Seasonal Astrology Guide | Devotion to the Unseen | PDF Version


Seasonal Astrology Guide | Devotion to the Unseen | PDF Version
Spring 2018 – Winter 2019

Issue 002

A 160 page downloadable digital version of our seasonal astrology guide.

An elegant print publication. Our guide is laid out in a modern book-azine style with accompanying imagery to enhance an aesthetic experience. Dive in and follow the astrological year as we guide you on a journey through spring’s first breaths in Aries Season 2018, all the way to the ending winter mists of Pisces Season 2019–our last astrological sign and solar season. As you experience the sun through all twelve zodiac seasons, there is a beautiful progression that can bring you into rhythm with nature and the stars. It helps you to see how each sign can be used monthly and daily in addition to its yearly structure. This lures you into an experience of astrological seasonal living rather than depending on this science’s more traditional fortune telling image. You take your life into your own hands, shaping and molding it with a bit of stardust magic.

Along with guidance through the 12 zodiac solar seasons, we also help you tap into the larger arcs in play for the year, giving us our rich and deep overall theme: Devotion to the Unseen.

We've packed it with full moon and new moon insights, seasonal guidance, articles by guest contributors to enhance the theme of each season’s unseen quality, and a story/journal section to keep track of your intentions and manifestations.

160 pages
13 guest features
12 Zodiac Seasons covered
Full and New Moon articles through to the end of March 2019

Articles by: Allie Couch, Anne Marie Vivienne, Ash Bonelli, Erin Telford, Anna Rey, Cherise Lily Nana, Latham Thomas, Eugenia Krok, John Kesler, Mike Peck, Kate Poole, Hera Bosley, Brooke Musat, Luren Spencer King, Tessa Woolf, and Becca Peters.



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