September Mantra: I Receive

Hello, bountiful season of the harvest! September has a bit of mystical charm around it this year. It’s one to slow down and really listen into those intuitive and instinctual messages coming from our bodies rather than our heads. Adding up to an 11/2 this year, great inspiration is at our fingertips if we really plug into the quiet, open spaces that are unseen. Be like an antenna, receiving what comes to you, whether information, material, or love. September also always holds the energy of 9, of endings, universal love, and adventure. When we layer these on top of our yearly number 2, we get a very focused energy that wants to reflect on what’s coming to a close and catching new insights for what’s to come for the autumn. There will be a lot of bustle to wrap some things up, but in a careful and thoughtful way. Allow yourself extra freedom to flow with the energies that be. Try to honor your time and energy with things that are truly important rather than burning out by trying to do everything. Challenge yourself to take a few things off of your plate so that you can have more mindful days rather than days that frazzle your nervous fires.

The Solar & Lunar Seasons of September
VIRGO SEASON (ends September 22nd evening): Our season of cultivation.

As we move through the season of Virgo until the 22nd, find greater value in your processes, in how all of the daily habits, rituals, and duties that you attend to are truly what create the rhythms that determine what your purpose and offerings to your communities are. Make what you do—your work, your practices—feel sacred and rich with pleasure and sensual honoring. Mercury, ruler of this season, will be in a very quick step this month. Hold on and feel excited about getting places that you’ve struggled to reach all summer.

At the September 9th Virgo New Moon, we have our chance in the year to plant new seeds around honoring our work and wholeness. What do you visualize your wholeness to contain? What are you doing every day to contribute to that image? What can be shed that blocks this in you? Maybe it’s an attitude or an actual process that’s not grounding you to your life. Virgo rules our gut, our body brain, and has a cultivation of instinct and ability to systemize and burn impurities away. Picture this for yourself: refining an aspect of self that you value and honor and burning away that which creates blocks in your life that don’t honor your natural rhythm, your natural self. There’s so much talk at new moons of making intentions and planting seeds that will manifest over time. I’ve seen this magic work in my own life and in that of others, but there is a catch that I’m starting to see more and more clearly. If these intentions are not aligned with our truth and the curriculum of our souls in this life, they tend to create problems rather than dreams. Not all souls are not here to learn about great wealth, bigger homes, dream cars, raising kids, being a star, or saving the world or others. It helps to know your astrology chart to see what you are here to learn, but you can witness through your current instincts in Virgo Season what purpose you are consciously or unconsciously cultivating. Dive into this. Step back and witness what your little efforts each day tend to produce and how that may tell you something about you purpose in this lifetime. Maybe this is a very humbling life or a life that wants you to step into greater power. Either way, it’s a path that can be made beautiful by attending to your days with sacred rhythm and virtuous effort. This is what your Virgo New Moon intentions should be shaped around.

Opposed Neptune, a balance is being called in for finding hints of compassion and art inside of your details. Trine Pluto, we have access to greater precision and control in the processes we cultivate this year. Sextile Jupiter, if we take the time to notice or ask, we can find opportunity and resources for the work we desire to connect with. Mercury, ruler of Virgo, also has some lovely connections bringing a steady building of our authority through focus, brilliant intuitive knowing, and unique openings around value and worth.

LIBRA SEASON (Autumn Equinox, September 22nd): Our season of balanced exchange.

Welcome to the darker half of the year and the quarter of autumn. The sun’s move into Libra brings a time of sharing, gathering, and dancing between light warmth and darkening chills. There’s something deeply romantic about this time of year that has us longing for the kind of intellectual and aesthetic harmony that poetry is made of. Libra Season is all about fairness, the dances we engage within relationships, and harmonizing our lives to the lives of others. The light half of the year is about our growth and development, and now as leaves change colors and fall from their branches, we are inspired to let go of self in order to be part of the bigger picture, to compromise and shift. This is a step that’s necessary for getting ready to go through metaphoric deaths that bring intimacy, intensity, and powerful transformation (that we’ll see next season). If we don’t learn how to engage with the give and take in life, we won’t be ready to go deep in Scorpio’s mid-autumn phase.

The ruler of Libra, Venus, will be in Scorpio for all of September’s Libra Season, so there are already eerie notes of getting intimate with others right off the bat. With numbers and Chinese astrology for the year, we can expect that our ability to balance and exchange will be put to the test at deeper parts of our souls this year. We can expect to learn a lot about our own inner demons around relationships and possessiveness. Some stubbornness will need to be uprooted in order to see what’s being blocked around our airy elegance.

On the Aries Full Moon of the 24th, some difficult scenarios may play out—some feeling fateful. Right on top of the wounded healer, Chiron, something that may have recently popped up around identity, independence, or sense of boundaries could be put to the test. We are seeing with more clarity at this moon that our boundaries may need some shifting in order to allow others to help us be more elegant. Our trust in self and others may be tested, pushing old wounds to the surface. Something needs to be attended to that helps us better recognize ourselves and our health around our ability to trust. With Mercury conjunct the Sun, communication within our relationships is essential. There is information from others that we need in order to understand how our boundaries and selves have affected those close to us. A civil exchange of information may help you to see where you need to open or close yourself more, or reestablish how you find trust in your decisions. Your relationships are a reflection of how you trust yourself. They are telling you a lot about this right now. If a boundary feels betrayed or badly reacted to at this moon, look at this as if it’s a mirror. Have you made boundaries or decisions out of fear, distrust, or selfishness? If so, the things you feel are unfair may be the effects of how you’ve asserted your own energies, boomeranging back to you through scenarios that were channeled through others. I’m not saying anyone is right or wrong here. No pointing fingers from me. I’m just saying, if trust issues or boundaries come up, look at your own patterns first. The universe will always find the perfect vehicles (people or circumstances) needed to help you see your personal curriculum. This moon is showing us our curriculum around trust (self vs. others).

Squaring off to Saturn, we may also contend with a dynamic pressure that is forcing us to stay responsible to our aspirational efforts while we adjust these boundary and trust issues. The upside to all of this is the amazing learning potential to really see where we are sabotaging ourselves or needing deep shifts in how we assert and create our personal boundaries. Many of us will likely learn at this moon if those are too selfish or not selfish enough. This is ultimately a gift even though it’s going to cause some initial reaction. Luckily Mars, ruler of the Arise Full Moon, will be making a nice angle to all of these more difficult connections. This should bring a lot of drive and energy to make progress and cultivate deeper clarity.


March 21 - April 19

Lunar Cycle

Virgo New Moon: On Sunday September 9th, the Virgo New Moon lunar cycle will ignite fresh seeds around your work and daily processes (or lifestyle). This year, these Virgo seeds want you to deeply connect to value in the work you do and honor your instincts in how your everyday cultivates your greater purpose in life. No biggie, right! The key here is in slowing down and savoring the things about your daily rituals and systems that bring you joy, while finding ways to eliminate things you only think you should be doing, but that maybe don't need to be done. What's cluttering your days and what's bringing pleasure to your days? Or, how can you find greater please in the routine things that your days need to hold? Make new intentions for this now and then check back at the September 24th Full Moon to fill your intentions in with context and greater depth.

Aries Full Moon: September 24th is your full moon of the year, your greatest point of personal fruition and actualization. What do you want for you? What are you feeling clear and passionate about? Whatever you were resonating with at the April 15th Aries New Moon, is starting to move into a harvest phase. Notice what is trying to push from outside of you into the greater world, ready to be offered and exchanged on. You've had a tough year as the April new moon seeds were formed under some stress and pressure to achieve and take on a lot of responsibility. This will start to relax now, and you will begin to reap the rewards of the heavy loads you've been lifting.

Solar Season

Libra Season (September 22 - October 22): As we enter your opposing season of Libra on the 22nd, all the time you've had over the past 6-months to focus on self development and growth, has come to a full point of ripeness. It's now that that wholeness is being felt and helping you to know that it's time to give more, listen more, and be in harmonious relationship with others. You enter the dark half of the year with Libra, but it's through this sign's balance of light and dark, warm and cold, that you willingly dance toward the darkness of the autumn season. It's in this season that partnering, equalizing, balancing, and fairness will help you to find your personal elegance. Watch for ways to be more conscious of and willing to compromise with others to get more done in the world. This is your time to reignite ways to build trust with important others in your life. Partnerships and relationships of all kinds should be nurtured and tended to. Know that your trust in self is at its peak now, so you can use that to know who and what to trust. Your instincts are on point. But once you decide to trust another, really trust them.

LONG TERM ESSENCE (This will only change when a big cycle shifts for you)
Look at your life from a 10,000 ft. perspective right now. Can you spot the opportunities, the potential for growth and enterprise? Can you see the general direction you need to head in order to broaden your horizons and give you wiser perspective in your life?


April 20 - May 20

Lunar Cycle

Virgo New Moon: Come Sunday September 9th, a new lunar cycle, initiated with the Virgo New Moon, will have you looking at your creative sensibilities: How you have been valuing your senses in your creative processes. Systems and seasons may be at the root of your creative drive and now is the time to explore how nature's brilliant ability to organize and shine can inspire how you are doing this in your life. Listen, taste, touch, smell, and witness the natural world this week. Slow down and find a more pleasurable place to your command in the world, to your presence.

On the 9th, your ruler, Venus, will move into the sign of Scorpio, pointing you toward your shared resources, the intimacy and sharing of your life with a partner, and giving form to your relationships in rich and intense ways.

Aries Full Moon: On the 24th, your very first seeds of the astrological year will come to fruition. Think back to early spring and the things you felt passionate about as spring's first shoots of green started pushing through the earth. It may have been things more compassionate or artistic that were felt as this sign rules your house of illusion, shadow, and spiritual initiation. As this full moon arrives, feel what in you is seeking to connect into the world in a bigger way. Is it an actualization of greater life meaning? Of knowing your Self in a more tender and compassionate way? Some form of art that is coming to life? Unleash the initiative you have to bring things more ephemeral into the light for others to see.

Solar Season

Libra Season (September 22 - October 22): On the 22nd, Libra Season will usher us into the darker half of the year with the Autumn Equinox. For you, this brings renewed attention and desires to use your sense of balance and beauty to make your work life or daily rhythms, a little more elegant. Work partnerships may become a focus, or the work that a partner does could become suddenly more important in your life. Feel the subtle vibrations surfacing and use the harmonious displays in nature to help you find greater balance and equality in your daily habits, rituals, and processes.

LONG TERM ESSENCE (This will only change when a big cycle shifts for you)

Push into the pressures and the alignments needed in your life right now. These are solidifying your position and place in the world. It's possible that you are carrying a lot on your shoulders, but you have trained for this time of position in the world for the past 15 years.


May 21 - June 20

Lunar Cycle

Virgo New Moon: As we arrive to the Virgo New Moon on the 9th, this lunar cycle will lead you on a journey to find greater pleasure and systemic sensuality in your home life, in your sense of security, and in how you nurture or mother yourself and/or loved ones. The next month will have you going deep into your roots with your senses heightened to give you feedback on your instincts and daily rhythms around home and family. Are these things valued by you enough? Are you honoring the worth of your roots in life? Are you nurturing your ability to organize and follow the systems that nature and seasons brilliantly model?

Aries Full Moon: A fullness of self, of your actualization, is pushing up and out of you at this full moon. Things that were initiated during early spring have ripened and are ready to be shared into the world. Aries is the ruler of your 11th house of friendships, groups, and your progressive sprit. Something very unique and original could be feeling big in your life. You may, through friends, find a reflection back to you, clearly showing you who you are and what you passionately bring to assertive completion. Initiative with groups could show you aspects of your personal boundaries and needs to contain some self-centering as you actively engage with your groups or innovate for your future. Witness now how friendships can help you better know your Self as well as bring out your fighting spirit. Find that balance of self-centering in friendships and being a strong, assertive friend to others.

Solar Season

Libra Season (September 22 - October 22): On the 22nd, Libra Season graces your life as the Autumn Equinox arrives. Libra is the holder of equal dark and light, and thus hold your personal expression of balanced energy. In your chart, this gets a new burst of fresh energy in how you want to create, lead, and play. An elegance and romance encompasses your creative output, your ability to bring style and heart to things harmonious and balanced. As your Aries seeds, the opposite energy and house ruler, find fullness through Self, they give you greater permission to renew trust of others in bigger ways. For you, this could be in partnering in creative ways, compromising in your leaderships style to trust in co-leading, or finding greater romantic stirrings with relationships through play and creative activity together.

LONG TERM ESSENCE (This will only change when a big cycle shifts for you)

There are things about your life right now that you are seeing with great progressive vision. You are looking toward the future and innovating to create that future place. This can mean rebelling against outmoded structures in your life. It's part of a cycle of life that may bring out your inner genius before you move into a new phase of surrender and release, just around the corner. Enjoy this time of heightened excitement and co-creation.


June 21 - June 20

Lunar Cycles

Virgo New Moon: Coming to the Virgo New Moon lunar cycle on Sunday the 9th, the next month will have you finding greater self-worth and value in how you are connecting, finding belonging, and community in your life. Yours is a connection and mental style that is instinctual, organized, refined, and perfectionist. Systems and organization likely interest you. Work on using your senses to help you give more form and value to your ideas and communities. Find inspiration through nature's design of seasons and cycles. Watch how your favorite animals connect and learn. Be a little slower and more sensual in your approach to ideas over the next month.

Aries Full Moon: Our full moon of September arrives on the 24th in Aries. This sign is about the Self, and you may actualize what that means to you at this moon. Think back to early spring and new stirrings you felt passionate about at that time. The cosmic conditions that these seeds were formed during were filled with grand aspirations and pressures to match. It's been a long haul, but if you've stuck in there through the mud and heavy loads, what is fully ripe and ready to be shared now could be quite impressive. Aries rules your 10th house of career and achievements, which could be reflected to you now, through authorities, others in prominent positions, or the public's approval, the good and strong work that you've done to find independence and inventiveness in your lofty aims.

Solar Season

Libra Season (September 22 - October 22): Autumn Equinox on the 22nd welcomes us into the darker half of the year as well as into Libra's Season of harmonizing, balance, and equality. In your chart, we find this sign of balance ruling over how you nurture, grow deep and protected roots, and tend to home and family. Your nurturing and imaginative ways are getting a reboot with this season and you may become focused on how to bring elegance, design, and harmony into your domestic bliss. It's through family that you likely see your most elegant self, able to compromise and relate in beautifully airy ways. Use this to reignite some passion and romantic stirrings for setting a beautiful table, creating spaces that hold special flow and energy, setting out flowers, and finding your own balance through how your home is balanced.

LONG TERM ESSENCE (This will only change when a big cycle shifts for you)

Are you going through absolute exhaustion right now? There is a purpose to this. It's signaling that you need to let go of some things, to surrender and ask for something bigger to help you do this. By doing this, powerful compassion can come to your surface, and through that a certain flow and moments of inspired visions for what's coming next. You may feel this need to initiate, but it's not time yet. You need to rest, dream, sleep, heal, and explore your shadows and secrets. Sometime over the next 18-months, you will step into a huge new long-term cycle, just be patient and move with the healing vibes that are around you.


July 23 - August 22

Lunar Cycle

Virgo New Moon: As we come to the Virgo New Moon on Sunday the 9th, our lunar cycle the will initiate seed energy for the earthy and rhythmic sign of Virgo. For you, this is and will be all about finding self-worth, value, and pleasure through the natural systems that you give form to. Slowly molding things in your days and through your work likely brings you great pleasure. Work in general may feel like a thing of beauty to you that brings your senses alive, and be a thing that generates income because of how you honor and value what you do day in and day out.

Aries Full Moon: A fire-y full moon to match your own fire-y nature on the 24th will bring a deep sense of knowing your Self to your surface. An actualization of truly know what you want, who you are, and able to hold space and energy for your boundaries and clarity will feel prominent. This may come about through feeling excited about pushing your boundaries, a new adventure coming to fruition, or ah-ha moments that bring greater world perspective that reflect back to you, your strength, independence, and clarity of what you are abundantly ready to share with the world.

Solar Season

Libra Season (September 22 - October 22): As Autumn Equinox welcomes us into the darker half of the year, the rich depths where sharing and gathering push on some of our hidden realms, you will start to find new energy and vitality around creating harmonious community, a sense of belonging in your your relationships, and romantic stirrings in your language and communications. Your most elegant ways are apparent in how you connect with your own yin and yang halves, thus how you connect and find harmonious belonging in your community. Information and learning opportunities that you gather now are things that will inform you how to pollinate your elegance and find the wit in equality and fairness.

LONG TERM ESSENCE (This will only change when a big cycle shifts for you)

To emphasize the above, your greatest job at this time is to clear old things from your life, to find personal centering and stillness in order to connect to new desires, boundaries, and paths in your life and identity. What do you want? What's your agenda right now? The great spirit of the eastern sunrises are listening and taking your orders.


August 23 - September 22

Lunar Cycle

Virgo New Moon: On Sunday, the new moon will start your personal lunar cycle. Just as the sun is in your sign, waking up new vitality and energy in your life, the moon will begin to help you form new centering and process emotional and unconscious seeds to plant, grow, and tend to over the next six months. Find a little extra alone time on Sunday to truly connect to your personal lunar cycle and solar season that want you to find your boundaries, your passions, and your Self. What do you want for you? What's feeling bold and impulsive inside of you? This year, in the Virgo New Moon intention that you make, I challenge you to truly tap into and honor the things about yourself that you know hold value and bring you great pleasure. Open your senses as you make intentions.Buy flowers, sit somewhere that brings you joy, and listen to nature's messages.

Aries Full Moon: On the 24th, the moon of the sign of self-focus, Aries, will ripen into a fullness in your life. Feel the depth of knowing exactly who you are, what your boundaries are, your passions, desires, and initiative that are now developed and pushing something from within you, into the outer world to be consumed and used by the greater world. The seeds from the Aries New Moon of April 15th were filled with stressful responsibility and a lot of tough loads to carry, but if you didn't give up on impulses from that period, what is coming to fruition now could be very impressive. Your strength and independence are at a high right now as this moon also matches the full moon just after your personal Virgo New Moon, sending messages internally around your most personally activating desires. In the outer world, the moon will show you how your bravery and boldness are attracting and manifesting intimacy, empowerment, and greater control. Financial things could surface that are showing you how being true to your authenticity can bring great returns through shared resources. How through being centered in self and clear can allow you to find greater resources through others, and vice versa. Internally, notice new impulses vibrating that want to show you who you are becoming through new seeds taking shape. How are your passions for process, systems, work, purpose, rhythm, and wellness being felt right now? What new energy is allowing you to feel bold in your personal wants and wishes? This new moon is one that is filled with an ability to trust your instincts and your Self.

Solar Season

Libra Season (September 22 - October 22): As Autumn Equinox arrives of the 22nd, and the dark half of the year is welcomed to your doorstep, the Libra solar season steps foot into your life. This sign is about seeing your light and dark sides at once. It's about finding balance between inner life and outer awareness. It's about compromise and fairness. For you, this gets expressed though new energy and focus on self-worth, what you value, what you give form to, and how you use your animal senses, your five senses, to find harmony and elegance in your life. It could be that a relationships or partnership bring out what you honor most in life, hence where you draw an income. It could be that your sensual ability to give balance and relationship to things allows your design aesthetic to be something that others will value in you. Explore how the material side of life relates to your sense of relationship this season. Notice how your use of harmonizing and deep revere for it, is what draws value to you.

LONG TERM ESSENCE (This will only change when a big cycle shifts for you)

You are in a processes of figuring out what you value and how you want to connect to the material world with more ease, pleasure, and slow sensual stimulation. Go slow, take time to smell the roses, and treat yourself to special things to let yourself know you are worth the price. Bank on yourself and find a stronger voice to claim what should be yours, receiving graciously as you being to slowly mold and find more ownership and pride in your purpose and work in the world.


September 23 - October 22

Lunar Cycle

Virgo New Moon: Sunday the 9th brings us to a new lunar cycle, the Virgo one that matches our current solar season. For you this will help you to form and create new seeds that will give you over to systemic healing, purposeful and practical art, and mystical works. What does your soul crave in the realm of organizing and harvesting your spiritual side? Honor and value you this over the next four weeks. Find out how in slowing down and doing less, you may be able to do more work in more mystical and inspired ways.

Also on Sunday, your ruler, Venus, will move into Scorpio. You will shift from a touch of self-focus and acting out of personal desires toward one of fulfilling your animal needs. Your material life will feel more important. Things may feel easier yet more intense and intimate in how you value yourself and form worth in your life and through your senses.

Aries Full Moon: September 24th is your full moon of relationships, bringing something to fullness, or conclusion, around matters of balance and harmonizing. As a Libra, you are full of polarities and that can be confusing for you and others. As the sign of relationships and partnering, you are assertive and willful in attracting beauty and relationships into your life, but the part of your chart that rules your relational style is the sign of independence and self centering, Aries. It's right now that you can see how to work with this. It's right now that you will know what it is you want in relationships and how you can retain your sense of individuality and deep love of romance and partnering, at the same time. If anyone can figure out how to balance this, it's you. The center point for both of these has to do with trust. Taking the time to find confidence in your self trust will help you to trust in yourself to know who to give full trust to in relationship.

Solar Season

Libra Season (September 22 - October 22): Happy season of Self, Libra. Just as your relationship house, ruled by independent Aries, is finding actualization, your own sign that is the sign of relationships is getting revitalized with new seeding energy. It's your season to wake with a fresh sense of a new day, your personal spring season of the year when possibility, impulse, and passions are vibrating inside of you. Pay attention to the things that you feel excited about until October 23rd as they will be the foundation for the rest of your personal solar year. What do you want aesthetically, romantically, or in fairness? How can you be assertive in your needs, doing things to make yourself feel balanced and harmonized in your own center, thus attracting the kind of external harmony that you seek?

LONG TERM ESSENCE (This will only change when a big cycle shifts for you)

Right now your spiritual curriculum is pushing on you to learn more about your sense of belonging, how you communicate and connect, and stimulating you to be curious and learn lots of new things. This is a perfect time to engage with community and solve your inner paradoxes through movement, connection, and communication.


October 23 - November 21

Lunar Cycle

Virgo New Moon: Sunday the 9th ignites a new lunar cycle, the Virgo lunar cycle. This is a time to find greater stillness and carve out some alone time. Matching the solar season of Virgo, new seeds will begin to form starting on Sunday. These will hold the DNA of how you want to process, systemize, and refine your life. All of the little daily rituals you have, add up to make something of wholeness in us that shows us our purpose. For you, the work and systems you cultivate are linked to co-creation, friendships, and humanity. Slow down over the next month and tap into the value of this, of how your work is the thing that keeps the innovation of our world in order. That big and that deserves you honoring this ability in yourself, hence showing others that this aspect of you deserves honor and value.

Aries Full Moon: This is the full moon that is actualizing your first seeds of spring, of the astrological year, and for you, it has a lot to do with feeling a wholeness in your daily rhythm. What is pushing up and out of you right now around your work, wellness, daily processes, and systems? For you, having independence and trust in yourself is integral in your day-to-day. An elegance comes as you trust things to move into the outer world, and with that, you may see a project or sense of purpose feel abundant and so attract attention and resonance from others who can help your work along.

Solar Season

Libra Season (September 22 - October 22):

Libra Season marks the last stop in your personal astrological year. It's a season to decompress and release what no longer wants to be part of your life. surrendering to something bigger is the path forward when things feel complex or foggy. With Libra, the sign of balance and relationships, ruling this part of your chart, means that this part of your life collects a lot of clutter and baggage. It sits in your shadows, hence is difficult for you to see how you are working with the energy of relationship and harmonizing. It's also the part of your chart most closely linked to a more ethereal realm where cosmic guidance can come and be of assistance and compassion. Each year as the sun puts a spotlight on this part of your chart, you get to see with more clarity and creativity, how you heal and find great meaning in your life through using art or spirituality to understand beauty and equalizing in your life.

LONG TERM ESSENCE (This will only change when a big cycle shifts for you)

A part of you is very focused on your private life, your foundations, and your security. You may be digging into your roots and family lineage right now. You may be tending to much needed nurturing of your soul and your home or family. This is your time to understand how you want to grow and mature in soulful, caring ways.


November 22 - December 21

Lunar Cycle

Virgo New Moon: Sunday the 9th aligns our unconscious and conscious lives at a new moon in Virgo. This is your time to reignite some passion and form new seeds around what you want to stand for in the world - your position, title, aspirations, and authority. This is a time to focus and work on the alignment and integrity of your life. With Virgo ruling over your 10th house, you need to align with great purpose, use, and practices in your life. Areas of wellness, lifestyle, plant medicines, anything holistic in nature or that uses natural systems and seasons is a place to start if you're not sure. This year there may be extra emphasis in your life around how your work and your career converge to help you feel a strength of voice, value, and honor in what you give to the world. Honor the wholeness of your life and your work and this will show others what they need to value and honor in these things as well.

Aries Full Moon: At this full moon on the 24th, illuminated is your pioneering spirit in how you create and lead. In early spring, you may have felt new energy around how you wanted to express your presence with more assertion and independence. Now, six months later, as your Aries seeds have come to fruition, find centering to feel what is ready to push out of you and into the world that is commanding of your creative vision. Close your eyes and imagine a spotlight on you. Imagine being outside of yourself and seeing how bold and strong you are in how you create. You hold the creative energy of the frontiersman, boldly taking paths with creativity that haven't been walked before. Like a wild stallion, let your presence be free and wild. See how this bring elegance to your life and the powerful attraction of 'other' that wants to see what you're style is all about.

Solar Season

Libra Season (September 22 - October 22): As the sun graces the sign of harmonizing Libra, it will bring new life and vitality to how you collaborate, engage within groups, feel in your friendships, and ask why to things that you feel need progress. For you, this all has to do with a balancing act of keeping groups and visions of the future filled with fairness, beauty, and romantic stirrings of harmony. You are the voice that knows how to push the meter forward when it comes to humanity's sense of beauty and justice. You are unafraid of breaking down old ways of elegance that have become stale and willing to merge your skills with others to make way for new concepts of what is, or could be, fair in the world. Watch for new impulses and vibrations introducing you to fresh paths for your irreverent notions of beauty to follow.

LONG TERM ESSENCE (This will only change when a big cycle shifts for you)

You are in a sort of interesting phase Sag. On one hand, your ruler, Jupiter, is ending his 12 year tour of your chart, currently uprooting things in the shadows of your life that need to be witnessed and processes. This uprooting is bringing greater empowerment and precision in how you are healing, finding compassion, and surrendering to bigger cosmic forces. On the other hand, your sign is also moving through spiritual lessons of how to hold command and the spotlight, how to be present, warm, and creative. This convergence can produce some amazing art—use your heart to lead the way.


December 22 - January 19

Lunar Cycle

Virgo New Moon: The Virgo New Moon on Sunday the 9th will launch a new lunar cycle. At this one, new seeds of intent will start to form around how you are whole and well in your daily rhythms, systems, processes, work, and lifestyle. It's the small things that we do with honor each day that add up to our purpose to give out to others. How are your everyday routines contributing to what you believe your purpose and work are? This year's Virgo seeds are great ones to find a slower pace that can show you that by doing less and focusing on what you value and find pleasure in, more is produced. For you, this may connect to how you share your philosophies and stories with the world, how you are expanding in your life, and pushing your comfort zones around greater perspectives.

Aries Full Moon: A fullness may be felt at this full moon around how you feel secure, nurtured, and safe in your life. Things around personal wants in home, family, or trusting the unseen of your intuitive abilities are coming into a fruitful place. You are starting to see results and heavy pressures eased. The cosmos have beaten you up a bit in this realm, but in doing so, the point was to make you strong and solid as a rock in your foundations.

Solar Season

Libra Season (September 22 - October 22): Just as your roots are feeling stable and grown in challenging ways, they've made way for you to feel more secure to reach high in your life. Libra Season places a spotlight on your aspirations, worldly position, and place in the world. New vibrations are starting to be felt in how you can or want to use harmony, compromise, and relationships to reach great goals. Partners may become a focus, possibly reaching new status that raises your own. Your eye for beauty and balance could be leading you to want to design new things. Use this season to form seeds and become more conscious of how you want to build things in the world, including your place in it.

LONG TERM ESSENCE (This will only change when a big cycle shifts for you)

Cappy, you've had a hazy few years, possibly filled with some beautiful inspiration and illumination, but also heavy mists that have prevented you from truly moving forward. It's now time. Your ruler, Saturn, moved into a brand new long term cycle near the New Year as he entered your own sign for the first time in 27 years. Just months after this happened, he decided to do a little under the hood maintenance in a near 5 month retrograde to check your foundations, alignments, an overall integrity. It's likely that you have seen where the repairs are needing a little TLC, but now Saturn has stationed back to direct (September 6th) and it's time for you to build a whole new 29 year cycle in your life. The DNA of that is going to be contained in what you become passionate and impulsive in over the next two years as Saturn resets your trajectories and outlook on life.


January 20 - February 18

Lunar Cycle

Virgo New Moon: At the Virgo New Moon on the 9th, this is your chance in the year to tap into what's newly feeling passionate and impulsive inside of you around your purpose and worth. Find some stillness in the week following the 9th and get clear about what your ideal wholeness looks like now, and what you'd like it to look like in six months from now. How are surfacing passions tying into this? At their roots, are they pointing you toward a path that will make you feel more useful and empowered or in control of your ability to systemize and feel holistic in your life?

Aries Full Moon: As the first seeds of the astrological year bear fruit, your life could feel full more peaceful in your communications, community, and sense of belonging. A lot of pressure has been felt in this area as Mars' placement as the seeds formed was high in the sky, aspiring to great things that would ultimately leave us with mounds of responsibility and limitations. What has ripened, i've you've stuck in there with your early spring intentions, is a more solid and reputable place in society, or at least a sense of feeling more relaxed about this. Share with others, the authentic and original voice that you have. It's your independent thought that attracts others to you right now as an elegant resonance surrounds your ideas.

Solar Season

Libra Season (September 22 - October 22): Just as you've reached a place of feeling whole in your community, Libra Season comes to plant new seeds and desires to seek outside of your bubble a little more. Use the flourishing your've developed in your personal community and sense of self to have the courage to step outside of your comfort zone. New paths and passions may appear that want to test your life perspective and sense of harmony in your visionary aim. Relationship, balance, and design are areas that you can tap into during this season to see new possibility and expansive ideals in your life.

LONG TERM ESSENCE (This section will only change when a big cycle shifts for you)

You are in a very karmic phase of life right now. One that has a tinge of midlife crisis to it—although a mini one. You see, the south node of the moon has been traversing your sign for the past 16 months. With 2 more to go, it's time to reflect back on how life has been asking you to compromise a lot more lately. A sense of losing yourself can be felt as the south node wants you to share and exchange much of what you've cultivated and developed in yourself over the past 9 years. It can be hard to shift from life allowing you to work on self development to a phase of releasing all of that fruitfulness that you've build up, into the world. Much in the realm of relationships has likely shifted since the winter of 2017. On top of that, your ruler, Uranus, who moves signs every 7 years, just moved to a new sign (Taurus) in the spring. Another layer of needing to get used to a new orientation is felt as you shift from self-focus and community to one of self-worth and home/family/security. To add to this, Uranus moved into retrograde in August and will be meandering until January 6th. This means you are needing to do a lot of reflecting, reviewing, and inner seeking as this whole new phase of life is also pushing at you. If things feel confusing, exciting, or overwhelming, not to worry. This is a phase of getting used to a lot of big new things. Life will find a more rhythmic pace after the New Year.


February 19 - March 20

Lunar Cycle

Virgo New Moon: At the September 9th Virgo New Moon, find time to be still. Think of your relationships over the course of your lifetime, and feel how under any pickiness, there has been an underlying reflection, showing you how you bring balance to lifestyle, wholeness, and your work or purpose in the world. Tap into what's newly surfacing as passionate or impulsive inside of you. Write these things down, and then, after you've felt this from your inner wisdom, ask yourself and your gut instincts, how these new wants and intentions that are vibrating in you, might be telling you of a path toward greater harmony in your work life and more wholeness in your relationships.

Aries Full Moon: Your sense of self-worth may be settling into a more whole and relaxed state at this moon. It's been a tough road since early spring with the seeds that formed in Aries Season. They've had a lot of pressure on them, a lot of learning curves, and been asking you to buckle down, focus, and take criticism with grace. It may have felt like your value and values in life were to stressful to hold, but the thing with strong pressure is, it forms diamonds. It's now that the diamond comes up for air. It's now that you may realize that all of that tough love work you've done to reach high around valuing your Self and your identity, has been worth it. Relax and show that world that what has been under stress is now something of solid and steady beauty that you are ready to share with the world. Breathe deep and let loose a little more.

Solar Season

Libra Season (September 22 - October 22): Just as a wholeness is reached in your self-worth, new vibrations are calling out to you to initiate things around shared values: wealth/debt management, intimacy, uprooting blocks to your sense of power and control. It's through being in relationship with others, with the world, and ideas that you find paths toward your hidden resources. Feel the elegance of the early autumn sunsets and let them inspire you to allow impulsive elegance to be revived in your life. New seeds are working to form. All you have to do is relax into the passions that surface.

LONG TERM ESSENCE (This section will only change when a big cycle shifts for you)

Over the past year or 16 months, some things may have come up that have made you need to uproot major blocks in your life. These things may have led you to start seeing a psychologist, to major illnesses or surgeries, through deaths (literal and metaphoric), your sexual needs, or to look at your longterm or bigger financial picture in terms of debt or wealth building (via shared resources). Life has likely uprooted all of the most painful and difficult things that you've either blocked or hidden deep inside. Through this process though, you've been connecting to a more free flowing access to your life-force, your power, and a greater sense of control and strategy in your life. This phase is one that will show you what you are really made of.