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Seasons, CosmoMuse's quarterly journal, explores the winter season through tangible sciences and lifestyle, as well as through intangibles such as astrology and art. 'Inspired by Season' is our lens and for this inaugural winter issue we chose to explore the chilled air through the filter 'Envision'. As we find ourselves in times of sweeping change and much uncertainty, our greatest innovative and progressive spirit feels alive as we reimagine the constructs surrounding us.

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120 Pages

Ash Bonelli, astrology
Hera Bosely, tarot
Candace Reels, Female Collective self-care
Jacqueline Suskin, poetess
Chris Burkard, director and explorer
Elizabeth Bankhead, biologist
Cherise Lily Nana, myth & creative writer
Lauren V Brady, stylist
Melissa Zappa, Chinese Medicine
Divya Atler, Ayurvedic cook (NYC restaurant and cookbook)
Ryan Manning, craft cocktail
Jen Pritchard, creative writer & photographer
Jill Elliott, artist
Ann Whittaker, creative writer & photographer
Allie Couch, publisher's message

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Our print Quarterly Journal has arrived! In its pages we explore the winter season through science, art, wellness, design, entertaining, astrology, tarot, healing, and art. This is our Winter 2018 issue where we explore the theme ‘Envision’.

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