness is called for here.

Leo Season from the 23rd – 31st with a new moon in Leo on the 31st.

Our generative quality is vital and in a sweet spot in this g time of year. Leo Season allows us to relax into the fruitfulness that’s naturally arising, and to play, have fun, and bask in the sun. The work of gathering our fruits is soon to come, so take advantage of lazier days and glamorous shining, just because sweltering skins are glistening with romantic courting notes. The new moon in Leo on the 31st will ask that we take new paths around our creative desires very seriously. What impulse and and diva-ish needs are calling to be upheld and re-envisioned?


Mercury: the Messenger (Rx from July 7-31)

Mercury in Leo:

July 1-9 Mercury will be in the archetype of the ‘Army General’

We can either engage in messages of intimacy with deep heart or use controlling information with cruelty.

July 10 – 19 Mercury will be in the archetype of the ‘Storyteller’

Connect to messages and thinking around your own stories and myths, stories you want to create, and you already have. Listen to stories that will open you up to new perspective and heroic, epic vision. Push your mind to share perspective and hear the perspective of others without getting overly dogmatic.

Mercury in Cancer:

July 20-29 Mercury will be in the archetype of the ‘Security Guard’

Thinking and messages may feel both solid and burdensome around your needs for security and soulful depth in life.

July 30-31 Mercury will be in the archetype of the ‘Feminist Voice’

Be courageous in thought around collaborative action for the emergence of new paradigms that support the nurturing of earth, the feminine, the great mother, and the soul of life.


Venus: the Muse (in Cancer July 3-27)

Venus is in the ‘Shakti’ archetype, finding her dance

She teases us toward the life of our inner fire. She beckons us into our bodies where we dance and find intelligence more connected to material acceptance. What’s your dance? Where is your muse right now? What is she calling your toward and how is she asking you to see the beauty in the dark of your inner terrain? Venus in in the roots of our lives this month, the underworld where she’s making the most profound connection to self-belonging and self-acceptance. She can help you shed layers preventing you from feeling alive inside. She can help you find your flame without the adornment.

I personally use breath to get into the body intelligence, getting mind and body in better interaction, as well as feeling into mychakras. Try my Cancer Eclipse Season Breathwork (HERE) to tap into Venus in your life and body.


Mars: the Pathfinder (in Leo all month)

Mars is in the ‘Artisan’ archetype, molding a path with creative pleasure

Mars points us out into the world with directive and clarity. He also guard the boundary between our inner and outer life. What direction do you find yourself taking right now? How is it honing in on a maturity of material awareness and luxuriating? How is your path being sculpted with heart right now?


Jupiter Rx: the Visionary (in Sagittarius all month)

Jupiter is in the archetype of ‘Zeus on his throne atop Mt.Olympus’ until the 12th

How is your vision feeling pressure right now? How is your desire to expand, conquer, and believe in things feeling both solidly responsible but also heavy? Use the foresight of the position of this archetype to aim and focus with precision on your greatest dreams of a bigger life.

Jupiter is in the archetype of ‘Aquarian Jesus’ from the 13th through the end of the month

How can you radically question your beliefs? Don’t be surprised if the constructs of your philosophies are tested and broken open.


Saturn Rx: the Realist (in Capricorn all month)

Saturn is in the archetype of ‘Dogmatic Father’ until the 9th

What do you believe about your responsibility in the world? What philosophies do you bring with you into your aspirations, authority, and reach?

Saturn is in the archetype of the ‘Executive’ from the 9th to the end of the month

How do you bring your greatest integrity to the table in your role in the world? How do you use your authority and aspiration to make the world more aligned and responsible?


Uranus: the Rebel (in Taurus all month)

Uranus is in the archetype of the ‘Organizer’ all month

In the sign of Taurus, we are called to ask questions and question constructs around how we value. What makes you feel valued? Why? How do you put your voice and value into the world? This month our questioning spirit around the topic of voice and value is in place of really being able to organize, systemize, and come together in collective ways to push the needle forward in what we want for the future.


Neptune Rx: the Illusionist (in Pisces all month)

Neptune is in the archetype of ‘Wiley Coyote’ until the 10th.

As the mists of this planet come a little closer into focus, we are called to face and harmonize how inflations and deflations have affected our lives and the lives of those closes to us. This can bring a deep elegance in the mystical realm if we are willing to cooperate and compromise around our brand of magic.

Neptune is in the archetype of the ‘Strength Tarot Card’ from the 11th – the end of the month

As our cosmic connection comes up against a time of greater intimacy and need to share our inner magic, we face psychological blocks to uproot, witness, and transform. It’s a time to gain greater control and relationship to our inner and out life and how befriending our psychological processes can lead us to a greater flow of magic that has been blocked.


Pluto Rx: the Power Player (in Capricorn all month)

Pluto is in the archetype of the ‘Think Tank participant’ until the 13th

How can our deepest resources and ability to strategize be shared in ways that will lift the world up in responsible ways? Gather with others. Talk about the philosophies you have around resources and conservation, around a world industrialized and world that can be more responsible with the resources of each individual, collectively, and on/in our earth.

Pluto is in the archetype of the ‘Under Oath Billionaire’ from the 14th to the end of the month

We may see those who hold the greatest behind the scenes power in the structures and corporations of our world under fire during this time. Integrity is being called for in how resources and power are being utilized responsibly in the world. On a personal level, this could play out as our own resource feeling controlled by and under pressure from big business. As we feel that on a micro level, the vindictiveness to see others burn for the hurt could come on strongly. OR, you could find yourself making very responsible and very reliable decisions to structure your resources with aligned foresight to support your life in the future.


Special Notes on Eclipse Season

The 2nd and 16th of this month hold special significance as portals open for us to step into new energies in the security axis of our lives.

Solar Eclipse, July 2nd (1:17pm MT)

What is needing to be let go of, left behind, dissolved, or forgiven in the roots of your life? How can this help you transcend a boundary, stepping into and updated an upgraded version of who you know you are becoming? Wherever Cancer rules in your chart, major endings and beginnings are taking place. On the 2nd we leave one version of our nurturing selves behind to nurture our lives in a much more passionate and free way. Hold the new spark with the grief of loss as one. They come as a package in this time. Home, family, emotion, soul, imagination, fertility, roots, ancestry, mothering, security, depth. How are these themes threadbare and/or new and shiny? Push into the upgrade. Push into a new way of holding the soul of your life.

Lunar Eclipse, July 16th (3:38pm MT)

Exchange. How does this word start to resonate with you around this full moon? There are things about our authority and constructs that are stepping into the greater world, asking that we take our authority with more weight and come into relationship to the world with it. It’s a time that you can fece the solidity you’ve crafted in your position and aspirations since something ignited here nearly 9 years ago. It’s a time to reflect on this to make some adjustments as you step into greater view with this. Loosen your grip on having full control and swing into a more dynamic place where you dance with others in fair and harmonizing ways through your ability to hold integrity, foresight, and position. Use the word no when the exchange is off, but also listen to the offers coming in so that you are viable in how you are cooperating in the world. This is a point where we can either create conflict or more peaceful and easy paths for ourselves. What’s the elegant way and how are you trusting being in relationship?


March 21 - April 19

July 2019 Overview:

Solar & Lunar Eclipses; Mars in Leo in your 5th house.

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April 20 - May 20

July 2019 Overview:

Solar & Lunar Eclipses; Venus in Cancer in your 3rd house.

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May 21 - June 20

July 2019 Overview:

Solar & Lunar Eclipses; Mercury Rx  Leo in the 3rd/Cancer in 2nd.

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June 21 - June 20

July 2019 Overview:

Solar & Lunar Eclipses; Moon new on 2nd, first quarter on 9th, full on 16th,

last quarter on 24th, new on 31st.

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July 23 - August 22

July 2019 Overview:

Solar & Lunar Eclipses; Sun in Cancer in 12th; Sun in Leo in 1st

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August 23 - September 22

July 2019 Overview:

Solar & Lunar Eclipses; Mercury Rx  Leo in the 12th/Cancer in 11th.

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September 23 - October 22

July 2019 Overview:

Solar & Lunar Eclipses; Venus in Cancer (3rd-27th) in 10th house.

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October 23 - November 21

July 2019 Overview:

Solar & Lunar Eclipses; Pluto in 3rd house/Mars in 10th house.

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November 22 - December 21

July 2019 Overview:

Solar & Lunar Eclipses; Jupiter in the 1st house in Sagittarius.

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December 22 - January 19

July 2019 Overview:

Solar & Lunar Eclipses; Saturn in the 1st house in Capricorn.

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January 20 - February 18

July 2019 Overview:

Solar & Lunar Eclipses; Uranus in the 4th house in Taurus.

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February 19 - March 20

July 2019 Overview:

Solar & Lunar Eclipses; Neptune in the 1st house in Pisces.

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