Dining Under Desert Skies

[two_third]Test Image[/two_third][one_third_last]CELEBRATING CANCER STYLE
by Allie Couch

What better way to celebrate this Cancer’s soft, nurturing, feminine energy, than with a little escape to Southern Utah to dine under dramatic desert skies. Cancer is the imaginative muse of the zodiac and an incredibly whimsical character. Al fresco dining seemed the only logical option to match the energy for a dinner celebration themed after this illogical and lunar ruled sign. Our celebration came to life as we set up a low dining area filled with soft pillows, gorgeous floral by Ashley Beyer of Tinge Floral, and small bites—all at an amazing glamping venue (Moab Under Canvas) in the middle of some of the most beautiful desert scenery. Five creative, luminous, and muse-ful ladies to dine with completed the picture. Total bliss! [/one_third_last]






[one_third]Sentimentality is big in Cancer Season and our dinner celebration was not lacking in this attribute. We toasted to our little community of complimentary creative talents that have come together over several years, each of us playing an influential role in creating much of the content that you’ve seen on CosmoMuse. These ladies have become very important in my life, and interestingly enough, have given so much depth to everything Cancer stands for: nurturing, imagination, support, whimsy, and female boding.

A big CosmoMuse toast to: Britt Chudleigh, Tessa Woolf, Lauren Brady, and of course to our two models, Madi Owens & Erin Walsh, who so willingly and graciously jumped on our bandwagon and fit into our imaginative antics like a glove!



[two_third][/two_third][one_third_last padding=”15% 0 0 0″]With a merry band of ladies, who all possess Cancer traits in spades, whimsy and artistry collided in an epic way, making this desert dinner one we’ll always remember. Being the zanny nuts we are, we filled three cars to the brink of breaking through windows, battled through torrential rains, and came out the other side with magic and heart. This dinner signified so much more than a fete fit for this whimsical time of year, but as an illumination of just how important it is to celebrate those who lift you up, protect you and nurture your every good quality – and maybe some of your crazy ones too! Because what fun is life without a bit of kooky chaos? [/one_third_last]



[one_third padding=”15% 5% 10px 5%”]

Location: Moab Under Canvas, Moab, Utah

Art Direction & Words:
Allie Couch of Cosmo Muse

Photography: Britt Chudleigh of Britt Chudleigh Photography

Lauren Brady of Saucy & Kitsch

Wardrobe Consultant: Tessa Woolf, editor of Salt Lake Park City Bride & Groom magazine

Floral: Ashley Beyer of Tinge Floral[/one_third][one_third][/one_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

A Refreshing Gemini Season Spring Cocktail

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last padding=”4% 0 0 0″]Lemon, Basil, Mint Spritzer
Recipe, Styling, and Photography by Allie Couch

I’m no mixologist but this spring I’ve happened onto a concoction while fiddling with some ingredients out of my garden that I’m now obsessed with. Most evenings, before heading out to the yard to get my hands dirty, I throw one of these together. It makes tending to weeding and watering a little more leisurely, enjoyable, and bubbly.

Seeing as it’s a long holiday weekend (Memorial Weekend), I thought I’d share my little garden drink that you can easily transform into a mocktail if you’re not into alcohol at the moment. Just omit the wine and add a bit more of the lemon mixture and splash more sparkling mineral water.


o White wine
o Lemons
o Fresh basil
o Fresh mint
o Sparkling mineral water[/two_third_last]


[one_third padding=”6% 0 0 0″]There is no exact science to this cocktail so these measurements are loose:

1) Squeeze a few fresh lemons into a jar that has a lid.

2) Finely chop some fresh basil and mint.

3) Mix the chopped leaves into the fresh lemon juice. Shake and store the fridge for 30 minutes.

4) Fill a glass with ice. Pour 2/3 parts white wine to 1/3 parts sparkling mineral water. Leave 1/2 inch for lemon mixture.

5) Strain the lemon mixture and add as much as desired (I do about a teaspoon). Stir and garnish. Cheers! [/one_third][two_third_last][/two_third_last]

Illuminated Gathering: A Theatrical Leo Eclipse

[one_half][/one_half][one_half_last]Illuminating Tomorrow’s Dramatic High Tide

How do you plan to gather at tomorrow evening’s full moon, a time of illumination and integration when dreams come to life, events challenge us in new ways, and manifesting prevails?

Gatherings bring connection. Toss in a full moon and you’ve got high tides of feelings and events, making the ping pong of communing rich and deep. Layer in the moon in Leo and excitement, creativity, warmth, and generosity encompass the mood—but tack on an eclipse and a wild card of the unexpected arises.

Beyond the above string of glow-y themes; themes that make this one of the most anticipated and possibly the most dramatic full moons of the year, we also have a large pack of planets that are gathering to watch and contribute to the spectacle on deck, spinning a beautiful web of supportive cosmic formations (two kites and a mystic rectangle). Things are arranging nicely to usher us into a new two-year cycle of Leo-Aquarius eclipses, honing and evolving our creative-expression and command (Leo), while also uncovering ways in which we can plug into collaborative efforts that move beyond our own ego expression (Aquarius). [/one_half_last]

[two_third padding=”2% 0 0 0″]Symbolism of this Full Moon

I love looking at the degree in which full moons fall to get some insight into what they are telling us to integrate and illuminate in our lives.

SABIAN SYMBOLS (archetypal images for the zodiac degrees):
Leo Moon 22 Degrees – In A Circus the Bareback Rider Displays Her Dangerous Skill
Aquarius Sun 22 Degrees – A Big Bear Sitting Down and Waving All Its Paws

The illumination of our moon in Leo focuses on a need to get self-disciplined in order to gain control of our egos and natural vitality so that we can perform spectacular feats with showmanship. In this, we also need to integrate control and the refinement of our natural impulses to use them for a purpose greater than ourselves. Overall, troops come to mind: circus, dance, theater, etc––the honing of your personal performance and skill to contribute to a bigger performance element. Spectacular inter- and intra- coordination. [/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]The Gathering

If you are doing a moon circle, practice performing a ritual, ceremony, a piece of poetry, mannerisms. Make this the most choreographed, performance enhanced, ritual and ceremony you’ve ever done. Get theatrical and dramatic with gestures, think about the how to make fire more prominent, coordinate your efforts with others. Rehearse this an hour or two before your gathering starts with anyone else involved in leading the moon circle. Ask people to wear certain things or bring certain things. (Our printed 2017 guide has moon ritual info – purchase here).

If you aren’t into the whole circle and ritual thing, grab your lady friends and plan a theatrical night on the town. Go to a decadent dinner where the service is honed and impeccable, dress up and head to the theater or ballet, and then find a fancy place for cocktails and desserts, after. Think grand and dramatic and prepare for a brilliantly glamorous night.

Do a bit of Pre-Galentine décor or theme-ing: Roses are heart-openers, which is the part of the body related to Leo, where our full moon resides. Incorporate rose tea, rose head-wreaths, a rose mandala. Oranges, cocoa, ginger root, garlic, and cayenne are great for circulation, ruled by Aquarius, where our sun is. Get creative with these seasonal materials, tying them into your moon circle, dinner, and décor. [/two_third_last]

Seasonal Celebrations: Winter Solstice

[two_third]CosmoMuse, Allie Couch, brings us inspiration, a cocktail and playlist for all of our Solstice and Capricorn Season festivities. Styling & Images by Allie.[/two_third][one_third_last]

Graduating From Sagittarius Season: Visionary Aim
We’ve made it through the darkest season of the year and out the other side to Winter Solstice, the shift to days slowly and coldly growing in length. It also marks the start of one of our four important cardinal seasons, Capricorn Season. This is the season to start seeing the long hard road ahead as we fix our gaze on new aspirations and the hopeful acclaim that comes with the structure we are able to give to our public achievements.

As we say farewell to Sagittarius’ Season of hope and seeking, let’s pay gratitude to the foreign boundaries we’ve pushed ourselves into, helping us see with new possibility and optimism. It was in the darkness of this season that we could see the brightest stars, giving us belief in visionary narratives and our own epic life stories. [/one_third_last]

[two_third]Winter Solstice: Darkness Turns Toward Light
A Ritual to start on December 21st, marking our darkest and longest night of the year.

o Let in as much natural light during the day and illuminated light in the evening as possible.

o Unplug from technology and explore any darkness that’s been swept under your surface from the past year through journaling or having heartfelt discussion with trusted friends. This will help you consciously take care of or rid yourself of baggage from the intensity of 2018 as the solstice shifts our balance of light and dark. Days start to grow in length and we may start craving to abandon our shadows and rich inner darkness as we work toward Spring Equinox, a time of equal day and night.

o Use the days leading up to the new year to do some of this rich inner work in order to approach the new year with a solid sense of knowing what it is you most want and aspire to reach in 2019.

o Even though the days start growing longer, we are building our dreams and nurturing them within ourselves until spring comes and the light, or sun, reigns as king of the cosmos. Let the Queen of the cosmos, the moon, help you nurture and gestate your 2019 goals as they won’t be ready to sprout until the Equinox when day finally becomes longer than night.

o Ask yourself each morning leading up to March 21st, what it is you can do to nurture the inner fertile grounds where you are tending to your aspirations and inner flame. [/two_third][one_third_last][/one_third_last]


[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]A Toast to Capricorn Season: A Season of Festivity

It’s a season of festivity as Capricorn summons our need to host and be in the public’s view. This is our pinnacle sign of the zodiac, the highest point on our cosmic chart wheel, making it best suited to host all of the gatherings and celebrating that the holiday’s bring. Let’s toast to the achievements of 2018 and mingle as we exchange resolutions and hopes for our new year and the numerological 3 path that takes over in 2019. A number that signifies lots of creative energy that needs to express itself, even if a bit undirected.

Bubbly seems to overflow during these holiday evenings, so below is a fun champagne drink with an umph to enjoy as you mingle and hob nob your way up the social ladders to more opportunities in the coming year. This is equally delightful for a romantic night in or out celebrating with others and we highly suggest serving chocolate and strawberries with it!

Also, give our Capricorn Season Spotify playlist (at the end) a whirl as you imbibe, intricately designed to help us release baggage from 2018 as it begins, gradually moving into the holiday spirit, followed by powerful and upbeat songs that speaks to our Capricorn boss selves as we reach for new heights at the new year. It’s a mix of favorites from all of our muse contributors, eclectic and fitting mix for the season.

Happy holidays, muses! [/two_third_last]


[full_width]Grand Champagne Cocktail via Bobby Flay/Food Network

4 shots orange-flavored liqueur (recommended: Grand Marnier)
4 teaspoons honey
4 fresh strawberries, tops trimmed
1 bottle Champagne, well chilled
Special equipment: 4 chilled Champagne flutes

Add the orange-flavored liqueur, honey and strawberries to a food processor and process until smooth. Fill the chilled glasses halfway with the strawberry mixture and then fill the rest of the glass with Champagne.[/full_width]

Or Link HERE[/full_width]

Gemini Full Moon: Positive Messages

[one_third][/one_third][two_third_last]As an epic full moon, supermoon in Gemini sits on our horizon, astrologist Allie Couch guides us through the high tide themes facing us today and this evening.

It’s full moon time muses, and this one is a special full supermoon as well as our culminating full moon of 2016. There may be huge feelings of needing to let go of aspects of 2016 that messed with our minds and thoughts so we can move on to 2017 in fresh and vital ways. It’s been a rocky and combustible year with the yang fire that’s been a filter over things. We’ve also had the numerological number 9 (the number of endings) filtering our happenings in 2016–the final number in the 1-9 cycle of years. The good news is that this is a spiritual number and I think it will help us let go of much negativity and prep us for the “1” year ahead–welcoming new paths and epic beginnings and initiatives.

In Gemini, the full moon’s purpose is to show us the information and thoughts that we need to let go of as well as a time of manifestation around information, words, communication, and community connecting that we have worked hard on. The messages that we have put out to the world and the pollination efforts that we have been busy promoting will show through now, letting us know how well we did.

If negativity is reflected back to us at this full moon, we’ll need to take time to analyze our thoughts and words over the past six months. Have they been negative?


[one_half]If our messages and thoughts have been positive and productive, community, connection, and a merry sense of belonging will be reflected back to us.

The planets seem very eager for this moon as so many of them will reach out with holiday cheer. We have two kite formations at this lunation and the full supermoon serves as one target and our seasonal ruler, grandiose Jupiter, serves as the other one. Because of this, there should be an epic feeling of being in touch with others now–for good or bad. It’s great day and night to get out, meet new people, and maybe find that key person or connection who can help push our manifestations, that are trying to peak, over a hump.

It’s always interesting to watch how timing works out and as fate would have it, we made a final decision to produce and self-publish our guide around the Gemini new moon. As hard as we worked and tried to get it out to everyone a few weeks earlier than we did, it is manifesting now, literally getting delivered today to the people who ordered it. A very literal moon cycle in our cards: set the intention at the Gemini new moon and watching it manifest at the Gemini full moon. We have put our hearts, souls, love, and gratitude for so many into this and it’s overwhelming to see the love coming back in and new connections coming our way.[/one_half][one_half_last][/one_half_last]

[two_third][/two_third][one_third_last]Please come to our humble home today for our pop-up shop to check one out for yourself (check our Instagram @cosmomuse for details). If you already have one come to our 7-9pm holiday celebratory open house and toast to the coming 2017 ‘A Year of Great Expectations’ so we can help elevate each other in all of the new and altruistic inspiration that we see seeping into so many of your minds.

We would love to meet every one of our followers, although I know many are not in the same city as us.

Gemini Full Moon Gathering Ideas:
With this moon being agile, verbal, quick, and movement oriented, it’s a gathering that should be more free flowing than usual. Instead of having a structured program, maybe treat this more like a book club

[full_width](actually a book club theme would be great for a Gemini themed gathering) where food and wine are just out and available to nibble on all night as you sit and chat and move around freely. Let the ritual aspects of this moon gathering happen in their own time and in a less formal way. Instead of doing the traditional circle, maybe set up a table where your moon crew can write out their messages to release and burn and messages that they are hoping to have come into manifestation, to do in their own time. No doubt people will be coming and going so anything structured may have constant distraction. Smudge people upon arriving at the gathering location rather than before entering the moon circle.

Gemini Full Moon Prayer:
I release all of my negative thoughts, forgive other’s negativity and embrace the good messages that I, and others, have. As the year ends, so do my feelings of hatred and bitterness. I am loved, connected and belong to amazing things and people that are all around in this world. My messages carry light and love as I help connect the dots of positive forward motion all around me. [/full_width]